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A Sensual Journey into a Mental Landscape

To me this blog is a sensual journey to be used as a tool for Mental as well as Sexual development. This is intended as One Man's guided thoughts focusing on a submissive's sensory inner desire to be called out.
5 days ago. Mon 11 Feb 2019 09:59:36 PM IST

There are moments
in Any Submissive's / Little's / Collared
When you need more from that dom as that daddy

If you can picture as that Alpha Male

You don’t just want my kisses,
My roaming hands and tongue,
My sweet words
Whispered in your ear,
Deep moans of satisfaction that i hear you emit
in my command

But this is REAL life
Wrapped in our love,
Secure in its warmth.

I see the look in your eyes.
I feel the restlessness
Of your body.
I read your pulse,
Know your mind.

Become one with a deeper nature.
Something new,
Yet old as time itself,
Wells up inside of you
And has to be unfettered.
This goes beyond the law of logic.
It frees itself from the realm of thought.
It transcends normal consciousness.
It needs only to feed from my MInd
It needs only to feel what i do allow you to surrender too

And open all the doors
And windows
To this body ( YOU) that i own.

This is the moment
Beyond lust,
And take what is MINE.
My movements carnal,
Never cruel nor sadistic.
I am overcome, with your desire to please
that inner nature not to ' give'
rather to be encouraged to '; GIVE PLEASURE"
Uninhibited, you see my manhood
Free and flowing,
Dripping with satisfaction
By the hands
That go beyond just touch, to feel my warmth
The mouth so warm and soft
That must engulf and taste me,
Every inch of me

This is when
The part of your body that needs me the most
Takes over and stretches wide open,
Everywhere, There is pain that amplifies
The heights of pleasure,
Beyond description.
I hear you beg as you growl out
Your consummation,
Collapsing as you kneel to show me
In our bodies’ sweat,
And, I am now marked
On the inside
By MY ecstasy.
it becomes breathless
it becomes the start of two bodies, two people
touching, exploring and yes my baby ...soooooooooloving.... Rest and find that inner solace 

Within my Embrace

4 weeks ago. Fri 18 Jan 2019 10:42:55 PM IST


Not moving,, sitting still.
looking at you not speaking till I talk....

Looking at you... taking everything in

Your looks curves, the way even you cross your legs
captivated not much time left before I have to leave

Everything around me stops...yes as that One Dom
i only see you....your lips go to ...Yes Sir...yet you don't say i.

Then you silently imagine the rugged hands of your Master,
exploring - Your plains, valleys, lush, damp forest can see when you look into my eyes that I have lust for you ...yes I WANT YOU.

I want to touch you
I want to feel you
I want to know how your body moves, every nuance of your movement.
I want to study you moving when you aren't watching.

I want to see where you place your hands when you are at rest.
I want to brush the hair out of your eyes as you kneel before me.

I want to see you laugh with your friends - as you know I am looking at you from afar - lustful
I want to get intense with you while knowing deep down that nothing will really change as you revel more of yourself to me.

I want to be the one you run to when you are happy or sad to release all the emotions to cry so that
 you want to fall asleep in my arms

I want to see the swell of your breasts and feel you draw a breath in as I touch them.
I want to feel you respond to my touch, enjoying, wanting, needing, and craving my touch.
I want to touch your belly and feel your jittery anticipation
I want to feel your body move under my hands, and under me, moving into me, with me, together as one.
I want to look into your eyes while I am inside you
I want to taste you and have that taste never leave my mouth
I want to hear you say my name in ecstasy
I want to know you by heart
I want to be the one you trust completely

I want to make you feel what it is like to feel so connected to me

Mentally - Emotionally - Erotically
Peeling your clothes off ever so slowly with my eyes as I taste every inch

savor that sweet nectarous goo i start to have intimate lovemaking....

Squeezing your legs ever tighter - as you tilt your head back as you can feel yourself creaming inside as you whisper Sir don't go .. Please let me....As i say i hear the symphony of sighs, panting and a few "O My g--d's" mixed in ...yes I let you go .. I want you to be how i
want to be for this is not a game or conquest ...I do want you to be emotionally connected and wanting me like i want you.

I want to gaze into your eyes
I want to express my affection to you as that Dominant in every way I can

I want us to find a way...Allow me to lead you.


Shall We?



1 month ago. Mon 14 Jan 2019 04:51:31 PM IST

I did see the Upside this weekend with aa group of friends - very insightful film - highly recommended.

As i was leaving the theater - i thought as a character named lily shows up ( no spoilers here)

But how they develop a pen - pal relationship that lasts over a year.

And thought of my own experiences with woman/submissives in the information age.

As we / men and women seek that ideal Dom-Daddy / Submissive ....No matter how much you think you know a cyber friend, you do not know them the way they really are. Even though your closest real life relationships may be mysterious, the fact you can perceive their mysteriousness by your interactions with them makes them more real than your real-life relationships.

In by profile it states that be it i am NOT opposed to writing / yet i draw the line to cyber domination - as i wish to ACTUALLY speak to the person - as i get questioned why...i reply that knowing people artificially in cyberspace gives you an artificial understanding of DS relationship they want you to have. This makes it harder to have real time DS relationships, especially those DS relationships that have real-world unsolved baggage. To me not just DS'ers but cyber friends are half friends, and it’s the other hidden half that keeps it from being real. Even in this rhelm there is no question it’s easier to un-friend or to ( coin a phrase) GHOST a cyber friend than a real world friend. Cyber relationships are easier to access and easier to dismiss. Some people like this context even in the DS world because of the “perceived safety” in these things. But is it really low risk and high reward? More and more i read about subs not being able to find that IDEAL dom or daddy or Master and vise versa - yet If most of these cyber relationships are damaging your real world relationships, then you will have to decide if you want to put aside your cyber interactions for the sake of your real world relationships or if you’d rather have the safety–albeit artificial one–of the Internet. There are allota people( even Ds'ers) who rather live in a fake world than learning and growing through the hard work of building relationships in the real one ...where an audible ' Thank you" is much more touching ...would you agree?

And that’s the Notebook


1 month ago. Fri 11 Jan 2019 11:22:03 PM IST

I've been dreaming again,
of dressing for you for my pleasure,
or being exposed,
of reaching up your hands,
and never coming down,
of spreading yourself,
vulnerable for me

I've been longing again,
for opening your mouth,
without saying a thing,
for looking at me,
eyes calling for release of my nectar,
for loving my touch,
fighting the sensual pain,
the object of my pleasure

you've heard my call,
my wish to command,
your talent and beauty,
the value and trust,
you can place in me.

In that most secret of places... You want to be cherished and worshiped yet I do not want to dominate as you do in your daily life..... You don't want to be dominated by a man... yet You have a desire to surrender to THIS MAN....thus captivating.
Enigmatic. A flowing contradiction of emotions, thoughts and feelings.


This will be Fabulous!

1 month ago. Wed 02 Jan 2019 08:41:57 PM IST

She opened the door wearing the red silk lingerie I had picked out for her, along with the black leather ankle strapped heels.  She said "Master  er…Daddy, how may I serve you tonight."  I stared at her for the longest time, clearly making her uncomfortable as she started to squirm while she was standing.  "Get on your knees, My Princess," I said and she did so.  She looked at the bulge in my pants and licked her lips.  She was always cock-hungry to serve and this time was no exception.  I stepped towards her and unzipped my pants freeing my cock.  I grabbed her by her hair and pulled her mouth onto my cock; she closed her eyes and took all of it deep in her mouth.  While she was sucking my cock she slid a hand in her panties and played with her clit.  She was moaning against my cock, she wanted to cum for me.  She looked up at me and I pulled away when she said "Daddy I want to cum for you, please, let me cum."  I pushed her down onto her back and knelt beside her to feel her wet pussy and I placed my hand on top of hers, which was stroking her clit.  I helped her masturbate for a short time when she started saying "Master ! Oh Daddy, please tell me to cum, I can't hold it!"  I leaned and whispered in her ear "Cum, my pet." Her body shook and she let out a series of gasps and moans as I felt the muscles of her pussy spasm as she came.  She opened her eyes and looked up at me, blushed and said "Thank you, Daddy."  I kissed her hard and pushed my tongue far into her mouth. 


I stood up took off my pants and slowly stroked my hard dark cock.  I ordered her to take off her clothes and we both stood there naked.  I went and got some lube and her Bullitt vibe  Like a well trained pet, She did not argue or ask questions - she stood there silently.  I watched her breath quicken so I knew she was enjoying this.  She always enjoyed it.


I walked her over to the bed and roughly pushed her forward over the bed with her ass sticking high in the air.  I took my hand and lightly ran it all along her body...up her legs, down her back, in her hair...just to tease her.  Then as I lubed my swollen black dick suddenly I inserted it deep within her ass.  She gasped and lost her balance a little.  I set her back up and pushed into her again.  And again. And again.  As I then took the Bullitt and put it deep within her I felt the vibrations.  My dick  felt so fucken good…  She was my pet, my slut, my Princess…  I wanted her to be reminded of me every time she moved.  I fucked her ass again.  She gasped.  I fucked her again, harder.  And again until she let out a little scream.  As I did this I brushed my finger along her slit...she was dripping wet. 


I got behind her and held my cock at the entrance to her ass once more - I could feel the heat pouring off her.  With my other hand I took her by the waist and pulled her back.  In one movement I drove my cock hard into her.  I fucked her in slow, long, even strokes as pushed back in the same rhythm.  I was ready to cum, but I wanted to hold on for as long as possible.  Her ass muscles were gripping my cock as I also felt the Bullitt vibe deep within me when she cried out "Oh Daddy, may I cum?"  "Yes…yes baby!" I said as I felt an orgasm shoot through her.  She bucked her hips and grunted.  I started fucking her faster and deeper.  Then I pulled out and pushed back in hard and deep as I started to cum.  I felt her orgasm again as my cum filled her ass.  I stayed there for a minute reveling in the warmth of her. 


I helped her stand and we collapsed on the bed together, her hands still tied behind her back resting on my cock as I held her close.   She steps out of the steaming bathroom with a towel wrapped around her.  She sits on the edge of the bed faces me and spreads her legs, tracing the inside of her thighs and slowly runs two fingers down her slit.  She leans towards me and traces her fingers along my lips showing me how wet she is. 


She lays back on the bed and removes the towel revealing her naked body.  She licks her fingers and pulls and caresses her budding nipples.  She leaves her left hand on her chest and moves her right hand down to her dripping pussy.  Her pussy is open and waiting, the lips plump and wet.  She slides her fingers up and down her slit and dips them in to graze her clit.  She gasps and looks over at me.  She stares into my eyes and then slowly moves them down my body.  She stops on my bulging cock.  I can see she is very turned on by my excitement as her fingers stroke her clit faster.  Her breath quickens.  I sit as I begin to take my cock and massage it as she watches. 


She moves her other hand down to her pussy and puts two fingers inside searching for her g-spot.  She moans loud "Oh fuck!  Fuck!" She squirms on the bed and arches her back, tensing every muscle in her body.  Her hand moves fast on her clit, pinching a little as she runs spirals on the tip with her fingers.  SHe moves her other hand moving in and out of her pussy.  She breathes deep and says, straining to hold in her orgasm, "Daddy, may I cum for you? Please can I LOVE you with my cum." 


I stand up and walk over the bed.  She is shaking as I place my cock on her lips, allowing her to kiss it and taste my pre-cum.  I lean down and say in her ear "Yes, my baby, cum for me my loving pet."  She lets go and collapses on the bed as the ecstasy runs through in spasms….sucking and Cumming at the same time…  She gasps and closes her eyes.  I watch as her orgasm slows down and I lean over her pussy and dip my tongue into her warmth.  She coos as I gently run my tongue over her swollen clit...I feel a shudder run through her.  Her hands are slick and warm as I take them in mine holding her.  I keep my lips on her pussy massaging and nibbling, keeping her aroused.  She relaxes and says "Thank you My daddy, my Master – as she hears me moan as I NOW begin to feast at her pussy to oblivion"


1 month ago. Thu 20 Dec 2018 09:57:41 PM IST

As you stand still in dressed all for me as i dictated

lace bra

high hit panties - full lace sheer hose

and your daddy's heels

thinking what
to do next and I approach you from behind, I cut
beneath your outstretched arm and find
I'm hungry for your face instead,
hungry for my future.

I reached out to embrace
the flat rock of your back
and felt what is mine - as i smelled the aroma of your

juices - as we kissed your tongue sensually danced
with my tongue.

Submission  to your daddy has a way of softening limbs,
oiling joints and melding hearts.

We burrow in closer
wrapping arms and legs over and under each other.

Earthy lust covers us
two bodies releasing one breath.

Finding home,
coiled and tucked in each other's sweat.

I'd like to kiss you daddy you ask
on the lips, as you kneel

then move up
to my belly

yet i said wait - come sit here - as i picture her nice body and lay on the sofa in front of me.
She spread her nice long legs and showed me her perfect trimmed pussy.

I watched her as she started touching her nipples until they stood hard. Her hands roamed her body, slowly moving down to her wet pussy.  As she moaned - ahhhhhhyyyesssssssss

She slowly rubbed her clit, as she slid two fingers inside her wetness.
I knew she loved feeling how wet she was. She has her eyes closed - so into it as she sighed my name well as My Daddy she was moaning, and it was driving me crazy, as I started to feel my cock budge within the pants of my tailored suit while watching her pleasuring herself for MY pleasure.

All of a sudden she got up and grabbed her new black toy…

I watched as she lay back, she put this vinyl cock between her tits, and got out some lube. She poured the lube up and down the big shaft and then began to stroke it just like my cock. It was a sensual and hot view…to again await me as she sis it to PLEASE ME

My cock was about to burst, when she stood it up and looked at it with total lust, as she stroked it up and down the full length. She closed her beautiful eyes and moaned as she run her hands up and down the thick shaft.

Then she started to move it towards her wet pussy. She put the head to her pussy lips and was sliding it up and down her swollen wet lips, trying to get the big head inside of her. When it finally slipped in, her eyes rolled back in her head as she felt the big cock stretch her wet pussy open as mine surely would. I was opening my legs to allow my thick cock to grow even more while watching her push this big dildo deeper and deeper inside her cunt.

I knew she was getting close and was ready to cum, because she was pumping it faster and deeper as her other hand was rubbing her swollen red clitoris…as she was going to ask me to have her release she knows better to ask then disappoint me after all this

As i know the wave was cumming ...she asked daddy please can ibllllllll she could not finish as i said NO NOT YET -again....please daddy she moaned - as i am not an ogre and very confident in my control of her emotions - I said yes - SHOW ME ..

I watched as her body started to shake all over with no control and she reached an intense powerful orgasm....moaning HOLY FUCKKKKK

My baby girl moaned and screamed in pleasure as her intense orgasm now into a third time run across her body.

As she moaned - the panting had subsided

i said HERE

My sweet baby girl finally got calm down and looked over me.
as she knelt as she was before now my cock throbbed as I saw her close her eyes as she took me fully into her mouth as she stroked it faster and harder.

I see her kissing around it and seeing it jerk and spasm, wanting her to lick it, wanting her to take it more in her mouth and suck it. I feel as i titlt my head back ...feeling it exploding and releasing its sticky white nectar. I know she savors the taste, the wonderful taste.

As she arose she left to the bathroom and, I thought, to get undressed. She had done her job. But she came back and lay down beside me, spooned herself to me on the sofa, and went to sleep. Could I have asked for more? No, I couldn’t but I still WILL GET A WHOLE lot more.


2 months ago. Tue 11 Dec 2018 10:28:10 PM IST

You're drifting off to sleep... tired... drifting off

you have lost track of time

you don't see him, but he's there... a dark figure...deep voice

you have heard it before

you feel the sheets pulled back..

feel a new heat

smell his cologne very distinct

his lips hover over you
your legs open
you feel lips
on your thigh
just above your knee
warm lips
kiss your thigh
drifting off
up your thigh
open your legs
you want more
kiss higher
a little each time
oh... god ...yes taste me daddy
now warm breath
just over your clit

as you feel him going IN and OUT

he takes in your scent
so sweet
tip of your clit
arch back
bring closer
long slow lick
lips now sucking
oh fuck... fuck.. yes ...shit yes!!
mouth on clit ...slowing savoring each crevice
please you move your hips more

on your belly now can feel him

deep inside -

your fingers feel the wetness

Yes...daddy fuck me
fuck me..take me
lips move up
sucking and tasting
the weight of his body
now over you
legs wider
hardness presses again
open wider baby he says
please my baby - in his deeply sensual voice
against you
so wet
slips in
shudder again
a little deeper
hard back Dark cock
fuck me
fuck me
fuck me...ah my GOD you sigh
lips on lips
heavy body
open pussy now
big fat dark cock
push deep
pain the contractions
fuck me
oh fuck me


yes yes

ever so thick cock deep
fucking you
filling you
fucking you
big thick cock filling
flowing wet
slips in deep
legs high now
squeezing his fat cock
fuck me
fuck me
make me into that fucking slut say
hot brutal fucking
pounding 2 animals
yes --im cumming daddy
fuck my pussy daddy..immmmmm
can i bless daddy...cum..words garbled under the emotion
oh fuck
soaked bed
oh my god
oh fuck
keeps fucking
pounding your cunt
rough fuck
big thick fat dark cock filling

as you slide two fingers now
flowing wet
slips in deep
legs high now

fuck me
fuck me
hot brutal fuck
pounding you
cumming god againnnnnn
fuck my pussy

the creamy white goo

foaming at the tip

as you insert your index finger now three
bless you daddddddddd
oh fuck
gaping as your three fingers caress your insides
soaked bed
oh my god
oh fuck
wet gush inside you
stop...mercy daddy
slows down

wake up... as you sigh

Ahhh gggoooood daddy....god

seeing No one beside you on the bed

and yet feeling the goo underneath you

the wet stain - the creamy stick goo

The sheets soaked

as you chuckle...God daddy ...i needed this so much smile you drift to sleep...

as you see the clock 5am ...and a ping on your cell.

you see his name on your phone in big bold white letters D A D D Y...........and now???


2 months ago. Tue 04 Dec 2018 10:49:47 PM IST

Why is it so hard

to find the words I’m i just compose and think

to recall

to express of feelings that I have.

Because sometimes there are no words


That can express that moment

of extreme desire, bliss, kink

all wrapped up in one.

For you to feel the power of MY Dominance

the humility of your submission,

merging into one.

Feeling the sting of MY slaps

The primal pull of your hair

Feeling the pain that leads

to that unique pleasure

that drips down your thighs

so i can fully inspect the gooey nectar

As your feel my tongue catch

every drip of you

tasting you

as you feel like the

endless fountain of desire for Your Daddy- Master - Lover.

You feel MY tongue delving, as another set of hands taking you as his very own

My Property.

As you now feel your body and mind are then taken to new heights

taken by two.. each with their own purpose

For a moment you lay still

then your given in to the sea of sensations

the waves of pleasure that never seem to stop

not knowing whose fingers, lips, tongues are creating

these feelings of pure lust, mental desire and ( gasp) yes and love.

Your body shudders as you reach and ask to surrender that release with such intensity, your moans fill the room and echoes in my head as i remember- was it real - Or a Fantasy of mine

Then silence..beautiful silence

As your being brought down slowly

and talked to quietly by me - to reasure you, that what you did was the right thing to do.

The preperation

The positions

Even to what shoes to wear

I look into both your eyes

and see nothing but pure love and desire

it was a moment that has set the course

for me.

A moment that words truly can’t define

except for:

Beautiful perfection…

As i imagine you whispering as you kiss me


I love You Master ((yes you))

2 months ago. Fri 30 Nov 2018 08:29:10 PM IST

To give me the freedom to fully
uncover that true beauty
I know that inner submissive - she in there...
awaiting the tender kiss of your Daddy?

little vulnerable weak from hunger
petal by petal opening
to reveal the real you


Wondering what’s next

Bringing you to the edge
Then pull back

All your senses


Pleasure then Pain
to be ENAMORED by i say.

As I
Make you await
And desire
Not to please me
But to allow yourself in the pleasure
For me
To release you

Not from the stress of the day
But from the inner workinhgs of your MIND

So many could not understand the inner power
day by day - so in control
making all the decisions
yes NOW
you have one that YOU can SURRENDER to

Not as a Woman
Not as Mom
be it respected
BUT as a SUB


To dedicate the GOO be free in orgasmic bliss
that the savor of his manhood covered in your juices as you

You like when I allow you to touch yourself there for me, please do it again" princess you reply I wish that you would touch me there daddy.

I'll make you cum just for me
You are MY bitch, MY whore
but a good whore is hard to find as well as a sub.

I know your out of my mind
I'm see you on your knees
you know you like to have me torture you

But allowing you...


Rest upon me

Not just your body


Mind as well.