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Entering my Femdom era

Exploring female dominance as a previously submissive woman
6 days ago. June 9, 2024 at 2:57 PM

Hi all, I’m using this blog to share my experiences and journey into becoming a femdom. 

To start I haven’t always been very dominant. On the contrary. I usually opted for the submissive role. Dont get me wrong I would enjoy being in control every once in a while but I usually liked to be taken care of. 

Recently I have had the ability to be more in control and honestly I understand why being dominant is so appealing. Having all that trust and power over someone who gives it to you willingly is quite different. 

Currently I am seeing a man and we are even discussing including another man or woman in the future to help add to our fun. This is new and unexplored territory for us both and I know we both value our relationship above all else. 

Here are a few questions I’d like to ask people who may have been in my situation or similar ones.


1. when adding another individual into the mix, after the fun is over, what do you do? Is it ever awkward? (We aren’t looking to have a permanent person included in our relationship, just every once in a while)


2. How do you know if someone is interested in joining your activities without coming out and saying it? Where are the best places to meet these kinds of people?


3. What are some simple ways to test the waters with your partner to discover what you both are comfortable with? ( He’s seen me flirt with other guys and girls and likes it when I dress up so that other people look at me)


4. what are some common problems that couples run into when starting these new dynamics? How are they preventable and what should you look out for?


5. We have also discussed possibly trying cucking (he watches me with whomever), for those who have experienced this how do you split your attention between both partners? I worry about my partner feeling left out.


I’d love any and all feedback! And I look forward to posting more questions and content about this new and exciting relationship! 


P.S- to my other dominant woman out there, what do you find turns a man on? How do you keep control during intimacy, and what are small ways you show it outside of the bedroom?