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Hello all, Just some thoughts, suggestions, and other tibbits I hope will represent the BDSM community in a positive light and help others learn.
2 months ago. Aug 27, 2020, 8:38 PM

Weekend at Belladonna dreams (Rated PG version: Weekend at Bernie's, but much more fun and with a live body) sorry youngsters, most of you probably don't know that movie 🤔

Blog Note: Take a seat and kick back when it comes to reading this blog; its a long one. I found my muse that inspired me to write once again!!!

It all started quite some time ago. As I was strolling the hallways of Cage with my best pair of Keds on and chasing skirts as I have always done, I came across a cute and flirty woman. We introduced each other and hit it off rather well in conversation. During the conversation we both found that we were involved with others so a friendship was formed between us. 

Over time we kept in touch with each other as friends do to see how things were going with each other. We both learned that our relationships were struggling and we provided each other support and comfort.  Eventually her relationship ended and mine never became a reality that I so desperately wanted. My relationship had many complications to it, however the one I was with understood my need to physically be with someone and it was agreed that I could look for a playmate to meet those needs. She also understood that  should someone cross my path,  that brought on the emotions and passion within me and I felt I had a real connection, that she would accept the possibility of me pursuing that new relationship. Her situation prevented us from coming together for over 2 years and as she termed it; I was skin deprived". 

Well, as fate and Lady luck would have it, my friend BellaDonna dream happened to be roaming the same hallways looking a bit lost and feeling the same need of someone to share a good conversation, have a few laughs, and fulfill an "itch" to be herself within a lifestyle session with someone trusted and knowing that she would be safe should she surrender herself to him. 

During a conversation one night, we were discussing this "itch" that we both had in common. At some point during the night we found ourselves playfully flirting with each other and one thing led to another (virtual play session). We both enjoyed our little session; I was the consummate Dom who knew how to bring out the best in such a beautiful, willing, obedient submissive such as Belladonna dream. We've both found it very enjoyable, it gave us a moment as satisfaction that  tempered that  "itch" a bit. We both came to realize that although the session, enjoyable as it was, only scratched the surface of what we both needed. The physical touch of someone. 

It didn't take us long after we caught our breath from the playful session to come up with the idea, "hey why the fuck don't we come together for a weekend of real play session or two?" After all ladies and gentlemen, we have already done all the hard work of getting to know each other, establishing a trust and bond between each other over the time spent talking to each other as friends in the months before. Note: Those of you who are true to the lifestyle, you know that is the  foundation for any lifestyle dynamic. (Lesson #1 for all newcomers in the community) 

As Belladonna dream mentioned in her blog, it was a simple plan of two friends who had great respect for each other, who both had the same "itch" to scratch. No strings attached other than two friends having a great time in conversation and when the mood struck us we would dabble into a lifestyle session or two. It seemed like a great idea and it would be fail-proof because we are only seeking the scratch that preverbal "itch", having a few laughs as friends, and parting ways with no additional expectations other than possible future sessions. 

Well the day came that we had set up for me to come to her place. We're both were excited to finally come face-to-face as friends. It was a short ride of 7 hours on my part and it was pretty much an uneventful ride until I hit Chicago!!!! Damn you Chicago!!!!!! 😡 But I survived getting through there and eventually arrived at Belladonna dreams house. As I pulled up to her house she was outside watering some plants. Our eyes met, I played it cool sitting in my SUV, not letting on to the fact that all I could hear myself thinking in my head "SCORE!!!!" She was a beautiful tall intoxicating vision to see. I knew right then and there I had to see her on her knees. *Oops slow down there cowboy*😉

I got out of my GMC Envoy and walked up to her with her giving me a huge warm hug and a kiss. It was as if we were lifelong friends who have shared many get-togethers in the past. There was no shyness, hesitation, or awkwardness from the very moment that we came together. It goes to show you, if  you do the groundwork ahead of time getting to know each other here on Cage, building that trust and bond even as friends you never know that one day it may become much more down the road.

After the warm welcome, we sat down in lawn chairs outside and our conversation flowed endlessly and effortlessly as it always had during our long-distance conversations. There was no sense of nervousness between the two of us at all. But there was a sense of heightened awareness of our underlying reason why we were coming together. To finally scratch that "itch" that we both felt the need to have scratched; an all out, no holds bar, full of lust and desire, to dominate and serve. 

There came a point where Belladonna dream could not hold back any longer and she snatched me out of my lawn chair, flung me over her shoulders, carried me up the steps of her house into her bedroom, and tossed to me onto the bed, tore off the clothes off my back, and ravish my body. *Oops not true but it was a fun dream* đŸ¤Ŗ *signs of a switch? Nah joking*

Now back to the true story. 😉

So after a delightful conversation outside we decided to take it inside and after I had watched her stretch and do her exercises (damn I wanted to jump your bones right then and there) We went into the bedroom and  in a flash we entered into our first lifestyle session. It had started off rather tame, being intimate and full of passion, with a lot affectionate kisses and twisted bodies together. A warm up to what was to come. It was obvious at that point that we had made the right decision to come together. We both had needs to be met; one was  simply to be held and given the attention of another caring individual.

The dynamic between us came as natural as breathing air; both of us instinctively knowing what it was to bring the most pleasure as we progressed within the session. Rarely there was a word spoken. We moved from one aspect of the lifestyle to another as if we knew each other's bodies and could read each other's minds. Belladonna dream was the epitome of an attentive, intuitive submissive who knew her way around my body that no one else has ever done in the past. She brought me so much pleasure and I  could see it in her eyes how much pleasure she herself was experiencing in pleasing me as she was. Her unselfishness in surrendering her mind and body to me as she did was perhaps one of the most beautiful things that I have ever experienced. 

As the session progressed, my Sadist side slowly reared his personality. Belladonna dream bravely accepted every strike that came down upon her, turned that pain into pleasure as if I was kissing her body from head to toe. 

This was the first of 3 marathon lifestyle sessions that lasted well into the next morning. After each session we would lie there in each other's arms, gently stroking and tending to each other; falling asleep in each other's arms and our bodies entwined into each other's. 

We did manage to get a few hours sleep each night, took time for a bite to eat, ran a few errands, and walking her dogs. I do barely remember the layout of her house. LOL 

Not only was Belladonna dream attentive to my needs during our lifestyle sessions, she also spoiled me with her skillful massages and other ways of showing me that she remained in her submissive mind-set throughout my visit and enjoyed every moment doing so. 

There came a point during  Saturday night's session that we both came to the same conclusion of what we were experiencing between us was more than what we expected. From the moment we met face-to-face, to the way we instinctively knew what it was that each needed from each other, to the passion in which we fully engaged with each other during our sessions; that this had become more than just two friends coming together for some fun. There was a true connection that was undeniable. 

That was the moment that I felt as if I found My true "one"; I finally felt complete both on a personal and  lifestyle level with someone who is true to her word as to who she is and who was not all words and no action. 

At that moment without hesitation, I asked her to become my friend, my lady, my lover, and my submissive; not as we had initially discussed, but to take the journey of life with me. And I am honored to say that she accepted my proposal!!! 

Sunday, after getting a couple hours sleep we had to run a few errands that was a little disheartening because it took away from the valuable little time that we had planned for the weekend. However when we got home, we once again indulged in the pleasures of each other's bodies for the remainder of the day and night that lasted well into the Monday morning. 

After a couple hours of sleep, the morning that we both had dreaded all weekend but never wanted to speak of, had come. It was time for us to part ways and for me to return home. 😔☹ī¸ I got up out of bed, leaving her sleeping, went to the kitchen to make my couple cups of coffee. As I sat outside drinking my coffee I reflected on the wonderful time that we spent over our weekend together and how I wished we had much more time. The time seemed to have gone by so quickly and I wanted so much more. Our innocent intended friend's play sessions had turned into something much deeper than I had expected in respect of my feelings toward Belladonna desires; they were real and deep. She not only touched me physically, but managed to get behind an emotional guard that I had up when I first got to her place. After having my cups of coffee and went back into the bedroom and laid down next to my sleeping beauty. She had set her alarm and she kept hitting the snooze button. I knew that was a sign that she too was feeling a heaviness of what this morning meant. That she was not ready to face the fact that we were parting ways. I finally had to pull her out of bed because she had some place to be at a certain time and it was time for me to leave. She got dressed and prepared herself for her morning. We went outside, gave each other a hug and a kiss and proceeded to each of our vehicles. we sat in our vehicles for what seemed eternity because neither one of us wanted to move. But we did. I spent the next 100 miles as I traveled down the road with a very heavy heart and hearing myself say "turn around, turn around, turn around". I was able to quiet my mind and continue the rest of the way home. The ride home  seemed exceptionally longer than 8 hours that it took to get home. 

When I got home I sent her a message to let her know I arrived safely and expressed that I can't wait for the next time for us to come together. It will not come quick enough. 

P.S. For the last time, I am hanging up my Keds back in the closet, because the only skirt I will be chasing is belladonna dreams skirt.  🤔😉😁😋😍



3 months ago. Aug 10, 2020, 5:05 AM

I once again I feel that this blog is one that is needed to remind those who have read it in the past, for those who may be new to the community and need to read it now as words of encouragement, and finally to those who seek to rain on someone's parade because they feel better about themselves by bullying others.  Remember - Words sometimes can hurt just as much as inflicting physical pain.  Try to be kind to those who may cross your path in your journey.



6 months ago. May 11, 2020, 3:24 PM

Ok fellow kinksters,

This is a follow-up of a recently posted blog concerning "mean girls".  That blog was directed to a few individuals who seem to have turned the enjoyable time spent in the chatroom into a "high school" drama and I was hoping those involved would come to their senses realizing they are making the atmosphere uncomfortable for others to come in and just simply have adults chats and playfulness that the room once was.  There seems to be a few who are ruining the enjoyment for other community members who wish to enjoy the conversations with their friends and to welcome any newcomers who venture into it.  Its been brought to My attention that many of the community members who have frequent the chatroom have witnessed the unsettling conversations where others feel its ok to bully or gang up on community members just because there may be a disagreement between them. Instead of talking behind the scenes in private; these individuals prefer to make themselves feel better by bringing the dispute into the public venue of the chatroom.  

I am asking all community members who have witnessed this immature, highschoolish bullying to contact the Cage Admin so perhaps W/we can put this to rest once and for all.  My only goal here is to once again bring peace and enjoyment that this chatroom once represented.

6 months ago. May 9, 2020, 5:14 PM

As I sit here this morning, recognizing that Mothers' Day is once again upon U/us.  This will be My first time where I can't just simply call My mother to hear her voice and wish her the very best day of the year.  As many of My friends know she had left this earth and her spirit is now in Heaven back in September 2019.  As anyone could imagine and those who have lost a loved one, it was a difficult period for My family and Myself. Again, I would like to thank My friends and alike, both real-life and here within the community for their condolences and support during that time. It meant a great deal in helping Me keep the strength and mind clear as to where I could travel the difficult journey of handling all the necessary tasks that O/one must handle in giving her the proper recognition and setting up the Celebration of her Life. This is when you truly know how important a community such as O/our's can be much more than a few words typed, the conversations over the phone, or the video calls are. I can't thank those of you enough who were with Me on that call as I was driving the 10 hour ride to My parents house.  Your silliness and lighthearted conversation made the long drive much more bearable and lifted My spirits during a difficult time of My life. Thank you sincerely.

I would like to wish each Mom in the community a Happy Mothers Day. I would also ask E/everyone to take the time to reach out to each of Y/your mothers and for those U/us who have have to look into the Heavens to wish O/our Mothers that same; take the time to reflect on all the beautiful memories that these wonderful women in O/our lives have given U/us over the years. They were the only ones who carried U/us for 9 months, brought life to U/us, cared and nurtured U/us, taught U/us life lessons that helped U/us become who W/we are, could always be counted on to be there to support U/us; even when W/we learned life's hard lessons. They gave U/us unconditional love on both good days and bad. As many know, a Mother's love is like no other; W/we are always rich in life to have that love. Even now I can feel My Mother looking down upon Me, knowing that she is gently guiding Me as I walk My path in life; sometimes I can hear her if I listen closely. Always encouraging Me to be the best person I can be; knowing whatever path I chose, whatever decisions I may make; she will always be there to support and give Me the love I have always known.


(A Mother's Love | Jim Brickman | Cover by One Voice Children's Choir (2011))



6 months ago. May 8, 2020, 5:25 PM

As I lurk in the shadows of the hallways of Cage, I have observed a dark cloud that has invaded the harmonious atmosphere of O/our community. It’s a cloud that steals away the joy and peaceful coexistence that many of U/us in the community remember. The community that use to be one of being nonjudgmental, accepting of E/everyone’s quirks and kinks, and always presented a helping hand to those who were seeking it.  This dark cloud lingers and hovers over the community, waiting to rain on anyone who wishes to enjoy the company of others in the community.  In turn, the dark cloud doesn’t only affect the one that it decides to focus on, but that of the innocent community members who would not be privy of the happenings behind the scenes.  This dark cloud is not mature enough to discuss differences with others in private; no no, they got to be sure that everyone under their dark cloud is drawn under it, taking the sunlight that the community may have been enjoying at the moment.


Now lets discuss the topic at hand, Mean Girls (“girls” being the key word here, because they seem to Me to lack maturity of a woman). What makes a mean girl you may ask. Well, I am going to give you all My opinion and I am sure others may have their own opinions or views.  In My years of talking with and getting to know many people; I’ve come to learn the many different character traits of others through their actions and their spoken words.  One of those character traits is one I call “mean girls”. They tend to run in a small pack and get pleasure on focusing on someone who they deem as having an issue with.  Instead of being mature enough in discussing their differences in private with the individual; they want to bring it to the public.

Why? My belief is that they do so because they seek the attention of everyone within the community in order for them to feel better about themselves.  Why do they feel threatened of others who they perceive who has encroached in their territory? Well for many reasons I come to learn as to why. 

First, they may do so because the attention they may have once garnered before another person came comes into the scene takes some of that attention away that they once had; thus that person is deemed a threat to them. 

Secondly, many times they do so because it becomes apparent they that are not happy in their life and they lash out at others because they want others to feel as miserable as they do.

Thirdly, they look in the mirror and don’t like who they see. Instead of taking positive steps toward bettering themselves, they rather take their own personal failings and attack others that they see who they wish they could be. 

I am sure there are many other reasons that “mean girls” do what they do that many of you can think of; but these are just a few I come to know.

Food for thought:

They are so bent on their “high school” drama that they don’t see how others witnessing their attack reflects on them.  Many of those who have witnessed this have come to Me and just shake their heads not believing that these few mean girls act as they do for all to see. It doesn’t reflect favorably, it only shows the “ugliness” that hides behind the mask of being someone who they portray to be when they don’t feel threatened by another. They may have portrayed themselves as someone who is welcoming and helpful to others, but take some of their attention their true ugly color comes out. Thus as the title of this blog: Mean Girls Are Ugly. If this is you, own it and change your ways because many in the community is tired of it.




6 months ago. May 6, 2020, 1:19 AM

I once again I feel that this blog is one that is needed to remind those who have read it in the past, for those who may be new to the community and need to read it now as words of encouragement, and finally to those who seek to rain on someone's parade because they feel better about themselves by bullying others.  Remember - Words sometimes can hurt just as much as inflicting physical pain.  Try to be kind to those who may cross your path in your journey.



8 months ago. Mar 19, 2020, 12:35 PM

In view of all that is happening around the world and in our country, it's time that we come to terms that money should not be a consideration when it comes to taking care of humanity. It's time to recognize that you cannot put a dollar amount on someone's life. It's time to be proactive versus reactive when it comes to providing the needs of the people  who are trying to provide the needed care of those who are sick in the world. It's time to put your personal vanity and your social life on hold. It's time to recognize that you are not immuned to this virus just because you are young. It's time to understand that this virus will invade your life in one way or another. It's time to listen to The experts when they say that this is not "Fake News"!!! It's time to consider others around you and put your selfishness on the shelf. 

It's time to recognize those who are on the front line, who are putting their own health and welfare at risk; the healthcare workers, the emergency responders, those who are out there on the streets protecting us from those who are looking to cause harm, and so forth. As I watch the events unfold on the news, I see our professional healthcare workers warn that they do not have the necessary equipment and protective gear to do their job safely. This should not be the case! Also keep in mind that those on the front line are risking their own health and that of any family members they may have. In my opinion, during times when there is not a crisis such as this, those who do provide care do not received the appreciation and recognition for all they do on a day-to-day basis. Now in this crisis, they are on the front lines in dealing with this virus and there is no reason in this world as to why they cannot have the necessary equipment and protective gear that they need to protect themselves in doing their job. 

It's time to put aside all monetary concerns in the country. It's time to put a moratorium in place by all Banks, financial institutes, creditors and alike from expecting business as usual. With so many people losing their jobs because of the virus and not having income; putting their health and a health of others first whether it be voluntary or forced upon them, they should not be concerned about losing their homes, cars, and other possessions. 

I am appalled that the business world has not shown the empathy that one would expect during this crisis. Example, the airlines industry is asking the government for massive bailout, but yet most airlines are denying any refunds to those who have booked flights with them before this virus hit our country. WTF??? 

Everyone in this country is going to feel a financial impact whether business or personally. It's time just stop thinking about collecting on debts, mortgages, car payments, and so forth; it's time for this country to put people first regardless of loss expected payment by creditors and Banks. The people do not need the added stress of worrying if they're going to lose their homes and their possessions. Humanity always should come before money!!! It's going to take years before Life as We knew It will normalize to what it once was. But today, it's about doing everything humanly possible to take care of the people first. 

What we have experienced is only the tip of the iceberg as to what we can expect yet to come. Everyone needs to wake up who is not taking this virus seriously to include those in the government in order to save lives. 

With all that said, I wish everyone in the community to be safe and be wise in your decisions on any journey that you may be embarking on. 


9 months ago. Feb 14, 2020, 11:43 AM

My Valentines e-card greeting to all of you wonderful ladies in the community, the sentiment and message speaks volumes. To all friends, current and yet to be.


11 months ago. Dec 22, 2019, 1:34 PM

Dominate: verb
have a commanding influence on; exercise control over

Dominance: noun
power and influence over others.

Dominant: adjective
most important, powerful, or influential.

noun. rule; control; authority; ascendancy. the condition of being dominant.

1 year ago. Oct 13, 2019, 1:13 AM

Some of you in the community are knowledgeable of the passing of My mother on 29 Sept. 2019. The family will be having a Celebration of Life gathering on the 20 Oct. 2019. I do appreciate all the kinds words and support of a good number of My closest community friends and thought I would share My tribute to all within the community. 


MOM (Dorothy) *

(May 31, 1939 – September 29, 2019)

(Celebration of Life (October 20th, 2019)


To the Attendees

I wish to thank everyone for coming to help the family celebrate the life of an amazing woman, Our Mom.  As I look around and see the number of people attending; one would be amazed at how many lives she has touched in some way. But, Myself, I am not surprised. While Mom was on this earth, she touched so many lives, always had an open door to those who wished to walk through it, never thought poorly of anyone, and just brought such a light and fun spirit to any function or event she attended.  She is looking down at Us All now; smiling, seeing that she had made her mark in this world in the only way she could; Her way!

Our Mom

Our Mom, although she was short in stature, she made up for it in her huge personality.  You always knew she was around at any event because you could not miss her. She would always have a group of people around her and could hear her laughter and the laughter of others she was talking to. She had a wicked sense of humor that would have everyone busting their stitches at the seams. She always had open arms to those who needed a hug, words of advice, a friend to just listen to them, and fiercely loyal to those who were family and considered a friend. In growing up, We didn’t always have a lot of money to spend on the thrills like many others in the world; but Mom always managed to find a way to provide us kids with the best life with what We had. You would have never known that We were any different from those who had more because what We may have lacked in money, she gave Us so much more through the love and the care she provided Us. Us kids rarely found a reason to want for anything.  What was not given to Us in a material way; was given to Us through her attentiveness, her understanding, her advice, and her warmth. 

Unbeknownst by many of you attending and I apologize to My siblings now; We kids were not perfect angels in growing up; We had our moments, boy did We!!! *smiles thinking of it* There been times where each of Us may have acted out or done some stupid things. Mom would first react as any sensible parent would; yell and scold Us like no other.  But after getting that out of her system We could always depend on her to be there to help Us understand Our mistakes and to help Us clean up whatever mess We found Ourselves in; no matter what it may have been.  Her love for the family was unquestionable and she would never allow Us to travel down the road of life alone!!! She always stated time and time again how proud she was of Us kids!

Even now, although she may have left this physical world, she will be watching over Us from above; her spirit will continue to guide Us kids through Our lives and I am sure she will find a way to let Us know she is with Us.


Dad, First off I would like to say; We kids love you so very much!! We are so deeply sorry for your loss and are here for you!

You have shown Us kids what the true meaning of “love” is. We were privileged growing up as kids and now as adults as We watched and learned what it really means to have “unconditional love” for someone. Myself, I watched over these 62 years of My life what it means to honor your “vows” that were spoken during your union to the one who had captured your heart and became your “soul mate” for life; “for better or worse, in sickness and in health; until death does Us apart.”

There is no one who has been a better example in believing in those words than you Dad.

Over the years, you have been the pillar of strength and the backbone of the family. In the earlier years of Our lives as a family; We had Our struggles as many families experience; but you and mom always sacrificed and worked hard together to see to it that you both provided for Us kids. You and mom were always on the same page when it came to decisions that effected Our lives for the better. You both always shown Us love, cared for Us, protected Us, guided Us to become the adults We are today. We All have learned from your teachings of life and have become better from doing so.

The love you two shared over the years was unwavering; even when life threw in the many challenges as it does. You both have proven the adage “Love can conquer all”; meaning that the strength of your love together could overcome any obstacle that was thrown your way.

The love between you two couldn’t been any more clearer than over these last few months. With Mom being as sick as she was; she fought hard to stay with you because of the love she had for you Dad. She found such inner strength within her because although her body was betraying her, her heart was strong because of her love for you and the family. Over these last few months, I know it was hard on the family; but particularly you Dad. When I came home and saw all that you had to do to care for Mom; all I could think of, this is the kind of MAN I wish and hope to be some day.  The strength, the encouragement, the attentiveness, and the love you showed in caring for Mom proved the depth of love you truly had for her.

Now that she has gone, I know she would want you to take the time to mourn her, but not too long.  She would want you to remember all the wonderful moments you two shared in life and hold onto them in your heart. But she would also want you to live all of what life has to offer you. Enjoy the family, get out and about, enjoy the things that bring you the most joy. She was never one to sit around the house and doesn’t expect you to do so. She will be with you in spirit in all things you do. 


I would like to say a few words to My siblings, I share the sense of loss We all feel with the passing of Mom. This is the most difficult time of Our lives that any one of Us have gone through.  Losing Mom is something that none of Us would ever wish to experience, but unfortunately this is life and life can be unfair even to the most loved person in Our lives.  We can question “Why Her?” But sometimes there is no good answer as to why.  Life is what life gives Us and sometimes even the best person in Our lives are taken away from Us much too early.

A couple of weeks ago, We all had a chance to sit together at a barbeque and share the many moments We all had with Mom; some of the most humorous times, listen to some of her favorite music, and just be the family that she helped Us become. It reminded Me how tight a family We once were; enjoying getting together often, sharing meals together, sharing the many stories of Our lives We have experienced, enjoying each others’ company. 

Over the years, We all have lived a busy life and We sort of lost that closeness to My disappointment. I understand that We had our own families to raise, jobs to work, and there seems to be not enough time for all that We have to do each day.  But I ask that We take this life event and remember how much Mom enjoyed in Us all coming together and sharing the many memories that We lived from the time We were young to Our adulthood. There were many!!

One of My biggest regrets was not being able to be with you all as often as I wish I could have done because of My military career having Me stationed at various locations; however I tried to make it a point each year to come home to visit regardless wherever I may have been. We, the family as a whole would meet up at a family member’s house and have the biggest cookouts and enjoy volleyball and horseshoes and such.  This was something I looked forward to doing each year when I was away. Over the years, these events seem to fade away more and more and the family got more distant from each other.  

If there is anything We are to learn from Mom’s passing; is that life is fleeting and too short.  We all need to make that extra effort to keep in touch and come together more often because life can be too short and there is no guarantee We will be here tomorrow. Mom has shown Us how to be the best We can be and how to love one another; now all We have to do is honor her teachings by showing her she taught Us well. 

Sister-in laws and family friend

Lastly, the family wishes to give you ladies a special thanks.

Sister in-law #1, the family can’t thank you enough for always going above and beyond whenever We have a need for someone to step up for events; whether it’s a celebration of better days or for such a event as this. Thank you for being exceptional in everything you do.

Family friend, although you may not be family by blood; you are family all the same.  We would like to thank you for being willing to drop all you had going on in your life and coming to help the family whenever you were called upon to do so.  Your presence helped Us tremendously in helping Dad and the family care for Mom when it was so needed the most. Your heart is pure and YOU ARE FAMILY!!!

Sister in-law #2, We wish to thank you for making the arrangements for this venue and setting up for the meal We All shall indulge in soon.


Heavens Garden Kieran Brennan

Wings of a Butterfly Jimmy Scott

Dancing in the Sky Dani and Lizzy