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2 weeks ago. Sun 04 Feb 2018 04:08:19 PM IST


Just watched a Lee Harrington interview and during that a consent term new to me popped up, FRIES, which equals Freely given, Reversible, Informed, Enthusiastic, Specific. The break down is this - 

Consent is:


Freely given. Doing something sexual with someone is a decision that should be made without pressure, force, manipulation, or while drunk or high.


Reversible. Anyone can change their mind about what they want to do, at any time. Even if you’ve done it before or are in the middle of having sex.


Informed. Be honest. For example, if someone says they’ll use a condom and then they don’t, that’s not consent.


Enthusiastic.  If someone isn’t excited, or really into it, that’s not consent.


Specific. Saying yes to one thing (like going to the bedroom to make out) doesn’t mean they’ve said yes to others (like oral sex).


I think SSC (safe sane consensual, RACK (risk aware consensual kink), PRICK (personal responsibility, informed consensual kink) and all the other terms applied to BDSM have there value but I agree with Lee this works equally well, and perhaps better as the primary consent model.


One thing that is very clear with this is that safe words are vital and consent can be immediately reversed, and that means during the scene, not after, and walking out of the dynamic is hardly a good way of ending consent as its after the event not during, and because its so drastic a choice may well mean things are allowed to happen/go on because saying no leads to a relationship end. In my view hardly ideal. 


This term FRIES was created by the Panned Parenthood organisation -



Lee Harrington - http://passionandsoul.com/


1 month ago. Tue 02 Jan 2018 12:08:40 AM IST




He liked order, to be in control and as he sat behind the tall counter, at the far end of his domain, he smiled, satisfied that all was as it should be - ready for the demands of his customers.


Having won awards locally and nationally it was generally acknowledged among his peers that he ran one of the finest bookshops in the city and nationally. This was something he took great pride in and no one could gain say his achievements in retailing, and customer care.


The shop was divided into eight long straight strips by floor to ceiling double sided bookshelves. Even the ends of these vertical islands of books were fitted with shelving. No inch was wasted in the pursuit of an orderly display. Every genre had its place and precise clear labels marked them. No one could fail to see what they wanted and with ease - he had made sure of that when fitting the shop out.


As the shelving was very high, at various strategic parts of the shop, tall, bright silver metal ladders hung; ready to aid customers with the exploration of the dizzy heights near the ceiling. In a few places knee high benches also sat ready to help those short in stature reach some of the middle shelves.


At the rear of the shop a tall dark wood counter, fronted with shelving stood, dominating that end of the shop. On its top various aids to modern retailing sat, a computer, telephone, cash register, card reader and a small area of the counter top given over to special offer books and other promotional items.


Behind the counter more floor to ceiling shelving given over to first editions, collectables and the rare, exotic, and antiquarian. These shelves covered the back wall except in the middle where a doorway bisected it. Attached to the ceiling in various strategic locations various mirrors allowed covert observation of the customers, and possible shop lifters.


The day had been going well and takings were up substantially on the day before and David was feeling fairly satisfied with things when his mystery customer returned. She wasn’t a customer as such, as she was still to buy anything, more a ghostly presence gliding about the isles lifting books looking, sometimes reading for a bit and occasionally as soon as she had arrived she would leave.


David had not noticed her before, so he was fairly convinced she was new to the area, his pride in his shop precluded any possible thought that any self respecting book lover would not have come in when he had opened the shop, regardless of the reasons for coming into his shop he was intrigued by her. He looked forward to watching her move around the shop and he was fairly certain that she knew he was watching her. He had been discrete in his observation but after a few visits to his shop the way she had started to move around it gave him the impression she was trying to keep out of the coverage of the mirrors. It was almost like she was playing a game with him. David hoped she was as he found her attractive.


After the initial first visits to his shop one thing David had immediately noticed was a change in her appearance. At first she had been dressed in jeans, T shirts, baggy jumpers and flat shoes. However and he could not be sure if this was the case but since she had started playing games with him, she had begun to dress in tight skirts, short skirts, high heel shoes, boots and very tight tops. Now she may have changed jobs recently, or perhaps on her first forays into his shop had been having sloppy days, but it was the occasional way she bent over to pick up a book, which had given David a glimpse of a stocking top that made him think that just perhaps she was dressing more sexily for his benefit – perhaps as part of the game she was appeared to be playing with him.


As she moved round the shop, dressed today in a long rain coat, each time it opened revealing she had a white blouse and black skirt on, she would look round at him every so often furtively and then glide back out of his line of sight and that of the mirrors.


‘I am going to have to put more up to cover those blind spots’ he thought.


A customer approached the counter and asked David about a particular book, which he went and got for them. After they had paid and left, David looked for the woman and could not see her.


‘Ahh well, ’he thought, ‘she’s gone then.’


A few loud thumps resounded round the shop and then a few less loud ones followed. David knew it was the sound of books hitting the carpeted floor.


He moved from behind the counter and went to the place where the books had fallen, or at least where he thought they had fallen. On getting there he found three large hardback books on the floor. The covers facing upwards, also sitting there was one of the metal benches. As he picked the books up he knew they had come from up high as they were books on BDSM, Discipline and Japanese rope restraint. After putting them back on the top shelf among similar books he walked back to the counter and saw two more books, this time paperbacks on the shop floor.


These books had fallen from the literature section, but were classic erotic works of fiction, The Story of O and Justine by De Sade.


“What’s going on”? He said under his breath, softly.


After putting them back on the shelves he made his way back to the counter. There were a few customers in the shop but all of them were either reading or thumbing through books. He looked at his computer screen and saw that a new Email had come in.


He tapped a few keys on the keyboard and saw the title.


'What would you do to a naughty girl?'


His finger hovered over the delete button but for some reason he hit open and began to read.


Dear Mr Bookshop owner, it began.

I have been a very naughty girl in your shop.
I have moved your books around and knocked them onto the floor.
I have also dressed like a slut in your shop.
What will you do with me and to me as a punishment?




David could not believe what he had just read. He scratched his chin and wondered about the source of the Email. He got up of the stool that he sat on behind the counter and began an inspection of the book shelves. Fairly quickly he began to find books out of place and in some cases dangerously so. He found several top shelf sexual topic books mixed in among other mainstream genres, thankfully after a quick scan none seemed to be among the children’s popular fiction or classics.


Walking back to the computer he felt a degree of anger at someone deliberately messing his bookshop up and as he walked back to the counter it dawned on him that this must be the work of his mystery female customer. Reading the email again, he found himself imagining this woman bent over a desk with him spanking her bare arse. With that in mind he replied to her email.




Indeed you have been a very bad lady and misbehaved in my shop.
I agree you should be punished and firmly.


Bookshop Owner


He hit send.


As he did that a customer came to the counter who he served, their enquiry was quite complicated so it was a good five minutes or so before he looked at his email inbox. He had mail!


Dear Bookshop Owner


Yes I am a very bad girl and I deserve to be punished.
Will you tie me to one of your benches, lift my skirt, spank me,
and then fuck me stupid.


Yours hopefully




David gasped, in his wildest dreams he could never have conceived such a thing really happening as was now happening. Fired up and feeling his cock swelling against the inside of his trousers he typed.




Come at 5.30 and knock the door twice, I will happily punish you.


Bookshop Owner.


David sent the email on its way, not really expecting anything to happen.


As the day passed and he sorted out P C’s sabotage of his shop, plus serving customers he did not dwell overly much on the 5.30 time as to be honest he felt it was a wind up.


At 5 O’clock he closed the doors of the shop, pulled the heavy duty window and front door blinds down, the ones that removed an inside view of the shop but left the display of books in the window still visible. David hoovered the floor and tidied up.


The clock on the wall above the door said 5.25.


“Will she come”? He wondered out loud.


Working around the shelves he straightened books that were out of place and waited at the counter. The clock now said 5.40.


Just as he was about to leave there was a loud knock at the door followed by another shortly after.


Walking slowly to the door, his excitement rising in more ways than one; he paused before unlocking and opening the door. She stood there in a full length grey raincoat. It was buttoned up and a belt at her waist was pulled tight, her breasts rising and falling under it, in her right hand a large black PVC bag.


“You’re late!” David said firmly.


“Yes I am,” she said pouting as she said it, a cheeky look on her face.


“Come in then.”


She marched into the shop, walking quickly on shiny black shoes to the front counter. She turned and placed the bag on the top of one of the shops benches. She turned with her eyes now downcast arms at her side.


Having followed her slowly David now stood before his mystery woman. She was in her 30’s, with brown hair, full red lips and hazel eyes.


“So are you going to punish me”? She asked with a bit of an attitude to her voice.


“That depends!” David said. With this woman now in his shop before him he was suddenly not sure if he should play along with her game. Should he actually punish her? Could he?


“On what.....Sir” she said looking up at him.


Deciding to play along David said “On whether I think you are actually a bad girl or not. I don’t think you are. In fact a few books knocked over and misplaced is hardly a crime, an annoyance yes, inconvenient yes, but a crime....no.” David hoped he sounded convincing.


She looked annoyed, maybe disappointed. Turning suddenly she pulled a pile of books of a shelf.


“I am now she said.” More of a statement of fact, rather that a question.


“I am still not convinced,” David said crossing his arms under his chest, trying to look somewhat board, disinterested and unconvinced by her statement.


She undid her belt and unbuttoned the coat slowly, then she threw it open and David nearly gasped, but managed not to. Under the coat she was wearing a wide black PVC suspender belt with matching PVC topped fishnet stocking holdups, black shoes and nothing else. Both of her breasts had silver rings in the nipples.


“Only a truly wicked, bad girl would walk into your shop dressed like this.”


“More like undressed” David said, but he had to agree, truly only a very naughty girl would have.


Turning to the bag on top of the bench she opened it and pulled its contents out, all coloured purple. A vibrator, flogger, leather paddle and purple silk rope. She also lifted a blind fold and a ball gag out of the bag as well, these were not purple, the mask was black and the ball gag had a red rubber ball and the leather was patent black.


‘She likes purple’ David thought.


The woman took her coat off fully and placed it on his counter, she then moved the bench to the middle of the floor in front of the counter.


Lifting the items she had placed on the top of the bench she carefully placed them one by one on the counter. Watching her do this David’s swelling cock hardened more.


‘Damn she needs punishing for this’ he thought, feeling much more convinced now that he should.


“Assume the position,” he ordered.


“Yes Sir!”


She approached the bench and stood before the end of it. David moved in behind her and reached for the blindfold. He placed it round her eyes and tightened it. He then though about the gag but left it sitting on the counter.


“Are you ready, to be punished?”


“Oh yes Sir, this girl is ready” she answered breathless with anticipation.


David guided her legs to either side of the benches legs and he slowly moved a length of purple silk rope down her right leg, which he tied to the bench. He did the left leg and then moved to the other end of the bench. Having been in the Sea Cadets he knew safe rope ties, but was well aware these lacked the skill or imagination of the kind of rope work Japanese bondage practitioners would have used.


“Bend over.”


“Yes Sir.”


She bent down placing her arms of the top of the bench. She gasped.


“Cold is it”?


“Yes Sir” she said looking up at him.


“Eyes forward.” He barked.




“What?” David said annoyance in his voice.




“Good girl.” He was pretty sure this is what he should say, and the slight shiver in the woman's body seemed to indicate his words were correctly chosen.


David tied her wrists to the bench looping the ropes three times round her wrists and stood back to admire his work. Her beautiful bum was sticking up in the air, and her breasts now pressed against the cool wood of the bench. David caressed her body running his hands over her shoulders, down her back and then her legs. He liked the way they looked stretched out behind her.


He moved his hand back up her leg and then grabbed both her bum cheeks in his hands. He slid his right hand down her bum and between her legs. He pushed it forward and found her sex wet.


“Who gave you permission to get wet?”


“No one Sir. Sorry Sir.”


He smacked her right bum cheek and then the left. She gasped. He then smacked both cheeks again harder, then again and again. She was shaking now, her breathing coming in short gasps. David then picked up the flogger and felt its weight in his hand. He aimed some blows as gentle flicks at the left cheek then the right, the blows landed on the fleshy parts of her bum, what he knew were the safe places to strike.


Turning it in his hand he pushed the smooth metal handle under her body and against her wet vagina. He ran it gently back and forward until he could feel her starting to shake again. She moaned from deep within.


Halting this abruptly he began to flog her again but harder. The blows of the floggers purple suede falls started to appear as light red stripes on her flesh. He stopped flogging her and once again pushed his middle fingers into her sex. He pushed back and forward until she began to orgasm. He suddenly pulled his hand out and lifted the vibrator down. He switched it on and eased it into her soaking wet pussy. Slowly at first but with growing speed he fucked her with it. When she came she did with force, bucking on the bench, with so much energy it moved across the floor slightly.


He untied her and she sat shaking on the bench, the cold wood taking some of the throbbing in her bum cheeks away.


“Thank you Sir.”


“You are most welcome,” David said smiling. Knowing it was a stupid question he asked her name.


She looked up and frowned, then smiled “Its Paper Cut 21.”


David’s smile faded from his lips.


“How?” He was lost for words.


“You were not that hard to find,” she said smiling.


A few months before she had appeared in his shop he had joined an online BDSM forum and had been chatting to a woman called Paper Cut 21.


“So when shall we meet again?” She asked with a broad grin on her face.


“When you are a bad girl again.”


“Sir I am always bad,” she said as she began to put her coat on. 


Part Two 






David was smiling broadly as he clicked his mouse over the send icon, which sent his instructions on its digital journey to Paper Cut’s inbox.


He took a sip of the black coffee, savouring its bitterness as he licked his lips. He thought about what he had planned for her, his woman of mystery who had swept into his life not two weeks previous. Their encounter in his bookshop had changed his life forever as he sought now to fully embrace his inclinations.


He had met PC in a BDSM chat room, part of a local forum. He had always had these yearnings but had done little with them other than reading books on the topic, both educational and fiction. Joining the group had opened his mind and chatting with PC had led to her submitting to him in his shop afterhours. Before this encounter, weeks of her darting in and out of his shop had piqued his curiosity. She had been playing games with him and her final acts of mischief had resulted in her being tied to a bench and punished. This in and of its self was a thrilling and exciting turn of events but the real shock to David had been his mystery woman telling him as she had dressed that she was Paper Cut 21 - the woman he had been chatting to for weeks.


David’s instructions would not see their completion for a few days but he could wait, be patient. A loud cough snapped him out of his musings as a customer stood in front of his counter waiting to be served.




A musical tone issued forth from the speakers on her lap top signalling the arrival of a new email. She felt the stirrings of excitement as her heart began to race in anticipation; could this be from Book Shop Owner? She hesitated for a moment before moving her index finger over the mouse pad. She paused for a second and clicked on her inbox.


Dear PC it read....


I want you to follow these instructions to the letter, so you don’t forget I require you to print this email and take it to your appointment on the 13th...

She paused reading, that was in two days. What did David want her to do? She read on.

I would not want to have to punish you for that kind of mistake.

You will go to a house on Portman Road, number 12 and enter the house. You will find the keys under a loose brick just at the right side of the door. You are to go to the house naked wearing only your rain coat and shoes, nothing more. You are to use public transport only.


On entering the house you will go upstairs to the first floor front bedroom, there you will find items I require you to wear. You will take care to dress carefully and pay attention to how these items sit on your body. Imagine you are in the army and are going to have to pass a uniform inspection. Failure to pass this inspection will result in a severe chastisement.


After dressing you will place the blindfold over your eyes, after which you will kneel on the bed box that sits at the foot of the bed. You will wait there until you are told to do otherwise.


I want you to use a safe word, write it down on the note pad. Whatever is written there I will listen out for. 


Bookshop Owner.


PC gasped in excitement at his instructions. She had been growing steadily wetter as she had read them. Reclining back in her chair, she placed the laptop on the ground and hiked her skirt up. She slid her hand down underneath the silk of her white pants and began to stroke herself. She moved her middle finger up and down and then pushed it into her wetness. With her left hand she began to rub her right breast hard, pinching the nipple between her fingers. She began to moan as she felt herself coming, an image of David’s hard cock sliding in and out of her.




The journey to number 12 Portman road had been quite an adventure. Arriving at the bookshop a few weeks ago had been relatively easy and uneventful as she had used her car but using the train and then the bus had been much harder. If she was honest the excitement the humiliation of having to travel this way had created in her was worth every minute of the anxiety of possibly being discovered to be naked under the coat.


She had to be very careful sitting on the train and on the bus so no one could see she was not wearing clothes under the shiny black PVC Mac. She had tied the belt as tight as she could round her waist and had held the front edge of the coat down on getting up and sitting down. Thankfully the lower deck of the double-decker bus had been empty. To have had to climb the stairs would she was sure have given some lucky person a glimpse of her long legs and labia dangling from her shaved pussy.


During the journey the bus and train had both been quite warm and the relief she could have got from opening her coat was denied her by the state she was in underneath it.


She was grateful that the house was not too far from the bus stop she had got off at. The key was indeed where David had said it was.


Number 12 was a mid terrace house and was Georgian, its elegant steps leading up to a black glossy door, a large number 12 in modern numerals in the middle of it. After inserting the key in the lock and pushing the door open she entered a large hall way. The high vaulted ceiling and walls were in a state of being redecorated and the faint odour of paint hung in the air. The wood floors had been recently sanded and a large tin of wood stain sat beside a closed door.


‘Probably not David’s house,’ she thought as she climbed the stairs to the first floor. She turned looking round to orientate herself to where the front bedroom would be. She walked forward to the door to the room and entered.




David sat in his car and watched PC arrive at number 12. He saw her reach for the key and with satisfaction noticed her unclad legs as the coat rode up them as she had bent over. David’s mind raced at all the things he could do to PC but should he do them, that really was the question. She wanted these things, as did he but actually carrying these mutual desires out was another thing entirely.


David was grateful to his friend John for allowing him to use his renovation project as a rendezvous location. He had joked with David about it becoming a den of sin and vice. David had smiled at that and had replied by saying “House of pain maybe?”


Drumming his finger tips on the leather of the steering wheel he looked quickly at his watch. ‘I’ll give her half an hour before going in enough time to get ready and just enough time to allow the anticipation to build’ he thought. Looking at his watch again he wondered if he could wait for half an hour. Never mind PC’s anticipation could he contain himself. His cock was swollen and hard behind his tight trousers.


Dressing to Impress.


The room PC had stepped into was dominated by a large four poster bed. Four large ornate posts rose into the air at the four corners of the bed, there were was no upper frame to hang drapes of. However she could see immediately that this was no ordinary bed.


The top of each upright had a large cast iron ring as did they also just above the top of where the mattress sat. The beds legs, which were a continuation of the four corner posts, also had the same size of black metal rings fitted. The large head board also had similar but slightly smaller rings attached at the top and just above where the pillows sat.


The mattress was covered in a rich red satin sheet and the six pillows that were piled against the head board were covered in white satin.


On top of the sheet several riding crops, various clamps, a black leather covered paddle, several bright red dildos, a butt plug, a black rubber ball gag, a large bottle of lubricant, a note book and biro pen. These items were arranged precisely according to size and colour.


Looking at the note book for a moment PC thought about writing a safe word on it. Should she leave it blank, she wondered. While she had only met David once before in reality he had always been a perfect gentleman both in their conversations online and during their time in his bookshop. She didn’t always use safe words. She rubbed her chin for a moment with her right hand before deciding to write the word Fish on it.


PC’s eyes moved from the bed to the large red leather padded bed box that sat just in front of the bed. On its top a white satin blouse, black pencil skirt, black patent leather belt, a black satin basque with white satin detailing along the tops of the cups, crotchless black satin pants, lace topped fishnet stocking, a red satin sash with its ends tied into loops and a pair of black high heeled patent leather shoes. Like the items on the top of the bed these had been laid out carefully and with obvious thought.


“He likes his details” PC said to herself as she began to remove her coat. Now naked she walked over to a high backed chair and draped the coat over it.

Picking up the basque she slipped into it, it was her size and fitted perfectly. She smiled as she recalled David asking for all her measurements a few weeks into their chatting on line. Next she stepped into the pants and slipped them up her legs and into place. The satin clung tightly to her flesh and as she moved, it tightened over her nicely rounded bum. She took the stockings over to the chair and after sitting on it she placed her left foot into a stocking, which she pulled carefully up her leg. PC then repeated this with the right leg. After standing up she attached the suspenders to the tops of the stockings, as she did this she was careful to make sure the straps were symmetrically placed; just knowing instinctively that such a thing would matter to David. PC wanted to please her new Sir.


Next she slipped her arms into the blouse, which as she buttoned it up clung tightly to her rising and falling breasts. The skirt and belt went on next and then the shoes.


A large floor mirror stood to the side of the chair and like the chair and bed it too was made from a rich dark walnut. PC looked at herself in the mirror and studied her reflection. She ran her hands over the shiny skirt and blouse making sure everything was straight and the blouse was fully tucked into the skirt. She adjusted the belt so the buckle sat squarely in the middle of her stomach. She wanted to present herself to David just as he had instructed her to.


PC looked again at herself in the mirror and smiled. This would not be a look she would have picked out for herself but studying the way the satin clung to her body she understood why David had asked her to dress this way.


Turning back to the bed box upon which only the red satin sash lay she walked back over to it and knelt on it. She reached for the red satin sash, as this was the only thing she could use as a blindfold. PC untied its ends and placed it over her eyes. She reached round to the back of her head and pulled the material tight and tied a double knot in it. The red satin allowed some light to filter through to her eyes and as she turned her head she could just see some shadows; but nothing more than that. ‘Not the most effective blindfold. I guess he must like the colour’ she thought.


‘How long will I have to kneel here?’ she wondered. The backs of her knees were starting to feel a bit uncomfortable, even though she had only been in the position for a few minutes.


Let’s Begin.


Leaving the car after twenty minutes or so David let himself into the house as silently as he could. He smiled broadly as he managed to close and lock the heavy front door with no more than a tiny click. ‘Climbing the stairs might be a little bit more difficult’ he thought, as he put his foot on the first tread with a slight creak.....


PC turned her head slightly thinking she had heard something. Her breathing grew more rapid as she strained to listen. Out on the road in front of the house a large vehicle rumbled by and the room vibrated slightly, the loud sound drowning out any and all noises from within the house.


The anticipation was rising in her like a wave out at sea rolling steadily towards the shore, rising as it gathers energy in the ever shallower water. Feeling the dampness between her legs she wanted to slide her fingers within but she knew she had to hold this position for as long as was required.


“I hope he comes soon,” PC whispered to herself.


David stood at the entrance to the room and looked inside. The door had been left ajar ever so slightly, a nice touch he thought but was it either by accident or design. PC knelt within just as he had instructed her to. He felt a moment of uncertainty just as he had during their first meeting but he wanted her, very badly; so he pushed the door open and closed it behind him firmly.


Looking at this beautiful woman kneeling at the foot of the bed, waiting for him, wanting to please him took David’s breath away. For a few moments he stood silently gazing upon her the curves of her body in the tight shiny clothing. The wonderful way her breasts rose and fell under the fabric of the blouse, the way her dark hair flowed across her shoulders and down to the small of her back; the tightness of the satin on her bum as the skirt was pulled taut under her legs.


Even from the position she was kneeling in, he could see she had dressed just as he had requested her to. 'I will have to find some other reason to punish her' he thought as he smiled.


David continued to watch for a few moments and as he did so he began to sense her growing excitement; ‘time to begin’ he thought.


“Are you ready?”


“Yes Sir,” she said in a sensuous breathy way.


“Then let’s begin.”


The Testing.


David walked to the side of the bed first and picked up the note book and pen; the word Fish was written there. ‘Fair enough’ he thought. He walked over to the chair and placed the note book and pen on its top. He then moved quickly to where PC knelt and pulled her to a more upright posture by putting his arms around her and pulling her against the front of his body. She didn’t move once her back was straightened allowing him to run his hands over her face, arms, body and breasts. He smoothed the soft satin over her breasts, before cupping them and then slowly circling her nipples on both breasts, with the index fingers on both hands. As he switched from using his fingers to his hands, he began slowly to massage them gently at first and then more firmly; as he did this her nipples hardened more and she moaned gently.


“Did I say you could moan?”


“No Sir, sorry Sir,” PC replied.


David moved his right hand up to her mouth and traced the full red lips with a finger. PC opened her mouth allowing the finger to move into the warm moist interior. David withdrew it and kissed her on the cheek gently. He moved slightly to her side and kissed her closer to her mouth then full on her lips. The kiss was gentle at first but grew more insistent, rougher as their tongues intertwined, pushed against each other and then in and out of each mouth with more speed and force. PC gasped slightly as David pinched her left nipple hard, their mouths still dancing over each others.


Breaking the kiss he stepped back and walked around her a few times, while he decided what to do next.


PC spoke her voice trembling slightly “Sir I don’t think this girl has followed your instructions fully.”


“You haven’t?” 


“No Sir it dawns on this girl that she didn’t close the door of the room.”


David smiled as he had not asked her to close it or leave it open. “Are you seeking to be punished for something you have not done?”


As PC said “No Sir” she knew she was lying, she did want to feel his hand on her bare bum, or better still either the riding crop or paddle.


“I think you are lying to me,” David said firmly as he moved to the bed and picked up the paddle and two of the satin cushions. He looked back at PC, he could see her cock her head slightly as she was trying to hear what he was doing.


“You will know soon enough what I am going to do to you. Stand up and raise your skirt to waist height.”


Sliding off the top of the bed box, PC took a step back from it and as she did so David placed the two pillows over the bottom support bar of the bed in front of her. Seeing her sway slightly David prepared to step forward to help her but she steadied herself and pulled the skirt up around her waist before once again taking up her position kneeling.


David smiled. He loved the shape of her bum under the tight satin of the panties. The way the material had a little cleft up the middle where the valley between her cheeks was. As she moved slightly the material pulled tight, he felt his cock swelling some more.


Moving to her left side he gently guided her into moving her body more forward but still resting on her knees; so her bum was more in the air. PC leaned forward over the pillows so her arms where resting on the bed. David smiled as he began to rub the smooth material with his right hand, the paddle in his left.


“Should liars be punished?”


“Yes Sir.”


David raised his hand and brought it down on PC’s left bum cheek then the right. She gasped and moved her bum up slightly further into the air to make it easier for David to land blows on it. David slowly raised the number and frequency of impacts, switching from one cheek to the other. Stopping suddenly he began to gently rub her bum. PC moaned loudly.


“Just warming you up.”


“Yes Sir.”


David brought the paddle up to her quickly so she could feel the movement of air as it moved past her face and then he rested it on her shoulder, before slowly drawing it down her back, to let it rest on her backside.


Without any warning he stepped behind her and pulled the black satin panties down to expose the reddening flesh. David pressed the flat side of the paddle against the marks on PC’s flesh and she gasped in slight pain at the pressure of the cool leather but also in anticipation that David was going to use it on her.


“Please Sir this girl needs punished more. Please use it on me.”


“Are you begging me?”


“Yes Sir......please.”


David aimed several firm but not too hard blows first on her left cheek and then the right one. PC’s breath came in short gasps as her body trembled.


“Harder Sir.”


David used the paddle again slowly building the strength of the blows, each impact producing more shaking in PC’s body. David knew by instinct rather than any great experience that now was the moment to stop. He took a step back and looked at the growing redness on PC’s flesh. It was slowly spreading over the twin globes of her backside.


“Sir please don’t stop.....please....”PC’s voice breathy and sounding almost like that of a drunk as she begged.


“No, that’s enough for now,” the tone David used was strong and firm, he knew instictively that she had had enough, even though she might not think she had.


David gently helped her off the bed box and held her in his arms as her body was shivering slightly. He kissed her gently on the lips and she responded by kissing back. Reaching down to her crotch David gently placed his right hand against her sex; it was soaking wet. He began to stroke her clitoris with his middle finger, as he did so PC pushed against him, moaning slightly. He slid the finger into her vagina and began to push it in and out with increasing speed. Still holding PC close to him he could feel her breasts rising and falling more quickly against his chest, as he fingered her faster and faster.


“Please fuck me Sir” she suddenly said.


David took her by the hand and led her to the bed where she sat down on the edge wincing slightly at the pain in her bum, though the cool satin was taking a little of the heat out of her stinging flesh.


Giving and Taking.


“Take this girl Sir...I give myself to you, so you can use me as you see fit.”


David having removed his clothes lay down on top of the bed. He reached out and pushed the unused toys out of the way, before lifting himself on top of PC’s still clothed body. He kissed her and softly whispered in her left ear “I accept your gift and in so doing now take it to use it as I wish.”


PC smiled as she felt David hardness slide into her.


Part Three 




Travelling in the lift surrounded by office workers PC had felt somewhat nervous and vulnerable as the relatively short red PVC coat that she was wearing really did nothing to hide the fact that underneath it she was naked. David was or so it seemed so far, fond of setting up assignations were by she would have to travel to them naked. Despite now having done it twice for him, if she was being honest the initial fear of discovery was starting to wear a bit thin. So far no one had noticed.


Turning her head slowly to look at the people using the lift more closely she noticed that one man seemed to be paying more attention to her than any of the others she was travelling upwards with. He was in his late forties early fifties, overweight and despite being dressed in expensive clothes looked like a sack of potatoes in them. He was starring at the mirrored wall behind PC and was smirking.


‘What the hell is he looking at?’ she wondered trying to look discretely behind herself, something she knew was impossible, not the looking but being discrete as any such movement would be instantly obvious to her observer. Deciding to be obvious she smiled at him and looked in the mirror to her left side. The PVC had bunched up slightly and the lower part of her bum was showing.


The refection in the mirror was in fact probably accentuating the actual amount of flesh showing but the sudden realisation that she was partially exposed made her heart start to race and she felt her self beginning to moisten between her legs.


The instructions David had given her via email were as usual quite explicit. She was to travel to this office block and then take the lift to the 23rd floor. As she watched the numerals above the door change in what seemed to her a very slow way as the lift ascended; PC wondered what David had in store for her this time.


The doors opened and three people stepped in forcing a reshuffle as everyone moved to accommodate the extra bodies, PC moved closer to the back of the lift and tried to move the back of her all too short coat downwards. With the reshuffle the man who had been starring at her was now standing beside her, he was despite his weight problem taller than her.


PC watched the counter as it slowly counted up the floors. Part of her wanted the journey to end quickly but another part of her liked the attention this stranger in the lift was giving her. Aware of the fact that she was pretty aroused by his close presence she closed her eyes for a few seconds and imagined him reaching under her coat and pushing his fingers into her wet vagina.


Her breathing quickened as she saw him in her mind pulling the coat open, grabbing her forcefully, rubbing her beasts and tweaking her nipples hard and then pushing her up against the mirror and then fucking her senseless; with his huge cock. She caught herself before she nearly moaned at the images which flooded her mind.


The doors opened with a chime and she felt him leave her side. Opening her eyes she saw him exit the lift and momentarily look back at her with a broad suggestive grin before marching on his way down the corridor that stretched out in front of the open lift doors. With a chime they closed and PC saw that the next floor was her stop; where David would be waiting for her or not as the case maybe.


The lift slowed and stopped and PC strode out of the now opened doors on her red patent leather 4 inch heeled court shoes. Like the floor below the lift doors had opened onto a long featureless corridor, which stretched ahead for some distance before taking a right hand turn.


AS PC walked ahead she took note of the numbers on the doors as she passed them, she was looking for number 30. All the doors she passed had numbers on them but most also had name plaques with various company names on them. After a few minutes of walking she found the door she wanted and after reaching into the right pocket of her coat she withdrew a key and inserted it into the lock beside a bright chrome round door knob. Hearing the lock click open she turned the knob and entered the room.


The office within was empty bar a large black desk with chrome legs which sat in the middle of the carpet. The far end of the room was dominated by floor to ceiling windows which had no curtains or blinds. Beyond PC could see blue sky which had a few wispy clouds and another office block which sat at an oblique angle to the one she was in.


Walking up to the desk she saw an envelope sitting on the middle of the shiny black lacquered wood; PC written in bold letters on the front. Reaching eagerly for it she had it opened in seconds and she began to read.



Standing in front of you is a desk with four sets of drawers in it. With you facing the front of the desk the left side top one is number 1 the one below 2 and on the right side the top is number 3 and below it 4. There are items in each one that you will be using PC, but it’s important to only open them as these instructions direct you to.


Open number one and remove the contents of the drawer placing them on the top of the desk. When you have done that continue reading


PC walked over to the desk and slid the drawer open and one by one placed the items she found within on the desk. The first item she pulled out was an old fashioned alarm clock with a large round face and two bells on its top. Next she removed two black ankle cuffs, two wrist cuffs and a wide neck posture collar. These were made from the very finest black leather that was highly polished and the securing rings fitted to them were made of chromed steel. The last two items to come out of the drawer were a ball gag and a blindfold made from black satin.


PC picked the page of instructions up and continued reading....


The alarm clock is set to the correct time but I want you to set the alarm section for thirty minutes. After you do that I then want you to put the ankle cuffs on first, then the wrist cuffs and finally the posture collar. After doing this I want you to take the ball gag and blindfold with you and go stand facing the middle window. I then want you to remove your coat when you are standing in the correct position, then gag and blindfold yourself (in that order) It is important that you are facing the window PC.


When the alarm sounds I want you to remove the blindfold and come back to the desk and turn this page over and read what is on the other side


PC put the note down on the desk and if there had have been a chair to sit on she would have done so. David was definitely ramping things up with this latest assignation. The very thought of standing naked in front of a large window with every possibility of being spotted from the building in front of this one both thrilled her and terrified her. She had always fantasised about what was termed Public Exhibitionism but being blindfolded and gagged as well, was almost too much for her. However the ever growing arousal she was feeling and the excitement of doing this was beginning to override her sense of fear. With her heart pounding in her chest she set the alarm clock, put the ankle and wrist cuffs on and then the posture collar. PC then turned to face the window and trembling slightly she walked up to it.


The view outside was spectacular, the cityscape below a mixture of old and new buildings and in the distance a plane flew over head leaving a wispy contrail across the deep blue of the sky. PC looked at the building in front and noticed that the windows were dark; obviously having been treated with or incorporating into the glass some kind of heat/light reflecting element.


Knowing David increasingly well PC had a strong feeling that unlike the office block facing this one the windows here were not darkened; therefore anyone who happened to look out of their window across the way would be seeing her in all her glory.


With an ever increasing heart rate PC faced the window opened her red lips wide and inserted the ball gag into her mouth. She reached behind her head and buckled it tightly. She remembered the first time she had used this type of a gag and had initially disliked the taste of the rubber but with the passing of years and the intense pleasure she usually got while gagged in such a manner meant that she now actually liked the taste.


Placing the soft black satin blindfold across her eyes next and securing it tightly behind her head she then fumbled with the belt at her waist and the buttons that had kept the coat closed. Now blindfolded, her other senses heightened so as she took the coat off the soft PVC sliding down her arms felt lovely; so much so that a little shiver went through her body. PC let the coat drop to the floor at her feet.


Standing in the large, empty room she began to notice the beating of her heart, her breath as it went in and out of her lungs, the sounds of the building around her and the loud ticking of the alarm clock. As she stood silently with her thoughts, desires and expectations the ticking of the clock seemed to begin to slide into her head as she began to mimic the sound rather than thinking.


‘Tick tok, tick tok, tick toc,......’ she found herself swaying slightly in time to the sound.


A sudden loud sound brought her back to full awareness of where she was. PC held her breath for what seemed like a long time but the initial noise was not followed by another so she could not identify what it had been. A short while later PC began to wonder about the other office block....was anyone now watching, studying her naked body, the curves of her breasts, waist and hips, the smoothness of the flesh between her legs? Was some lone man or even woman even now wanking while looking at her naked body? PC spread her legs slightly further apart to give anyone who might be watching a better view. She smiled imagining long, small and big cocks being stroked up and down by various shapes and sizes of hands. Once again she felt herself growing more aroused and wanting to slide her hand down between her legs. Did she dare to do this? David might be watching her or maybe some stranger was. These thoughts so occupied her mind that she barely noticed the alarm clock chiming away.


“Ummmm shit” she mumbled behind the gag that filled her mouth still as she loosened the blind fold and walked back to the desk.


Picking the note up she turned it over....


No doubt you are feeling very excited standing in front of the window wondering who might be studying your beautiful naked body and pussy. Well don’t let it be said by anyone that I would be so cruel as to not provide a means for you to relieve yourself. In drawer number two you will find an interesting device that will help you out.


PC slid drawer number two out and gasped in both shock and delight at what she found sitting there; black shinny latex pants with a built in dildo pointing straight up on the inside. Attached to the bottom of the pants on the opposite side to the dildo was a long cable which was attached to a box with a black knob. Around the knob where numbers 1 to 10. The box also had a strap on the back of it which was long enough to be placed around a leg. Studying the pants further revealed a slit in the material. Turning them in her hand for a moment she realised that the dildo was for the anus and the slit was for provided access to the vagina.


‘Bloody hell’ she thought.


Placing the pants on the desk she continued reading the note.


In drawer number three you will find a bottle of lubricant which I suggest you use a lot of as that dildo is quite large. ...

PC had to agree with David as she took a quick glance at it before continuing to read the note once again.


Once you are wearing the pants open drawer number four and remove the contents and place them on the desk top. Secure the silk ropes to the bottom legs and the other ropes to the top of the far side of the table top. The places where the ropes should be attached are I feel obvious. Once you have done that attach the control box to your left thigh, reset the alarm on the clock for another thirty minutes then reassume your position in front of the window.

Once there switch the box on by turning it to setting 7 replace your blindfold and wait.


The note was signed,Your Sir, in bold black letters.


Picking up the bottle of lubricant PC opened it and holding the pants in her left hand she dripped the clear fluid onto the dildo’s tip. Quickly placing the bottle on the desk she stepped into the pants and began to slide them up her legs, when they were up round her thighs she reached between her legs and grabbed the dildo with her right hand and very slowly she began to insert it into her anus. At first it was difficult but it eventually moved upwards almost as if it was being sucked in. Settling the pants around her waist and very much aware of the dildo impaling her ass she walked gingerly back to the desk where she opened the final drawer and removed the white silk ropes from within.


Bending down to tie the first rope was difficult, she felt the control box slapping of her legs and the dildo made bending down and kneeling an interesting experience. PC had had a dildo up her anus before but it had been slightly smaller and she had been lying on top of a bed when it had been put into her; moving about with this particular one up there was a whole new sensation for her.


David had been right the points for attaching the ropes to was pretty obvious so after tying good knots on the legs, PC moved onto tying the other two ropes to the other side of the desk. Once finished doing this and guessing that the loose ends should be left trailing over the front of the desk she set the alarm clock and walked slowly back to the window; with the control box slapping of her legs and its weight pulling ever so slightly on the dildo as it swung back and forward with each step she took.


Once back in front of the window she secured the box to her left upper leg and paused before switching it on. What is this going to be like she wondered for a few moments before she turned the knob to position 7. The moment she started to turn it the vibrations began to pulse up into her, once at setting 7 she gasped as she felt the strong sensations being created by the vibrations begin to spread into her vagina.


Tying the blindfold round her eyes again she stood silently with just the sound of the vibrator buzzing away in her ass.




David entered the empty office next door to the one he knew PC was in. Heavy traffic on the roads surrounding the area in which the office block stood had kept him slightly late. He would have loved to watch PC follow her instruction live but at least he could watch her on the hard-drive recorder he had fitted to the cameras that dotted the room she was in.


Sitting down on the chair in front of the small desk which had a 22 inch flat screen monitor on its top David activated the equipment and after a few moments selected the time point that indicated the beginning of the recording.

He watched as PC entered the room and undertook her tasks and a smile grew on his face, as he took note of how well she was following the instructions. The smile on his face was not the only thing that was growing as he felt his cock begin to swell inside his black chinos.


Once again John had come up trumps for David as he owned both of these empty office suites and had been prepared to allow him to set them up for this scene with PC.


“I hope this woman is worth all this trouble?” John had asked David a few days earlier.


With a very broad smile David had nodded his head and said just one word “Yes.”


Sitting now in front of the monitor screen and fast forwarding to a live feed of the office next door David knew that PC was very much worth the trouble he had gone to.


“What a lady,” he said out loud.


Looking at his watch and what the counter had indicated on the screen he thought she had had the special pants on for about ten minutes now. David stood up and reached in his right trouser pocket for the key to next door; just in case PC had locked the door. As he walked towards the door he picked up a large box which was wrapped in bright red paper and surrounded by a white silk ribbon; which was tied into a bow.




The sensations rising in PC’s body were on an order of intensity that she had rarely felt before as she stood facing the window, hoping something would happen soon.


‘I need fucked and hard,’ she thought. She desperately wanted to reach down between her legs and finger herself but David had not said that she could do it, equally he had not said she couldn’t. Behind the gag she groaned; a mixture of pleasure and frustration.


A sound interrupted her thoughts, it was the door opening; but who was it? She asked herself with a mixture of panic and excitement; resisting the temptation to pull the blindfold off and turn round to see who it was. The sound of someone moving towards her grew until she felt a warm presence behind her. Someone was now standing very close, so close in fact that she could feel something that felt like a hard cock; held upright and tight behind trousers, now resting against her naked flesh.


A pair of hands reached round her body and began to touch her breasts, to fondle, kneed and squeeze them; gently at first but harder. As the caressing of her breasts became harder she felt the person doing it push closer into her back and begin to rub an erection up and down the crack between her latex encased bum cheeks. As he did this the thrusting pushed the dildo further into her. PC gasped behind the gag, a trickle of drool escaped from behind the rubber, which rolled slowly down her chin. Rather than pull away she stood more upright and leant back into the body behind her.


The hands on her breasts began to pull on her nipples and then she felt something cold and hard touch her left nipple. She then let out a muffled moan and then groaned as the nipple was gripped by what she knew was some kind of clamp. Her right nipple then suffered the same sudden pressure.


Suddenly she was being walked backwards rather than resist she moved with the person who was guiding her and she was very sure it was towards the table. The cold wood suddenly touching against her belly confirmed her assumption.


Now having her against the desk David pushed her legs apart and kneeling down beside the right leg he tied the white silk rope through the D ring in the ankle cuff and pulled the rope tight. He stood and repeated the procedure for the left leg; before securing her wrists with the rope left on top of the table top. David took note and smiled at PC’s consideration in leaving the ropes on the desk top and positioned in just the right way to make it easier to quickly secure her.


Stepping back he walked round the desk looking at PC from all angles. He loved the shape of her body, all its curves and the way her black hair shimmered in the bright sun light which was streaming through the windows; like fine silk.


‘She doesn’t really know it’s me,’ David thought as he stood in front of her. He loved the way the gag pushed her bright red lips outwards and formed them into a crimson O. The image of her mouth being shaped by an O ring suddenly popped into his head and he made a mental note to buy one as soon as he could.


Walking back round to the trembling woman’s rear he lent over her pushing his body into her. He kissed her right ear and whispered into it.

“You’ve been a very good girl PC, very good. I have been watching you and now I think it’s time to take you very hard.”


Turning her head slightly PC moaned behind the gag, “Yes Sir please.”

PC felt one of his hands reach under her and touch her soaking sex. The fingers rubbed the lips of her vagina both the inner and outer folds of the moist flesh. Suddenly two fingers were pushed deep into her and she felt her legs go weak. The fingers filled her as David added another one and began to push them in and out more quickly.


Suddenly David pulled his fingers out and unzipping his trousers he pushed his hard cock into her. PC moaned loudly behind the gag as he pushed in and out, slowly at first and then more firmly. David varied the speed and intensity of his thrusts until he felt her body begin to orgasm. As fucked her harder and with increasing speed, with his ever hardening member, he also stroked her clitoris. Feeling her beginning to come he pushed hard into her and came himself just as she was peaking.




David removed the gag and then the blind fold from PC then kissed her gently on her cheek. She was smiling broadly as she looked up into his face, the face of her Bookshop Owner her Sir. He reached down to the box strapped to her thigh and turned it off.


As he untied her legs and then arms she spoke with a slight breathy tremor “Thank you Sir for all your preparations, this girl... ,”she paused for a moment before continuing, “Loves her master, her Sir.”

David wanted to smile and embrace her but the scene was not over yet.


“Open the box PC.”


She turned to look at the large box which sat on the ground nearby. The expression on her face asked “for me?” David mouthed the reply silently “Yes.”

PC walked to the box picked it up and carried it back to the desk. She placed it carefully on top and opened it. Inside was some clothing. Reaching inside PC felt the smooth red silk and rubbed it between her fingers. She looked up and smiled. ‘David loves his silks and satins and I do too,’ she thought before saying, “Beautiful Sir. This girl thanks you.”

“You are very welcome PC.”


“There is also something else inside for you in another box.”

PC found the box and opened it, what lay inside made her smile very broadly and feel slightly weak at the knees.


“Oh thank you Sir” she gushed feeling excited and thrilled by what she now had in her hand.




As they entered the lift anyone looking casually would have seen a Boss and his very sexily dressed secretary. A secretary dressed in a tight red silk blouse with a bow at her throat. Under the bow round her neck a bright chrome collar with a small ring at the front, and on her wrists matching cuffs which also had small securing rings that if you looked carefully could just be seen poking out from under the delicate buttoned up cuffs of the blouse. Round her waist a broad black patent leather belt and under that a black satin pencil skirt, at its back a long split. If anyone who cared to look closer did, they would have seen ruler straight seams running up the back of her legs. On her feet 4 inch stiletto court shoes and round her ankles, ankle cuffs that were the match to the ones round her wrists.


If the lift had been smother and more silent in operation anyone standing in the lift might have heard a faint buzzing sound. A sound produced by a slowly vibrating dildo that sat tightly up the secretary’s anus.


The beautiful dark haired woman was smiling. Her red lips an outward reflection of the inner deep contentment and completion she felt in finally finding, her Sir and Master. PC was content and happy, now that she was wearing David's collar and was now owned by him. She looked to her right side and noticed that David was also smiling. His smile she noted was a slightly mischievous one.


“I wonder what Sir has in mind for later?” PC thought.


The End


Copyright DrT 2011/2017 


No unathorised copying, republishing or alteration without written permission. 




This was originally written when I was fairly new to the BDSM community, and as a courtship piece, a declaration of intent and a way of showing how my mind worked. The situations and settings purely flights of fancy, but the ideas I hoped would be a good indication of who I was. The specific skills I was still learning and the lady I was courting knew that. Alas it didn't happen, but such is life. Before publishing this I have rewritten some bits and tweaked others, but it stands mostly as it was. 


DrT 2017 


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I want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year and I hope that 2018 is kind to everyone. I hope for those who are ill, there is healing, for those waiting for news that it is good news. I hope everyone gets what they need, want and desire. To my friends here thank you for making me welcome, to those I am still getting to know I hope in 2018 to know you better. To everyone else on The Cage I wish you all a very blessed 2018 



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The Tracey Trilogy 


Act One - Journey


Stepping out of her car, Tracey looked at the front of the rather plain uninspiring house and wondered if she had come to the right address. She reached into her pocket and read the details on the card again. Looking at the house number and nearby street sign she could see that she was indeed at the right place. She took a deep breath and after closing the door of her car and locking it, walked slowly across the pavement to the front gate of the house. She extended her right hand to undo the latch and paused.


‘I am doing the right thing here?’ she asked herself.


The nerves that she had been able to suppress during the long drive were starting to creep back. Her heart was beating strongly in her chest and a lot more quickly than usual. Her mouth was suddenly dry. Swallowing hard and taking another deep breath she pushed the latch to the gate open and crossed the threshold.


Tracey by taking this on the surface very simple step, something anyone who might have been watching her would have thought, was in fact, taking a massive personal step of self discovery and Tracey’s heartfelt hope was that she would be able to fulfil her long suppressed inner desires and needs by visiting this unassuming house.


A few weeks prior to arranging the visit that had brought her to number 22 Leitin Street, on this particular day, the front door of which she was now slowly approaching. For years Tracey had been battling against the desires and needs she had been told were wrong and perverted by the very few she had trusted enough to confide in, but finally she had given up fighting and had decided to embrace what she knew deep down she was. Coming to this address today was Tracey’s final step from pondering and talking, mostly and recently with Him, to actually making a conscious effort of will to start out on a journey that had been way too many years in the contemplation. This particular part of her journey, of preparation, was to end here today but also she hoped by visiting this house, that this would also be the beginning of a new journey and a new phase in her life; a much happier and fulfilled one.


As she paused at the front door, she recalled the phrase He had used, during their many hours of discussion, to describe this particular time....'You will feel like a small sailing boat leaving the protection of the harbour to set sail on the seas and oceans of many extremes of sensation. You may well feel unsure of the strength of your hull and navigation ability but as long as you have a need I will guide you like the strong, bright beam of the lighthouse that stands proud on the headland above the harbour.' She smiled as she recalled those, reassuring, words as they had appeared on the screen of her laptop computer. He had a way with words and after very many evenings, sometimes late into the night, she and He had formed an action plan to help her bring to life what she had kept hidden all these years.


Reaching into her pocket, she quickly texted a friend, who while not understanding what she was trying to do had agreed to offer her support and act as her ‘Protector, safe call.’ With the text sent, which included the time of her arrival and a rough time when she would text her to confirm the safe conclusion of her meeting at number 22. Having put the phone back in her jacket pocket, Tracey knocked the door loudly and firmly.


‘Too late now,’ she thought.


From within the house Tracey could hear someone approaching the door. The sounds of the latch being turned and then the door opened and He stood in front of her. Tracey felt her heart skip a beat as once again she looked into the piercing blue eyes of her ‘Sir.’


They had met a week ago, to test out, if the perceived online connection would transfer to reality and it had. Tracey had been happy that the online had been matched by the reality of actually meeting Him in the flesh and He had felt the same about her. They had then agreed to take a break and consider again but after a few days had passed Tracey had still been sure He was the one and after contacting Him by email He had also still wanted to go ahead; so today’s visit had been arranged.


“Tracey,” He said.


Lowering her eyes Tracey spoke, “Sir.”


He gestured for her to come in and she did and in doing so crossed yet another threshold, as she entered his house.


“Follow me,” he said turning and walking up the highly polished parquet floor; the soles of his brightly polished black shoes clicking on it as he made his way to a back room.


Tracey followed him and as she did she tried to keep her nerves under control. She trusted Him but still this was a huge step for her to take. As she walked behind Him she straightened her back up and decided to push any and all nervousness as far away into the corners of her mind as she could.


He opened the door at the far end of the hall and ushered her inside and then indicated for her to sit on a dark wood straight back chair. He walked round to the other side of a desk and sat down in a twin chair to the one Tracey now sat. He looked down momentarily before raising his eyes to look directly at Tracey.


“You are nervous,” he said, the words more a statement of fact rather than a question.


Tracey returned his gaze and wanting to be honest and after all honesty was everything, nodded and said, “Yes Sir,” she paused before continuing, “A little Sir.”


He put his left hand up to his face and gently stroked his neat slightly greying beard as he leaned back in his chair.


“You can leave anytime you want Tracey,” as he said this in a firm but friendly tone he pointed to the door. “If you want to leave now you can and no harm done.”


“I am nervous Sir, yes but I don’t want to leave. I have come so far and with your help.....assistance I want to go further, much further,” as she spoke she smiled hoping to reassure Him that she did indeed want to stay. Having come this far it would be a real shame if He changed His mind about her.


He smiled and stood pushing his chair back and as he did so its legs scrapped noisily along the wood of the floor; this sudden sound made Tracey cringe slightly. He reached into a drawer in the desk in front of Him and removed a number of A4 sized sheets of paper; which were held together by a large tight paperclip. He stood up and moved to where Tracey sat, handed them to her, along with a pen He had just removed from his trouser pocket and walked back to the table; where He sat on the front edge of it, facing Tracey rather than retaking his seat.


“You will find there the Hard Limits list we have discussed and agreed on,” He paused for a few moments before continuing, “Read through them and make sure you are happy, and if you are, sign at the top of the first page.”


Tracey looked up for a moment and then began flicking through the pages, studying them closely before saying, “Yes Sir I am happy, this is what we discussed and have agreed on.” Standing up she walked over to the table and signed it. Reaching out for the sheets He looked at her signature for a few seconds before adding His own, just above where Tracey had signed.

He then returned them to the drawer and walking to the door, indicating that Tracey should follow Him, which she did. Back in the hall He led her to a flight of stairs which swept upwards, smiling He gestured for Tracey to follow Him upstairs.


Looking upwards Tracey hesitated to put her foot on the first step of the stairs. The stairs were carpeted in a deep rich red colour and polished brass stair-rods held the carpet in place on each tread. Feeling her heart beginning to race again a line came into her head from where she did not know ‘With one small step big ones can follow.’ The stair case looked very tall and she felt very small as she began to climb them, keenly aware that she had probably taken too long in starting up them.


‘I hope He will make allowances for me?” Tracey wondered as she reached the landing above.


He was waiting for her and was the very picture of patience or so Tracey thought. He pointed to a room and said.”The clothes you are to wear are in there. Dress yourself quickly but making sure you present yourself to Me neatly with everything as it should be. I am a stickler for details Tracey.” He paused for effect, “Your belt should sit squarely in the middle of your belly and the seams on your stockings must be ruler straight. If you fail in this simple task I will have to punish you,” he paused again staring hard at Tracey, “Do I make myself clear?”


“Yes Sir,” Tracey replied, “as clear as crystal.”


Turning Tracey walked over to the room and opened the door. Inside there was a dressing table with a mirror fixed to its back, a full length floor cheval mirror and a bed. On the surface of the bed laid out carefully were the clothes that Sir had mentioned. A white satin high necked pussy bow blouse, red satin high waisted pencil skirt, red satin set comprising a quarter cup bra, full cut panties, and a suspender belt, beside them a pair of barely black, lace topped seamed stockings. Just to the right of these a black patent leather wide cincher belt sat along with a pair of high heeled shoes; with at least 5 inch heels, these were also in a bright shiny black patent leather. Tracey walked over to the bed and stared at the clothes.


Sir had asked her to share her fantasies with Him and she had and one in particular had caught His attention. She had described to him in great detail how she would be a secretary coming home from work dressed in satin and high heeled shoes to find that her bed room had been set up for a photo shoot with her as the model. A surprise from her partner or so she thinks except that it isn’t.


Tracey had described in great detail to Him how on entering the room she sees the sheets of the double bed, normally white linen have been replaced by red satin sheets and placed carefully upon the shiny red sheet there are various toys, a flogger, riding crop and large black dildo. Beside these ankle and wrist cuffs in black leather, black leather and white rubber ball gag, a high necked metal and rubber collar, which has a D ring at the front. There are also a number of satin sashes and ribbons. In the far corner a tripod stands and fixed to its top a camera. All this Tracey had shared with Sir and more.


As she gazed down at the clothing spread out so particularly and carefully just for her, she feels her nervousness begin to evaporate, as she begins to feel excited and slightly turned on by what she sees here; in this room, in front of her.


Turning from the bed she began to undress, taking off the jacket, T shirt, shoes and jeans she had been wearing. Pausing for just a moment to look at her reflection in the mirror she feels fairly happy at the image of the woman that stares back at her. Good legs and ass, nice full breasts and long blond straight hair with full sensuous lips. Without thinking she pouts and blows herself a kiss and smiles broadly. However suddenly realising she is frittering time away she quickly removes her bra and pants and after walking over to the bed quickly but carefully puts the seamed stockings on. Tracey feels growing excitement as she attaches the suspender belt straps to the tops of the stockings lacy tops. Next she steps into the red satin pants, which as she picks them up she sees are crotchless. As the soft silky material slides up her stocking clad legs she feels herself beginning to grow wet and as they settle snug round her waist, she closes her eyes for a second and pictures Sir sliding his middle finger into her. Shaking her head she puts the quarter cup bra on feeling her breasts lifted, shaped and exposed at the same time. A little puff of cool air drifting across the room touches the bare skin of her nipples which grow slightly harder; already having grown a little hard from putting the pants on.


Tracey steps back in front of the mirror and the reflection now within the frame is that of a slut. A slut wanting to give herself, abandon her rights and simply be a toy; to be used and taken by its owner. As these thoughts echo round her mind she feels her body becoming even more aroused and the touch of the white satin as her arms slide into the material, then the rest of her upper body, drives her even further into a sensory overload, as both the sensations of the lovely fabric and her current thoughts begin to overwhelm all her past reservations, struggles and self loathing about doing something like this.


After buttoning the blouse up and tying the bow at her neck Tracey then steps into the red satin pencil skirt and after zipping it up at the back and placing the belt round her waist she perform the last act in this transformation by stepping into the high black shoes.


With one last look at her reflection Tracey leaves the room and walks carefully, a little unsure of the height of the heels to the door to the room she knows she must enter. He waits beyond this door to transport her to places she has never been before in reality but visited many times in her mind, in her dreams and nightmares.


Carried forward into her fantasy, by her deepest desires manifested here, Tracey opens the door and steps in to it. There before her is the scene she described to Him, reproduced to exacting detail; everything sitting on the top of the bed, the camera on the tripod, a mirror like the one in the room next door and a tall backed black chair. These last two things are new but as she looks at the chair she pictures herself secured to it and Him taking photos of her in increasing states of having been pleasured.


Tracey moves further into the room and the door is closed behind her, she feels His presence and His hands on her body tracing the outlines of her arms with great delicacy, His fingers moving across the while satin with purpose. They just brush her no more but it is enough for her to move backwards into Him. She feels Him, his hardness, pressing against her bum, then His hands cupping her breasts, squeezing and caressing firmly. Tracey feels her legs go weak and she leans further back into Him, his hands moving across her chest up to her face, dragging a black satin blindfold.


Tracey closes her eyes as the black soft fabric gently brushes her skin and then is placed over her eyes and tightened behind her head. On opening her eyes she sees that the satin will allow her a little glimpse of dim images, no more than outlines and shapes but enough to make what was to come, even more of a thrill. ‘Seeing something without knowing exactly what it is.’ She thought, ‘will just add to this all the more, oh Sir you are so clever.’


Tracey felt His hands on either side of her waist, a gentle but firm pressure guiding her further into the room. Suddenly she feels him undoing the bow at her throat and pulling her hair upwards and placing something round her neck. It takes her a few seconds to realise that it is the collar from the top of the bed. She feels him pulling the strap through the buckle and tightening it.


She had not been sure how she would feel when someone had placed one round her neck and the fact that she is feeling weak in the legs and her mind is swirling with images, surprises her. As Tracey stands there she recalls the time she had put one on, having ordered it over the net. However trying it on, putting it round her own neck, by her own hands had produced no emotion within her. The difference now, is that it is being placed round her neck by another; by her Sir. This realisation produces a slight feeling of euphoria and the resulting light headedness means she leans back against Him.


He felt firm and strong behind her and Tracey wants to touch him badly but she doesn’t, instead she uses the slight pause to steady herself. He must have sensed this as Tracey feels His hands on her back and they discreetly and silently help to right her. He has said nothing but walks away from her. She hears his feet moving away and then back again but not to stand behind her, instead she feels that He was now kneeling, the firm but gentle touch of His hand on her right ankle and the cool leather that He has secured there confirms he is kneeling. He then secures another ankle cuff on the other ankle.


“Extend your right arm,” He suddenly says.


“Yes Sir.”


Tracey extends her right satin covered arm and after a few moments she feels him gently brushing the underside of her wrist as he moves the sleeve of her blouse back slightly, then comes the caress of cool leather as He places a cuff round her wrist. He then asks her to extend the left arm and He repeats the same thing as he had done to the right one.


“Put your arms behind your back.”


“Yes Sir.”


Tracey has never had her arms secured behind her before but she has fantasised about this moment for years. She hears the click of a grab claw hook going into the D ring on her right wrist cuff and then both of her wrists are pulled together as another is secured to the D ring in the left wrist cuff. He begins to caress her arms running the finger tips of both hands up from her wrists along the inside to the outside and up to her shoulders. He then stops.


“Open your mouth.”


“Yes Sir.”


Tracey felt a soft rubber ball go into her mouth and then straps are pulled back and tightened behind her head. She has just been gagged for the first time and she knows He is about to start. After all these years she is finally about to begin the next part of her journey.


Tracey gasps behind the gag as she feels Him cupping and caressing her breasts, as He used his hands to knead the underside of her breasts. As he does this he uses His thumbs to tease her nipples, which she can feel hardening beneath the satin of the blouse. He suddenly pulls on both of them and rolls them between His thumb and index fingers. Tracey moans behind the gag and the sharp pain of Him nipping her nipples makes her become even more aroused. She can feel the growing moisture between her legs and the increasing desire to feel something sliding in there but in the main she wants Him to just take her and take her hard. Suddenly He stops and guides her firmly towards the bed; or so she thinks.


Tracey feels him reaching down to the bottom of her skirt and pulling it up round her waist.


“Sit,” He says.


Tracey lowers herself, thinking she is going to be sitting on the bed but the cold hard surface that meets her bottom is that of the chair. Tracey feels herself pulled forward and her legs are pushed apart and then her ankles are secured to the front legs of the chair.


She moans behind the gag, partly due to the cold surface of the chair and partly in anticipation of what He might be about to do. There is a long pause before there is a sudden flash of light that penetrates the blindfold, then three more in quick succession.


‘He is taking photos of me,’ she thinks as she wriggles a bit. Tracey feels a mixture of embarrassment and excitement. She had suggested to Him to take photos as part of the scene, as part of her fantasy but now He was actually doing it she wasn’t sure. Her thoughts of uncertainty are suddenly interrupted by feeling Him reach behind her, undo her wrists and then secure the right one to the back of the chair quickly followed by the left.


‘What now?” she wonders.


Suddenly a cold, buzzing object is slid down inside her pants. She feels Him pulling her pants open and His large hand inside finding her soaking wet sex and sliding the vibrator inside. The shock of it going in makes Tracey pull forwards, wriggle and moan all at the same time.


“Struggle if you like,” he says, “It makes it all the sweeter” Tracey can’t answer except to moan more as the vibrator’s buzzing length sends intense sensations into her body, sensations that are growing with each second. As the vibrator pulses away inside her He starts to caress and play with her satin clad breasts pulling again on her nipples. He then unbuttons the blouse and Tracey shudders as she feels pressure on her nipples, first the right one then the left. The pressure from the clamps that He has put there builds and builds and the sensations this produces; a mixture of pain and pleasure combines with the growing, spreading stimulation caused by the vibrator to sweep her upwards into an almost drunk state; as her orgasm begins to take her.


More flashes pierce the blindfold, many more, as He takes photo after photo. The pulsing of the flashes almost hypnotic as Tracey struggles to find away to ride the feelings her body are throwing at her mind. One after another they race across her like waves breaking on a beach, carrying her further towards a kind of ecstasy she has never know before or even imagined possible. So lost in these almost overwhelming feelings, that she almost fails to notice He has untied her and has picked her up and carried her to the bed. She feels the smooth satin beneath her and she begins to sink into the softness, both literally and metaphysically as it begins to lull her into a deeply relaxed state.


Tracey moans a little behind the gag as the vibrator continues to stimulate her clitoris and vagina. With growing awareness she feels it sliding in and out of her as He begins to move it in and out again. He varies the speed from slow to fast and fast to slow and as He does this He caresses her clitoris with his fingers.


Tracey’s vagina continues to produce fluid, not drying up as the silver torpedo moves in and out of her sex, another orgasm begins to build, starting far away in her body but building. He must have sensed this as He suddenly stops pushing the vibrator in and out. Tracey wants to cry out, “Please Sir, fuck me hard, use your cock Sir,” but the white ball gag which shapes her beautiful red lips into an O prevents her from doing so.


She feels him securing her wrists above her head, spread out to the corner uprights on the bed but expecting him to secure her legs Tracey is surprised He doesn’t. However this vague thought is lost in her increasingly growing new orgasm. Despite the vibrator only sitting in her sex and not being thrust in and out, it is still, slowly encouraging a new release of intense pleasure within her.
Flash, flash the camera goes again, far away, then close, then in her face. Tracey turns her head but His hand moves it back into position. He moves her feet upwards and then spreads her legs open; then there are more flashes of the camera.


“Please fuck me,” she yells behind the gag. “Please Sir,” she is begging Him.

His voice in her ear “When I want to slut!” he almost spits the word. “When I want to, you don’t get to decide.”


Tracey barely feels the bed move under His weight as he climbs onto it but she does still notice it in a far away kind of way and deep in her pleasure addled mind she hopes He is going to take her and take her hard. However these thoughts are rapidly being replaced by the need to ride the next wave. As it comes Tracey is nearly screaming behind her gag, as the next orgasm sweeps upwards to envelope her. As she comes close to her peek the vibrator is pulled out and hard flesh slides into her body. He pulls the gag out of her mouth, as He thrusts long, deep and fast into her and she screams.


“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, harder Sir, harder.....” her voice breaking as the orgasm finally breaks over her, this one more powerful than the last. As it does, with one final hard push, she feels His warmth explode within.




He removes the blindfold and sits on the edge of the bed smiling as he reaches above her and releases the wrist cuffs. Tracey is shaking slightly, spent physically and emotionally. She is aware of Him lifting her to him and He holds her tight against his chest. He strokes her hair gently and whispers to her.


“You have started your journey and made good distance today.”


Tracey looks into His blue eyes and smiles.


“Yes Sir I have.”


Still smiling His rich accented voice asks, “Do you wish to continue this journey with Me Tracey?”

Tracey does not have to think about this, every fibre of her being sings the answer.


“Oh yes Sir.”


The only thing He says is “Good,” but the smile on His face says so much more and Tracey buries her face into His chest with an unseen broad contented smile writ upon it. As He rocks her back and forward gently, still stroking her hair, she slips into a deep contented sleep.


The Beginning.


Act Two - Instructions 


He had rung ten minutes ago, giving her instructions as to what He required her to do and have ready before He arrived.


Tracey had followed them to the letter. She had gone and gathered up her uniform, white satin pussy bow blouse, seamed stockings, black satin suspender belt and matching panties but no bra, as Sir did not want her to wear one on this occasion, red satin pencil skirt, black leather belt and the black shiny patent leather high heeled court shoes. As instructed she had laid them out on the top of the large right angled sofa; underwear first followed by the blouse, skirt, belt and shoes.


The next instruction she was less keen to follow as He had asked her to strip naked and wait at the front door, kneeling in obeisance, which meant resting back on her heels, legs spread open, chest stuck out, arms behind her back, with hands clasped together and head just slightly down. This was in and of itself not the issue, it was that He had told her to leave the door unlocked and for her to be sitting directly in line of sight of the open door.


Tracey recalled her brief protest and Him telling her she would be punished for being disobedient. As she knelt well back from but in line of sight of the door, she sat back on her heels and as she did so she spread her legs wide open exposing her shaved sex to the front door of her home. Placing her arms behind her back she put her hands together and lowered her head to wait on His arrival.


As she knelt there she recalled the journey they were on together and their first meeting two weeks prior to this one. Tracey took a deep breath as she remembered all that had been done to her and all the inner turmoil of years of repressing what she was flooding to the surface and then being replaced by certainty, both of who she was and that Sir and her were right together. Tracey was sure that she wanted to travel this road with Him. Tracey closed her eyes and all the pleasure and sensation of two weeks ago flooded back into her mind. She had of course had time to process her experiences and relive them numerous times since then but despite the slight unreality of the experiences they were still as powerful now, as they had been then. Feeling her skin flushing, her nipples beginning to harden and the growing warmth and wetness between her legs she just wanted her Sir to be there and soon. However as she knew only too well now He felt patience was something worth practicing. “In my own time Tracey,” he would say, “not in yours.” She could picture His smile and the twinkle in His blue eyes.


The carpet felt nice beneath her naked legs but the fear of the door opening and it not being Him was beginning to rise within her. Why would the door just open? She kept asking herself. It never has before, why now? The fear kept growing and she felt her heart beat faster. She resisted the desire to look up at the door but the lower part was in her field of vision, it seemed to be threatening to open at any moment.


A new thought entered Tracey’s mind. Suppose he sends someone other than Himself? The though scared her but also excited her. Just as she was having that thought the door suddenly opened and Tracey saw the black shiny shoes and trousers of her Sir.
“Good,” was all he said, as he walked passed her.


Knowing better than to turn her head, Tracey continued to face forward with her head down. She could hear him in the other room and she heard him say,” Good,” again. A few moments later he opened the front door again and to Tracey’s horror He left the door a jar. She was tempted to move but despite the fear of being seen she found it exciting as well. The sound of the boot of a car being opened and closed came though the gap in the door. The door opened again and He moved past her, carrying a large wooden box, the brief glimpse she managed to get of it suggested it was made of walnut.


Once more he passed her and closed the door shut, firmly.




Tracey raised herself as gracefully as she could but stumbled slightly as the blood circulation came back. He stepped forward and steadied her, by putting his hands round her waist.


“Thank you Sir.”


A broad smile formed on his mouth but the look in His eye told Tracey that His catching her was not just for kindness, though He did regularly say He was considerate; something she knew to be true.


“Walk to the centre of the room,” the tone of His voice was firm.


Tracey obeyed, walking quickly but also precisely, stopping where she thought the centre of the room was. Despite this being her home she had never really given much thought to this exact position before. Knowing Sir’s penchant for precision she hoped it was the centre of the room.

Keeping her head down and facing straight ahead, Tracey waited patiently while He opened the box and began to remove things from it. She had good peripheral vision but she could not quite make out what He was decanting from the walnut box. Closing her eyes she hoped that the sound of His activity might give her a few clues as to what he was going to do. The amount of time she was standing for seemed very long to her and as she stood silently, with just the steady rising and failing of her chest, her only movement. Tracey’s mind, however was a whirl of anticipation and growing desire and her body was silently betraying her inner thoughts; as her nipples hardened further, her skin flushed and between her legs she grew wetter.


She was so lost in her thoughts that she failed to notice that He was now standing behind her and had put both of His hands on her bum cheeks. Tracey closed her eyes as she took in the sensation of feeling her skin pulled taught as He pushed both hands across the skin of her buttocks, then the small of her back, upper back, shoulders and then over and round so that both hands were cupping her breasts. He was caressing and stroking them and pulling on her firm forward pointing nipples. Tracey moaned as he began to roll the nipples through his index and middle fingers, every so often nipping and pulling on them.


“I have a little present for them Tracey,” his voice was almost a whisper but it seemed to Tracey, to carry just the merest hint of menace. ‘What does he mean?’ She wondered.
Suddenly he was blindfolding her. She felt the smooth silky material drop over her head and slide over her eyes. He then tied it tightly behind her head. Tracey both heard and felt him move away towards the sofa she thought. Moments later he was back.


“Lift your left foot then the right.”


She did as He asked and she felt the smooth slippery satin of her panties being pulled up her legs and up round her bum. ‘He’s dressing me,” she thought. Tracey had never been dressed in adult hood by anyone; in fact the last time had been when she had been a little girl.


She felt the matching black satin suspender belt next being placed round her waist, secured and the straps being feed through the panties. The next thing was the stockings which he rolled up her legs and fussed about the seams being straight as she could feel Him positioning the fabric by moving it back and forward. ‘I wonder if he will punish Himself if they are not straight?’ she thought and then had to stifle a giggle.


The next thing she felt was two blows to each cheek of her bum. They were hard blows and despite the covering of material her skin still felt stingy after he had finished. He smoothed the fabric of her pants down and rubbed it for a few moments before standing up and walking away. On his return he had moved to her front and was playing with her breasts and nipples again. Tracey gasped loudly as she felt something with grip squeeze first her left nipple and then her right. The pressure was steady on both nipples and as well as that they were also being pulled, as there seemed to be some kind of weight on whatever was now attached to her. Suddenly the flesh was being pulled more and Tracey let out a mixture of a groan and a moan.


“You seem to like my present for your lovely nipples,” as he said that Tracey felt them tugged again. She had never had clamps put on her nipples before and what she was feeling now could only be described as a mixture of pain and pleasure. There must have been a chain on the clamps as after another firm tug He dropped it and she felt cool metal hit the underside of her breasts. The chain swung back and forward a few times before settling. Tracey felt slight relief when the motion ceased but also a sense of longing for the pulling sensation to start again. She could of course have moved her body in such away to start the swing herself but she was Sir’s to do with whatever He wanted, so she stood still. ‘His will not mine’, she repeated a few times in her head.

Once again he knelt behind her and she was asked to raise her feet one after the other. A skirt was being pulled up her legs, then buttoned and zipped up. He then placed shoes on her feet.


“Give me your right arm.”


“Yes Sir,” she replied.


Tracey felt the smooth satin slide up her arm as He was putting the white satin pussy bow blouse that he liked her to wear. With her left arm in and the front pulled together He slowly buttoned the front up but stopped just above her breasts. He had left the final buttons undone and the bow untied. Tracey felt him smooth the material of the blouse down and into the top of the skirt. After a slight pause a belt was put round her waist and tightly buckled up.


He was moving her slowly repositioning her and then the blindfold was off. She blinked for a second getting used to the light and she saw her reflection in the wall mirror in front of her; which was mounted on the wall to the right of the fireplace. She was not wearing the white blouse that she had laid out but instead an identical one in blue satin.


The material felt lovely on against her bare skin and the slight bulge of the nipple clamps behind the satin was quite alluring and staring at it Tracey felt surprisingly more aroused by the sight.


“Time to collar and cuff you slut,” he said as he stood behind her.


He knelt and secured the ankle cuffs to each leg then the wrist cuffs, each time pulling the black leather straps tight. Having finished he then stood behind her and spoke.


“Lift your hair.”


Tracey put her hands up to her head and pulled her blond hair upwards.


“Repeat after me, I am yours to do with whatever you want, to fuck, use and punish as I see fit. I am your fuck toy and I submit to you.”


Tracey spoke the words, “I am yours to do with whatever you want, to fuck, use and punish as You see fit. I am your fuck toy and I submit to you.”


“Good,” was the only word He said as he placed the black shiny PVC collar round her neck and secured it.


“Now button the rest of those buttons up and tie your bow.”


“Yes Sir.”


Tracey’s hands trembled slightly as she did the last few buttons up on the blouse and tied the bow at her throat. The top of the collar, could just be seen peeking out above the soft blue satin of the blouse’s high collar.


Tracey looked at her reflection and admired how she looked. The first time she had dressed like this she had put the clothes on herself but there was something powerful and sensual in the fact that this time He had dressed her.


“You look beautiful girl.” He said standing back, admiring her.


“Thank you Sir.”


He turned and walked to the sofa and sat down. The sofa was a large one made up of sections and it formed a large L.


“Come here and offer me obeisance.”


“Yes Sir,” Tracey moved quickly to kneel before him, as she made her way to where he sat she saw for the first time the items he had been removing from his walnut box. They were spread out neatly on the surface of the sofa, to the far right of where He was sitting. There were five floggers of varying types, a riding crop, black leather paddle and a bright sliver vibrator.


Looking forwards after the quick glance at the Toys, Tracey lowered herself to kneel in obeisance before her Sir.


“I see you have noticed my new Toys Tracey.”


“Yes Sir I have.”




Tracey both loved and found the clipped one word answers, frustrating as they gave nothing away in regards to what He might be planning on doing next.


Sitting back on her heels, Tracey kept her head down but every so often raised her eyes to look into the blue eyes of her Sir. He was apparently deep in thought, perhaps planning what He intended to do next. However Tracey doubted that as she knew He gave much thought to what He would do during each of His visits before coming. She knew this as they had discussed some of these things by email beforehand. However He so far always left mysteries as to many of the things He would do. “No good giving the ending of the story away before I need to,” He would say to her.




“Yes Tracey.”


“May this girl ask you a question?”


He smiled. “You may.”


Feeling suddenly bold Tracey with a mischievous smile asked her question.


“May I suck you cock Sir.”


He laughed warmly.


“You like sucking my cock Tracey.”


“Oh yes Sir I do,” she said smiling.


“That’s as maybe Tracey and I love your moist lips and warm mouth wrapped round my cock but don’t forget I decide what happens here or not. You don’t.”


Tracey lowered her head the smile fading as she replied. ”No sir you decide.”


“Good. Don’t forget that.”


“I won’t Sir.”


He stroked his beard for a moment and reached out for her hands. Knowing He had decided to let her do what she had suggested Tracey began to slowly and gently rub the front of His trousers, feeling his hardness beneath the fabric. She slowly unzipped them and pushed her hand inside, while rubbing his balls too. Tracey looked up into His face and she smiled, feeling satisfaction as she noted the obvious pleasure written on Sir’s face.


Tracey pulled His cock out and began to move her right hand up and down while using her left to continue gently rubbing and massaging His testicles. Seeing his hardness growing Tracey kissed the tip of the head and ran her tongue down and then up the left of His shaft, before enclosing it in her mouth. She looked up into Sir’s face before moving her head up and down first slowly then more quickly. A little bit of salty fluid seeped out of the head and down her throat as Tracey moved faster and faster.


Suddenly His hands clasped the back of her head mid bob and held her there, before pushing her mouth as far down as it would go until her lips were touching the base of his cock. Tracey loved feeling his cock deep in her throat, being impaled on it and she relaxed to prevent herself from gagging on it.


“I decide when I cum Tracey, not you. After all we wouldn’t want to ruin things now.
Would we?”


Tracey looked up and used her eyes to say no.


He removed his hands from the back of her head and Tracey lifted her head and His hard shaft slipped out from between her red lips.


Gasping slightly for breath she spoke haltingly, “No Sir, I don’t want to ruin your fun.”
“Tracey I note a few areas of definite trying to Top from the bottom here.”


Tracey lowered her head knowing full well He was right.


“Stand up.”


“Yes Sir.”


Tracey raised herself and stood, to be followed a moment later by her Sir, who while standing up pushed His cock back into His pants and in one fluid motion zipped His trousers up again. He walked over to the floggers and picked two floggers up, one with short suede tails and the other black leather; with tails twice the length of the other one.


“Raise your skirt, pull your pants down, letting them fall to the floor but do not step out of them. Then bend over, putting your hands on the sofa with your arms straight and stick your ass out.”


“Yes Sir.” Tracey complied with his instructions and prepared herself. She knew he was going to use His new floggers on her bare flesh. However rather than feel the sting and thud of suede or leather on her bum she felt his bare hands impact on her. He struck her left cheek then the right alternating blows before stopping. Tracey’s skin was beginning to flush red and was thus ready to feel the caress of suede.


Tracey closed her eyes as she felt the tails of the flogger trail over her body. He dragged them over her back across the satin and then let them dangle over her shoulders, first the right and then the left touching her breasts and moving the chain that now dangled a bit from her nipples. Tracey moaned slightly at feeling the pull on her nipples once again.


He began to swing the flogger back and forward across her bare skin the tips just brushing her flesh. Tracey found herself focussing on the gentle brushing sensation, as the tips just skimmed over her bum. She felt the air moving faster over her bare flesh and the suede beginning to impact with more force and sting. Suddenly she felt the tails strike her hard, first the right check then the left then back the opposite way. Each impact shook her slightly and stung her skin. The tails began to strike her flesh in alternating blows.


Tracey felt herself drawn into the rhythm of the flogger‘s impacts and she began to lose herself in them. Suddenly the sensations stopped. She swayed slightly and two hands reached round her to steady her body.




“Yes Sir,” she replied.


“Good, resume the position.”


Tracey steadied herself. When the first stinging blow hit her flesh she could do nothing but yelp at the shock of it. He was using the leather flogger now the one she had seen that had less and longer tails, than the suede one He had just used on her.

The air moving across her bum now was more forceful and the tips of the tails were dancing across her bum in a figure of eight pattern, she moaned and felt herself falling into the sensations that seemed to flow over her like a wave. The tails struck her with more force on both mounds of her reddening bum. Again and again, the flogger struck her, each time alternating between the softer, more stingy figure of eight impacts and the weightier thuds that pushed into her body.


The flogging stopped. Tracey had lost track of how long He had used them on her. She thought it had gone on forever but in fact it had only lasted a few minutes.


“Will you be good now Tracey.”


“Yes Sir,” she said in a soft almost dreamy voice.


She felt His hand gently touch and caress the warm skin and gently rub it, before moving down between her legs. She was soaking wet and He pushed His right middle finger into her. Tracey moaned loudly.


“Ummm, you enjoyed that?”


“Yes Sir, I did.” Tracey looked back over her right shoulder and gave Him a, please fuck me look.

The finger which had sat unmoving in her pussy during their exchange began to move in and out again, slowly and then with more speed. He added a second finger to what he was doing and leant over her back rubbing against her red bum. Tracey moaned loudly at both sensations. She then felt his left hand begin to stroke her clit and she began to feel the early stirrings of an orgasm.


Sensing her nearing orgasm He stopped fingering her and unzipped his trousers, He pulled his hard erect cock out and pushed it into her. Tracey moaned a low throaty moan as she pushed back onto His cock. Grabbing her by the waist He thrust in and out of her deeply and then more shallowly, grinding up against her bum. Picking up speed His stomach began to slap against her bum with a load thwacking sound. Feeling Himself about to Cum He pulled out and slapped her bum twice.


“Oh Sir, please don’t stop.”


“I start and stop when I like, not when you like Tracey.”




Looking down at her He smiled. “I am going to have to punish you again Tracey.”


“Yes Sir.”


He moved over to the other side of the sofa and stopped to reach into His open box. He routed about in it for a minute and lifted a red rubber and leather ball gag out of it and another bright silver Wartenberg wheel. He walked back to her, the ball gag hanging by its black leather strap; a small brass pad lock at the end of the strap.


“Open your mouth wide Tracey.”


Tracey felt slightly nervous as He had not used that particular ball gag before on her and it looked a bit bigger than the normal white one. Despite her nerves she replied; not noticing the silver object in His other hand.


“Yes Sir,” as she spoke she opened her mouth wide.




Act Three - Dinner Date 


He had picked her up in His car only minutes before and she now sat beside Him stealing a glance every so often in His direction, while He stared implacably forward, His only obvious interest the road ahead.


Tracey felt her breasts rising and falling very obviously beneath the tight white satin pussy bow blouse He had required her to wear. She had dressed for Him, as per His instructions, in her normal attire, her uniform as He called it and she had been kneeling behind the unlocked doorway of her home, awaiting His arrival.


When He had arrived He had simply looked her up and down, a seemingly casual, only cursory examination of His property and if there had been anyone observing this silent ritual they might have been forgiven for missing the amount of detail He was taking in; while running His eyes over her. Tracey was only too well aware that He saw everything and she always prepared as she knew He liked, nay demanded her to be for Him; her Sir. She dressed to His instructions and as exactly as she could but deep down she did it, not just to follow a list of rules, though she did that for Him but because she wanted above all else to please him.


Since their first meeting, chatting online and the previous few weeks of actually playing together, her submission to Him was growing in both depth and intensity. Tracey wanted increasingly nothing more than to be fulfilled by and through her surrender to Him.


She looked over at him once again and took in His features, running them through her mind and memorising every aspect of them; as she had done since first seeing a photograph of Him and on ever other occasion they had met since that first tentative exchange of pictures. His striking blue eyes, greying beard and even the way he was sitting at the wheel of His car and was driving it. Tracey took all the details in of this experience like she had every other one, so far on their journey together, in the way a sponge soaks up water. Tracey took in every nuance, savouring, processing and learning from them all. However the one thing that overrode everything was her almost overwhelming contentment that she was His, after years of struggle, she had found her Sir.


The car engine was whispering away, its tone changing only slightly as the gears were changed or acceleration applied or reduced and this sound and that of the road beneath the wheels of the car, plus their breathing were the only sounds in the car. He had so far not spoken to her or even looked in her direction.


Tracey smoothed her hands down the sides of the tight black satin skirt and felt the clasps of the suspender belt she was wearing underneath the smooth stretched material. Resisting the urge to touch or fiddle with them, she placed her hands, palms facing upwards, on her lap.


The last time they had met, a few weeks prior to today’s trip He had dressed her and had, or so she thought, taken longer to put the suspender belt round her waist, and pull her pants up her legs than it should have taken. His hands had stayed overly long in certain places and she tried hard while thinking about this not to smile too much or allow her body to react to the thoughts and memories she was having. On both counts she was failing as she felt herself growing aroused as she recalled him pulling her pants aside suddenly and thrusting His middle finger into her wet sex.

Tracey looked down and saw that both her nipples were poking prominently through the white satin.


He finally spoke, “Penny for your thoughts Tracey?”


Tracey tried not to blush but the spreading red on her cheeks and her nipples standing proud and hard, straining against the material of her blouse gave the game away.


“I was thinking about you Sir, how you dressed me last time we met and how your hands had lingered over certain parts of my body.”


“And you liked that Tracey,” He expressed this in away to make it very clear he was making a statement of fact and not asking a question.


However, Tracey responded as if it had been a question, “Yes Sir, I did, very much.”


“Good,” he replied with the merest hint of a smile on his lips.


A few minutes passed before he spoke again.


“Tracey, open the glove box in front of you and pull out what you find in there.”


“Yes Sir.”


Tracey reached in front of her and opened the glove box and pulled out the only thing that was in there, which was a plain black cardboard box. She placed it on her lap and waited for the next set of instructions. He said nothing and the box sat on her lap for what seemed an age before he next spoke.


“Open it and follow the written instructions to the letter.”


“Yes Sir,” she replied.


The lid lifted off easily and nestled among red satin padding was a bright silver vibrator and to the left of it a note. She lifted the note out and began to read it.


Pull your skirt up and slid your hand inside your pants and if you aren’t wet already frig yourself with your middle finger until you are. Once wet switch the vibrator on and slide it into your pussy and then pull your pants back across so that the vibrator is held in place by the pants. Once you have done that pull your skirt back down and smooth the fabric flat.


Tracey stole a sideways glance and noticed that He was smiling and smiling broadly.
“Yes Sir,” she said as she pulled her skirt up and under her bum a task made hard by the seat belt which stretched across her from right to left. She knew she was already wet but thought she would make a show for her Sir, despite the fact He had to keep His eyes on the road she knew He had excellent peripheral vision; so would catch some of the show she was putting on for Him.


Tracey slid her hand into her red satin pants and began to slide her middle finger in and out, a task made easy by the wetness that lubricated the length of her finger. She moaned slightly and turned her head to stare at Him while she fucked herself.


“Stop at once you wanton horny slut,” He shouted. “I told you to follow the instructions to the letter and you are improvising.”

It was obvious from the look on His face that He was really annoyed and not playing at it.

“I am sorry Sir, I was only trying to please you.”


“You please Me when you do exactly what I tell you to do, not what you decide to do, unless I tell you, you can. Understand?”


“Yes Sir. Sorry.”


“You will be Tracey, you will be.”


Tracey pulled her finger out of her sex and picked the vibrator up. She switched it on and it began to pulse firmly in her hand before she held it by the base and lowered it between her legs. Closing her eyes she slid it slowly in.


“Open your eyes slut and watch yourself pushing it in,” the tone of His voice was hard, with the merest hint of cruelty.


Tracey looked down and watched as her own hand pushed the vibrator fully home. As the silver shaft finally disappeared from her view, with just the black knurled base visible from between her thighs she pulled her pants back across; as instructed to thus obscuring it by the red satin. However a tell tale bulge in her pants and the gently rhythmic, almost hypnotic pulsing thrumming sound would inform anyone in the know that she had a vibrator shoved into her sex. Tracey carefully pulled the skirt back down and smoothed it as flat as she could. Having done this she placed her hands once more on her lap.


The pulsing within her body was spreading slowly through her, from her vagina into her anus and up her lower torso and this insistent physical force was beginning to push her inexorably towards an orgasm.


“Tracey, begin to rub, squeeze and caress your breasts and pull at your nipples through the blouse and as you do so rest your head in such away as you face Me.”


Tracey turned her head so that it rested on the headrest and turned her head to face her Sir and she began to do as instructed, running both her hands over her breasts, alternating between rubbing, squeezing and caressing them. The smooth satin felt lovely under her soft hands and the combination of what she was doing and the vibrator working away within her was making her already hard nipples harden further; so much so that they both stood hard against the fabric and poking through it in much the same way the ends of pencils might have done.


She pulled on her nipples, running them through her fingers, gripping and tugging. They were so sensitive that each action she performed on them produced a low moan in her throat. Tracey squeezed them hard and pulled them against the fabric she held them for what seemed forever before letting go. The effect was not quite as intense as the clamps Sir had put on them last time but letting go still made her gasp.


“Enjoying yourself?”


Looking at Him she replied with a low throaty almost moaned replied, “Yes Sir.”

The orgasm which had been far away was rushing upwards to envelope her body and mind and she began to embrace it when she heard His voice.


“Don’t you dare climax without permission slut, if you do I am going to punish you.”


“Sir,” her voice cried out in both frustration and as a question.


“No! When I say you can cum, not before.”


The orgasm was building and building within her and Tracey fought to hold it at bay, like a massive wave seeking to engulf her, she closed her mouth tight and griped the sides of the seat, extreme concentration written all over it.


“Cum slut now.”


Tracey allowed the orgasm to take her and it took her hard, she screamed loudly, writhing in the seat in such away, so that the seatbelt rubbed up and down across her breasts. Once finished she turned once more to face her Sir, who even from sideways on she could see was grinning broadly.


“I am going to enjoy training you to cum on command.”




He took His eyes of the road for a few seconds and looked in her direction and the look in them told Tracey all she needed to know. He was going to give her orgasm control training.






“Can I remove the vibrator.”


“No, but you can turn it off for now.”


Tracey pulled the skirt up again feeling slightly frustrated He had not told her to do this before pulling it down before. She pulled her pants sideways and holding it in her left hand she turned it off with her right. It being off now brought her a mixture of relief and disappointment. After pulling the pants back across to cover the base of the vibrator and her skirt back down she placed her hands in her lap once more.


“The driver of the lorry that just past us got a pretty good view of what you were just doing Tracey. Tut tut you really are a very bad girl.”


Tracey suddenly became aware of the occasional vehicle passing them on the road and with a mixture of horror and excitement realised that a number of motorists, white van men and others must have been passing all this time during their journey so far and may well have seen her.


Before she could give more thought to this the car came to a stop and she could hear the indicator clicking away. To the right side of the car across the road the impressive entrance to a restaurant and what looked like a boutique hotel stood. The car turned into the driveway and after a few moments had parked on the gravel car park that lay just to the side of the beautiful collection of buildings.


Without speaking He opened His door steeped out and walked round to Tracey’s door which he opened for her. Tracey unfastened her seat belt and climbed out of the car aware of the vibrator still deep inside her. She stumbled slightly as a loose stone slid from under her 5inch heels. He caught her and pulled her close to His chest. Tracey looked up into His blue eyes and found herself smiling, His scent filled her nostrils and she became aware that she was becoming aroused again.


“You really can’t help yourself can you?” He said looking at her nipples poking through the satin.


“No Sir.”


He pulled her close and squeezed her to His body and kissed her deeply and firmly, His tongue pushing into her mouth. For what seemed like forever they stood locked together. As they kissed she felt Him pull the breath out of her. Feeling herself slip slightly He held her up and then returned the breath to her. They parted, lips sticking together momentarily by the dampness on them. He turned and walked to the back of the car and opened the boot. He reached in and pulled a large shiny black suitcase out, which he sat on the ground while He locked the boot of the car.


Picking it up He walked past Tracey and headed towards what looked like the main entrance of the Hotel. Tracey followed Him finding it a little difficult to match His pace as her heels were less than ideal for the purpose of walking across lose gravel.

“We are here on a business trip Tracey, you are my secretary.” He said when they reached the black glass chrome framed doors.


“Yes Sir,” she replied looking at her reflection in the glass. Her curves were enhanced by the tight black pencil skirt, broad black patent leather belt round her waist and the white satin of her blouse. The image staring back at her was that of ultimate fantasy secretary, all that was missing were a pair of glasses. If He had asked her to wear glasses she would have to please Him, her Sir but He never had. All the clothes and underwear she wore He had provided and while initially at the start she had been unsure about the pussy bow blouses she had grown to love them. Having once worked in an office years ago she would not have dressed this way then but if she ever did again she would.


“Come along.”


He was standing holding the door open for her and she stepped through into the foyer, which was slightly darker and cooler than outside. He strode to the desk and after a few minutes during which time Tracey assumed He was booking them into the hotel they were then led down a long corridor to a room by a young bell hop, who opened the door for them, gave a quick tour of the spacious room and once finished stood nervously. Sir gave him a tip and he left the room having given the key to Him.

Tracey stood at the foot of the four-poster bed, which dominated the room and waited, curious as to what was going to follow next.


Walking over to a black leather tub chair facing the bed He slowly lowered Himself down into it and with a somewhat mischievous look etched across His face, which was accompanied by a smile, he studied Tracey for a few minutes before speaking. While he was doing this she stood silently looking down slightly and with her hands behind her back.


“Open the suitcase Tracey and remove the contents and then place what you find inside on the bed,” he paused still smiling before continuing, “You need to dress for dinner.”


Tracey lifted the suitcase, which was heavy enough onto the bed, unzipped it and flung it open, better to see what was inside as quickly as possible than prolong the mystery she thought. Seeing what was inside she tried unsuccessfully to stifle a gasp. On hearing that, He chuckled gently.

Inside was a selection of black leather wrist and ankle cuffs, a number of beautifully made wooden handled leather, suede and rubber floggers, a riding crop, black leather blindfold, white ball gag, black shinny rubber pants, which had a vaginal and anal dildo inside, a selection of various vibrators and dildos but the thing that had made her gasp and was the source of most of the weight in the bag was a bright silver metal yoke.

Tracey slowly removed the bags contents, leaving the yoke till last. She lifted it out, feeling the weight and solidity of it in her hands. The central collar was on a hinge which allowed it to be opened and the two arms of the yoke, which projected straight out from the middle point of either side of the collar also had smaller hinged elements for securing the wrists in place. The collar and wrist cuffs were each held closed by bright brass padlocks at the front.


Tracey suddenly became conscious of the fact that she had been holding it for quite awhile and had still to place it on the top of the bed, she glanced over at her Sir and he was still smiling; as he watched her.


“You like my new toy Tracey?”


Not knowing really how she felt about it she replied with a smile and quickly placed it on the bed among the other items. She lifted the suitcase of the bed and placed it on the floor and after pushing it under the bed, assuming He would want it out of the way, she walked back to the front of the bed and resumed the stance she had held a few minutes before.


He reached into His right trouser pockets and pulled out a small black remote control which had two red buttons on it and a small rotary knob. He held it in His hands and ran His middle finger over the obvious control s. As Tracey watched Him closely she wondered what it was for.


“Lift your skirt, take your pants of and pull the vibrator out, Tracey.”


“Yes Sir.”


After a few moments she stood with her skirt round her waist and her clean shaved, red satin suspender belt framed sex facing Him; the pants and vibrator having been placed carefully on the floor.


He stood walked over to the bed and picked the black shinny rubber pants up and within seconds was kneeling beside her with the pants in one hand and a small clear bottle of lube in the other; which He had produced out of His left trouser pocket.


“Lift you right foot.”


Tracey did and stepped into the left leg hole of the pants.


“Lift your right leg.”


She now stood with the pants round her ankles and the two inner dildos sitting menacingly below her. He popped open the top of the bottle of lube and squeezed some of the clear fluid on to the heads and shafts of the black phalli. He then proceeded to pull the pants up her legs, until the anal dildo was just touching her bum hole; Tracey now knew why He had instructed her to douch there earlier. She felt his cool lube covered finger push into her and she gasped loudly as seconds later the hard rubber dildo slid in. She had thought it would be a struggle for it to go in as she was not particularly relaxed or in the right position for it to do so easily but it just had; much to her surprise. Next the vaginal dildo, which he held, and rubbed the full length of her sex with and then her clitoris. He moved the hard rubber up and down, then in and out producing a low moan in her throat as He pushed it finally home; right into her wet sex as far as it would go. He then smoothed the rubber pants round her bum and walked back to the tub seat where He sat once again.


“Pull your skirt back down.”


“Yes Sir.”


With her skirt pulled down Tracey once again placed her hands behind her back, thus pushing her chest outwards. She knew only too well how much He loved looking at her breasts rising and falling behind the tight material of the blouses He gave her to wear.
“This,” He said holding the remote in His left hand,” switches on and varies the speed of vibration in the dildos that are now in your pussy and arse.”


Tracey nearly jumped as the dildo in her back passage began to pulse and quiver, as she watched Him turn the knob back and forward the sensation rose and fell. With a wicked grin He next switched the vaginal dildo on and Tracey nearly stumbled backwards at the almost overwhelming pleasure both dildos were creating. Sitting back into the chair, holding the remote almost nonchalantly He operated them for a few minutes and Tracey felt like some remote controlled love doll, as first the anal dildo thrummed away with varying speed and then the vaginal one.


Feeling the beginning of an orgasm, her legs shaking slightly, Tracey moaned, trying hard not to fall either to her knees or backwards onto the bed, as the pleasure swept upwards; seeking to overwhelm her senses.


“You will not cum until I allow you to, understand Tracey?”


“Yes Sir,” she replied through almost gritted teeth.


After what seemed an eternity of being brought to the point of orgasm and then having it backed off or being told to hold it, He finally allowed her to climax and it was one of the most intense she had ever felt. The orgasm was so powerful that she did indeed fall to her knees almost screaming in ecstacy, but keeping in mind where they were she did it behind a closed mouth which muffled most of the sound.


Chuckling He said, “I see we will need the ball gag later.”


Looking up through pleasure glazed eyes Tracey smiled wantonly, answering Him with a ‘Whatever you want Sir,’ look.


Mostly recovered after a few minutes of kneeling, through which time He just stared smiling at her, from the comfort of the chair, Tracey rose slightly unsteadily to her feet.


“I think you have worked up a nice apatite now, so we shall go for an early dinner,” as He said that He looked at His watch; it was 5 o’clock. Standing suddenly He was in front of and pulling her body close to His. Tracey felt the warmth of His body through the black T shirt He was wearing and she felt safe and wanted in His arms. The protective strength of the arms of her Sir enclosed her and held her tightly against His broad chest. He lowered his head to hers and kissed her gently on the lips.


“Let’s go eat,” he said.”We can play with the new toys later.”


“Yes Sir,” Tracey said smiling contentedly as she walked to the room’s door, Sir at her side, with His right arm around her waist, only just aware of the two remote controlled devices that sat snugly in her body.




“Yes Sir.”


“I suspect we might be playing during dinner too,” those words were spoken with the merest hint of a laugh behind them.


Tracey looked to His right hand and she saw the remote control nestled in it.


The End



This is a work of erotic fiction and any similarity to persons living, dead or similar situations is entirely coincidental.


Copyright belongs to the author who is the originator and writer of the stories: 'Tracey's Journey', 'Tracey's Instructions', and 'Tracey's Dinner Date.'


No unauthorised copying or quoting is permitted without written prior permission. Failure to gain such permission will result in legal action.


Copyright DrT 2011 




These are very early examples of my erotica, more obvious flaws I feel than later work, but important, particularly as these stories were the framework upon which actual real world events happened. I wrote the stories to appeal to a particular lady I was briefly involved with and each story set a scene that I would carry out real world, and did. I aplogise for the degree of affectation in the writing that many hate, particularly the capitilisation throughout, but that was what Tracey liked. I should also say that the reality was better than the stories. Thank You Tracey, I will be forever in your debt for the trust you placed in me. 


DrT 2017 

1 month ago. Wed 27 Dec 2017 02:04:43 AM IST

Mating Hunt 



The undergrowth was growing ever thicker, the branches and thorns catching on her already ripped clothing. She winced as a long thorn ripped into her exposed right breast. Halting her headlong flight for a moment, she stopped long enough to pull the thorn from her bleeding flesh, examine the wound and having dipped her finger in the bloody gash she then licked it and continued on her way.


Even in the dishevelled state she was now in, it would still have been obvious to anyone that this was a woman of noble birth. Her long black hair hung in lose curls down her back and despite the debris it had accumulated since she had begun evading her pursuers, two days ago, it was still the hair of no common born woman. Her face was strong and aquiline, with fierce blue eyes and full sensuous lips.


Her clothing was not exactly the norm either, despite being somewhat ripped and tattered, as it was a mixture of male hunting garb: strong brown leather breech’s, long black leather boots, white cotton shirt and a heavy padded leather waist coat. Around her waist a wide black belt, from which hung a bag of dried food and a now empty dagger sheath.


She had lost her dagger the day before having tripped over a tree root and having no time to retrieve it, her pursuers close behind, she had been forced to continue on her way. She cursed the loss of the blade as her mother had given it to her on her coming of age.


Pausing momentarily she sniffed at the gentle warm wind that was blowing through the forest and thought she could just smell damp horse flesh. Her mouth opened and she licked her lips in anticipation, someone was close by, but who was the question? The smell of sweaty horse flesh meant the rider had ridden hard but as they were on horseback there must be a clearing somewhere nearby.


Sniffing again the smell was gone, the barely tangible odour eluding even her highly developed senses. However caution was now required and taking great care she moved away from the direction she felt the smell had come to her from.


Tor Kal-madar first lord of the house of Koralee stood up in his saddle and turning his head and body slowly, he scanned the tree line. He was sure he had heard movement in the undergrowth a few moments ago. His horse had needed a break and as it dipped its head towards the puddle of water to drink again he unhooked his water bag and took a swig from it. As he drank slowly, he continued to watch the edge of the trees that stood to either side of the old track he had just rode down.


Fastening the water bottle back onto the ornate saddle, he scratched his bearded chin and settled himself back onto the well worn leather. As his horse finished drinking he continued studying the forest and wondered what to do next.


The prey was canny and giving the hunters good sport, he had always known that the daughter of Gunthar and Bredas would, come her mating ritual, give her would-be suitors an excellent hunt. As he sat there still watchful he recalled how he had first met her three years ago during a stag hunt. His was to have been the killing blow but just as he was preparing to release an arrow from his bow, another black feathered one had suddenly appeared in the head of the stag; felling it cleanly. Moments later she had appeared over its still trembling body and after pulling her dagger from its sheath had sliced the stag’s neck open with one fluid motion.


He had been too impressed with her to be angry at losing the right of the kill and had made it his business thereafter to watch this young woman mature until two days ago she had appeared before the fertility stone, that sat in the centre of the village, dressed in a long flowing white silk dress and garlands of flowers intertwined in her long raven black hair. From the foot of the raised dais that the massive, tall, intricately carved standing stone stood, in the ancient heart of the village, she had, with a bold strong voice proclaimed her availability and desire to take part in the Mating Hunt.


A crowd of villagers had gathered quickly and many of the finest warriors both from the village and surrounding settlements had joined them in the shadow of the stone. She was one of the most beautiful and striking women for many leagues around and many had thought that she might have given herself to other pursuits rather than submitting to the hunt. It was well known that this particular female of the race was less keen on tradition than she should have been. So when it had been announced that she would be taking part in the hunt more suitors had gathered than would have been the norm.


As she had stood there surrounded by well over 30 potential mates, she had resorted to a very ancient tradition to reduce the number present and had decided to select who could hunt her; rather than letting it be a free-for-all, as was the more recent normal practice. Showing no obvious favouritism in her facial expressions, she had walked stony faced round the circle of men, gently touching each one that she was interested in. She touched six in total before she came near where Tor had stood. She had paused before him and then moved on, before returning and touching him gently on his right shoulder.


He recalled the heady smell of freshly cut meadow flowers that had accompanied her presence but also the merest hint of something darker, more primal, which just hovered at the edges of his senses. The smell and the sight of her breasts rising and falling under the white silk had excited him greatly.

Tor smiled as he imagined taking her but he knew that this particular hunt would not be an easy one. Any potential bond partner would have to be the best of the best; Tor knew that she would probably try to kill any victor who she thought was not suitable or maybe just for the sheer pleasure of it.


His own Bond Partner had died three years ago during a Talak raiding party attack. He recalled finding her shredded body among the other villagers who had died but there had been seven dead Talak warriors at her feet, most had suffered from the most appalling wounds inflicted by the sword that lay a few feet from her; except for one who’s throat had been ripped out.


Even in death she had still been beautiful. Tor paused for a moment beginning to choke up as he recalled the well developed bump in her belly. Not only had he lost a mate that day but his unborn child as well. Tor clenched his hand into a fist and renewed his blood oath that someday soon he would claim many Talak hearts as recompense for his double loss.


Reaching his right hand across to the left side of the wide belt that circled his waist, he rubbed the top of the pommel on his sword with affection. He remembered lifting Salia’s sword from the ground and deciding from then on to carry it as his own; to this day he still did.


The sudden restless movement of his steed below him dragged Tor back to the present. If she was close he mused then proceeding on foot might be his best bet. He lowered himself out of the saddle and quickly attached the food and water bags to his belt and the cross bow and its darts over his right shoulder. He then slowly and with some reverence lifted another black velvet bag from the saddle; from within the bag, the faint sound of metal rubbing on metal.

After opening the bag quickly and fiddling with its contents and after shaking the bag to make sure no further sound issued from within Tor attached the bag tightly to his belt. He gave his horse a hard slap on its ass and off it went making as much noise as it galloped down the track as Tor had hoped it would.


Tor turned in the direction he was sure he had heard the noises come from earlier and at a slight jog he proceeded to enter the undergrowth. Upon doing so he immediately realised he would have to slow down otherwise he would be too easily detected.


“Damn it,” she cursed. She could now hear sounds from in front of her, a horse and behind her someone had just entered the forest rather noisily. Fight or flight she wondered.


Like all women of pure blood and her age they had by ancient custom - at the beginning of the spring - to submit to the mating hunt. On the surface she had railed against it and had sought to avoid this day but the traditions of her race demanded it and the blood lust within her meant that she could not avoid; nor resist it for long. In fact she was the last of the village’s young women to declare a hunt and as she has guessed many of the young and not so young un-bonded warriors had quickly assembled at the fertility stone to hunt her. So who was on her trail now? Thinking for a moment of the familiar faces that had stood round the stone, there was really only one among them that she was interested in or considered worthy of her submission and that was Tor.


She had known of him for years and as a young girl had had her first wet dreams thinking of him taking her on just such a day as this. However as Tor had been Bonded to Salias that would have been impossible until fate had so cruel robbed him of his mate and given her a chance to fulfil her dark desires. After what was an acceptable period of time she had subtly and not so subtly made sure he had taken notice of her. Her masterstroke had been the act of denying him the kill and first blooding of that stag. She smiled as she remembered the look on his face as she had felled the stag and slit its throat. She had him and he knew that just as well as she did but custom denied them any way to act on this except via the spring mating hunt. Tor had to win her and she must make it as hard as she could. Tor must be the best of the best.

Looking around her for a weapon she spotted a heavy log and after a few moments of examination it was sound; rot not having claimed it yet.


Hunkering down behind a thick bush she readied herself for the fight to come.


Tor moved as silently as he could making sure every step was carefully considered, to even break a twig could give his presence away. Tor knew she would not go down without a fight so mentally prepared himself for battle.

A noise to his right distracted him as an animal moved rapidly away through a thicket nearby. That was all that was needed he saw the branch swinging at him only as a shadowy blur. He managed to duck but in doing so found his balance upset and the log caught him in the small of his back on its return. He cried out in pain and quickly dropped to his knees in a crouch. The cross bow and the quiver of darts hanging on his back had absorbed some of the impact but sharp edges had also dug deep into his flesh. He smelt blood.


“Not so cocky now Tor Kal-mander.”


He knew that beautiful sensuous voice instantly and despite the pain he was in felt himself come alive.


Standing just in front of a him was the object of his hunt and desire Reial Dor-Rina looking incredibly beautiful despite her somewhat torn clothing. The last few days had been hard on her. He forced the moment of sympathy away as he knew she was going to give him one hell of a fight and as ancient custom demanded seek to kill him.


As he slowly stood he removed his cross bow, quiver, food and water bag and threw them to the ground. The precious sword in its scabbard he gently undid from his belt and keeping his eyes on Reial he placed it on the ground. He saw her watching him and a faint smile seemed to form momentarily on her lips as he left the black velvet bag attached to his belt.


“So you think you can place those on me do you Tor?” her tone was both mocking and playful.


Tor smiled as he moved forward “Yes,” he replied.


The smile began to change as her face began to alter, extending forwards into a cruel fang filled snout as her entire body began to transform into that of a black furred half human she wolf. Stepping out of her now fully shredded clothing she suddenly leapt forwards at him clawed hands seeking to rip out his throat. Tor threw himself forward and sideways and managed to deflect her attack. One of the claws on her right hand still managed to catch him and it sliced deep into the fabric of the brown leather hunting jacket he was wearing.


‘Damn! I should have worn a mail shirt,’ he thought but that would be cheating and would have slowed him down. Spinning round he was confronted by Reial’s now almost totally transformed growling presence. Her eyes were full of rage, fury and Tor was fairly certain passion.


“So Tor, what are you waiting for?” she snarled the sound a twisted guttural parody of her normal voice.


They circled each other, each looking for any weakness in the other. Every so often either Tor or Reial would feint a move only to pull back at the last moment. Drool had started to drip from Reial’s fangs but despite her having the ability to become fully wolf she had chosen to hold to the half human form. The air within the clearing among the trees was becoming rich and heady with the combined smell of sweat, blood and pheromones; which drifted invisibly upon the air into Tor’s nostrils. He found himself breathing deeply and along with the pounding adrenaline which coursed round his body he also found himself aroused.


Shaking his head to clear his senses he sensed the attack just before it came and managed in one fluid movement to catch Reial’s body mid air and using its weight and momentum threw her away from him. She landed heavily in a thicket of bushes. Tor heard her inhuman cry as she leapt from the middle of the bush now fully wolf. He tried to side step but she landed on his chest forcing him to the ground. At the last minute he had managed to raise his hands and now held her slavering head in them but the claws on her feet were cutting into him despite the strong leather of his jacket and trousers.


Her hot fetid breath filled his nostrils and her drool dripped upon his face as he wrestled to keep her jaws from closing about his neck. If a wolf could smile then this wolf’s face was smiling as it continued to snap and growl. Tor struggled under the warm hairy body trying to gain the advantage but as his body twisted under Reial’s wolf form he knew he was going to eventual lose. A slight shift in her position gave him the advantage he needed and he kneed her in the stomach. She rolled off him her eyes blazing with a mixture of pain and fury.


Tor leapt to his feet and launched himself at her and as he sailed though the air towards her he himself also took on a half human wolf form. Landing on her he pressed hard down onto her flattened body and had her throat in his fanged mouth within seconds. He felt her body go limp under him and a slight whimper escaped her mouth. Tor felt her tongue slide up and down his face as she nuzzled him. The wolf face began to fade back to human as the licks of a long tongue became those of fierce kisses delivered by full red sensuous human lips of the naked Reial.


Tor holding his shape as still part wolf reached a partially clawed hand to his waist and opened the bag that still hung miraculously from the belt. Reaching inside it he pulled a beautifully engraved silver collar from it. The engravings that encircled it were of sinuous vines and intertwined flowers; the same types of flowers that Reial had worn two days earlier; as she had stood in front of the fertility stone.


“Do you give yourself to me Reial Dor-Rina daughter of Gunthar and Bredas Dor-Rina to be my Bond Mate as long as you live?”


Moving under Tor’s body she lifted her arms free and then upwards to push her hair away from her neck.


“Yes I submit to you and take you as my Bond Mate Tor Kal-mander Son of Tarnalie and Trinu Kal-Mander.”


Tor put the open collar round her neck and closed it with a loud click. She began to kiss him hard and he returned the kiss with equal ferocity; their tongues intertwined and pushed against each other. Tor felt his manhood rising and hardening and below him Reial had opened her legs wide to him.


“Take me,” she moaned loudly.


Knowing he should really place the matching silver anklets and wristlets around her ankles and wrists he left them in the bag as he pushed his trousers down and pushed his erection into her warm wet sex.


Throwing her head back and groaning loudly as Tor began to slide deeper and harder into her, the burning passion that had tormented her for so much of the last few years was suddenly released in a massive wave of sensation. She grabbed Tors shoulders as he was pumping into her and she bit down hard on the exposed flesh of his right shoulder; the taste of his blood sweet upon her lips.


Feeling the bite upon his flesh he did likewise by also sinking his teeth into her soft body and as he felt her legs lock more tightly round his waist, he kissed her fiercely on her left erect nipple and then kissed her mouth; the blood on their tongues mingling as they entwined with each other.


The two of them stayed locked together as one, continuing to rock back and forth until well after the sun had began to set.




This is a work of erotic fiction and any similarity to persons living, dead or similar situations is entirely coincidental.


Copyright belongs to the author who is the originator and writer of the story 'MATING HUNT' No unauthorised copying or quoting is permitted without written prior permission. Failure to gain such permission will result in legal action.


Copyright DrT 2011




Something a little different to my normal work and I haven't written anything like this since. I used to write a lot of fantasy stories when young, rather badly I think, and this was the first erotica I wrote with a fantasy setting. I think in part, a little of this story was influenced by the love scene in the movie The Howling when Marsha Quist finally consumates her lust for Bill Neill, and during this both change into wolves. 


DrT 2017

1 month ago. Mon 25 Dec 2017 01:19:18 PM IST





The chair sits alone in the middle of the room. It is unusual, one of those high cost designer pieces, more an item of sculpture than purely something to sit on but this particular chair has other more unusual and sordid uses. It is his favourite chair and as he stands looking at it, appreciating the curves of its chrome body work and shiny black patent leather upholstery he begins to run through his mind how and what he is about to do with and on it shortly.


The room’s lighting is mostly subdued , many parts of the room obscured by heavy dark almost impenetrable shadows. It suits his purposes as these shadows help to hide the toys he will shortly be using. The chair itself is bathed in a funnel of rich yellow light in the way a place of torture and interrogation might be and in many ways this illuminated patch will witness many acts of degradation but pleasure will be the main goal of tonight’s activity and not just the pursuit of pure pain giving alone.


Dressed as he is in formal attire he looks anything other than what he will be about tonight. The handsome man about town, who is cultured, visits the opera, enjoys eating out, the pleasant conversations that good company brings and drinking wine; a sophisticated gentleman. He is all these things but also he is one who practices a special form of craft, which does not exclude the former interests, as they are in and of themselves things he enjoys greatly too but they are only the entre to the darker things he considers his life’s calling; his very essence. On the wall to the side of the bright chrome chair the poster hanging there says it all in one simple word. A word that sums up all he is and will be about, Sade.


The door to the room opens with a slight creek and he hears her foot steps on the wooden floor. The clicking of the steel heels of her black patent leather shoes across its surface, a steady clicking growing louder as she approaches where he is standing. ‘A lamb to the slaughter,’ pops into his head as he loosens the bow tie and lets it hang lose. They have just come from the opera where they both enjoyed a rendition of The Seven Deadly Sins by Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht’s, part of the Fringe and put on by the company Chordelia and the Orchestra of the Scottish Opera. The venue and old cinema, the art Deco styling very much suited the decadence of the 1930’s based subject matter. He smiles as he recalls a few of the parts he enjoyed most, not all as a result of the performance.

He raises his right hand and places his middle finger under his nose. Closing his eyes momentarily, he sniffs at it, like some kind of predatory dog, sensing the scent of nearby prey on the air. He closes his eyes again and recalls what he was doing with this finger a short while ago. In fact not more than an hour ago, during the intermission, he had had it buried deep in her sex. For just a moment as the finger is held close to his slightly flaring nostrils he fancies that he can still just smell a trace of her juices on his flesh. A low noise, almost a grunt of pleasure rumbles out of his throat as he smiles broadly. The image, along with the trace smell, that has generated this expression of deep satisfaction that burns bright in his memory; is that of her writhing, in her seat, held in place by his left arm clamped round her and the sheer weight of his body pushing down on hers. Held in place, she can but be fucked by his finger, which he had slid in and out of her most vigorously until she came and came loudly enough for several members of the audience, who hadn't gone to the bar, to look over, wondering what the disturbance was about. Luckily for him, the music playing in the auditorium and the fact he had covered her mouth with his had mostly masked the true nature of the sound he had produced from her. He smiles again, thinking how it would have been just ever so slightly embarrassing to have been asked to leave for this most pleasurable of misdemeanour.


He is aware of her standing close to him now, the scent of her perfume fills the room and he feels his nostrils flare as he drinks her smell in. His face shows none of the arousal he is experiencing. He wants to keep her guessing as to what is to come.


Walking over to the audio system that sprawls across the polished top of a large sideboard, which dominates the back wall of the room, he switches the integrated valve amplifier on and watches as the valves that dot its top slowly come to life; each one filling with a mixture of soft blue light and flickering blue gas round the inside of their tops. He opens the cover to a Miles Davis CD, Kind of Blue and after lifting the disc clear of its case places it in the now open drawer of the CD player that closes with a firm thud. The opening elements of ‘So what’ drift across the room and he does a somewhat sinister, sideways shuffle dance, as he slides up to where she has remained standing, perfectly still. He smiles, happy she has not moved. The training he has been giving her so far seems to be working and he is pleased. However if she had moved he would have just had to punish her; no doubt he still will at some point during the rest of their evening together. The possibility of reddening her bare flesh brings another smile to his lips.


He moves in close to her and stands directly behind her pushing his body into hers. She stands still bar the rising and falling of her breasts under the sheer black dress she is wearing. Putting his arms round her he places them round her throat loosely first before running the flats of his hands down her torso, stopping to squeeze her breasts first, hard, she gasps the first sound she had produced since entering the room; her gasp coincides with a loud single note from Mile’s trumpet. He then slides his hands downwards, on past her breasts and pushes them into her crotch, the whispy fabric of her dress pushing easily into the space between her now slightly parted thighs. Feeling the bulge of her bum against his own crotch he pushes into her and he feels his cock begin to swell. Feeling this too she pushes her ass back into him. He suddenly steps back from her and lands a firm hard blow on her right bum cheek.


“You move when I tell you to,” He hisses into her left ear. A single nod is her only silent reply.


He wonders for a moment if she is going to be wilful tonight or simply surrender to him. Frankly he cares little one way or the other, as he will still have his fun regardless but a little of both is a bit more interesting. He smiles.


The bright light in front of her allows him to see the outline of her body underneath the dress fairly clearly and the wide waspie suspender belt and stockings she is wearing.


“Turn slowly, right round.”


She begins to turn slowly almost pivoting at one fixed point, the heel of her right shoe. Stepping backwards he props himself up against the wall just to the right of the chair, below the ‘Sade’ poster and he crosses his arms under his chest. As she turns slowly the light picks out details under her dress, much as an x-ray might. He puts his right hand up to his face and moves his middle finger up and down, slowly across his lips a few times.

She is thin and fairly tall, just a few inches short of his 6 foot 3 inches but she is still quite curvy with breasts, neither to small, or too large, in fact just right for her stature. Shoulder length black hair frames her face and her bright red lips, sensual and full scream out to be kissed, to suck cock or act as a portal for having her face fucked. He can see the slight Italian blood in the colour of her skin, as the light plays across it and he knows only too well the passion that burns in her blood, indicative of that lineage.

She continues to turn slowly through 360 degrees and as she does he studies her more and feels himself becoming even more aroused by the sight of her but he has plans for how he wants to night to go and he will not allow them to de diverted by turning this into a quick fuck; no matter how tempted he might be to do just that.


Knowing she is not wearing pants as they were removed by her, at his instruction, during the opera’s interval, during a quick visit to the rest rooms he instructs her to sit on the seat but to do so by placing her legs through the large gaps in the sides of the chair; that way her legs are spread open.


She quickly and fairly gracefully does so.


He reaches into the pockets of his black dress trousers and pulls out a number of lengths of red satin ribbon, which he quickly secures her legs, to the bottom section of the bright chrome front legs of the chair with. As he does so, he caresses her ankles and legs moving his hands up the sheer material of her stockings. With her legs open, affording him a glimpse of her shaved sex, her musk drifts into his nostrils and he feels his hard on returning with a vengeance, as his body responds to the sight of her naked vagina and the slight aroma.


Reaching into his other pocket he pulls more red satin ribbons and he just nods in the direction of the right arm rest and she places her hand there. He wraps the ribbon tightly round her wrist and ties it in a bow. After another silent indication, her left wrist is also secured tightly in place by more red satin ribbon.


Standing slowly before her, he then walks over to a nearby short table and switches a light sitting on its surface on. The sudden light flooding across it allows her to see the toys he has specially selected for use on her. A soft black leather blindfold, labia and nipple clamps, Wartenberg wheel, a small rubber flogger with a hard wood handle shaped like a ribbed phallus and a riding crop. He could see that she had risked a sneaky wee peek to see what he had in store for her.


“You know that I am going to have to punish you for that don’t you?”


She only nods her response to his question, with perhaps the merest hint of a smile forming on her bright red lips.


He walked back slowly towards were she is secured, dangling the blindfold in his right hand which he trails across her right breast and shoulder before he stands close behind her with his crotch just touching the lower part of her head. Bringing both hands to the side of her face he drags them through the black silky slick that is her hair, the blindfold touch’s her cheek and nose. He knows she likes the smell of leather, so he allows it to lie against her mouth and nose for longer than is strictly necessary before placing it over her eyes and tying it tightly behind her head.


Now blindfolded he sets to work on her body, touching, probing and squeezing it in just the right places to produce both pleasure and slight pain. He is familiar with all the pressure points and areas she has a particular extra degree of responsiveness. His hands play her like an instrument and it is not long before she moans slightly and pulls against her red satin bonds.


He pauses letting her listen for what is to come next. He gives her no glue, as bar the slight sound his breathing makes, he produces no extra sound as he carefully moves to pick the flogger up of the table. He holds it in his hand feeling the weight of the handle, the balance of it against the weight of the thin leather falls. ‘A stingy fucker,’ he thinks but with an extra element. He moves it from his right hand to his left and then slowly caresses the end of the handle, with the open palm of his right hand. The craftsman, who has made it out of the finest spun wood, has created a slight corkscrew shape to the opposite end of where the falls exit. He smiles as he pictures it sliding into her pussy.


Moving slowly behind her he notices her moving her head slightly, obviously trying to work out from heard sounds alone what he is up to. He allows the falls of the flogger to fall across her chest with a slight slap. She jerks in the seat in surprise. The drop was not enough to produce and great effect on her skin under her dress but still she has reacted to its impact. Dragging the leather across her left then right breast he moves the flogger in such away, as to create small swirling patterns in the hanging leather like mini tornados round her stiffening nipples. These vortexs grow in width to encompass the width of her breasts as he changes the way he is holding and using the flogger.


Suddenly he moves his attention from her chest to first her right arm then her left. He first trails the falls across the width of her arms then up and down the length of the bare flesh before gently flicking them against the arm. Each time he flicks them the stingy impact produces a groan or a low yelp which subsides into a moan.

Moving to the foot of the chair he allows her to feel the very tips of the flogger against her stocking clad legs before he raises the flogger and flicks it hard against the inside of first the left then the right leg. She cries out and pulls against the ribbons.


“I told you I would punish you.”


She nods.


Lowering himself, slowly, to his knees beside the left side of the chair facing her he reaches between her legs and moves his right hand slowly across the areas on the inside of her thighs, where the floggers falls had struck. He rubs slowly at the areas, creating a tremor in her body, before moving the hand upwards into the darkness beneath the bottom of her dress. He pushes into her sex, finding it soaking wet.


“You are a very dirty girl?”


She nods slowly.


“You want to be fucked?”


She nods again, slowly.


He holds the flogger at the end where the leather falls exit and pushes the handle slowly upwards until the tip is resting against her fleshy lips. She slides forward slightly to try to push her flesh onto the handle.


“No you don’t,” he barks at her giving her a hard slap across her legs with the flat of his right hand, having let the flogger drop between her legs. “Now let’s try that again.” He picks the flogger up and slowly moves it between the lips of her vagina. He pushes slightly and moves it slowly up and down, touching the bottom of her clitoris each time as he ends the upwards stroke. She moans and as he moves the flogger up and down some of the falls slap gently against the inside of her legs and the top of the chair.

Suddenly he pushes the handle into her and as he does he feels her flesh part and the gentle resistance at the tip give as the full length of the handle slides fully home into her. He looks up into her face and her mouth has twisted in pleasure. He begins to move the handle in and out of her, faster and faster and she begins to writhe as wave after wave of intense pleasure builds within her. As he fucks her he watches carefully for the signs she is about to climax and just as she reaches that point he pulls back, slows or pauses what he is doing. ’After all,’ he thinks,’ I don’t want her coming too soon.’


He repeats this process over and over again producing shaking in her body as she tries to orgasm but each time he denied her the release.


A low whisper squeezes out from behind her moist lips, just one word. “Please?”


“No,” is his firm reply.


“Tell me what I want to hear from those beautiful lips of yours.”

“No,” she whispers. “I can’t.”


He knows she will. He knows she is close to giving herself fully to him. Despite her pride and stubbornness she is close. He wants to hear that one word from her.


He leaves her impaled on the flogger and walks to the table and picks up the nipple and labia clamps. He puts the labia clamps into the left breast pocket of his shirt and buttons it up.


After walking back to the back of the chair he reaches over her and pulls the front of her dress down, momentarily admiring the quality of the small fabric rose buds that decorate its neck line, before pulling her breasts out. Her nipples are hard and extended and within a few seconds he has attached the clamps to the pink flesh, she winces at the sudden pressure which moments after being placed there builds. The grip of the clamps our relentless, and after only a very short period of time the pain and mixture of pleasure they are creating is only too obvious as it is displayed all over the lower half of her face. He chuckles.


He pulls on the chain that runs between the clamps and she cries out. With the left hand he pulls on the chain and with the right he begins to slide the handle of the flogger in and out again of her still moist sex. Faster and faster he fucks her until she has nearly reached orgasm and just before she does he slows the thrusting and releases the grip of the nipple clamps with his left hand. She screams out loudly, no words just a guttural almost animalistic cry.


“I will put them back on again, after a few minutes”, he whispers. “The pain is worse when they are off?” He laughs. He knows she is in agony as the blood flows back into her tender nipples.


“Yes,” she says, followed by, “Bastard.”


He slaps her across the leg, hard, before he begins to slide the flogger in and out again, slowly.


“Sadist..........” no more words come out of her mouth bar low moaning.


“Yes. I have clamps here for use on your labia.” He pauses for effect before adding, “Shall I use them?”


She moans again as he increases the speed of the wooden phallus.


“No............I surrender. “


“To whom?” He asks.


“To you Sir, I surrender to you. I give myself fully to you. I submit to you. Please let me cum, please, please........” the words become whimpers as he takes her to her long overdue orgasm which sweeps over and overwhelms her and leaves her shaking and whimpering on the chair.


He unties her and lifts her out of the chair before carrying her out of the room and to his bedroom where he places her on the bed. He sits with her a long while gently stroking her hair as she drifts off to sleep.


He stands and as he leaves the room pauses to looks at his image in the mirror and says to it, “Not such a sadist after all?” Not looking terribly convinced his reflection remains silent.


The End


Copyright DrT 2011


No unautorised, copying or reposting without written permission. 




I wrote this back in 2011, a commission given to me by a couple on Fetlife, this was their favourite painting by Jack Vettriano. I can see flaws in it, but it stands as part of my writing journey and as my first piece of commissioned writing holds a special place for me. 


DrT 2017 


2 months ago. Thu 21 Dec 2017 07:43:23 PM IST


I haven't been a member of The Cage, for long but even in that short time I have, I feel, made some friends here and I hope that in time they will become good friends. 


I want to wish them a very Happy Christmas and a wonderful, Happy New Year, that is also extended to the Cage owners, admin and Cage members. 



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Pretty Maids All In A Row 



The room was a pretty sparingly furnished affair, Spartan, bar two large incongruities, two brass beds, ornate and beautiful. Both beds were identical, like mirror images facing each other across the bare polished walnut floor. The head boards rising above the bed linen, turned brass columns with finials and diagonal bracing, and foot boards that were smaller versions of the headboards.


On top of each of the beds there were several large white cardboard boxes each sealed with a large black satin ribbon tied in a bow.


Two large wardrobes sat to the left of each bed, and to the right side a table with wash stand and a dressing table with mirror. There were no decorative items in the room, and certainly no objects that appeared personal to any occupant or occupants. One item did stand within the room that was certainly at odds with the setting a waist high, heavy wooden frame with a plinth and pull out drawer beneath. Between the two pillars a black leather button padded section, and at the top of the uprights sides there were two large heavy rings from which hung various instruments of chastisement. This was obviously some kind of punishment frame.


The door to the room opens with a slight creek and two women enter, both are dressed like maids, black cotton uniforms, white lace trim, with white pinafore aprons and hair pieces. One maid has black hair cut in a bob the other has red hair that is pinned up behind her head.


In hushed tones the red haired maid whispers to the other, 'Do you know why he asked us to come here?'


She replies, also in a hushed tone, English with an obvious French accent, 'No Ruby I don't.' She pauses looking behind her to the still open door. 'You should know better than to ask questions. The Master of the house says do a thing, we do it.'


Ruby looks down knowing full well that Marie is right, questioning the Master's will never ends well. She glances at the punishment frame and shivers recalling her first time secured to it. From down the hall way heavy footfall indicates his coming. Both maids kneel, backs straight, heads looking downward arms behind their backs. Both performing obeisance as had been directed by the head of house, during the early period of their individual training.


The footfall stops behind them and both women can feel his eyes boring into their back, their souls. They belong to him, not just in the sense that they are part of his house hold, his employees but they are his, both woman having given themselves in submission and service to his will.


'Ruby, Marie.' His voice rich and sonorous, the kind of voice that reaches deep into the soul of the hearer.


Both women reply in unison, their voices blending into one, 'Yes Master.'


He sweeps past them into the room, his clothing immaculate, his shiny black leather shoes catching the light and reflecting it as he walks; a shine lovingly applied by Marie, each evening before she retires to bed.


He stands midway between the beds, in front of the maids, both seeing their reflections in his shoes, neither looking up into the face of the man who owns them.


'Today is a special day, you are both getting new uniforms.'


Ruby resists the temptation to leap up and hug him, but her heart leaps within her chest to hear such news. A slight intake of breath beside her indicates Marie must be feeling excited as well. Ruby feels her excitement growing within her, and she struggles to keep it in check. Distracted she fails to notice he is beside her, his hand on her cheek.




He has noticed, her struggling self control, his hand calms her, centres her. Ruby rests her cheek into his warm flesh, his fingers brush against her flesh and are gone. He has moved behind her and up between the two maids to stand once more where he had been.


Ruby sees the hand gesture and rises, Marie beside her both perfectly in time, as one, both of a single purpose to obey. Neither risk a look between them both continue to look downwards but now they can see his black dress trousers as well as his highly polished shoes.


'I thought it time for a change, an opportunity to refresh things, try something new.'


Both speak in unison, 'Yes Sir.' Faces still not looking up, then they see the hand gesture and again as one they left their countenances, staring into the face of their Master.


A pair of brown eyes gazes upon them, and a mouth framed by a neatly trimmed, close to chin black beard, the lips have the barest suggestion of a smile upon them. Ruby knows that smile, Master has something in mind. She knows him well enough by now to know that he has some activity planned that isn't just about new uniforms.


'Marie, Ruby go to your beds and stand at the side so you can open your parcels.'


'Yes Sir.'


Moments later Marie stands beside her bed, to the left side and Ruby hers to the right. Ruby can see Marie's face now and she can tell that the French girl is definitely aroused, a slight flush and the a certain set to her red lips give the game away. If she has seen this then Master has, often he says to Marie that she should never play cards as her face betrays everything. Ruby isn't sure if her own body is betraying her as well.


'I want you to open the parcels and inside Ruby you will find Marie's uniform, and in your parcels Marie, Ruby' He pauses, before continuing, the tone of his voice, along with the expression now giving away that he has some new perversion in mind. 'Ladies,' he pauses for effect, the word seems to hang in the air, ' You will both dress each other.'


Ruby wants to cry out in surprise, Marie is looking at Ruby, a somewhat lustful expression on her fine features, her red lips smiling. Both look to their Master. He gives them a begin nod of the head, so both begin to remove their uniforms. Both maids move quickly and are standing naked within a short space of time, their old uniforms folded neatly at the foot of the bed.


'Marie you will dress Ruby, and Ruby, Marie. Begin.'


'Yes Sir,' Marie says as she opens up the packages, one after the other undoing the large bows and removing the box lids. Inside the larger box a black satin uniform, and the apron. As Marie pulls it from within its white tissue wrapping and holds it up Ruby can see its a classic French design, totally different to the more modest English designs that she and Marie had been wearing. This uniform will hide nothing, the skirt short, held up and out by an under skirt that Ruby guesses will be a mixture of hoops, netting and lace.


As she watches Marie remove the contents of the boxes and sets them out on the bed surface, there is indeed an underskirt in white satin fabric and lace. The next boxes contain the white satin and lace head piece, wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs; these look like they are made from something more than satin and knowing Masters liking for hidden bondage items there is probably leather under the white lace trimmed black satin cuffs. The way they move stiffly, strongly suggests a firmer material that satin alone.


A smaller flat box is next and from within Marie withdraws black pvc underwear, a half cup bra, wide six strap suspender belt waist cincher, crotchless panties and fishnet stockings. The underwear has thin strips of white lace edging the pvc. The last white box contains a pair of black high heeled Mary Jane shoes, with a thin ankle strap.


Finishing laying the clothing out Ruby sees Master indicate that she should do the same, which she does quickly, but even though she is working fast her fingers linger over the different materials, revelling in new textures, the slippery satin and the smooth coolness of the pvc.


Seeing this, Master speaks. 'Ruby you will have plenty of time to enjoy the feel of your new uniform later – the evening is still new.' He chuckles and a smile with the merest hint of sadism in it, inventive sadism is there. Ruby shivers seeing this and her body no longer hides her arousal as her nipples harden and her moistness grows.


'You can begin Marie.'


Hearing this Marie bares down on Ruby like a big cat going in for the kill, its stalking game over. The French maids face is lit with an inner lust the like Ruby hasn't really seen before, and Ruby trembles. In Marie's right hand the bra, suspender belt, panties and stockings.


'Move forward Ruby, meet Marie halfway.' He speaks this as he turns and briefly leaves the room, returning moments later, with a chair upon which he sits, to watch in comfort. He sits and relaxes, its been a long day and he is going to enjoy the evenings entertainment – Marie has already fitted the stockings on a somewhat uncomfortable looking Ruby's legs.


Marie moves in behind Ruby and pulls the suspender belt around her waist face and is doing so in away guaranteed to continue Ruby's lack of comfort and the growing arousal that is evident in the damp spreading over her labia. Closing her eyes Ruby tries to find some escape from Marie's sensual touch. The drifting caressing fingers the occasional rub of the cool material on her bare skin , plus the gaze of her Master has begun to push open the doors of her desire for the unfolding situation. If I can get through this without falling apart, becoming a puddle is foremost in her thoughts. I can do this. Just as Ruby is beginning this mantra Marie closes the suspender belt, and as she does brushes the small of her back, just above the tail bone. Ruby moans slightly. Next the suspender clips are attached and the stockings smoothed down. Ruby looks down into Marie's green eyes and gives her an after this you are in so much trouble look. Marie's returns the look in such away to say so what.


From the chair he chuckles, missing nothing and knows full well what is going on between his two maids, after all he engineered this situation – with a fair degree of certainty that Marie would do exactly as she is doing. He rubs his closely cropped beared chin and continues to smile and chuckle every so often as he enjoys watching Ruby's increasingly aroused state. He has no doubt her pussy is now very wet and getting wetter.


Continuing to play with Ruby, Marie once the belt is in place and the suspenders attached to the stockings, kneels and tells Ruby to lift first the right leg, then the left as she pulls the pants on, slowly she works them up Ruby's stocking clad legs. Ruby shivers as Marie takes her time getting them in place. As Ruby put her legs into the pants she now knows they are crotchless and Master obviously has more fun in mind than watching his maids get dressed.


The bra is next which is a half cup design, as with every stage so far Marie fits it in the most lascivious way she can, taking her time to rub, pull and caress Ruby's breasts into the right shape within the bra cup, well what passes for a cup, as it leaves the nipples and areola exposed. Ruby can feel her nipples hardening under Marie's sensual touch.


Ruby closes her eyes, for a moment and the underwear part is over, on opening them she sees Marie has walked back to the bed and has lifted the underskirt, moments later its in place and Marie has walked back to the bed to life the uniform. Ruby feels a momentary erotic curiosity about Marie's beautiful legs and bum, the fleshy orbs moving in time with her movement.


Marie turns smiling as she carries the uniform towards Ruby, as she walks she is slowly unzipping it until it hangs open. Ruby can see there are two zips, one at the top and one at the back, the meaning of this is very clear and a long with the crotchless pants declares loudly what Master wants from these new additions and his maids. Ruby shivers slightly as he eyes momentarily meet his, before she looks down, as she lowers them he is smiling. Sitting like the Cheshire Cat that got the cream, well about to, the cream being Ruby and Marie, who will no doubt also have got Master's cream before the evening is over.


First the right arm, then the left, Marie gracefully pivots round Ruby and slowly brings the bottom together and begins to pull the zip up until its just above the place where her back ends, and the twin globes of flesh, that are her bum begin, as she does this the double lined satin dress pulls tight against the skin. Then the top zip and the fabric pulls tight around Ruby's breasts, the white lace trimmed sweet heart neck line smoothing out around her upper torso. Ruby gasps slightly at the sensations the slightly cool fabric is making, as it slips across and over her flesh. Ruby's eyes close again, lost in the moment, Marie slipping away to return with the apron, hair piece, collar, and the wrist cuffs.


She pauses and he stands and moves to where Ruby and Marie are standing. Ruby knows what to do, she lowers kneels and assumes her position for collaring. Marie pulls Ruby's stray hair up and their Master takes the collar and places round her neck, buckles it and locks it with the small silver lock he has in his right trouser pocket. On the face of the silver heart shaped padlock there is writing, one word Ruby. The lock clicks shut and Ruby's heart jumps in her chest, the sound centres her. One word forms in her mind first, owned, then another, his, then safe, then complete.


All time and space seems to pause, stop, three hearts separate but one, all three joined, linked, beating as one. The moment past he is back on the seat and Marie completes dressing Ruby. Hair piece, wrist cuffs, and then the white satin, white lace trimmed apron. Marie ties the large bow at the back and steps back to admire her work. The last item are the shoes and Marie moves to her place, where she awaits Ruby.


Ruby wearing her new uniform, looks to where he is sitting he nods and indicates Ruby should begin dressing Marie.


'I am going to enjoy this Marie', she whispers in her right ear as she walks past to the bed to get the first items of Marie's uniform.


As she returns under her breath Marie says, 'I hope so.'


As with Ruby, the uniform goes on methodically, and soon Marie, as a result of Ruby's dressing method is standing, with the odour of her arousal filling the room, rather than speeding up the dressing process Ruby slows it down, and begins to explore Marie's body, feeling the pvc bra under the satin uniform as she tidies it up, pulling the sweet heart neck line into a neater shape. Moving behind Marie she cups her breasts feeling the already hard nipples harden more, like bullet heads they are poking through the black fabric. As Ruby pulls her hands away and up past Marie's naked neck she whispers, almost a growl in her ear, 'I am going to get you, you bitch.' Marie turns her head and smiling whispers back.


'I certainly hope so.'


Dressing done Marie, now also collared, both maids turn and present themselves to their Master and owner. They kneel slowly with grace and pose and assume the 'Kneel' position.


He stands, having thoroughly enjoyed the dressing spectacle and the tension in the room between Ruby and Marie, and pulls the door to the room closed, as he turns to face them he is smiling broadly. 


'Now ladies lets have some fun'.


'Yes Master,' they say, twin voices as one.



The End of the Beginning. 




Copyright  DrT  2017


No Unauthorised Copying or Transmission, or Reposting without written permission. 

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The Collar



Feeling incredibly nervous and still unsure about her decision to return, Sandra pushed the smoked glass door open and stepped into the reception area. It was brightly lit and very well appointed and in some ways still reminded Sandra of an up market boutique hotel reception but as she knew only to well it was not.


Behind a white veined black marble desk a beautiful Asian girl, dressed in a highly decorative, red silk oriental dress, sat, as Sandra had entered she had greeted her with a wide friendly very red smile.


“Welcome to Cm” she said still smiling.


The smile not reassuring her much Sandra weakly returned it and said “Thank you”.


“Do you have an appointment?”


“Yes my names Sandra Symons”


Looking at a flat computer screen behind the desk the girl could be heard typing away and then she looked up smiling very broadly.


“Yes for 10.30...a return visit” these last words expressed as a statement, rather than as a question.


“That’s right” Sandra replied looking down at her watch. The time displayed on it was 10.20.


“Take a seat and your advisor will be with you shortly”


Sandra turned and walked over to the cluster of leather padded two seater chairs that were loosely based on the Mies Van Der Rohe Barcelona design. In front of them a low table, which had some up market lifestyle magazines scattered across its highly reflective surface. Sandra loved the look of these chairs and had looked online -after her first visit- to find out more about them. She had a small collection of modern furniture at home her favourite being her black patent leather covered Corbusier recliner chair.


Sitting back and trying to look relaxed and elegant she crossed her legs after picking a magazine up, which she began to slowly flick through the pages. She was only pretending to read it as in reality her mind was in a state of turmoil. She had thought that her second visit here would have been easier but in reality it seemed to be worse; as she was expected to make a number of important decisions here today.


Before she could start analysing things she heard a door open and the sound of high heels tapping across the floor. Looking up she saw the Cm Advisor she had met with on her first visit. ‘What was her name again?’ Sandra wondered.


“Hello Mrs Symons....Sandra” the Advisor paused taking note of the fight or flight expression written all over Sandra’s face. Smiling she decided to sit down beside her and placing an elegant hand on her knee spoke softly and in as calming away as she could.


“Anything you decide to do is ok by us Sandra. I understand only too well the courage it must have taken to come here and how much you must love your partner to be doing what you are doing”


Sandra looked up into the face of the beautiful blond haired woman who sat beside her. She frowned and bit nervously at her bottom lip for a few seconds but finally she said quietly “Yes it has....”


The Advisor stood smoothing her white mandarin collared tunic down and offered her right hand to Sandra. Sandra paused for a moment and took it and stood up. Feeling that was all that was required to gently help Sandra, Karen let her hand go after giving it a reassuring squeeze and slowly led the way back to the consultation rooms.


Behind the reception area there was a wide corridor with a number of doors off it. The floor was covered with a rich burgundy carpet and the walls were adorned with various examples of modern art work; some of which Sandra liked and some she didn’t much care for. Karen still leading the way paused before a door and after opening it ushered Sandra inside.


The room was bright and white with a tiled floor and was very plain, lacking any extraneous decor; its contents being purely functional. In one corner a desk stood with two chairs in front of it and a single one behind it. On the top of the desk a flat Mac styled computer stood and beside it a bright silver mesh metal in and out tray; with some papers sitting in them and a plain metal pen holder sat beside it.


Along the left hand wall a number of glossy black and silver trimmed filing cabinets stood and along the other wall book shelves loaded with various books. All of these books had the same uniform soft plastic covers; the only thing of difference among them being their height, width and depth.


After gesturing for Sandra to sit Karen walked round the desk and sat down. She moved her hand over a sensor in the front of the computer and a keyboard materialised out of thin air. She began moving her fingers over the keys that were made up from photons of light and then she started to read the data that the screen now had on it.


After what seemed to Sandra quite a long time Karen paused her reading and looked up from the screen with a slight smile on her lips.


“So Sandra how do you feel about taking the next steps?” she looked back to the screen again before continuing to speak “Your test results are excellent and there are no medical reasons why the procedure would not be a total success. You just have to decide the level and degree of submission you want to embrace and how that will manifest its self.”


Sandra felt a bit panicky again. She wished the Advisor had not used that word, the word she feared most and could not offer. That terrible but also wonderful word ‘submission’, the one thing she just could not bring herself to give her partner. She had tried over the years but had failed; never being able to surrender herself to his desires never mind her own dark hidden ones.


Looking at Karen, Sandra wanted to get up and go, at least part of her did but having come this far she had decided for better or worse and hopefully better, that she would go through with what she had planned
“Ok let’s get this over with”


Karen frowned and looked back at the notes on the screen. “Sandra you have free will and the right to get up and leave if you really want to but despite the turmoil of your conscious mind your subconscious mind wants to do this, in fact needs to do this.”


“I wish I could believe that.....urrrr” Sandra tried to remember the Advisors name.


“Karen” Karen volunteered smiling.


“Sorry Karen.....I am just finding this all hard to take in....to process.”


“I know but remember you came to us with your particular set of problems and issues, and it’s only us who will be able to offer you the solution to your requirements. If I thought for a moment that conventional training methods would work, I could refer you and your partner to a couple of trainers but we both know that that isn’t the answer for you....is it? Karen said these last few words with a smile and as sympathetic and understanding a look on her face as she could manage.


Sandra looked down and sighed “Yes the only way.....” her voice trailing off to barely a whisper.


“There is a very strong indication in the test results that you will develop naturally after the procedure unlocks your buried desires, so I for one don’t think you need to go for a permanent solution.”


“You don’t!”

“No, but if you want to it’s up to you” Karen paused “What would your partner like? How would he want you to be?


Sandra answered with a little venom in her tone “What do all men want? A mother for their children, a cook, a whore in the bedroom, a sex slave.” As those last few words left Sandra’s mouth she felt a warm flush spread throughout her body and her cheeks felt slightly warm. The words excited her and though she wanted to fight it, saying them out loud had resulted in her feeling slightly damp between her legs. For just a moment she saw herself tied up and being used by her husband as he wanted to and she was both enjoying it and needing it.


“There is nothing wrong with that list Sandra. Your mind protests the ideas behind the words, particularly the last ones” Karen smiled and continued “...but that’s what you want to be, isn’t it? You want to be a wanton slut for your partner but you just can’t bring yourself to do that?” Karen paused for effect “and yet that is what you need and want most in the world, to please your man and gain your freedom from the misery and repression you have locked yourself into.”


A tiny tear trickled down Sandra’s right cheek “yes” was her only reply.


“Ok Sandra you know we can help you, so let’s do that”


Karen read her notes on the screen again before speaking to Sandra” We have prepared a wardrobe of clothing for you and all the equipment you will need to get you started based the conversation we had during your first visit, the online questionnaire you answered for us and the measurements we took of your body and a very nice body you have too....if I might say?”


Sandra smiled and with a small degree of cheek in the tone she used to reply; said “You just have."


“Yes I have haven’t I?”


Sandra was sure there was just a hint of suggestiveness in Karen’s voice. Is she flirting with me? She wondered.


Karen stood and stepped out from behind her desk “If you would come with me please.”


Karen held the door open for Sandra and the two women walked back up the corridor with Karen in the lead; until Karen suddenly stopped before another door. She pushed the door open and led Sandra into a similar sized and decorated room to the room they had just left but in this one there was a large machine dominating the centre of the room and to the right side of the room a clothes rail upon which a lot of clothing hung. The moment Sandra saw what was on the rail it thrilled her. She tried hard not to look excited and hoped Karen had not noticed her moment of pleasure.


Walking to the rail Karen riffled through the clear bagged uniforms and after selecting one pulled it free from the others and held it up before Sandra.

“Beautiful isn’t it?” she asked.


Sandra starred at the black satin French maid’s uniform and despite the cool calm look she was trying to maintain she found herself taking in a sudden deep breath and smiling.


“As agreed in our contract with you, we are supplying you with a number of these in silk, satin, PVC, rubber and leather, with all the correct accessories, petticoats, hair pieces plus the underwear you chose” Karen said putting the uniform back on the rail.


Sandra was suddenly disappointed as it was lost among the other outfits on the rail. She also felt somewhat shocked that she had selected this particular form of submission but being a maid had been one of her secret fantasies and she was very certain that her husband would approve. The reaction she had got from him once while wearing one to a fancy dress party a number of years ago was proof enough he would love her selection. The only difference this time is she would react to his advances and suggestions in the manner he had wanted. Sandra sighed as she remembered the evening ending in a row; born out of his deep frustrations and her repressed desires.


“You approve?”


“Sorry, ummm...  yes” Sandra said smiling.




Karen walked over to a black leather covered box. “Bit of a cliché perhaps but a lot of our clients like this style of box.”


“They do?”


“Oh yes this style of toy box is very popular.” Karen said opening it and Sandra looked inside. It was full of all manner of wonders. Some of which shocked her. There were ball gags, dildos, wrist and ankle cuffs, whips, floggers, and things Sandra had no idea what they were.


Karen closed the lid and smiling mischievously said “There are instructions with it.”


“There are?”


“Yes but not for you, they are for your master. Instructions on how to use his new Toy Doll and her accessories.”


Sandra was shocked, outraged and turned on by what Karen had just said. She felt herself beginning to get excited by the thoughts that were surfacing in her head. She saw herself strapped to the bed with her partner thrusting deep into her, his hard cock moving faster and faster. In these images Sandra was thrusting into him and moaning in pleasure. She wanted it and was crying for him to take her fully. Shocked by her thoughts she shook her head and if she could have sat down she would have. There were no chairs in the room bar the one attached to the machine.


Karen walked over to the machine and turned to face Sandra. “Do you want to proceed?”


Sandra paused for a few moments starring at the chair. However after what seemed a long time with her heart beating hard in her chest she resolved to go the full way. Like a dam breaking in her she was now certain that this was what she wanted to do. To embrace her solution, the solution Cm was offering to fulfil for her.


“Yes” Sandra said with firm resolve in her voice.


“Very well if you would come over here and sit in the chair please.”


At the base of the large cylindrical device, sat a black leather padded chair. The chair had arm and leg rests but no headrest. Above where the headrest would normally be an open helmet hung on the end of a ribbed tube.


Feeling slightly nervous Sandra sat down on the chair which seemed to mould itself to her body shape. Karen reached over the right arm rest and began to attach a strap which would hold Sandra’s arm tight against the padded arm rest.


“Do you have to do that?” she asked her voice trembling slightly.


“Yes you must not be able to move or there could be some danger to you during the procedure and we really would not want that to happen.”


“No. Okay. ”

Karen secured the other wrist then Sandra’s ankles. Around her waist and shoulders she secured more straps. Sandra could still move her head but she was pretty certain that the helmet above her would be lowered onto her head.

“During our previous meeting you felt that you didn’t want your submission to be obtained by making you a mindless automaton. Do you still want to retain your mental faculties?”


“Yes.... can this be done in such away as I would.....say submit if I had been that way inclined naturally?”


“Yes that is the way I would recommend and I have set the machine to work on that basis, plus we have built in a number of inclinations that your tests revealed plus a willingness to try new ones.”


“Okay so how does this work exactly?” Sandra asked.


“Well the machine will basically unlock and reprogram parts of your mind and in conjunction with your collar, which it will make at the same time, it is converting you. Once you or your partner places the collar round your neck you will be the submissive you want to be and he will love you too be.”


Karen paused for a moment and looked into Sandra’s brown doe eyes, she reached out and touched the warm cheek. “You will make a beautiful Doll my dear.”


“Doll?” Sandra said.


“Yes we call this machine the Doll maker. Of course the Dolls it makes are not the type little girls play with but those men want to play with.....” she paused licking her lips with her tongue before continuing....”and use and fuck.”

Karen turned and walked to the side of the machine and began to activate it. She keyed in the program for Sandra. Her finger hovered over the proceed key on the touch screen control pad.


“Are you ready?”


Sandra was lost in thinking about being a living pleasure Doll. The process worked best more easily if the subject was turned on already and thinking willingly about what they would be becoming; hence the reason for showing Sandra the clothes she would wear and the toys that would be used on her. Sandra’s mind was a whirl of images and thoughts and her vagina was growing more moist by the second.


Hearing Karen’s question she responded slightly breathlessly “Yes.”

Karen touched the pad and the helmet began to lower onto her head. She watched as it settled onto Sandra’s skull. Inside a multitude of micro filaments entered her mind and began to scan and reprogram all the aspects that had been selected. Behind the machine in a recess another process had begun. Within the circular recess a black shiny leather collar began to form. The collar was being grown from a mixture of Sandra’s DNA and materials which were organic and alive. The collar would when completed and placed around the neck of the wearer bond with the neck and link to the mind of that person. The moment this was done, like a hypnotic trigger, the collar would unlock and activate the programming that the machine was now planting into Sandra’s mind.


Karen watched carefully as Sandra’s face took on a blank look. She looked at her watch and tok note of the time. She would come back in an hour.


Tuning she walked over to the door and left the room, leaving Sandra to the tender ministrations of the Doll Maker.




Sandra stood in her bedroom looking at herself in the full length mirror before her. The refection looking back was that of a beautiful French maid but not like any maid you would have ever seen working in a grand Victorian house. As she stood admiring herself she began to run her red nailed hands over the material. She thrilled at the feel of the smooth black satin which held her body in its shiny embrace. She cupped her breasts and tweaked her nipples which could just be seen poking through the satin and she felt aroused more so than she had ever been before.


Beneath the uniform she was wearing a black PVC corset and crotchless matching panties. Seamed Cuban heeled PVC topped stockings and on her feet 6 inch heeled patent black leather court shoes. On her ankles she had double locked cuffs and on her hands sitting over her lace topped white satin gloves matching wrist cuffs.


The uniform had a sweetheart white lace trimmed neck line, full petticoats and a white satin apron which was tied at the back in a large bow. Sandra had fixed her black hair up on the top of her head with a few lose curls resting on the side of her face and a white satin and lace hair piece was attached to her hair; which sat on the front of her head just above her hair line. The lips of the mouth that was smiling in the mirror were bright red.


In one of her mirrored wardrobes all her new clothing, lingerie and shoes had been placed and a selection of various toys.


Sandra turned to her bed and walking over to it smoothed the red satin sheets down once again. At the four corners of the bed white silk ropes where tied in place. Sandra had made sure they were long enough to allow her to be spread eagled and secured tightly in place. The D rings on her wrist and ankle cuffs would be used for that purpose.


Placed on the white satin pillows, a bright red rubber ball gag, a black latex blindfold and several types of dildos including ones for vaginal use and anal use; a bottle of lubricant also sat on the right s bedside cabinet.


Across the carpet a number of red rose petal where spread out forming a trail from the front door to the bedroom. Around the room scented candles burnt slowly filling the room with a heady smell of jasmine.


Having picked up an envelope into which Sandra had placed a note earlier she then knelt on the floor in front of a black box. She opened it and sitting inside it a beautiful black collar with a white lacy frill at the top and bottom edge; at it’s from a beautiful embossed dome from which a ring hung.


She reached into the box and the moment she touched the material it felt warm to her touch. She lifted it out of the box and held it in both hands for a moment before she placed it round her neck. As the collar began to take her she spoke softly


“This is for you my love....I give myself to you fully in submission” as she spoke the last word the old Sandra faded, slipping away like a half remembered dream.




On opening the front door Tom knew something was up. The hall was illuminated by flickering candles and the faint smell of jasmine one of his wife’s favourite scents. The floor was covered in red rose petals which continued up the treads of the sweeping staircase. Tom followed the trail upstairs and into the bedroom that his wife used.


On entering the room he was greeted with the sight of his wife kneeling on the floor but dressed in a way he could only have ever dreamt of in his wildest fantasies and had done so many times. Alas he had never been able to inspire her to share his dreams and desires so he had not pursued or pushed them on her. Kneeling before him now was everything he had ever wanted.




"What have you done?"


There was no response from his wife. She knelt silently her eyes blank with just the slow rising and falling of her breasts showing she was alive.

Tom saw the envelope sitting before her and he bent down to pick it up. On opening it he began to read...


My Dearest Tom


I am so very sorry I have not been able to be and give you what you
wanted from me all these years.


It was not that I did not want to but simply that I did not know how
to give you what you needed; I know now.


I have been to Cm 'Collar me' and with their assistance (there is a full set of instructions and guidance from them for you) I have become what you see before you now. What I know you have always wanted.


If you still want what I want now, which is to offer myself as a gift.....to give you my total submission, then simply read the words below out loud.


“I accept your gift of submission and I will use you my Doll maid as I see fit and as you give yourself to me.”


If you don’t accept this gift, then remove the collar from around my neck and I will return to what I was, before I put the collar on.


Yours Forever... Sandra

Your living breathing French Maid, Fuck Doll.


Tom took the note and sat on a nearby chair. He looked at the words on the paper, trying to take in what they meant. He raised his head from reading to gaze at the stunning vision before him and he thought long and hard about what he was going to do.


The End




This is a work of erotic fiction and any similarity to persons living, dead or similar situations is entirely coincidental.


Copyright belongs to the author who is the originator and writer of the story THE COLLAR. No unauthorised copying or quoting is permitted without written prior permission. Failure to gain such permission will result in legal action.


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2 months ago. Sun 03 Dec 2017 04:01:37 PM IST

The Game


With her head pointing down when consciousness returned to Cathy she struggled to make sense of what her still groggy mind was telling her that she was seeing. Her vision was blurred but she appeared to be standing on a large black square and her legs seemed to be fixed to a round white base that had short tufts of bright green grass on it and over-sized mushrooms. I am dreaming she thought, I must be asleep but strangely Cathy did not recall having gone to bed and also strangely she did not notice that her legs where covered in bright white silk stockings and her feet in equally bright white patent leather, high stiletto, ankle strap shoes.


She tried to shake her head to clear the thickness in her mind but her neck did not seem to want to move much. Struggling she was able to move her head slightly to the left and right and then straight ahead. Opening her eyes more fully she saw a reflection of herself and gasped as she did not look anything much like how she did normally. She closed her eyes and tried to tell herself that she was dreaming. Opening her eyes again after a few minutes did not change the reality of what she was seeing.


Cathy was surrounded on four sides by mirrors and in them from all sides she could see that her hair was no longer black but was a bright almost artificial yellow blonde that almost seemed to have an inner brightness to it, like it was illuminated. Her face was thinner and slightly longer and her lips fuller and a slutty red in colour. It was the changes to her face that had hit her first but as all her senses began to clear, she also suddenly realized that she was no longer wearing her normal clothes. Blinking she took in the costume and no other word would do to describe it.


Cathy was dressed in an electric blue satin maid’s uniform, complete with white satin pinafore apron, frills round the bottom of the very short skirt, the edges of the puff sleeves and the sweet heart neckline. For the first time she could also see the white stockings on her longer legs, the shoes and she gasped again her much larger breasts which filled and pushed against the blue satin as she breathed. How is this possible she thought, this isn’t me and yet it is?


“So many questions sweet Alice”, a loud voice spoke. The voice seemed to fill her head but at the same time it resounded low and resonant around her.

“Sir, where am I?” Cathy spoke with her voice but not her voice, as it was subtly altered, warmer and more sensual than ever it had been before. She also wondered why she had addressed the unknown voice in the manner she had. She had not called anyone Sir since being at school; many years before.


“Ah…. sweet Alice, where to begin?”


“At the beginning is usually best, Sir.”


“Indeed it is sweet Alice.”


There was a pause before the disembodied voice spoke again.


“Well Alice you have been a very naughty girl and getting into trouble has brought you to me and if I say so myself you are my finest work to date, truly a wonderful Alice.” The voice was full of pride.


“Why thank you Sir.” Cathy said but as the words left her lips she wondered why she was not challenging the voice, as she was Cathy not Alice or was she?


“You will be very key in the upcoming proceedings.”


“The proceeding…. Sir?”


“Yes Alice you’re coming out, tonight, but first I need to complete you.”
“Complete me Sir, I don’t understand.” Cathy/Alice was confused, how could she be completed? She was complete or believed herself to be complete.

“Let me show, you my best Alice. Look within the looking glass.”


The mirror in front of her filled with images of Cathy/Alice being undressed by machines, cold mechanical hands cutting her clothing from her limp unconscious body. She saw herself placed on a table and then pulled into a large machine, as the table moved backwards into the bright white machine, which looked like a donut. Cathy/Alice wanted to giggle at the thought of being pulled into a donut but thought she better not, so she continued to watch the images in front of her. She saw her body bathed in light and her body hair falling away and being pulled into holes in the table top. She watched fascinated as her public hair drifted away like chaff on a gentle summer breeze to be pulled downwards and then vanish.


Devices probed her sex and pushed deep into her filling and expanding within. Gently vibrating and pulsing, such a lovely feeling, Cathy/Alice felt herself flushing with arousal. She saw her old self being altered as various devices, whose function she could only guess at touched and cupped and enclosed her. She saw her small breasts being pulled into transparent breast shaped formers and expanding to fill them; taking on the inner shape exactly. She saw her nipples stretching and hardening and becoming more sensitive. On that realization she noticed for the first time the shape of them under the satin of her uniform, the sensation of the smooth fabric on their tips and how the flesh below the fabric felt as her breasts rose and fell with each breath. The arousal grew and as it did she felt her vagina tighten upon something within.


As her body was altered upon the mirror before her, she witnessed the old body become as it was now, the old become new and fresh, the lack of purpose and reason to be replaced with new thoughts, not hers but still hers. Cathy’s mind shifted, sliding downwards, becoming nebulous and vague; the old like slipping away like the drifting smoke of a fire rising upwards and becoming less and less.


Alice/Cathy saw herself dressed, the white satin panties being slid up her legs, the dildo in their front slipping into her wet sex and the shorter one in the back pushed into and filling her anus. She felt them in her now pulsing and throbbing gently and she moaned slightly. After a suspender belt was placed round her waist and a bra on her breasts, the beautiful blue dress was next, her legs being left bare and smooth. As the lovely soft, slippy satin was pulled onto her and fused with her, dress and the body below becoming one. Alice/cathy felt lovely and beautiful and far inside her an orgasm was starting to grow; as the dildos in her vagina and anus pulsed faintly and gently in time with her emerging new awareness and the sensations those were creating in her body.


Alice/cathy watched as the apron was placed on her and a beautiful large perfect bow was tied behind her just where the lower back sweeps outwards to become buttocks. Alice smiled as she saw how the blue satin shimmered as her bum moved under it.


“Nearly finished now my sweet Alice,” the voice resonated deep within her mind, soul and body.


“Yes Sir, nearly there.” Alice/cathy’s voice lacked substance almost like she was speaking in a dream state. However her eyes were wide with awareness as she took in every aspect of the pictures of her transformation as they rippled and flowed across the mirrors.


In the mirror before her she saw herself lifted upwards and the white base she was now standing on, though lacking grass and mushrooms was placed below her on its top a pair of white patent leather shoes with 6 inch heels that appeared to be one with the surface of the round platform. Alice/cathy was lowered to the shoes and mechanical hands fitted her feet into them and tied the straps round her ankles. In amazement stockings grew out of the shoes and flowed up her legs stopping midway on her thighs. The tops of the stockings taking on the appearance of satin and beautiful bows; the exact duplicates of the one at the back of her apron formed, growing perfectly out of the surface of the satin like delicate orchids opening to the sun.


Suddenly Cathy was fully aware again, Alice had faded away and she felt fear as she recalled exactly what she had just been shown in the mirrors and felt while watching herself changed, into Alice. She looked around herself looking for the source of the voice and the mirrors faded away revealing that she was standing on a massive chess board. To the side of her rectangular boxes stood of various sizes and across the board, there were many more; each one occupying its own square.


“Chess..?” Cathy said looking puzzled.


“Yes my sweet Alice, you are an important piece in the ‘Game’.” There was a hint of amusement in the voice.


“Show yourself damn you I am a person, not a pawn in a game of chess……”


“No you are not a pawn,” there was a low chuckle, “You are the white Queen, Alice.”


“I am not Alice, stop calling me Alice, please, my name is Cathy.” If she could have moved her body to shake a fist in the air she would have but bar being able to turn her head, Cathy could not move the rest of her body.


From above her the entire surface of the chess board was thrown into shade as a massive face and the top of a body appeared. Cathy wanted to scream but she found that she could not as she stared into the face of a gigantic man, who was dressed like the Mad Hatter.


Cathy felt something brush her face, softly gently as a huge white gloved tip of finger materialized in the air next to her. It had substance but was not totally solid and yet she felt it.


“Of course you are Cathy my dear until the game begins and at that point you will be Alice, the Queen of the white pieces.”


“But I can’t play chess…..”


“What makes you think you are playing chess my dear sweet, foolish girl,” the massive face which filled the sky was laughing. “You are a piece in the ‘Game’ but it is we who are playing.”


“We…” Cathy turned her head slowly and saw no one.


From above and behind her there was a distinctly female laugh. A delicate hand filled the view in front of Cathy’s face. The fingernails beautifully manicured and painted bright red.


“Hatter,” the female voice above Cathy spoke, “let’s not deprive Cathy of being Alice for much longer. Please get on with it, if you don’t mind.”


“He so enjoys introducing new pieces to the board, don’t you Hatter?”


“Yes I do and Alice here is going to be ultra-special, I feel it in every piece and fibre of my very being,” The Hatter looked very pleased with himself as a broad smile filled his face.


“Get on with it she is missing her hair piece.”

“I was saving that till last my dear, now you have ruined my little surprise.” The massive face was scowling and then it smiled broadly.

In front of Cathy a beautiful blue satin covered hairband with a large bow on its top was held by a mechanical hand.


Cathy looked at it and wondered why it was so special, it was pretty and would match her clothing but…..


“Cathy Jenkings, you have been sentenced to three years Games play as Alice for crimes against the New Social Order“. A different voice was booming across the board. “You will retain awareness of what occurs to you during this time but your overriding personality will be that of Alice.”


The Hatter was smiling and rocking back and forward; looking both delighted and pleased with himself.


Cathy tried to shout in protest but her voice died in her throat and nothing but a low croak escaped her bright red lips.


“Ahhh my dear sweet Alice time to come out and play.” The Hatter was leaning forward across the board. “The deliciousness of this is you will be Alice as I have created and poor Cathy will be forced to sit and watch within, dumb and unable to do anything but play. I have heard it described by one other as being like watching from a window as you watch yourself helplessly playing.” He chuckled again before continuing. “As you witness yourself doing and engaging in all manner of sexual acts wildly perverse and diverse; all beyond your wildest dreams and fantasies.”


Cathy’s red lips formed a no but again there was no sound.


“Yes, Alice you will play and in playing be pleasured beyond your wildest darkest thoughts. Of course if you lose you will receive pain beyond your ability to comprehend and at times during the ‘Game’ a mixture of both”. At that he began to laugh loudly.


“How the Hatter loves to drag this out Alice. He seems to revel in the pathos and drama.”


In her head Cathy shouted and screamed, I am not Alice, what have I done I don’t know what I have done.


The female voice behind Cathy spoke again, “Hatter, show her what the base can do.”


“My pleasure and Alice’s I think.”


Below her the base began to move as armatures exited opening slots, some had dildos on them of various types and sizes. Some were tentacles, which whipped upwards and danced before Cathy’s face with electrodes on their tips, each one capable of delivering various types of electrical stimulation; for pleasure or extreme pain. One brushed across the satin of Cathy’s dress, as it did so she moaned into herself as her body responded to the stimulation. This can’t be happening to me, Cathy thought as she moaned again.


Several more, much larger mechanical arms slid slowly out of the base one with a whip in its shinny mechanical hand the other with a flogger.


Just as quickly as they had appeared they retracted into the base.


“As you can see my dear sweet Alice we have many toys to…. stimulate you with, including the ones that are part of your clothing.”


Cathy felt pulsing throbbing in her vagina and anus, her breasts squeezed by the bra under the dress and she screamed into herself.


“Have you any last words?” The Hatter said as he moved forwards to leer at Cathy.

Cathy felt her vocal cords relax.


“You can’t do this to me, this is inhuman, it’s wrong, its unconstitutional, it’s………………”


“Barbaric….. All of the above yes bar one, it is constitutional. You are not much interested in politics or current affairs Cathy. If you were, you would know that this form of punishment for mid-level crimes was introduced a year ago into the New Social Order.”


“But….. I have done nothing.” Cathy protested looking up into the now dispassionate face of the Hatter.


“They all say that Hatter.”


“They do indeed my dear opponent.” The Hatter was tuting as he said this and waving a huge gloved hand before Cathy’s face.


“Anyway onwards and upwards….” The Hatter reached across to Cathy and touched one of the mechanical arms holding the hair band.


Cathy tried to move her head but the arm lowered the hair band onto her head while two other smaller arms adjusted her hair. Cathy felt the band touch her head and then lots of tiny needles piercing her scalp. She cried out in pain as a burning sensation filled the inside of her head.


“My dear Alice you look beautiful now.”


“Yes Hatter indeed, beautiful.” The female voice cooed.


The voice of the announcer boomed out once more. “Let the ‘Game’ begin.”

The large rectangular structures that sat on each square vanished revealing that each one had sitting upon it another character from Alice in Wonderland. Cathy could see a woman to her right dressed like a large tabby cat, with a long sinuous tail, large ears, whiskers and black studded patent leather collar round her fur covered neck. Dangling from it a brass circular name plate, inscribed Cheshire. Her face was pulled back in a fixed broad inhuman smile. Directly facing across Cathy on the other side of the board a beautiful woman, with long raven tresses, wearing a long red silk dress with heart motifs upon it, a riding crop in her right hand and an ornate crown on her head, beside her a kneeling woman dressed in an almost identical dress to Cathy’s but it was black and white; obviously that of a maid. There were men in black rubber body suits, with tabards shaped like playing cards and various sex toys in their hands.


Cathy’s mind reeled at the total horror of what she was seeing before her. However before she could cry out another protest Cathy felt her mind slipping away.


“Alice, are you ready to play?” The Announcer asked.


“Yes Sir I am.” Alice said smiling.


“Queen of Hearts, are you ready to play?”


The Queen smiled and nodded silently.


“As Mystique has won the right to begin she has the honour of first move. Let the ‘Game’ begin.”


Inside Alice, Cathy watched in silent helpless horror as a huge female hand descended from above, a bright gleaming silver talon on the pinky, and picked the Cheshire cat up from beside her and moved it across the board.


The 'Game' had begun.



Copyright DrT 2013


This is a work of erotic fiction and any similarity to persons living, dead, or similar situations is entirely coincidental.


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Another old story I was able to track down. It is what it is, from a time when I wrote a lot, but wrote well, or not ? That's up to you the reader to decide. This story was inspired by this picture - image