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A look at safety acronyms like SSC, RACK, The 4Cs and how they can help in your kink sessions.
Practical advice to help with your search for a real femdom dynamic.
A look at Hypnosis, Roleplay, Emotional Sadism, Mindfucks and other types of Mental Play.
An Introduction to Consent and How it Applies to Kink Interactions
Establishing BDSM Rules for your D/s Dynamic
Why it's time to get started on your BDSM Checklist
Inspiration, safety tips, and other practical information for finding real time play partners
Inspiration, safety tips, and other practical information for finding online play partners


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I'm searching for a submissive that will deeply prioritize their devotion to me over their base whims and desires. I ...
I do art and writing for a living (video game director) and I really intend on shacking up in a ...
I’m looking for a woman who desires rules and regulations to keep herself in line and to become a better ...
I don't like playing games I can be an ass hole master I do like to see my slave cry ...
I desire a rope bunny with a love of weekend travel and spontaneous Adventures. Are you in NJ, DE, PA or ...
Good day everyone (: I’m an audhd (autistic+adhd) Domme with over a decade of experience looking for a domestic slave (male ...