A Sensual Journey into a Mental Landscape

To me this blog is a sensual journey to be used as a tool for Mental as well as Sexual development. This is intended as One Man's guided thoughts focusing on a submissive's sensory inner desire to be called out.
1 month ago. Thu 23 Aug 2018 12:09:39 AM IDT

As you await me the door is unlocked when I try the handle. Good, better this way. I hear the music and the vanilla scented votives and head up the stairs. I walk into the bedroom and place my bag down next to the bed. I gently sit on the satee and prop myself up on your pillows. I hear you come out of the bathroom when the curtain being pushed aside. A few moments later the door opens and you walk into the room with what I had asked you to be ready in

A lace bra and full cut panties – thigh highs with the thick lace and 5in ankle strapped heels – with my cologne on. Your lips curve up as you take in the sight of me on the sofa like chair – wearing a well fitted black jacket – crisp olive shirt with deep indigo jeans and black suede loafers. Your eyes
wander up my outfit as My eyes take in the curves of your hips through the sheerness of the fogal stockings I purchased . They drift upward to your breasts sheathed in a shear underwire lace bra. I can hear your breath getting quicker. I know you didn't expect me this soon. I move my hand forward and cup your sex, gently probing you with my fingers. "Ready for me already I see princess," I say as I feel your waiting wetness. You smell sweet and clean and the scent rushes to my head. You sigh as you move your legs out a bit to give me better access. "A bit too ready I think daddy." And I abruptly take my hand away. Your nipples have turned into hard little buds and your breasts are heaving from your excitement. I want to take them into my mouth and suck them but I need to show restraint. "Kneel down – Now Princess," I order and you kneel on the floor in front of me.  Yes daddy – you comply - "Do you want to touch me? Do you want to taste me?" You moan and respond with a throaty yes. Yes Daddy – let me feel your beautiful full manhood for me," you say quickly correcting yourself. "Then unbuckle me – take your time then . Suck my cock.

"You're such a good girl." The fire begins to rise in my cock and I ache to have you touch me. but I will not give you that control.

But from the flames rising in your cheeks I can tell that you are anything but scared or sorry. I can see the wetness on the inside of your thighs. "If you want to get that pussy fucked that badly, then you need to touch me, not just kneel there."

Do you want me to fuck you?" I ask. "Yes please Daddy." I move my hands about a half inch above your body, over your mound, your breasts. I watch you strain to lift yourself to come in contact with my hands. You want it too much. You need to learn patience and restraint. "Don't try and move to my hands." I warn. "I'll touch you when I'm ready."  As I feel the crotch so warm and gooey wet …as I begin to caress

That familiar feeling begins to rise in my cock again. I pull free and move further up your body until my dark manhood is above your face. I lower it onto your waiting lips. "Fuck me with your tongue. Lick me." You lap at my dark manhood, moving your head up so you can reach every part of me. Delicious. I grind myself into into you. Oh god. Licking. Biting. Nipping. I grab the armrests to steady myself. My juices cover your face. Yet I say I must have you... now.

I lean forward and part your lips with my fingers. I can smell your heat, your wetness. My tongue flicks out and catches your hard little bud. *gasp* You suddenly suck at me harder. I keep my tongue gentle, barely licking you. I give your pussy a gentle slap, just enough to sting. As I hold you up and over – as you look into the full length Victorian mirror – as you look not at US but into my eyes as they feed right into you… as I take you and insert all of me in – I don’t even care how the stains will be on my jeans – I WANT THIS…as you buck your hips up to increase the pleasure. I smile to myself. You have such an exquisite pussy, tastes and feels so good. I set to taking you harder now. Tracing your clit with my manhood, delving it into your core. The taste is divine. I push a finger inside you and have to hold on to keep you from bucking me off. I can feel your moan

I dive back to your pussy….as I insert ALL OF ME … You deserve relief now. Slap on your ass from behind….. I hold your waist. fucking you harder. Another hand slap, harder. You're moving to my motions. I bite at your back – tug your hair, suck at the nape of your neck. I can't get enough. The rhythm is driving me wild. You're so fucking sweet. Feeling my cock at your clit again, I can feel your muscles clenching. You moan louder and I raise your hips up to meet my cock....as you feel me more You look as you see us – not believing its finally true

As I make you look as I say – Princess – look at me – hear me when I say that

I love fucking you. I pump my cock faster.  faster. Harder. Your sex clenches my cock tighter. ( I feel you) as You pulse. Muscles stiffen.  As I say

ASK ME – yes daddy

Can I CUM please …let me gift this to you daddy

Please You scream. Bucking. Moaning.

Yes …as I feel the panting – the toes curling in your shoes - You cum all over. Juices hot. Oh, so good.

As I pull out slowly – holding you – kissing you as I say ‘ Clean me :

Yes daddy – yes!!

Your voice hovers inside my head, all around my body, inside me, deep inside me and I groan. My body opens to you and I feel the growing heat of my nectar spread to your inner core. I can't wait.
Your body pushes me hard and I succumb to it. My body feels your monologue over every inch of me deep inside. My flesh responds. My own mouth cries out from the ravages of yours and to let you feel what my promises have done. Words, hot and wet, beckon you to join me yet again as we kiss

As i whisper to your right ear – baby --- daddy wants his princess again.

1 month ago. Tue 21 Aug 2018 08:56:21 PM IDT

As you can feel me as I say so deeply and assertively

Come close to me princess
As you can feel as your inner person says My body needs you Sir, can you hear it calling?
Let us become one for little while that you and I belong to each other
just lay your head on my pillow, make your way to become vulnerable to me as our bodies will commence a motion so sublime.
Feel me as you hold this strong body close to you, as I whisper things you need to hear, capture you in my arms and hold you, hold you near.
After all the emails- texts - calls - Now this is consummated
Tomorrow the separation will inevitably come,
but here and now, let our bodies cease to be two
as they become one. The need overtakes me as i can feel you
in powerful desire, shamelessly it fuels my internal fire,
as I gather you deeper inside my body,
the world fades away in this lustful reality.

As that Dom I too feel that my body needs you, can you hear what it is saying…as i whisper “everyone needs something or someone to love”, my pet
so for this let us be what we each requires.
Mmm… yes Sir - take me and make love to me in all the ways you fantasized, knowing that when the candles are spent,
the scent still lingers as i surrender myself to you sir.
Commend me - Command me - Consume all of me Sir!
As i follow your commands… hold me close in your powerful embrace while our heartbeats keep pace,
to your utter obedience
looking deeply into my eyes, as you stand before me all in your precious beauty.
at this moment in time, you are more than a woman to me BUT my Submissive as you are MINE
and I am your prize.
Yes - arch your body while my hands
keep us in intimate contact, encircling you passionately,
holding firmly the small of your back,
tears of ecstasy roll down your face;
it has been tooooo long since you felt this way....so erotic - so taboo - yet so right!
Can your fingers move like mine? Searching and roaming making your whine,, touching your lips
as i instruct you to kneel
fully clothed as you caress and feel my thighs, where my hips will buck when there deep inside,, you have no idea how much I wanted you here, tasting your flesh kissing your ear, as your hands and lips caress my maleness can take your hands place but not before I grant you get a good taste, sliding your tongue along my shaft, taking me in hearing you gasp, So let me take your hands Sir and
feel my hands command control then feel as i take ownership as we fuck.
Feel me baby, Feel me close,
as if you never want to let go,
let this be a time to remember,
the one that will comfort us - as the time and day linger on.

Your body needs me, can you hear what it is deprived of… You crave to taste my tongue
miss the playful way
you feel me sucking on your bottom lip
and how you hear my deep moans
to the rhythm of your tongue dancing all over my manhood - as You now control!

It's erotic enough to make me you wet
and I know you can't help
but as you read - you ask - and think - Yes I want more
More of that inner feeling
that jolt in your stomach
tingling all the way to your toes
as you squeeze tightly
Again - this is surreal ... you ask - and think - Yes I want more
of him

need more

2 months ago. Wed 15 Aug 2018 12:21:40 AM IDT

I've been dreaming again,

This submissive
of dressing for you for my pleasure,
or being exposed,
of reaching up your hands,
and never coming down,
of spreading yourself,
vulnerable for me

I've been longing again,
for opening your mouth,
without saying a thing,
for looking at me,
eyes calling for release of my nectar,
for loving my touch,
fighting the sensual pain,
the object of my pleasure

you've heard my call,
my wish to command,
your talent and beauty,
the value and trust,
you can place in me.

Beautiful and stirring.
Desire is an intoxicating thing and often a double edged sword.
You do feel my commands, sweetheart.
As i know you maybe apprehensive to unleash your inner desires to me.
There is fear in knowing that were you to venture into MY world....
you may fear you may never return to yours.

Yet seek rest in me

In that most secret of places

So I'm offering up my emotions as well
your inner thoughts and feelings (so it be also),
As that Submissive ( my own) will you  allow me to have it?

2 months ago. Fri 10 Aug 2018 09:34:38 PM IDT

She touches me in the dark
She can never refuse me
I have a part of her, the part that is only mine
She opens her body to satisfy only me
She feels my eyes roving over her as his desire grows

Each curve - the suppleness of her breasts

The way her legs - so shapely in sheer hose

The way her heels are holding her so straight

He kisses her and finds his mark Excitement and fire burning from each limb
His love making is amazing and he moves to please the woman that is
Worthy and valued to him in every aspect, every way his to glorify
The woman he cherishes with every movement, every love word he shows.


Every look she gave to me
Every sting from my hand on her ass
Every part of her body as i can feel with my fingers wanted more,
Yes...FUCK she Needed more

As i told her to lay on her back in the darkness

loved as she looked in her thigh highs and heels

legs open at the ready - bottom hot and Welty - lotus pink swollen and open
I can see she is consumed with how she surrenders her passions to me
Yet in every part of me - i do want her so

as i said just you fucking
stay right there (like she needed
telling), with my hands
doing the talking in holding,
as my voice became deeper- more commanding yet so deeply sensual 

As i entered her my kitten as i felt her blossomed into sighs and
colorful expletives directed at me, as she knows i love when she is so free
And I of course, took delight in seeing her eyes roll up on sensual ecstasy
the accepting of my full manliness & all she would give onto me in return.

She lay in the sheets of white
Soft beneath her touch
Turning her head - seeking hazel green blue eyes
She smiled at the beautiful sight.

My hands played with her hair
Pulling it, loving the feeling of her submission
She groaned with anticipation and desire
Knowing she was all MINE, a lifetime for me to care.

As i claimed her neck and bit it softly
Tasting her fingers, touching her breasts - suckling
She gave me everything that he wanted
Feeling my thighs, loving his body.

I owned her that night
Laid her on her back, as she sighed sweet orgasmic music - again and again
Filled her with MY seed, taking ownership what gifted
As she lay in the sheets of white.

I asked by her heart and mind
To not feel too much,
So for now....Yes daddy ...she answered I shall lovingly OBEY!

2 months ago. Thu 26 Jul 2018 11:10:25 PM IDT

As I direct you – as you desire to kneel before me

As I direct your face your tongue flat against me  my kitten,

As you start to caress this deep dark and well swollen jewel

As you can feel the hardness – the thickness – the tone

Of a darken tan- red

As you close your eyes and slowly sliding,

drawing small circles, with the curled point,

upon hard nub, as you savor each and sigh

seeping pre cum does lips anoint,

sliding into heat, starting to suck,

feeling pressure of my passion rise even harder,

pulling at your head, dragging mouth from head to shaft,

don’t jerk up and down – let me erect

all you need to do is simply suck

the need in your eyes,  the lust you just can’t disguise,

you gaze deep into them from inches upon inches you take in,

feeling warm mouth parting your moist lips,

as more hardness follows, body flinches, as you can feel my pulse

slowly pressing in, thrusting with my hips,

as you feel me face fucking you now

take it – savor it – dare I say to LOVE IT

as I see you holding me tight, pulling out,

then slowly filling your mouth, once again,

glow of love in your eyes is on fire kitten,

pace of your willful duty does momentum gain,

till my thrusting becomes so urgent,

and pressure in my loins grows intense,

waves building, crashing in an instant,

again and again, then feeling you open,

and drink of my sweet nectar , its creamy thickness

as you now collapse upon my lap,

as I pick you up

wrapping my arms round you, holding on tight,

as I too can feel your body shudder and quiver anew,

I now can feel the wetness of your lotus

As I say on all fours!

for now your soul as well as your body

will soar in sensual and yet orgasmic euphoric flight.


2 months ago. Tue 24 Jul 2018 09:55:00 PM IDT

You asked me what I want from you my Kitten
And so I will answer you
With the greatest of inner desires,
That I want it all.

Your eyes and your heart beating for me
Your desires turning to me to be filled
Your hips rising in request for your Daddy
To peel the panties across your thighs as i get to feel the moistness of what will be mine to explore

The taste of your lips and your tongue
Wetting my mouth,  as i direct you - yet you also feel the insatiable need to kneel as you see back arched
As you show me the light within you as you close your eyes and feel my manhood getting stiffer with each slurp
And these are just the beginnings.

as i close my eyes and just see images dash back and fourth as i simply enjoy

Sweet seduction – as that Muse your teasing looks
Lingering touches – just enough to make daddy hard
Stolen glances – repeatedly repeated as your cross ur legs
Phone calls and conversations - remembering how wet you were - yet too shy to tell me
Desires and longings embraced and accepted
Seductive whispers – close to my ear
Sweet selection – seductive suppositions in text/phone/email
Deep kisses with tantalizing touches
Moments stolen away together
Souls quivering into infernos
Welcoming my praises of esteem
fingers upon skin collides
Wet upon wet embraced and encircled
Breathless, headless, remorseless
deep release sought after
Consecration of souls joining
Risks taken, fears denied
Ecstasies achieved in secret over the phone even in person
Being verbal as commanded

Sounds wet and vigorously repeated
Fingers , sweet moans and belly and bathed in sweat
To ask to allow yourself that inner pleasure
hearing Daddy say YES KITTEN
as you allow yourself pleasure - as toy new feel fingers as well as your panties marinated in liquid realizations

Your pussy wet and warm
From my directions
And the friction of your fingers - lost in subspace
Eager once again to send me- what is my prize
Deep inside you aching womb

Yes -  that which is dediacted to me --------- Your CUM


2 months ago. Thu 19 Jul 2018 07:50:02 PM IDT

I ask myself, with gentle irony,
Whether you have ever been in love;
When I can imagine you looking down and watch fingers rove
Across your belly as you open the folds of your legs - as you caress the wet and yet very alluring lips - yes - MY "property" -

To get comsumed in mental yet sensual lust

As you felt all day ( the wetness staining your panties)
Yet your mind wants you to wonder if you have capacity
To switch from lust to love; and would that prove
That it was right to let you, then, obey as you
listened as you removed your clothing: yes, you obeyed me,
But was foolish and deluded too do it earlier
In this rhelm should be more than just cumming;
It should be that inner energy that as a Man represents
Someone you really need beyond yourself... Ah....as you can imagine my soft kisses melt you. And my scent..the way i dress. It's just divine. Drives you mad. As you hear my deep voice you feel so free there at my command kitten.

As i instruct you to reach into your top and started to play with your nipples which always drives me crazy hearing you sigh.

Bending down you hear me sensually commanding you to pinch harder. So passionate for me as you comply. Then to reached between your legs and began to rub your clit. Mmmmm. So good you sigh. I asked you who's clit it was. Who's pussy it was.

Yours Daddy.

Who's slut is it.

Yours too Daddy.

I love how you allow me now to claim you..in time own you. Declare you as MINE. As i tell you to close your eyes - imagine me looked down at you. Eyes intent on MY control. Staring into my eyes. you fixate on my gaze as I hear you start to beg please Master, please.

Please what baby?

Please Daddy it needs to cum.

Staring into my eyes your body almost erect - knees up - fully opened ...feeling your ass arched so seductivly off the matress ...Then I verbalized my command. ...once...twice ...never reaching a third ever ...but it was like a wave you never felt before ( yes you read about sub space so many times) now experiencing it for real...as you sigh

Mercy - YES ...you hear me say...yes i am pleased ...yes you were done.

I heard you came so hard calling MY name.
I feel you shy sometimes that you will need more than that at times. three times into a true subspace/headspace, there was euphoria afterwards and the soreness the next two days but. you love what happened so very much. you hunger for that same feeling day and night.

When we met you were so self conscious but to ME ...i say ...she's a beauty
I love to look at you - even as you orgasm
Loved your long hair and to me her endless duty.

No one else had the power that you held to surrender
For she was MINE
To motivate, force her to excel

Yes i was firm with her but gentle at the same time
She was and will be MY good girl
Always wanting to make me proud, no limitations to climb.

Let me take your breath away again I say
Grip the light away

open once again
“You feel wetness once again on its way?”

yes i do you say ....yes God knows i do...

You sigh and moan
Lips part and give way

as you once again caress the wetness

“Yes daddy”
As your orgasmily drift away...once again


3 months ago. Fri 13 Jul 2018 11:40:04 PM IDT

AS YOU Lie on the bed as if in tempest,  tossing and turning, insomniac's captor, the sheets  twisted like foam upon a wave. Exhausted I cling to the bed's  side like a raft, my leg thrown over like an anchor. Watching from the door you quietly enter , shedding clothes as you go as i can see the curves of your breasts in the darkness And as you  stretch your body's length along mine, kiss  the nape of my neck to let me know you are there. Gently  pulling my hips back towards your body, you can see mine there stiff and proud, a gentleman waiting to enter.  Sleep wins and you hold me tightly as I drift off.

Waking hours later and refreshed, I see your body splayed like a banquet before me , begging to be consumed. I am ravenous my baby( fuck).  Fingers and lips like skiers wend their way down your chest to the base of your lotus., lost in your  softness and smell.  You stir, moaning, eye flickering, somewhere between sleep and night.  You are mine baby - my property....my inner possession..look into my eyes…see into the soul that rules over you.

As you are accountable ONLY to me now taking your full measure, I move from base to peak like a climber, my rhythm increasing  till I feel your tremors in my bones.  My mouth engorged with your pussy, your hands suddenly alive in my hair,  muscles rippling you pull me in one swift move, up  upon the bed. The shock of my hands entering you as your muscles contract , as I turn you quickly , hips over  mouth ,waiting.  And suddenly the vacuum my hand creates  is replaced by your tongue and kisses, the only one allowed this trust. FUCK And as we begin again the  room fills with the sounds of ( not fucking BUT)our lovemaking, licking sucking sighs..as you take my love tool deep into your mouth, tasting the sweetness of your pussy juices all over me.

As we reach that intersection of need and desire, our bodies full and tense, I  pull you back once again from the brink, back to front, your arms held as if by velvet cords to my chest. Entering your pussy from behind, my hand upon your ass cheek and your clit caressing up and down  upon my pubic hair as I see my dark cock glistening with the wetness, we face the mirror of our desire  and come as one my love…feel me fill your cervix with creamy sweet milk…as I know make you see me kneel and savor your womanhood….close your eyes….relax again ….to reap the fruits of my labor!


3 months ago. Wed 11 Jul 2018 07:47:21 PM IDT

For my kitten it all begins with mischievous look
each day as she selfies herself for me.
Her eyes captivating mine and She waits
until we can speak
knowing each second her heart beats faster
as she sees my number her body begins to quiver in anticipation
thighs spreading as warmth turns to heat
as she has been directed too.
shifting under that powerful stare
until she is nothing but sensation waiting for Her next breath...as she hears my hello


it begins with a whisper
hello daddy
and a passion....barely spoken as it floats to my ear
sliding between her lips, down her throat
taking control of every nerve till she is breathless
But i can hear it, the slight gasps, the trembling words
yes...yes ...FUCK daddy...and then She says my real name
and i melt, slipping into the magic of the words over Her full lips...as i can see her speaking to me.

beit yet as she comes from work - the pressures of the day.

No... no...

it begins with an emotion, a need
pure, raw, almost animalistic in nature
there is no cure, no medicine to lessen her inner desire
the tears of joy
to orgasm not just vaginally
but emotionally
as i allow her to grab Me/us tightly in an ever climatic expression of touches and moans that i do orchestrate
each movement of Her fingers creating a spiritual journey across skin
across her clit - as she opens her legs more - verbalizing her inner passion and lust for me over curves of flesh until she asks for my permission

And upon hearing me say YES

I can hear from her pants that heaven is finally reached...

No... no... as HER MAN - I thrive off the lust of woman is what I truly feed from. To make a woman lust for me, This woman is wonderful to ME

And yet begins with these words... Mine... and Mine alone

Be ready for me Kitten...

3 months ago. Fri 06 Jul 2018 10:01:36 PM IDT


I crave your taste upon my tongue. Filling all of my senses with the sweetest honey.

I want your inner demise at my hands, as you feel this Daddy softly stroking your skin as your sighs fill my ears. As the tingles on your neck send thoughts to me that any daddy would demand you give into.

The way you see the strength as i kneel to savor what is truly MINE.

The taste of your outerlips on my tongue, blinding you to surender in your lust for me my kitten that I alone created from carnal desire. I want  to destroy you in sweetest way.

Falling down a rabbit hole of utter mental and phyiscal pleasure, and sensual abandonment. The taste of you overwhelmingly clogging my senses, and my teeth softly attached to the skin on your clit. Taking over you with abandonment.

As all i hear now is YES...DADDY!

I want my marks upon your flesh, branding you and reminding you how long this may last. Yet you are at my beckon call begging for release. Begging for me, begging to want me. Begging for your peace within.

Begging for your Daddy Kitten!

All I want is now on top of me is you free, and your heavy breathing when we send each other to the places we need to be.

Pretty thoughts tangled in ugly sheets.

To eat that pussy, and make it numb,
so you can relalse into that mental space so that you can't feel
yourself cum to amd for MY plesaure.

wet tongue 




echoes crawling

screaming - Can i bless Daddy


lip biting



as i nod yes....as i feel the flow coming


coming yet again

There rest...as i take what I need, and you'll keep the memories.