Resplendent reflections

They likely won't be great in quantity, but hopefully will be sumptuous in their quality.
2 days ago. Mon 23 Apr 2018 11:44:59 AM IDT

 It's been said and overplayed in the media that people anymore are impatient. No-one wants to invest time in order to reap a reward anymore. On the site you see this in a number of arenas. You have the insta sects. Insta Doms and subs who expect immediate commitments to dynamics and jump into the deep end (usually with the effectiveness of someone doing so with a cinderblock tied to their ankles). I have also heard from a sub or two of "Doms" who run away the second there is a hiccup. Or the subs who flit here and there if they feel a small hint of an issue. 

No-one is willing to brave the storm. No-one wants to wait and watch, to be patient, to persevere. When I was younger I like many had a need to constantly be doing something, moving towards a goal as it were. And in most cases I did, but how much energy did I waste chasingthe dreams when if I waited it might have come towards me if not to me. 




 This illustration I believe rings true. There must be a patience in the wolf if he is to qualify as a gentleman too. Anyone can be a predator, but that's all they are. And predators in my parts get hunted and shot, skinned and mounted. You must be able to show patience if you are to succeed and thrive. 


Dominance and submission is a beautiful thing. But you must be patient and let it bloom on each dynamic.

3 days ago. Sun 22 Apr 2018 12:46:31 PM IDT


It is early, about 6 am. I slowly start to wake. I feel your warm naked body next to mine. I smile, remembering the past night. I slowly turn toward you seeing that you are still sleeping. I watch you sleep, your breathing so steady, so peaceful.

The beachhouse window faces the east, and the morning light is just breaking. You look so good in the morning light. The glow of the night before shows on your skin. I just lay there looking at you, I see your breast partly uncovered, and your nipple is firm, why? Are you dreaming, or is it just "your" morning wood?

I should just let you sleep, after last night I know you need sleep also. That is what amazes me, why am I awake and ready so early? It must be the warm salty ocean breeze air and you. You stir a bit and turn onto your back, I lay still as to not wake you. I listen to your breathing, and you drift off again. The sheets have been tugged down when you turned, your breasts are uncovered, and your nipples are hard. I wonder if you are dreaming, and what about.

I touch you softly on your exposed shoulder, making small circles with my finger. I slowly trace a line up to your neck, touching ever so lightly. I don't want to wake you. Not just yet. I move up to your face, I brush a finger along your cheek and down to your lips. They are so full, and the way they are pressed together it seems as if they are enjoying something. I trace a line from your lips down between your breasts then back up, slipping to your ear.

I cup the side of your face and gently place a kiss on your lips. They are as soft as a daisy petals, and just as sweet. I back off and just watch you, looking at the glow on your face, the fullness of your lips.

You start to stir, taking in a deep breath, making your breast swell, as you exhale your eyes start to flutter. They open, you see me looking at you and a sleepy smile comes across your face.

I say, " morning," you just smile.

I kiss your cheek, your hand moves slowly toward my thigh, and finds something. A large grin forms on your face and you say,

" I can't believe you are up and want more, after last night."

I just smile and tell you " it's you that causes this."

You just close your eyes and slowly stroke me. I gently kiss your cheek, then your ear, and give the lobe a little nibble. I move up to your lips and just brush across them a few times, I plant little kisses on them. Your breathing quickens, I kiss you a little harder, and then taking your bottom lip into mine I nibble ever so gently.

I feel your tongue push through your lips. I release your lip and find your tongue. You lick my lips and push into my mouth to find my tongue as we play and tease. I love your kisses, so soft and warm, and full of passion.

You are still holding my throbbing cock in your hand. I decide to reposition before you get me too crazy. I break from our hot kiss and slowly kiss my way down to your tits, making sure your ears and your neck get plenty of kissing and nibbles. I make it to your breasts, and start with the right one, kissing, licking and lightly sucking the nipple as well as all around it till it grows hard.

Then I move to the left and continue to do the same till it too is hard. I look down at my hard cock, a drop of dew has formed on the tip, and I take a finger and retrieve it. Bring the dewdrop to one nipple I coat it, and then go back for another droplet, doing the same with it. Then I lightly blow on the wetness, your nipple gets harder. I flick my tongue slowly on it, then engulf your tit and roughly flick my tongue till I have licked it clean. I see you are enjoying this; you look down and see more droplets formed on the tip of my penis, so much so that it is starting to trail down the head. You look up at me and smile. I scoop up the wetness and coat the other nipple, gathering more for a second coat. Then doing the same tease and suck to that nipple. I continue my teasing on your tits, rubbing them softly then a little rougher kissing and sucking them both. You are breathing heavy now, you reach for my cock but I will not let you grab it, your fingers just brush up against it.

I grab the remanants of the dew and offer it to you on my finger. You hungrily suck my finger clean, your tongue encircles my finger and your teeth gently scrape. This is driving you crazy. I withdraw my finger and I don't let up on your tits.

I go for more, licking and sucking. I can tell it is working. I smile as you are starting to moan and roll your hips as if fucking the air. Suddenly you grab my head and pull it in tight while I have a nipple in my mouth, I suck hard on it, and grab the other with my hand and squeeze. Your whole body tenses as you have your first orgasm of the day.

You loosen your grip on my head. I look up my blue eyes intense, offer you a smile and shake of the head to correct you. I give your nipples a few more licks making you shiver with excitement. I set up on my knees in bed and look down at your pussy.

I can see the wetness oozing from your hood, smiling, I feel I did well. My cock throbs. The head is wet with pre-cum. You don't say a word, you just look at my hard cock and smile, and then with one finger you touch the tip gathering dew. You rub it on your lips then lick your finger. You motion for me to bring it closer to your waiting lips. I move up to you, you grasp the shaft and give it a few stokes making more dew ooze from the tip. You lap it up, and then placing a hand on my hip you have me straddle you with my cock aimed at your tits. I place a pillow behind your head so you can suck me while I play with your nipples. You tease the tip with your tongue, licking around the head. My balls are rubbing between your tits, while I tweak your nipples.

You go down on me all the way, and suck very hard, almost to hurt but more pleasure. You start to bob up and down quickly, stroking my shaft with one hand. You feel me swell in your lips, and you know I will cum fast. You cut lose and slap my ass, this catches me by surprise and I jump pushing my cock down your throat. My blue eyes narrow at your cheeky move and I begin to thrust deeper as I pull your hands together and over your head. I thrust, you moan, and soon I clench and start to blast. I pull back quickly and as I do cum shoots from my cock hitting you in the face, down your neck. The second spurt I aim at your tits. You reach your hand out and milk me; pulling me to your lips you suck the rest out.

I set back and look at you, cum covered and smiling. Taking a finger you wipe cum from your cheek, bringing it to your lips you lick it clean. I then start to play in the man paint on your tits. Rubbing it around on your tits and around your nipples. You finish cleaning your face then join me in painting. I lean down and suck your nipples hard, making them stiffen. I taste cum on your tits it's good. I lick your tits some more then slid up next to you and we kiss deeply sharing the taste together. We lie there holding each other, warm and relaxed.

You have not moved, your still on your back. I am next to you, holding you close. I slowly move my hand from across your body down to your bare patch just above your pussy. It's still damp from before. I ease a finger to your lips and work it in a circle. You let out a little giggle as you twitch. I press further and find you are wet, very wet. I slid my body down, kissing on the way, arms, belly, hips. 

I reach my goal, your hot wet pussy. I touch your inner thighs and push lightly; you spread your leg for me. I ease up between your legs and kiss your thighs. I can feel the softness of your thighs on my cheeks as I inch my way toward my goal. I am close; I can smell the sweetness that I wish to taste. I kiss my way to the gold. I flick my tongue across your lips, and then blow a cool breath on your clit. I can see the heat building in you, as it swells I can tell you're ready. I tease your clit with a quick flick of my tongue, then another. I can feel your legs tensing around my ears, as your pussy swells with each lick.

I slide a finger in, and slowly start to pump. My hands are on your thighs spreading you open, I am still licking your clit as my finger curves upward inside you. I look up to see you gripping your tits hard. I have found your spot, you quiver, and then I go for the cream. I don't let up, sucking harder, fuller. My finger presses your spot, rubbing it till you are ready to scream.

Your juices are flowing, streaming down from your lips wetting your ass and the bed. I move my left hand down and slide it under your hot wet ass. As I cradle your ass with my fingers, I slide my thumb into your tight little hole. This sets you off and you start to buck wildly. Thrashing about I have a hard time staying on you but you grasp me with your hands and pull me into you.

Your heavy breathing has become gasps, and then screams. 

You burst out, saying, "FUCK ME! HARDER!"

Your whole body spasms, as your legs clench around me. You are panting heavily, and so am I, then I dive in to finish. Licking up all you have given me, making you shake with pleasure. As I slow my licks you start to calm down, till I am just lying there with my head on your legs. I place my hands on either side of you and slide up toward you, we kiss deeply, but we can sense that we are far from drained.

"Roll over baby" I whisper into your ear. "We're just getting started"

4 days ago. Sat 21 Apr 2018 09:41:46 PM IDT

I hereby propose that the soft kiss may in fact be the most powerful tool of mind fuckery and kink available

John Keats is quoted to have said: "A soft kiss- aye by that kiss I vow an endless bliss. And Mr. Keats is correct. A soft kiss is powerful because it has so much versatility. First of all it can be anywhere.

To picture a few. The placement also leads into what the purpose is. Is it to tease? Show affection? Is it the doorway to more?

It can be a subs way of initiating play, or a Doms way of setting the tone for the night. It can be a means of testing the waters in general and could quickly give way to more heavy and passionate means of affection.

In a lifestyle that sometimes is so overshadowed by force, and strength, and heaviness. I think the lightness of a soft kiss is what really packs the punch that it carries. Its unexpected which often is a definitive plus in the lifestyle.

Plus, it can't be bad if the entire animal kingdom falls for the power of the soft kiss.

As always comments and input welcome. Disagreement is expected on this one, just be civil to one another.


5 days ago. Fri 20 Apr 2018 03:59:14 PM IDT

The crickets chirped as I pulled the car up to the clearing. Nothing but trees around us and stars above us. I turned off the motor but left the lights and the radio on. Out there the station was a little static-y, but the smooth sounds of an old Motown song came through.

Annie was twenty. We met online, talked a lot, hit it off. I wasn't sure she would go for me. I was a bit older, a little awkward. Turns out she was just as awkward. Two book nerds who found we hit it off pretty well over coffee, hers was iced.

She was pretty; sort of fair skinned, blue eyed, naturally blondeish hair. Though she couldn't buy it she had the most amazing body, one she was proud of her work on. She wore a light blue shirt with some band name on it I've never heard of and a smart little denim skirt. Knee high socks and Chucks. Cute. Adorable even. Big bright eyes and lip-glossed lips.

This was our second date, the first being the coffee. This time it was a stupid raunchy comedy film and some ethnic food. It was sort of perfect and now we were caught in the grips of the awkward pre-first-kiss conversation.

"It's beautiful up here," she marveled, looking out of the windshield at the stars. Orion was visible, the full moon loomed huge and silver in the distance. The sky was dark blue, but not quite night.

"You look beautiful," I said, marveling too.

She looked down at her knees and smiled her crooked little smile.

I wasn't sure exactly how to do it, the first move is so hard to make organic and casual. I shifted in my seat, moving a little closer to her. She pulled her skirt to cover some of the expanse of skin between where her socks ended and it began and settled closer to me, so that our shoulders just brushed.

When our bodies touched for that second we turned and faced each other. It was the moment. I moved in and she moved in, and then everything in the world faded and it was just the taste of her vanilla lip gloss and the softness of her kiss and my hand on her side as she turned in to give herself to the kiss fully.

It was perfect, a long slow kiss. Just the slightest brush of our tongues together, the sweetness of her mouth and the lingering spice of our dinners and her cherry coke.

When we pulled apart she was beaming. I'm sure I was too. Her skin glowed in the moonlight, powdery and pale. She giggled a little, her eyes sparkling, and then closed her eyes when I moved in to kiss her again.

We kissed, my hand again resting on her side. I could feel the warmth of her skin through the cotton. As her mouth opened a little more, my hand moved up a little until my thumb touched the bottom of her bra. She giggled again, breaking our kiss. I moved my hand up a little more just barely cupping her breast. She took a deep breath and looked me in the eyes. Then she pushed my hand down.

She sat up in her seat, swallowing. I looked down and gave her an apologetic smile. She looked at me, the light blue of her eye shadow making her eyes vivid. I noticed a touch of glitter on her cheeks. That with the way her hair was pulled back into a messy bun made her look so young and fresh faced.

I took a breath and sat back too. She watched me, bit her lip a little, then seeming to have made up her mind, leaned over and kissed me again. We fell into a deeper kiss, mouths growing hungrier. She slipped her arms around me and sighed into my neck, then kissed my cheek, looking up into my eyes.

I smiled back as my hand smoothed her shirt, moved up and cupped her breast again. Her eyes flashed angry as she pushed my hand away. My hand rested on her leg. I frowned at her. The atmosphere in the car grew increasingly more tense.

My fingers moved up to the edge of her shirt and then under it. She made a tiny angry huff and tried to push it away but I slipped my hand under her shirt and moved it up the hot skin of her stomach and then cupped her lacy bra-covered breast.

"No!" she cried and pulled at my hand, but I caressed and relished the soft forbidden delicacy of her body as she tried to pull me away. I pulled at her bra and then at her insanely soft skin until I freed one breast from confinement. She pulled at my hand, but I wouldn't budge. Once my fingers felt the delicious little nub of her nipple I was lost to anything but the feel of her.

That's when she smacked me.

It was some time after our first date when I had first found her blog. She left hints, she mentioned writing about this or that online. I googled her email address and it wasn't very hard to connect the dots. A pretty blue webpage with entries that ranged from innocent to downright smutty.

I left a comment, something benign. She emailed me, telling me she didn't mind that I read it. I asked her about fantasies. She said she had all kinds.

She was so much bolder online, but aren't we all. I told her how I wanted to kiss her when we went out for coffee. She said I should have. It went back and forth like this.

"I'm not good at making the first move," she admitted. "In fact I sort of need a guy to make the first move."

She told me how she wanted it, how she wanted to be taken, how she wanted me to take her. I was dubious. It wasn't exactly my thing... or was it? The idea germinated in the back of my mind.

She told me it didn't matter - it was a game we could play or not. She said if I wanted some reassurance then I should stop if she said "ice cream" or if she banged three times on something.

"In case you are covering my mouth." she wrote.

"I like to have my mouth covered." she added.

My head was buzzing with some sexual version of cognitive dissonance. This nice pretty sweet girl having such edgy fantasies.

"Just stop, ok?" Annie sighed, folding her arms over her chest and pouting.

"Maybe we should just go home." I said, which confused her. I tried not to smile. The battle between wanting to keep up the façade and wanting to continue fooling around seemed to throw her.

I turned the key in the ignition and the car rumbled to life. She put her hand on mine and looked me in the eyes.

"Just wait. We're having a good time. You just got... carried away. I'm sorry if I over-reacted." she was looked down now, unsure.

I turned off the engine. I sat back and looked at her, relishing the embarrassment.

"It's just that I thought you liked me, Annie."

She smiled weakly. "I do!"

I smiled back and leaned in to kiss her. She pulled back for a moment and then kissed me chastely on the lips. I smiled again into her kisses and kissed her deeply. Her eyes fluttered as she melted into the kiss and I felt her trembling a little.

My hand landed on her knee, innocently. As we kissed my fingers traced little circles in her skin. She was aware of it, but it wasn't that intrusive. We were really kissing now. The sweetness of her mouth almost made me forget what game we were playing.

When I pushed her back a little and my hand started working up her thigh she gasped into my mouth, breaking our kiss. I had to push up her skirt at the same time or my hand wouldn't fit between her legs the night was upon us. The door swung open and before I knew it she was slipping away, tumbling to the grass outside of the car.

I got out and stood over her. She was panting, her skirt still pulled up to her waist, the Sky Blue of her panties showing a little. I held out my hand.

"I have to go home, Harrison. Take me home." she pouted, not looking into my eyes.

This little ball of worry started in my stomach. Was this all a game? Did I break some rule or go too far? She hadn't said the word.

"You have to take me home, please! You can't just... just... you can't ra-" she bit her lip. "You can't just fuck me here."

She was still on the floor, looking down at my shoes. Her legs opening a little, her hair slightly rustled.

We can be all different kinds of people at different times and certain people brought out different things in us. This wasn't me. This wasn't something I particularly wanted, but in the moment I was lost in this girl's fantasy. It took me over and, suddenly, I was rock hard. My eyes narrowed and I was what she wanted me to be.

There is a euphoria in that, because you don't have to be who you are and you can revel in being something someone truly wants.

And that's when I hit her.

Just a smack across the face. One smack and you find out so much about a girl. They can call the whole thing off, though I've never gotten to that point with someone who would call things off for a smack in the face. There are girls who will take it and look down and blush. There are girls who will get giddy little smiles after they are smacked, delighting in the adrenaline rush. Then there are the girls like Annie who look right into your eyes and clench their jaws. Girls who fight back.

I like them all in different ways, bratty to groveling, but a fighter is extra fun.

She glared at me as she held her cheek and awkwardly got up off the ground. One of her knees was stained green from the grass, just above her sock.

She was about to say something when headlights came from behind us. I saw two cars pull up to a clearing nearby. This was sort of a "lover's lane" type place with a clear view of the sky and nothing else to disturb people. I had hoped we would have the place to ourselves, but it looked like we might have to find another place for our little game.

I walked around the car and got into the driver's seat. I looked at her through the open passenger side door and, starting the engine, said "Get in the fucking car."

She glared, took a look at the other cars, and obeyed. She sat in the seat with a huff and crossed her arms and frowned.

"Are you taking me home?" she said with a pout.

I didn't answer her, I just stepped on the gas.

I wonder what she saw when she looked at me. I was dying of curiosity, actually. I wanted to see the look in her eyes, study her body language, pick her apart, but we both had roles here. I had to drive. I had to look forward and clench my jaw and go.

"This isn't the way to my apartment." She was pouting with every word.

I didn't have to pretend when I scoffed.

When I got to my block I was trying to formulate something that wouldn't seem that horrific to anyone who might see us, but at the same time let her know that I was serious. I parked across the street and turned off the engine. I looked at her dead in the eyes. She had her arms folded in front of her chest and she was frowning.

"Listen. It's only 9 o'clock. We both got a little crazy, but I really like you. Just come up for a couple of minutes, there's something I want to show you. Then I promise I'll take you home."

She narrowed her eyes.

"I'm not stupid," she murmured.

She wasn't going to make this easy. I should have been mad, but I couldn't stop smiling.

"Fine," I said, opening my door and quickly running around to her side of the car.

I opened her door and I grabbed her arm hard and pulled her out. She tripped, but I held her up by her arm. I locked my door and my alarm chirped. I pulled her so that our faces were an inch apart.

"This is my neighborhood. Don't make a scene. I want to talk to you, I can't let you leave on this note. Just come up for a second and I'll explain. We can't talk out here, okay?" I said this all through gritted teeth.

When she rolled her eyes I looked around because every inch of me needed to smack her again. She knew it too. The edge of her lip just barely curled into a smile.

I pulled her across the street and she didn't really start fighting me until we got to the door.

"I'm not going into your apartment, Harrison. It's not happening," she said, trying to pull her arm from my grip.

I pulled her arm and then twisted it around her back.

"Just move." My voice was steady and my grip was firm.

I opened the door and pushed her forward. She fought every step, but we were moving forward, past the wall of mailboxes and the little table of orphaned magazines.

In the elevator I put my hand over her mouth and pressed her against the wall. Her eyes were wide as she tensed in my grip. I took a hungry handful of her breast as she struggled.

When the door opened, I released her quickly and stood up straight. To our surprise, two of my neighbors were standing in the hallway waiting for the elevator. I smiled and walked out of the elevator and towards my door, listening intently for Annie's footsteps behind me.

"Hi," she said politely to my neighbors.

I didn't look back, I just opened my door. When I finally turned around she was standing in the hallway with her arms crossed again.

I walked towards her and she backed up. I lunged forward and caught both of her arms in my hands. She tried to turn, but I pulled her toward my door. She tried to pull my hands off of her arms, but before she knew it she was already in my apartment and the door was closed.

"I'll scream."

I chuckled. "Like you did when you saw my neighbors?"

She frowned, trying to think of an answer. The game versus real life. She didn't want to break the role, but she knew she just did. She crossed her arms again, I pushed her against my door.

"You didn't say a thing when they were watching us."

She averted her gaze from mine.

"I... didn't want to make a scene," she whispered.

I slid my hand down her side and let my fingers spread out under her shirt. Her skin was hot and deliciously smooth. My other hand moved up and slipped into her hair. I made a fist and she winced as I pulled her hair hard and made her face me.

"Stop. You said you just wanted to talk-" she started, but I pulled my hand from her hair and slapped her hard across the face again.

"I thought you said you weren't stupid."

There's a laugh that sometimes comes over me. Have you ever heard the giggle a girl gets when she is being topped? The nervous, giddy, sort of uncontrollable giggle like being tickled just a little too long? This is the exact opposite of that laugh. This is when control washes over you and you turn that corner in your head and you know that no matter how hard she squirms you can hold her down and no matter how hard she fights you will win.

It's the cocky laugh of someone who has been given the power. It's not like I am taking something from her, after all. She is giving something to me. Something she feels she needs to give to me. It is always awkward for me to take it, because in a way I have been careful all my life not to, but once we were there and once we trusted each other enough, the decision is made and I find I am more than capable of enjoying it.

It's was a good thing to remind myself as I hit her again. One more smack across the face. Her eyes flash as she faces me, cheek bright red and her breath coming in hard puffs out of her nose.

I pull her hands above her head and press them against the door. She tried to knee me in the balls and I smile wide and laugh again, moving my hip to block her and then pressing my knees against her legs so that she is pressed hard against the door.

"What are you going to do?" I say, my eyes on hers so that I can see my own reflection in angry blue.

"I'm gunna fucking..." she spat through clenched teeth, but then just struggled more leaving her silly threat dangling unfinished.

I let her go a little and she pushed forward, then I turned and used her little momentum to push her forward so that she hit the side of my couch with her legs. I twisted one of her armed behind her again and put my other hand on the back of her neck and pushed her head down into the cushions of my couch as her body was bent over the arm.

She screamed into the cushion and flailed her her one free arm around, only hitting the couch and the wall.

I took of my belt off loudly with one hand and she froze a little, tensing her body. I grabbed her one flailing arm and pulled it behind her back, and then went to work getting the belt around her arms, just above the elbows. It wouldn't hold her for long, but it was good for a little while.

I held her down with my hand on the belt holding her arms together behind her back. She struggled, but was already tiring herself out. All of her movement had made her skirt ride up and so I pulled it up some more so that I saw her Sky Blue thong clad bottom. She tried to kick at me, but I pinned her legs to the couch with my knees.

"You're a little pain in the ass, you know that?" I grunted as I pulled her back up standing, put my arms around her and picked her up.

I carried her squirming kicking body around the couch and threw her down on it face first so that she was laying on it, then I reached over to the other side of the couch and got the little box I'd set up just for this.

She wiggled back and forth and my belt was coming off, but I got some rope out of the box and was able to make a quick little tie around her wrists. She was furious, and actually kicked me once in the stomach as I went to grab her legs and tie them together with another bit of rope. It didn't really hurt and I laughed as she looked back at me.

Every time she broke the little game, even with the smallest inauthentic look in her eyes it made me oddly giddy. I guess I needed the little reminders that it was all a game, or maybe the reminder of how much she wanted it to seem real but was unable to. It all just made me want to do all of these dirty things to her harder.

When she was tied, I looked down at the Sky Blue thong again. Her white skin was like a canvas. My heart was racing and my face was flushed. I took her hair in one hand and slapped her ass for the first time. She yelled into the couch, making muffled and pretty sounds. I spanked her again and again, her skin cold from being outside in the car for so long. Each time my hand landed the skin was warmer. My hand marks were bright red, each finger visible.

When I stopped she was panting loud and fast against the cushions. I put my hand on her now hot ass and lifted it quickly. She braced for the blow and I just laughed. I stopped laughing and took a breath and she tensed again, sure that this would be another volley, but I just laughed more. Then, finally I spanked her when she seemed the least expecting.

She finally lifted her ass up, making pleading yelps and arching her back trying to escape my hand. I let up and stroked her warm red skin.

"You hate this, hm?" I whispered down at her ear.

"I mean, there's no way you're enjoying this," I continued, my fingers moving down her ass to her thighs. As my fingers crept towards her cunt she clenched her legs.

"Nooo!" she whined, but it was too late.

The Sky Blue panties were navy at the crotch with her wetness. I laughed as I rubbed the fabric against her sex. She sobbed "no" again and again, but I kept rubbing. She was moving her bottom away from my hand, but it was no use, I slipped a finger under the lace and found smooth skin that was deliciously wet.

Suddenly she let out a yell and bucked her hips away from me and started struggling hard and fast, falling off the couch for a moment. I pulled her back on the couch and got on top of her, kneeling on each side of her legs.

I grabbed her hair again with one hand and this anger filled me. I spanked her once hard and then grabbed those panties and pulled as hard as I could with one quick rush of energy. The lace ripped instantly, though they didn't come off. She cried out and tried to get away, but I was sitting on her legs. I pulled more of her panties off, finally getting the crotch to rip so that her sex was exposed.

I unzipped my pants and she started squealing and trying to pull herself away by her elbows. I took out my cock, which was sore from being achingly hard for so long in my pants. I pulled a condom from my pocket and opened it, pulling the slippery thing out and rolling it onto my cock."Don't, Harrison, don't," she said, her eye catching mine as she turned her head.

Her eyes were red and her cheeks were wet. She looked me in the eyes for only the tiniest of second and then looked away and said "no" again. She couldn't look at me, I knew it. She couldn't see me, she wanted me to be the attacker. She wanted me to be the rapist.

"Shut the fuck up you fucking cunt," I said in a low hard voice.

I slapped her in the back of the head and grabbed her hair. I leaned down and whispered into her ear. "You better fucking shut up."

I pressed down against her, her back arching and her ass pushing up. I felt the heat of her cunt against me and I moved against her, I held my cock in one hand and her hair in the other and I pushed it forward, finding the slickness of her wetness and then I pushed into her.

I was inside of her and she was bucking against me.

"No, no, no!" it wasn't cry of alarm anymore, it was her mantra.

The angle wasn't working, I got up roughly, slipping out of her. I looked down at her panting mostly clothed body. I pulled off my shoes and pants and reached down and picked her up. I carried her in my arms the short distance and deposited her on my bed. She struggled, but was too tired and overwhelmed to do more than wiggle around. I pushed up her shirt and pulled down the cups of her bra enough to get her breasts out a bit. I sucked on her nipples which were smallish and pink.

I laughed as I sucked them because she couldn't hold in a loud moan as I sucked them and twirled my tongue around them. I felt her tits roughly and then spanked each on a few times. She winced and her eyes rolled back. I slapped them more and then slapped her across the face.

"Come on you fucking slut. Where'd the fight go?" I goaded.

She glared at me with the fire I saw before and she let out a animal like growl.

I laughed more, right in her face. Then I pushed her bound legs up so that her knees almost touched her face and I moved my cock back to her cunt and it slipped in like there were magnets connecting our sexes. She was soaked to the middle of her thighs. I pushed in hard and grabbed her hips and fucked her that way. Both of her ankles resting on one of my shoulders as I slammed into her hard and fast, the whole bed moving.

She was moaning and grunting with every thrust and mumbling little things I couldn't make out and then everything was going faster and my heart was pounding in my ears.

She came first, hard. So hard her muscles clenched tight. I kept fucking her. I felt my orgasm starting somewhere inside of my stomach. I felt it coming. Then she tensed again and let out a "fuck" and her muscles clutched so tight she pushed me right out of her cunt.

I quickly repositioned myself, grabbing my cock, which was soaked, and pushing it back just in time for me to start coming. I pushed in hard and tried to hold on to her hips. My body was failing, the intensity was taking over and all I could do was push into her and scream as I came and came.

Then there was only panting.

She was limp like a rag doll as I untied her. Her whole demeanor had changed completely. She was quiet, docile, almost sad looking. I started to worry. She looked up and gave me a crooked little smile.

"Wow," she said blinking.

I broke into a different laugh, my real laugh, I fell into her arms and she curled up against me and we kissed softly. I looked into her eyes and she looked into mine. We communicated a lot in a few seconds of staring. Then I pulled off her clothes and she pulled of the rest of mine and we slipped under the blankets and didn't say a word. I kissed her again, she returned it, she moaned, I groaned, she slid on top of me, and for the second time that night we danced our dance, my hands softer on her this time, gentle, nurturing, caring, darkness melting away as the sun rose and dawn broke.

6 days ago. Fri 20 Apr 2018 01:27:50 AM IDT

I watched you as you slowly dropped your khaki shorts to the kitchen floor next to your yellow top. 

The lacey material of your slinky slutty panties snapped delicately against your back after I pulled on the waistband and told you to strip totally nude. A spanking wasn’t a spanking in my house if it wasn’t given on the bare bottom. Reluctantly, you lowered your barely there panties and stepped out of them. I watched the thin white material slip over your firm muscular hips, hard thighs and supple calf muscles. I glanced at the thin patch of hair disappearing in the space between your legs as you straightened up.

Then you unhooked your bra, letting it slide off your arms and onto the floor. Your breasts bounced slightly with each movement. Soft, and round, they were a sharp contrast to your abdomen and arms. As you pulled your shoulder-length  hair away from your face, your breasts once again lifted and fell deliciously in the kitchen sunlight. Wearing only your single hairtie holding up the ponytail, you looked like a little girl for a moment. You stood there nude, your arms crossed, then let your hands fall to your sides. You took a deep breath and looked at me with anticipation.

I summon you with a slight smile on my face by motioning you forward with a pat on my lap. You came toward me, awkwardly grabbing the back of the chair I was sitting on. Slowly you draped your athletic body over me. I felt your hard nipples graze against my athletic shorts cover my left thigh as you balanced yourself on your toes and fingertips. Your skin was warm and smooth against mine. Your bottom was directly over my right leg and I felt the softness of your limited pubic hair against my thigh as I lifted it higher.

Tentatively, I laid my right hand on your bottom. Your teardrop-shaped cheeks were firm and quivered with each movement. I began rubbing your bottom, separating each cheek and holding their warm fullness in my hands. I put my left arm around your narrow waist holding you lightly in place. Without saying a word, I raised my right palm and brought it down quickly.

The slap echoed loudly throughout the kitchen I slapped your opposite cheek. You jumped slightly but did not react. you just laid there, your face looking straight ahead as your fingers balanced you on the floor. Smack… Smack… Smack… I placed hard spanks across both cheeks slowly turning them a light pink. With each slap you took short -quick breaths and arched your bottom up toward me, beads of sweat appearing in the small of her back. I paused.

I let my hand move lightly over the curve of your left cheek feeling its heat. Smack… Smack… Smack… I watched as your bottom flattened and bounced with each slap. Smack… Smack… Smack… Smack… I aimed a series of spanks at the underside of your cheeks. Your bottom jiggled with every swat. Smack… Smack… Smack… Smack… I began to spank all over hyour bottom in random patterns. Increasing the strength and speed of the slaps by flattening and cupping my hand.

You began to wriggle over my lap, clenching your cheeks together, raising your hips, moving your bottom from side to side as you pushed up on your toes. Smack… Smack… Smack… Smack… After a particularly hard swat, you moaned, “Ohhhh…” softly and ground your pelvis into my leg. As I continued to spank, your pink bottom began to redden. I paused again. My hand was beginning to sting and burn too. I wiped my fingers on the fabric of my shorts for a moment before reaching over to the kitchen table and taking an old wooden hairbrush out of your purse, just as I had told my baby to do. "Good girl", I thought.

You raised yourself up on your fingertips, twisting backward to see what I was doing. Your eyes widened as I raised the brush over my head. Crack… “Ow!” you yelped, biting down on your lower lip. Crack…Whack… Snap… Slap…”Oh, God!” you whispered, burying your face under the chair. Your hair billowed and snapped up with each slap. Crack… Crack… Crack…. I spanked your quickly, deliberately. You jumped each time the brush slapped against your tender skin. You were wriggling your bottom and kicking your legs. I had to stop and renew my grip on your waist to keep you from sliding off my lap

Your feet were flailing and you were whimpering and crying. SLAP… SLAP… SLAP… I increased the strength of the spanks causing you to howl and thrash your legs. I raised my arm over my head and snapped the wooden brush like a whip across both cheeks. You turned toward me, your tear-filled eyes closed, biting your upper lip again. Your hands pounded the legs of the chair and floor as a soft, steady moan rose from you. I slowed my tempo, concentrating on the areas that weren’t as red as the rest of your bottom. Soon both your cheeks had a uniform scarlet glow. With a final ten hard swats to the tender underside of your cheeks, I stopped the spanking.

Slowly, your muffled sobs quieted and you turned your head to the side. Your face was streaked with tears as you cried softly. I rubbed your burning bottom gently, letting my hand move down between your legs. You spread your thighs, raising your hips as you continued to sniffle. Then I went for broke. I moved my hand further down into your wet, hot pussy.

My fingers explored all the familiar spots. I quickly found your clit causing an unexpected gasp. As I stroked you slowly, you raised your hips even higher allowing me to slip my fingers inside you. You rocked forward, pressing your lips against my hand. I began stroking and rubbing your clit in quick circular motions. Moaning and grinding against my hand, I let my thumb slide in and out of you while I continued to stroke your clit with my two fingers.

You moaned breathlessly thrusting down on my thighs and hand. Your gasps quickened, your body stiffened and then shuddered as you pushed violently against my fingers. Your moaning raised to a sharp wail and then you suddenly stopped and all your muscles relaxed. You let your head fall and closed your eyes, your sweaty breasts rising and falling against me. I left my fingers inside you for several moments before withdrawing them.

As I sat feeling the weight and heat from your body on my lap, I looked down at your glowing bottom with a smile and patted each cheek once more. Mmmmm you purred, thank you Sir.

1 week ago. Wed 18 Apr 2018 11:49:48 AM IDT

It was dark when I left the house this morning, and now as I arrive home nearing 9:00 P.M. having taken a sharply dressed and full of vigor man and zapped him into the guy with a tie in his hands, collar unbuttoned and eager to simply be in athletic shorts after a hot shower. 

The lights are on in the kitchen so I presume you were Motel 8 and left the lights on for me, but are in bed. I enter the house quietly and feel my suspicions are correct as there isn't a sound. Except for the sounds of a fire going in the fire place. I put a wrapped plate of food in the microwave and when its warmed I turn off the light and carry it through the darkened dining room and towards the living room with intentions of eating it by firelight. 

I stop as I see you. Clad in black thigh high stockings, a black bra, and lacey little thong. Your arms are up, crossed at the wrists, but secured in black felt cuffs as well. You are bent slightly at the hip your rear moving only just slightly as it is jutted away. Your blonde hair is up in a messy bun, just the way I like it and loose enough that if I want to free your mane I need only gently pull on the loose tie that holds it together. The fire light plays across your pale skin. I notice a small flinch with each crack and pop of the firewood. It's all so inviting. I set my food down softly and walk over gently running my fingers across the exposed skin of your amazing rear then up your back to between your shoulders. You don't move a muscle. Good girl. And then I notice your feet aren't set apart in a perfect distance by happenstance, no in fact you have implemented the spreader bar I brought home last week and we had been waiting for the right night to try.

Your body is arched back from the fire enough that I know you won't be burned if I take in the view. So I return to the leather loveseat and sit and rather than turn on the television I bask in firelight and enjoy a meal for my body on my plate and a feast for my mind and soul in the form of that welcome (home) sight in front of me. I can't wait for dessert, but we both will have to because I haven't finished with the appetizer yet and the Wolf inside of me has yet to even begin pondering the main course night of kinky fuckery.



1 week ago. Mon 16 Apr 2018 03:15:23 PM IDT

I pull into the parking lot of my darkened office. My assistant and law partner have long since gone home. I have their messages about the verdict on my phone. I see reporters standing outside the front door, still waiting for a comment. "Keep waiting" I sing song in my head tiredly. I slip in the back door, lock the deadbolt, and walk through the darkness into my office. 

Shutting both wood doors I turn on the lights in my office and hope that the cracks of light into my assistants office aren't noticed as glimmers of hope of a comment by the reporters. Sitting on my desk is a stack of phone messages, and beside that articles and a newspaper regarding the verdict and decision day. I remove my red silk tie feeling it slide this way and that as it comes loose from my neck. I my top button is undone and cuffs to my sleeves are as well. My sleeves are rolled with a military cuff to my bicep and my stark white undershirt peers out from under my light blue dress shirt. 

The trial had dragged on so long that I had given up on the traditional white. "God that dry cleaning bill is gonna suck" I smile to myself tiredly. I toss the paper about decision day into the file box that contains the other dozen days worth of coverage. Exhaling I think to myself "And one more tomorrow will complete the set". I settle into my wine red leather office chair and leaf through the phone messages. 

A common theme emerges "Where are you.", "Haven't heard from him", "Why aren't you returning my calls", "Just have him call me". An incredulous smile emerges as I peek at my box of papers. "Where indeed" I shake my head tiredly and open my laptop. Email is the exact same. Voicemails are the verbal embodiment of the email and phone message slips. 

I rub my hands together, the warm roughness and smell of the jail sanitizer that my client I believe bathed in during the trial mixes and creates a very fitting aroma. I drop my head and roll it to stretch a little. My cologne enters the fray of scents. Closing my eyes I lean back in my chair and begin my self-critique of the day. My closing, my case, the verdict. 

I don't hear the key enter the lock, or the door open down the hall. You've taken your shoes off at the door so I don't hear the footfalls either. The thundering of banging on the front door I do hear. My eyes shoot open as you look in at me sheepishly. "Seems I'm not the only fan looking for a comment." You say softly with an apologetic smile.

I try not to smile, but your eyes are disarming and that beautiful smile that you sometime try to hide brings one to my face too. I watch you walk in wearing an overcoat, its been raining this week but still.

The overcoat drops and I see you standing there in black thigh highs, lacey black panties and a matching bra. My necklace is around your neck with my classring hanging from it. I can feel my tired blue eyes intensify as I arch an eyebrow.

You reach across the desk with what I can only describe as fuck me eyes and slide my laptop to you. You open it and I move my head to the side in a half hearted effort to see what you're doing. 

You step back and give me a shy smile. My eyerows both arch as you shyly at first move in the area between the door and my client chairs. Then you close your eyes moving your incredible body slowly, softly, sexy and bend and twist against the client chairs.

Your eyes open again, engaged and find mine unblinkingly watching you.

Slowly walk around my desk, your fingers softly running across the brown wood finish. "I am going to fuck the stuffing out of you" a voice yells at you from inside my mind. 

Your hands land on each arm rest of my chair and you turn it towards you as your hips move in time with the music. My breathing deepens as I watch that beautiful body speak to me. You turn and your glorious backside slides onto my lap and begins to rub against the navy material of my suit pants. Your head leans back leaving your hair cascading down your back. 

Back to the front, leaning your bra barely containing your milky breasts. Your blue eyes peer into mine. You begin to mouth the words "Ain't no getting off early". I don't know when I started to bite my tongue in my mouth but the iron in my mouth tells me I have drawn blood. 

I close my eyes again as I breathe in the sweetness of your perfume and body chemistry. My breathing deepens. Your hands run over my shoulders. Down my chest over the dress shirt. Fingernails run over my abs and to my belt. 

My eyes open watching you. The song ends and the banging on the front door continues. My eyes close then reopen fully engaged and not at all pleased about the interruption.

You softly chuckle, "maybe I have competition after all" your blue eyes look up at me. Something you need to take care of.

"Yeah, I suppose I should toss them something or they may stake out all night. And I have been told driveway pressers are so out anymore." 

You giggle slightly and look me over. "You're a bit undressed for meet the press." 

I exhale with amusement and retort. "Wrong day for it too"

You slide up and kiss me. Then climb up onto my desk and kneeling there you button my collar and thread my tie. 

There you say sliding back onto your heels admiring your work. Go do your thing Mister.

My hands are quickly behind your head pulling your mouth to mine. Tasting, and quickly devouring as much of you as I can in the moment. 


Another smile. Another giggle. Your people await, go get em slugger. A playful swat to my rear.

My eyebrows arch and look at you. "You are in so much trouble, you just don't know it yet little girl" the voice in my head says.

As I put the key in the lock and am washed by the sound of questions, I put up my hands to silence the crowd. "Today is a day where those who are wrongly accused, persecuted, and defamed while they rot in jail because they don't have money can take comfot in knowing that the system CAN work. And the jury's decision today in Mr. Anderson's trial proves it." I maintain my sharp blue eyes on the sea of media. Then I nod and turn back to my office, towards my reward for a job well done and business left unfinished.

1 week ago. Sun 15 Apr 2018 01:02:12 PM IDT

We all have a door with a lock but no key

It's up to us to either ignore or explore

I wanted to explore those with you

I opened doors with a key long hidden

You returned the favor, and smiled

A door closed with a change

I stand behind this door, wish you well

I know a struggle brews in you

It's like a race that you cannot win

But baby you cannot stop, quit or give in

If you look beside you, then me you shall see

That I got you, and pray you got me

And we both have a door with a lock but no key.

1 week ago. Fri 13 Apr 2018 02:23:08 PM IDT

I wake up with the early sun peeking in the windows. I stretch and slide out of bed. You're still asleep the sheet that covered us exposing your bare back and the top of your rear, the suns rays dance across your tanned skin. 

I make my way to the bathroom and start the shower. While the water warms I look in the mirror and smile as I run my tongue over my lip and taste iron in the small split. Whether it was my teeth or yours that inflicted the wound it is something I will treasure during the day as a momento of the night before. 

I step into the shower and close my eyes as I am enveloped by steam and hot water. The images of the night before begin almost immediately. 

Lying in bed with you, playing with your hair. Then you running yours through mine which is more of a head massage considering the shortness of my hair.

Our eyes meeting.

The tension thick.

A chance to stop given.




My hands on you, yours on me.

Clothes shed.

On your knees.

Head back as you work me over.

Hands in your hair. 

Pulled up and pushed against wall.

Legs wrapped around.

Pants, moans, more kissing.

Teeth in lip, iron.



Biting neck.

Hands in hair.

Hands on ass.


Holding and carrying.

Lying in bed, together.

Hands on erection.

I open my eyes and see yours, your arms wrapped around me and stroking my hard cock. 

"Good Morning, whatcha thinking?"

About the night before, and the days to come.


1 week ago. Fri 13 Apr 2018 12:53:37 AM IDT


The sweat and tears chill your face, strands of hair plaster your face as you lie there. Your face would be down, but that's impossible currently. You mind is racing as your blue eyes watch me at the table beside where you are lying.

How could you have misjudged me so much. How sure you had been when you walked up in a pink tank and black shorts, placed your head against my chest and said "I just don't like asking gentlemen to do very very bad things." and then doubled down with "Besides I'm not sure you can."

That was the last you saw of the me you knew. The wolf you have dalianced with was likewise gone. He entered the picture and He took control. The couple of fuck yous you threw in just delighted him. He had been preparing all day for some time out, and then you walked up and hopped the fence.

Where is that nice midwestern guy. Why are those blue eyes so dark and yet so piercing. And that smile, that isn't the easy going smile he flashes in chat. You watch as I whistle a happy tune.

The weight hanging from the chain that connects the cloverleaf nipple clamps shifts and you gasp as the clamps move a bit too.

The rope that secures your arm and then upper and lower legs on both sides rubs and you can feel the indentations setting into your skin.

The o-ring gag in your mouth, the one you inflicted the last of your damage as I put it in and you bit me is tightly secured around your head.

And then there is all the wetness that drips from you. What's you and what's the ice that I put in you is indiscernable anymore.

Your clothes torn and cut from you lie beside you along with the knife that did the cutting.

I finish at the table and sit in front of you, I am clad only in athletic shorts, my blue eyes seem to just consume you as I sit and as if we are sitting at a coffee shop discussing the weather I smile. I am so glad you decided to climb in and play with me. RD rarely lets me around company.

I stroke your cheek. Fuck me, right? A chuckle, one that causes shivers to run down your spine. We will see about that. Another smile, another stroke, and I retake my feet leaving you alone to think on how much you misjudged me.


It all started when you strode up wearing your pink tank and black shorty shorts and put your head to my chest. "I just don't like asking gentlemen to do very very bad things. Besides I'm not sure you can."

I looked down at you and said "I see"

The slap had been exceedingly unexpected. And then my ripping open your tank top with my bare hands before stating pointedly "Shut your fucking mouth".

I pushed you roughly to the floor my hands wrapped in your hair. "Don't even fucking look at me." "Apparently my worthless little whore needs to learn her place." I pull back on your hair bringing your eyes to meet mine. "Is that right, do I need to teach you some fucking manners?" My blue eyes are dark and there is no familiarity present in them.


You smiled at me, your pupils widened with adrenaline and you say with a challenging tone "If you think you can" can

Another slap crosses your cheek "My little CUNT thinks she's funny" I spit at you and say darkly "Let's see about that."

Through clenched teeth I hear you say "FUUUCK YOU"

A broad smile comes across my face. "Oh no my little worthless bitch whore" I push your face back down and flush with the floor my hand placed on the back of your neck firmly. "Fuck you"

I fish the knife out of my pocket and cut off your shorts. You pull your knees in to leverage on me and I simply chuckle and grab the rope that is beside us. Your arms are twisted back and I begin looping it around and through your left arm, upper and lower legs securing the three together. The right arm and leg are treated the same leaving you immobilized face down and ass pointing out and slightly up.

You grimace and pant as you try to move your arms, or legs, or find any freedom.

"Now then let's get you all fixed up my little slut" I smile and slap you again, check to make sure you are secured and walk away. I begin humming a happy tune as I collect materials just outside your eyesight.

You wiggle and demand to know what I am doing.

I come back with an O ring gag. "Open that worthless hole of yours."

You struggle against the ropes and tell me to Go to hell.

Another smile and a nod. "No, but I will make you beg to be there rather than here when I am done with you." And with that I firmly squeeze my right hand around your throat.

You clamp your mouth shut, squeeze your eyes closed in defiance. And then you gasp and begin biting at anything that moves as I quickly shove the gag in and then tighten it behind your head.

I check your gag and then begin to attach the cloverleaf nipple clamps to your erect nipples and thread a chain and weight between them.

You groan in frustration. "Hands" and hands squeeze shut. 

I chuckle and tie your hair back into a ponytail with rope and come back in front of you taking your chin in my hands and saying "You're going to love this next part."

Your eyes go wide as you think "what the fuck is he doing, who the hell is this"

I hold up the metal anal hook and say softly and mockingly to you "Fuck me indeed. Just the thing for my little anal whore." And I chuckle happily.

You grunt and eyes go wider as I rub the end of the hook all over your dripping slit and then push it into your tight rosebud anus.

Your eyes widen and nostrils flair as your ass takes what's being offered and it slides in slowly. You pant.

I secure your hair and rope to the eyelet in the anal hook and create a tight tension with your head back and eyes forward. I test it with gentle downward pressure on your head.

I come back and look in your eyes, the blue darkness is more and more pervasive.

You wrinkle your forehead and consider for the first time that maybe you poked a bear.

I yank the nipple clamps off. You squeal around the gag and move your head but stop as the hook makes its presence known.

I sit and look at you, just smiling. "You know what the best part about this whole thing is?"

Your eyes look blankly at me.

"Nobody will fucking believe you." I chuckle. "Not sweet nice guy RD no chance he is capable of this."

Your chest heaves as you realize the position you are in, your eyes searching for any hint of me in the person you are looking at.

"Hands" and hands squeeze shut. I walk behind you and then nothing.

You clench every muscle straining to hear something, anything, a clue of what is coming.

I slide something cold into your dripping pussy. And another. And another. It occurs to you, I am putting ice into you and the heat of your arousal at this is melting them.

The water is dripping from you, mixed with the juices that were free flowing already. I slide something else into you, with a rounded tip that tapers. "Heard of a violet wand my little cock monger?"

You clench your eyes shut and whimper.

"That a yes?" I swat your ass.

You flinch slightly, nod and stop.

"Good then you won't find this too shocking" My voice is happy sounding, like announcing a big win at work. You hear the click as I turn on the juice.

You clench, quiver, jerk inadvertantly and squeal.

I laugh and slowly move it around inside of you as I gradually increase the power.

Your head moves some and immediately you put it back and lets out a pathetic whimper and one tear.

I turn off the power.

I walk back around you again. "Fuck me huh?"

You look in my eyes and they plead with me.

There was a price to pay coming due. I was laying my plans and you just showed up and hopped in.

I grasp your neck again and get eye to eye with you. See here's the secret that very few people know sub, you ready for it?

I get a tiny nod

I lick my lips "there's RD, sweet guy willing to go to the ends of the earth. Treats his sub like a princess and won't conquer any challenge. Then there is the wolf right and he, he is a rough guy." I pause and make a face of consideration. "But kind". And I pause again before speaking softly "And then there is the Darkness" I sit back "Know where He comes from?" I swallow and smile "I mean where I come from?"

Your eyes go wide and you give me the barest of head shakes.

"I come from the dark corners of RD's mind. I am the culmination of all the things that no one knows about him. About his past." I stand and begin to pace slightly then turn and look at you.

"I have no conscience." I pace the other direction.

"No morals" Another pace.

"RD has built an amazing containment around me." Another pace.

"But what happened, it took RD back to the crux of his trust issues." And I come right back to right in front of your face and smile. "Iiiii'm baaaaack." And I laugh before getting back on my feet.

"Now this has been fun right?" I look back at you. "Well maybe not for you." I pause and make a small face before another smile "But fuck you right, it's been fun for me. But I saved the best for last." I get up and go to the table again.

And here we are. Thinking about how you misjudged me. I turn around and reach out and shake your anal hook slightly.

You jump and squeal. "Hands" and hands squeeze shut. 

You hear metal and then feel as I attach the nipple clamps again with a chain that wraps around your body. And then it almost sounds like it wraps around the hook over and over. And then another click.

The current races through you, it arcs across the connecting chain on your nipples and you can only assume it is like a plasma ball sphere inside of you as you feel fingers of current arcing and sparking.

Your eyes are wider and you make a noise as I run my fingertips over your skin. Your senses are on overload. I watch your hand carefully and it squeezes shut rapidly three times.

The current turns off. I sit in front of you my eyes looking into yours. I close mine and take a breath. My eyes open and the dark is receding from them. I kiss your forehead gently and stand up. I gently remove your clamps. I untie your hair and your head falls forward and settles on the floor.

The hook is removed and carefully set aside to be washed. I undo your gag and place it near the hook.

I kneel beside you and remove the ropes marveling at the lines they leave as they are removed.

I scoop you up in my arms and carry you to the nearby couch where I sit and hold you. Your eyes never leave mine. Watching and waiting for something.

"You alright?" I ask my blue eyes fully normal and warm.

"Yes-s-s Sssir" You say slowly still trying to figure out who or what that was. As you lay there head on chest, the place you started listening to the heart that beats for you. You can only smile slightly as I hold you close and as you realize just how much you misjudged me.