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How to Process and Move Forward When a Boundary is Crossed in Your D/s Dynamic.
How to manage feelings of guilt and shame while exploring your fetishes and kinks in the world of BDSM.
A look at safety acronyms like SSC, RACK, The 4Cs and how they can help in your kink sessions.
Practical advice to help with your search for a real femdom dynamic.
A look at Hypnosis, Roleplay, Emotional Sadism, Mindfucks and other types of Mental Play.
An Introduction to Consent and How it Applies to Kink Interactions
Establishing BDSM Rules for your D/s Dynamic
Why it's time to get started on your BDSM Checklist


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I’m Emily or Em! Thanks for taking an interest in reading this. I’m a submissive woman really starting to come ...
With so many male subs available, I want to recognize that it can be challenging for you to find the ...
Im 22 yrs old I'm a college student , I'm looking for a dominate women to train me the way ...
Looking to meet dom kinky guys of all types, shapes, sizes, ages, races, etc. Must local to me ...
Me just your average guy next door type with a great occupation, circle of friends and happy in my life. ...
Here goes nothing. I'm a loner by nature, and I'm wierd as hell. I have some strong opinions and ...