Resplendent reflections

They likely won't be great in quantity, but hopefully will be sumptuous in their quality.
1 month ago. Wed 08 Aug 2018 09:21:12 PM IDT

My mood since I arrived home had been as stormy as my blue eyes. You know based on my texts through the day what happened, where I spent my day, and in general why I have reclused myself into the office in the house. You finish cleaning from dinner and head upstairs to get ready for bed, the door to my office is as closed as I have been since I arrived home. And you notice that my suit isn't hung up.

Sensing that while I have expressed a desire to isolate myself to avoid conflict and unwarranted vitriol expulsion that my needs are for my sweetness to tend to me you strip off your work clothes and standing in the bedroom admire you figure but ultimately decide that while the cute cotton undies look good on you that tonight warrants a bit of extra effort. Sliding them off and removing your bra, you again glance into the mirror and ponder just presenting yourself unclothed. But again, you decide that there needs to be something more tonight. You walk into the closet and open your intimates drawer and begin to search until you come across the light blue intricate lace cheeky panties.

Against your milky flesh the pale blue lace just seems to marry itself. With a nod you begin to pull your hair back into a ponytail, as you know is my preference and then walk down the stairs quietly and open the door to the office that will lead to you being directly in front of me. While this is to be a surprise you don't want to make me look for you when you enter.

My blue eyes are closed and I am sitting back in my office chair, headphones in my ears and lost in thought. My hands are busy rubbing my forehead, massaging it with my fingers. You quietly close the door and walk to the front of the desk where you kneel quietly.

You know I didn't see or hear you come in based on my lack of reactions, but when I open my eyes it is almost as if I knew you were there, but not the reason. My blue eyes examine you before I return to work. You have solved the mystery of the missing suit. The jacket is strewn on the loveseat, my tie is on the lamp, and my dress shirt has been unbuttoned by three buttons revealing my stark white undershirt, meanwhile my sleeves have been rolled in a tight uniform way so it rests at my biceps. My shoes are beside the desk and you can see the playful socks that would confuse an observer of my demeanor and seem a contradiction to the day I had.

"Please Sir" you say, "may I do anything to help you relax, I know you are stressed and tense and want to help"

I shake my head, my eyes coming up to meet yours again.

"Then Sir, may I please stay and sit with you at least?"

Blue eyes raise again, the drawer is pulled open and I lay the blanket you know I use when I sleep in the office is withdrawn and placed folded on the floor beside where I am working. I return to my work without saying a word.

You move over to the blanket and kneel on top of it feeling the softness of the navy microfiber material. You breath a sigh of relief that the way it is folded affords your knees a lot of cushioning against the worn office carpeting. You sit watching me with your eyes analyzing the situation as your brain calculates options moving forward. 

My brow furrows, you see the muscles in my forearms flex, and my fingers occasionally run through my short dirty blonde hair. The sighs become more audible. And yet I am so engrossed in my work you aren't even sure I would know if you were there or not. 

You know as a matter of course that I am not normally someone who enjoys being touched, and that you have the most liberal of rules regarding when you can touch me. You also know that tonight is likely not a touch me at will night. But you decide to chance it. You quietly move from the blanket and run your hands over my shoulders causing me to pause, then around the back of my neck and to my upper chest causing me to sit back. 

I don't say a word, I don't shrug your hands off or remove them or react in any negative manner. And then you begin to unbutton my dress shirt more fully. With each button undone you are lower and lower, bent over my back and shoulders. Soon your warm breasts are pressed against me and your head is parallel to mine as you pull gently at the shirt and undo the last button. 

You smile slightly to yourself as you pull back and remove the dress shirt, my arms compliantly move back slightly allowing the shirt to be removed. The shirt joins the suit jacket and you lean back over me your hands giving my shoulders a squeeze before separating and running along my shoulders to my upper arms and down. 

This is going better than expected, you think to yourself. You smile at your sneakiness and knowledge of manipulating the situation. And then you feel brushed back as my office chair turns so I am facing you and my right hand reaches up and closes on your throat bringing you down to my level and leaving little more than an inch between our faces. 

"You want to touch sweetness?" I inquire quietly but with a definite edge.

"Yes Mister." You reply with a voice that is little more than a whisper, your eyes frantically search mine to determine how this is going to go, if you are going to be punished for touching when all the signs and hints said not to. 

You are moved by my right hand back to what used to be my left side and standing above the blanket and with a firm pressure feel yourself being lowered back to your knees again. You see my left hand remove my undershirt and then unzip my suit pants.

Your breath catches and despite my not squeezing very hard you find it harder to breathe. My left hand withdraws from my pants freeing my hard manhood as my right moves to the side of your neck so that my fingers curve around the back of your head.

"Then you will do it on my terms, always on my terms, are we clear on that?"

You nod feeling the strength with which I am holding you tight, and then you feel yourself being pulled closer to my cock.

"Open wide"

You open your mouth to comply and feel my thickness pressing against your open mouth as it slides deeply inside you. My right hand has made it to the back of your head and grasped a handful of your soft silky hair which I am clearly about to use. But even in this moment you allow yourself an internal smile because you have gotten to touch the untouchable.

2 months ago. Mon 02 Jul 2018 03:46:11 PM IDT

You know that you’re in trouble when you come down the stairs and see me glistening with sweat, shirtless standing there and waiting for you. My blue eyes are not warm, nor do they appear to be happy. My arms are crossed causing my biceps to flex. If you weren’t concerned about what was about to happen you’d actually be quite turned on.

“When I said we would need to be up at 5 to work out I meant that. Given that it’s 6, I do not have time to go for another run, so I figure we will do some calisthenics instead. Use Body weight and resistance.”

You nod, your hair is pulled back in a ponytail and you are dressed for the hot weather in a black sports bra and tight black and pink running shorts, you have pulled on purple ankle socks and your running shoes. You look down to avoid my stare and mumble a “Yes, Sir.”

I take your wrist and pull you to me, spin you around and then drop to your ankles and secured a resistance band around them, I move up and wrap a bungee cord around your chest right under your sports bra looping it around 3 times before pulling your hands behind your back and wrapping one end of the cord around and between them securing your hands back to back palms out. The other end of the cord is looped around your neck and secured ensuring your back is arched perfectly for what comes next.

Grabbing your hair at the base of the ponytail I pull you over to a waiting armless chair and then over my knee. “Let’s warm you up first, don’t want any unintended soreness afterwards or injuries during.” My hand falls swiftly on the green material. You protest loudly as my palm connects with your rear. I pause but only long enough to pull the shorts and sports thong underneath down your rear baring the quickly pinkening globes that are over my knee. I resume my palms assault on your ass my tempo constant and the firmness of my swats increasing as I go. My left hand wraps around your bound hands granting me a firm control of your movement and my right hand connects with your cheeks and upper thighs turning them an angry red color.

You kick and you squirm but mainly you allow yourself to reflect on your deserving this for not setting your alarm as I had suggested and likely not waking when I tried to nuzzle you awake earlier. Your face begins to flush and then sweat as the pain and heat builds in your rear. And then I stop and help you to your feet and then to your knees.

As you kneel in front of my I begin to untie your wrists and then your neck and remove the cord entirely from around you. I take the cord to put it away and tell you to remove the restraint from your ankle that it’s time to workout. As you do so you watch me your eyes burn with tears from the exertion and pain of the spanking and you begin to stand and pull your thong and shorts up.

“Uh uh, no miss, those and that bra are to come off. Natural workout today.”

Your eyes go wide but knowing you have no real choice you comply and slide off your tight shorts, panties and then pull your sports bra over your head leaving them in a pile on the floor.

“Are you just going to leave those like that? Crumpled on the floor? Pick them up, fold them nicely, and put them over there.”

You nod and comply quickly before returning to stand in front of me. Every urge screams to cover yourself and your nakedness, but you know that isn’t permitted so instead you play with a fingertip as you watch me, your nerves growing more and more with each tic of the clock in the room.

“I decided to include some workout partners this morning.” I say my facial expression not changing from the stern appearance it has had since the start of the morning.

Your eyes go wide and you look around wondering who could be here. Then you relax ever slightly to see the violet wand and crop in my hands.

“30 jumping jacks”

You begin to comply your eyes wide wondering when or why I would administer my workout partners. Your breasts bounce as you complete the required jumping jacks. So far no crop or wand.

“1:30 plank”

You lower yourself to your elbows and keep your eyes locked on the floor. Your back is straight and your red globes glow as you maintain perfect rigidity. Then your back arches slightly and CRACK, the crop falls on your rear. “1:00 done” CRACK “Back straight” CRACK. You complete the required time.

“25 squats”

You space your feet appropriately and begin squatting, the lack of coverage means your shaven sex is visible with each one. You begin to get self-conscious and cheat the depth. BZZZZ the wand bites the sweaty skin of your rear and you jump.

“Don’t cheat me, or yourself” Another bite of the wand.

You complete the set and hear “10 pushups”

You drop and begin to push, trying to get through them quickly to avoid having your ass exposed to my crop or wand.

“Slow down, I want good form, that’s downward dog” My crop lands three times.

You complete the ten with multiple crop swats landing.

“25 leg crossed crunches”

You lay on your back and cross your legs leaving your ass and privates exposed to me as I stoop beside you and begin to administer swats with my crop as you count out the crunches. Your counting gets strained with each swat.

“Mountain climbers, 30 seconds”

You once again push the floor and begin to bring your legs back and forth, but once again you allow yourself to be distracted and feel the bite of the wand then the crop. You moan as the sweat pours down your face and body, beads even fall down and cling to your nipples before dropping off as you move. You’re aware of all the sensations but must try to maintain your composure.

“Burpees, 20 of them” I command

“Please Sir, let me fix my hair first.”

“Hurry up”

You begin to pull your ponytail tight after replacing the elastic in it and feel the crop bite which causes you to instinctively jump and then start your burpees. Each drop gets a crop swat leaving you screaming out the numbers as you reach the conclusion.

You finish and are breathing hard, your eyes are puffy and you look at me. “Please Sir, I am sorry, so sorry.”

I put down the wand and crop before approaching you and wrapping my arms around you. “You’re forgiven, there is just one more thing and then we can go shower.”

You look up at me, your eyes widen again and lip quivers as you think of what I might have in store. You feel my hand once again wrap around your ponytail and bring you to your knees.

“It’s always wise to conclude a workout with a protein of some kind, just as it is advisable to thank your Sir for an earned punishment. You can kill two birds at once.”

You smile slightly as you take down my short and free my erect manhood running your fingertips softly along the length. You look up at me your eyes sparkle and then you lower your mouth onto my length and your tongue rolls around my cock as you suck and bob your head up and down.

My hand remains in your hair and eventually you feel my pull as I thrust deep into your mouth and soon you’re moving your head in time with my pulls and thrusts. You feel me tighten and then taste me in your mouth as I release. You moan excitedly and surprised as you try to make sure not a drop escapes your mouth.

Swallowing you continue to lick and suck as you clean me off before withdrawing and signaling your being finished with a kiss on the tip of my manhood before replacing my shorts. My hand is extended to you and I pull you to your feet and hand to you your clothes and lead you upstairs to the shower offering a swat as incentive to move quickly.

As we enter the shower you realize I am joining you, and as my hands close on your shoulders and I guide you against the wall, you realize I’m ready for round two and things will just be heating up before they cool down.

2 months ago. Mon 02 Jul 2018 04:15:06 AM IDT

*DISCLAIMER* A bit of theft involved but I don't think anyone will mind


I stand in the doorway to the bathroom, I’ve finished showering and dressing. You’ve accompanied me to the conference as a means of entertainment and companionship. Even though I am your Master and you my little slut slave I am not the type to require your degradation such as sleeping in a crate or a dog bed away from me. I don’t require a leash at all times or you to eat from a dish away from me. That said we do have rules, and one being that when I wake that you will make yourself available to me. Being away from the typical dynamic and chores of the household do not change this expectation. I smile to myself and decide that I will be doing something about this.


I graze the back of my hand across your cheek causing your head to turn towards me. In your sleep you have exposed half of yourself and your tank has ridden up exposing your abdomen and pink panties. The hints of red peek from around the edges as a lasting momento of your time over my knee last night. I gently trail my hand over your hip and your hips rise slightly seeking the source of the warmth in your sleep.

I slide in beside you my suit pants and dress shirt on with the remaining jacket and tie on the chair beside the room desk. My hand cups around your leg at the knee and works it up your thighs til my fingers stroke across the pink cotton. You move slightly and I can tell you are slowly rousing from the sleep that I can only assume was deepened by the depth of our play and your subsequent orgasms the night before.

As you begin to rouse you roll away from me and I can see more of the reddened skin of your delicious backside peeking around the skimpy cut of your panties. I run my hands down your back and scoot close to you allowing you to feel my heat. A smile curls as I find myself semi-amused at the game of trying to draw you back to me.

You scoot back into me, your ass pushing against my pants and you nuzzle into the crook of my arm.

I run my thumb over your lips causing them to part before I slide my hand up your shirt and begin to play with your nipples. I slide my other arm under you and I trap your left leg under my right leaving you half pinned on top of me. I use my free arm to run a hand down your abdomen and over the soft cotton til I am cupping your sex. I feel you rock your hips sleepily and a soft moan escape your lips. I slide my fingers under the cotton and over the wet lips. Your eyes flutter open as I brush across your clit. As they come open you catch my smile and I whisper as your eyes adjust “Wet already and your not even awake,”.

“Yes Master,” you admit and begin to pull your hand to your mouth no doubt to cover the sleepy sheepish grin.

My arm slides out of your shirt and pins the hand above your head. “But not dripping yet,” I say softly. “I’m sure that your punishment for not meeting expectations will resolve that” and with that I pull the cuffs out of the nightstand and after pulling your shirt over your head I begin to secure your arms to the headboard. I then secure your legs leaving you clad in just light pink panties with a crotch that is getting darker by the second. Your eyes look at me a smug smile crosses your face.

“Dont be long you say sing songily” as you think to yourself that you can handle this with your eyes closed, and you likely will just nap off the tiredness from last night.

Your smile disappears as you see me pull out the remote vibrator, pull the elastic of your panties aside and slide it into you. “Dont worry my little slave, I will have a break at noon and we can figure out how many strokes you’ve earned for what I am sure will be a few violations of the no orgasms without permission rule.

The soft buzz and sensation from within erases the lasting sleep in your system as I straighten my tie and put on my jacket before leaning over your secured form and kissing your forehead.

“Later baby, have fun while I am gone.” A quick increase in intensity causing a jolt of your body before I return it to the lowest level.

That smile and then nothing but you and your thoughts.

2 months ago. Mon 25 Jun 2018 10:25:08 PM IDT

You arrive home from work and look with a frown at the text message you got as you were pulling in the driveway. I will be working late and then need to do some visits at the local correctional facility. I had told you that dinner just needed put in the oven to heat and that I would reheat when I got him.

The trouble is that you do not want to eat, you aren’t in the mood for what is most certainly another delicious meal I have premade. All day you’ve dealt with one shit pile after another, you are at your breaking point and so you have only been thinking about one thing. You aren’t sure why you want me to spank you, normally if it isn’t in play my spankings hurt, even if for maintenance and therapy. But that is what you want, a long, hard bare bottom, over the knee, spanking from your Sir. For heaven’s sake you’re a grown ass woman, you shouldn’t strive to be squirming over the knee like a naughty little girl. Usually, when you feel like it you know you can find a way to end up over my knee for some small infraction, you get your fix, but you know that this form of manipulation will be dealt with harshly if you are caught trying to engage in it. And then while you are being spanked, you always wonder why you wanted it in the first place. You know my spankings are always painful…and pleasurable too.

“WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME” you think to yourself. When you were little spankings were a thing to avoid and now all you want more than anything is to be spanked. Absently you find yourself rubbing the crotch of your pants against the island as you read mail and dream of being over my knee. Pleasure surges through your womanhood and brings you back to the here and now. You arch your back as the pleasure surges from your lips to your stomach. Looking back at the text, home late…hmmmm.

You turn and went up the stairs to our bedroom. You look at the bed, chew your lip a bit, wrestle in your mind, and then you decide that no, you really need to do this. You go down to my study and pull out the flashdrive that contains my stories I have written for you and you plug both in as you enter the room. You close the door behind you and the excitement inside starts to build. You lips are beginning to feel wet and your clit begins to tingle. You walk and make sure the shades are all drawn though it’s a pointless exercise, one you never understood aside from pomp and circumstance, you live up on the hill after all no one can see in. You pull the bench out from beside the bed and look at it. It’s perfectly positioned right where your Sir positions it when he uses it for your spankings.

You sigh and then remove one of my pillows from the bed and set it across the bench and then stand to the right of the bench, exactly where you stand when you are about to be punished.

"I’m struggling Sir, I haven’t violated any expectations but today was rough and I felt the desire to, I need a reminder of my place and your being here to help me maintain."

You hear my voice, reminding you of my care for you, and my always being present to support you.

"I know I have to be spanked. I know......"

The tingling is becoming overwhelming. You undo your pant, and then unzip them. You push them down your thighs to your knees. Running your hand up your left leg to your left thigh and then you allow your finger to brush your fingers over the mount of your vulva under your lace panties. You gasp at the pleasure and feel the swelling of your clitoris, you stroke your finger directly on your favorite spot. MMMMMM oooooooh, you moan and bend slightly at the waist.

"Please, Sir, can't I keep my panties up?"

My firm voice sounds in your head and you see my shake my head, my eyes are blue and stare at you as I indicate to get them down.

You slide your panties down to your knees and again your hand slides up your thigh to your pussy. A light stroke over the cleft of your lips and then a soft circle around your clit. You moan and begin to spread your legs and allow your fingers to continue their work. With your left hand you begin to caress your rear and then the pleasure really begins to build. The desire and craving to be spanked is unbearable, you begin to lean forward looking at the bench and pillows, though its no longer a pillow but my lap. And you begin to lie across this fantasy lap and pull the pillow up between your legs before closing them so that it is clinched tight against your wetness.

"Please Sir, I don’t need a full session, I just…I…just…” You squirm to yourself before finishing stating softly “Please don't spank me hard." You select a good punishing story and begin to read and allow yourself to delve into the story itself.

In your mind I begin to bring my hand down on your naked upturned rear. First on the left cheek and then the right cheek. You begin to wiggle and squirm and with each movement your swollen lips opens and your clit presses against the pillow. You begin to moan and groan as the spanking continues in your mind. You can almost feel the spanks raining down on your rear as it jiggles and quivers upon each impact. Your eyes begin to water, the burn as you feel them well up. The excitement is exquisite and you feel the tingling of your womanhood build and build.  You wiggle and squirm and kick pushing your crotch tighter against the pillow as the spanking grows to its peak in your mind. It is building along with the pleasure and it was so intense but you are just unable to cum.

You hear me pat your rear with my hand and tell you to stand and place your hands behind your head. You push yourself off the bench and look at yourself in the full length mirror that is on the back of the door to the closet and bathroom. Your rear is stark white but your sex is dripping wet and pink with excitement. You admire your shaven form and just cannot stand it as you allow your right hand to drop and begin to rub your clit.

"Would you like some help with that, AB?"

You spin around and almost stumble and fall over your bunched up pants. I reach out and catch as you almost fall on your face. You look up with your amazing blue eyes and meet mind. You giggle embarrassed and your face flushes to deep red. I hold you close and pull you close to me my hands on that shapely rear that was just dancing over the fantasy knee of mine. You gasp as you feel my suit pants against your nakedness.

"H-H-How long have you been there watching?"

"Long enough to watch you doing the bump and grind with your sexy ass."

"Ohhh, God, Sirrrrrrr. I am sooooo embarrassed!"

"You are, huh?"

I take your wrist and walk back over to the bench as I remove the pillow, strip the pillow case looking at you with my eyes arched as I point to the giant wet spot and drop it into the laundry. I sit down and then pull you over my lap.

“So, what was happening when I was watching you?”

You decide to lie.

"You were giving me a good girl spanking and I was reading one of the play stories"

I look down at the screen and recognize the story as one of the harder session story. SMACK.


I begin to spank you, first gently and then harder and harder. My big hand covers a lot of area and seems to fall harder and heavier with each swat. Soon it feels as hard as it ever has been with my hand. You begin to feel the tears well up again and the stinging builds up super intense as you begin to buck and squirm under the arm that holds you firmly in place. But that isn’t the only place that it builds, your lips begin to build as the heat is reignited and more during this very real spanking. I continue to spank both relentless and quickly. The sting builds to an incredible level and you spread your legs wide pushing your sex against my thigh. A wave of pleasure hits you as you press back against my leg. You fall over the crest as you cum and make a delicious moan noise over my knee. You gasp as it happens as well. I stop spanking and begin to run my fingers over your swollen lips, I push and explore before I find the place to expand the pleasure at the right spot and caress that place as well. You reaction is more powerful than the first as you cum, and cum again harder. You roll your hips and moan in ecstasy. You gasp and quiver. You love the sensation that this position provides, it is so intimate and safe and yet it is so deeply penetrating. But you are really embarrassed that your Sir found your secret outlet, you had been using a pillow on late nights and a little bit now and just making sure that you washed and dried the case before Sir arrived back home, but it appears that the secret is out now.

I help you off my lap and look at you my mouth with a slight smile.

"So are you going to be a good girl now, young lady?"

"Yes Sir. I'm sorry…..Sir?"

“Yes AB?"

"Thank you."

I smile again and give a nod. I know even though you don’t think I do, what level of intensity being spanked and masturbated brings to your sex. It helps build you up and makes the sex even hotter and more intense when we get to it. I notice a small smile on your face as well, but almost a shyness as well. You slide to your knees, unzip my dress pants and free the obvious hardness from within. You run your fingers over it softly admiring its size and warmth. You hear my soft groan as I begin to relax from my day. Your wet mouth slides over my as your eyes twinkle up at me. I’ve helped you become content, and now you plan to help me get there too.

2 months ago. Mon 25 Jun 2018 02:36:44 PM IDT

Five simple words, well six if I didn't conjoin did not. 


I didn't ask for who and what I am. 


I didn't ask for the interactions we shared.


I didn't ask for the way you respond to me.

I didn't ask for the lessons learned along the way.


But it's what I got, and I embrace everything about it. 

3 months ago. Fri 22 Jun 2018 02:51:05 PM IDT

Because sometimes classics need to be rocked a bit


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3 months ago. Wed 20 Jun 2018 03:40:35 AM IDT

The evening is grey and darker than the 8:00 time. It seems to be threatening rain and storms but has been all day, teasing the dry crops like a sadistic cuckold Domme. You strip off your shirt, jeans, and hot pink bra and stare at yourself in the mirror wearing only your black cheeky panties. Giving an unsatisfied half smile you are about to mentally note your flaws when you hear my voice in your head admonishing you against doing so. Your half smile becomes a full one as you feel me there even though you know I will likely be burning the midnight oil at the office. 


You reach into our shower and turn it on and up as hot as can be. The shower is not updated, but has a retro charm and is spacious with glass bricks that are patterned with waved texture alternating with smooth distorting but not completely obstructing the view from the outside. You slip off your panties and toss them into the laundry before stepping in. 



You stand just outside the spray and begin to remove your hair from its braided ponytail. You take a deep breath adjust the tempurature and then step under the warm water. The day begins to wash away almost instantly. You close your blue eyes and begin to hum quietly to yourself a soft but happy tune. You begin to slip into a blissfully half aware state as the warm water relaxes you cascading over your shoulders and splitting to fall over your beautifully perky breasts and stomach or down your back and amazing ass. 


The presence is felt seconds before you feel my hand on your throat and then my lips on your neck just below your ear. "Good evening my little submissive" I growl. 


"Good evening Sir" you respond and nuzzle against me. 


"Remain facing forward and with eyes closed. Understood" A gently squeeze of my hand emphasizes the expectation. You nod and feel my fingers slip away causing a momentary yearning and desire to protest their removal. 


"Keep them closed" My hands pull you back and against the cold glass causing you to gasp in as the cold sensation contrasts sharply against your water warmed skin. You hear the tell tale sound of velcro and know I have stuck our shower cuffs against the wall. Your hands are raised and then each wrist secured apart from one another just far enough to prevent one hand from freeing the other. Your legs are moved and each ankle is secured. You feel a slight draft and then a fingertip run along your shaved sex. My lips return to you and this time find your mouth.

You kiss back passionately, our tongues engage in a sensual tango of lust and desire. I taste the mint of your toothpaste as I pull away gently pulling with my teeth at your bottom lip. You strain forward to maintain the lip contact as long as possible. You open your eyes and see my standing there. My tan that still presents itself after sun exposure, a permanent effect of being a lifeguard for so many summers as a youth, is present and colors my fit figure well. My piercing blue eyes and charming smile entrance you. 


"Did I say to open those eyes?"


Your eyes go wide and then quickly forced closed as you try to close them with such weight that it would be as if they were never opened to begin with. 


You hear the water falling sound change, and then the tempurature dips as the warmth of the resonant heat from the water disappears. And then the bite of the rubber string flogger as it connects. You squirm mostly in surprise as it connects with your dripping wet skin. First it is at your arms but I work my way around you slowly saving the most obvious and delicious spots like your breasts, stomach, inner thighs and pussy for last. The warmth may have disappeared from the water, but a fire is stoking inside of you. 

You know that I know that this will tease and torment, but not get you close to the release you seek. And then the heat returns, but the water isn't coming from the shower head you were using, but rather the sprayer head that shares the common pipe from the wall. You feel the spray as it connects with the wall between your legs and slowly, ever so teasingly and painfully slowwwwly it climbs until you feel a hand on one of your breasts, another around your neck, and my lips pushing hard against you again which stifles the loud squeal as warm jets erupt against your slit. You clit is pulsed by the massage feature of the water, it feels as though a liquid pleasure cannon is coursing against you and you test the hold of the cuffs, your muscles flexing against the glass which has absorbed your body heat but reminds you of its chill as you squirm from your former place to untouched cold glass. 


My lips leave yours and allow you to begin begging for the release. I stop with the water and then you feel the warm touch of a wash cloth as I begin to rub your apple scented body wash all over you. My hands against your skin as I rub and lather. You practically purr. The water returns, gentler this time as I wash the soap off of you.


"Please Sir, release me so I may thank you." You say looking where you think I am standing.


You hear a soft chuckle. "I have no interest in your mouth tonight AB."


You frown and furrow. Is this perhaps a punishment that hasn't taken a turn for the worse yet? You begin to slide into your head and do not notice your ankles being released. It is only as you feel your legs disappear from under you that you return and forgetting my instructions open to see my blue eyes as I support most of your weight as your legs wrap around me and I slide deep into you. 


The air leaves you as the pleasure of my cocks heat inside hits your system. My muscles flex as I hold and thrust into you. Your head tips back and you hear the soft sounds of my enjoyment of taking what's Mine. You tense yourself as best you are able to afford me a tight feel around my throbbing manhood. Our hips collide and withdraw in tandem causing the most intense and deep penetrations into you. 


Your blue eyes look into mine and then narrow as you feel the crest of an orgasm approach. "Please Sir, together?"


My eyes sparkle as I smile, nod and lean into your ear. "Yes beautiful, cum for your Sir, now, together."


You feel me tighten and allow the crest to hit you and then to slip as you succumb to the pleasure that only intensifies as my hot release spreads inside of you. My lips find you again as I pump every bit of my release into you before gently lowering your legs and holding you up as I uncuff your wrists and then hold you as the aftershocks of your orgasm subside. You turn to face me and bury your head into my chest before whispering as you lean up on tip toe. "Thank you, and welcome home Sir."