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Rest In Peace Charlie
14 hours ago. Dec 1, 2021, 12:00 AM

This is a game that I played once as a kid long ago at  a party with about 20 kids… All the kids sit next to each other on chairs and an adult whispers something in the ear of the first kid. He hears it and then whispers what he heard to the kid on his right… He then whispers what he heard to the kid on his right and on and on until the last kid gets the message whispered to him or her. That last kid then says the last thing that he heard whispered to him out loud. Everybody immediately laughs because it’s completely different from the sentence they heard. Then the adult that started the whole thing says what the original sentence was. It’s really good for a laugh. It’s a fun game, but it also teaches about communication and miscommunication

I wonder how many here on the cage have had the phone game played on them? Just curious. How many people here have had things said about you that they have heard from other people which they have heard from yet other people. How many of you have actually had some of these people come to you personally and ask what you had originally said or done? I’m just curious

When I was in my teens and 20s I played in a number of pit orchestras… Those are the orchestra‘s that are in the pit that are playing the music for musicals… Like hello Dolly or South Pacific. I once played a production of The Music Man. Here’s a song from that musical that Kinda describes the phone game

and now, the Muppets 

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hey, it happens … and one more by the genius 


1 week ago. Nov 23, 2021, 12:58 AM

Aren’t we all?

1 week ago. Nov 21, 2021, 4:13 AM

Still one of the greatest electric guitar solos of all time. Cream was the band that kicked music into high gear for me. Jack Bruce, the bass player, was also a Cello player. Enjoy 



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I wrote a blog on trying to make amends to people that feel I have somehow offended them. I never really heard back from any of them, but I’ve let it go. I realize I can’t please everybody and that people can think about me whatever they want. It’s hard to live the serenity prayer, but I try…


God, grant me the serenity to accept  the things I cannot change… That is everything and everyone around me. I can’t change it . I can’t change you, and I can’t change the circumstances around me


… The courage to change the things I can. That is me. That is the only thing I can try to change with gods help, and that is hard enough. That’s the thing I’m gonna try to work on.

Peace and love to all. Blessings to all. I still love this community. Thank you for the support, and also thank you for the opposition. Hopefully it’ll make me a better person

2 weeks ago. Nov 16, 2021, 6:32 PM

This is the first song on the first rock album I ever bought back in 1968. I wore out the grooves on this record . Dig the hippie vibe, chillins 


2 weeks ago. Nov 12, 2021, 11:16 PM

Where was your spirit born? Who formed your body? Where does your spirit go when you leave this earth? One of my favorite songs and favorite grooves ever


2 weeks ago. Nov 10, 2021, 9:37 PM

Otis Redding has some very good advice for all of us

To all that don’t know, Otis Redding’s  back up band was none other than Booker T and the MGs. One of the great arrangements of any song ever. It is so sparse at the beginning… Every note, every rhythm, perfectly placed.

Listen to Otis preach…



and if you don’t know who Booker T and the MG‘s are… You will know this song