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Random Thoughts and Feelings

This will be my space. My space to write and share. A space for ME. I do not know what it will become, what it will evolve into. But for now, it is a gift to myself.
5 days ago. Feb 23, 2021, 6:07 AM

I remember when we first met. The attraction was there and the sexual energy was obvious. My heart was pounding and continued to pound every time I saw you. And not just saw you, but thought of you. You could fill an entire colony with the amount of butterflies that were fluttering throughout my body.

Where did they go? What happened to the flutters? They are still there, but much smaller now. I went from floating on big, fluffy clouds to now trying to grasp onto a single small cloud moving across the sky. Hurry, I need to catch it before it floats away.


I want more, wish for more, hope for more. But there isn’t more. There is even less now. My heart aches. Constantly. I know He is out there. He has to be. But where? Why haven’t You found me yet? I continue to wait.

I wait. I wait for Him. The One who will give me those flutters again. The One who will show me that He too, has been waiting. He has finally found me, his submissive. Our desires are the same. I found my King and He has found His Queen. Our sexual appetites are insatiable. There is never enough time together. This is how it should be.


The feeling of loneliness is finally gone. I hope to never feel it again. The butterflies will always have a home with me. Stay.