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Thank you for spending time with me here. May you feel the warmth of my welcome, seen, heard, known and profoundly loved for who you are.

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So interestingly, in brainstorming with one of my play partners what went wrong with the breathplay scene, he disclosed that he’d smoked weed before he arrived. 

While it’s never a good idea to be impaired in any way, shape or form during a BDSM scene or play date, people often do it.


Yes weed makes a partner last longer as well as intensifies orgasms, but if you’re going to be doing ANY kind of edge play/breathplay, inflicting pain, asphyxiation, using bondage or any other thing that can even remotely cause bodily harm, injury or God-forbid - death, don’t do it.

My best advice is refrain from alcohol or any substance before a scene. 

SSC = Safe. Sane. Consensual. 

Also, in the comments section of that post are even more great ideas from Cage community members for safe gestures. 

Be safe, 


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I want to work here. 🤣🤣😂

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Safe gesture.

Get one. Have one. Make sure your play partner knows it.

I had to use my safe word last night in a scene that almost went sideways because his hand shifted on my throat when he was primal and cumming.

He’s a bodybuilder. He knows his own strength. He’s been a personal trainer. He’s been in the lifestyle for decades. He’s been a paramedic. He knows anatomy and physiology of the throat. He and I have played many times before. I’ve always known him to be safe. I’ve been in the lifestyle for many years.

Yet there was an accident. We were in a weird position. He couldn’t see my face to know I was struggling. I could breathe but in his primal he was about to crush my trachea. It was scary as fuck. I’m still a bit rattled today. So learn from my misstep.


Also, do NOT attempt breath play unless you know what you are doing. Do not allow breath play to be used on you unless your partner knows what he/she is doing. Lastly, the trachea should NEVER have pressure applied. “Choking” involved the neck artery. One at a time. I wouldn’t recommend both at once or at least not for very long unless you know CPR and are prepared to use it and not too dickfaced to call EMS. 

Thanks to Quarter, SWE and the rest of Lobby chatters who offered suggestions for safe gestures.

Among those suggestions were:

1) tapping out and or having a number code of fingers that you hold up such as 1, 3, 5.

2) Or have your bottom hold a bell in her hand if she’s restrained. That way if she conks out or is too deep into sub space or needs the scene to stop, she can drop the bell.

3) Or put something zappy on the Top’s upper thigh that you can buzz.

Just something that you agree on ahead of time. And Doms/Tops, PLEASE keep a very close eye on your sub/bottom in play. 

This Dom lost the privilege of doing  breath play with me for freaking life. Lol. Please y’all! I don’t wanna  e reading about any of you in the news. SAFETY FIRST!!! 


Any other suggestions for safe gestures, please post below. Thanks in advance! 

Carry on,






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