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A Sensual Journey into a Mental Landscape

To me this blog is a sensual journey to be used as a tool for Mental as well as Sexual development. This is intended as One Man's guided thoughts focusing on a submissive's sensory inner desire to be called out.
5 days ago. Tue 11 Dec 2018 10:28:10 PM IST

You're drifting off to sleep... tired... drifting off

you have lost track of time

you don't see him, but he's there... a dark figure...deep voice

you have heard it before

you feel the sheets pulled back..

feel a new heat

smell his cologne very distinct

his lips hover over you
your legs open
you feel lips
on your thigh
just above your knee
warm lips
kiss your thigh
drifting off
up your thigh
open your legs
you want more
kiss higher
a little each time
oh... god ...yes taste me daddy
now warm breath
just over your clit

as you feel him going IN and OUT

he takes in your scent
so sweet
tip of your clit
arch back
bring closer
long slow lick
lips now sucking
oh fuck... fuck.. yes ...shit yes!!
mouth on clit ...slowing savoring each crevice
please you move your hips more

on your belly now can feel him

deep inside -

your fingers feel the wetness

Yes...daddy fuck me
fuck me..take me
lips move up
sucking and tasting
the weight of his body
now over you
legs wider
hardness presses again
open wider baby he says
please my baby - in his deeply sensual voice
against you
so wet
slips in
shudder again
a little deeper
hard back Dark cock
fuck me
fuck me
fuck me...ah my GOD you sigh
lips on lips
heavy body
open pussy now
big fat dark cock
push deep
pain the contractions
fuck me
oh fuck me


yes yes

ever so thick cock deep
fucking you
filling you
fucking you
big thick cock filling
flowing wet
slips in deep
legs high now
squeezing his fat cock
fuck me
fuck me
make me into that fucking slut say
hot brutal fucking
pounding 2 animals
yes --im cumming daddy
fuck my pussy daddy..immmmmm
can i bless daddy...cum..words garbled under the emotion
oh fuck
soaked bed
oh my god
oh fuck
keeps fucking
pounding your cunt
rough fuck
big thick fat dark cock filling

as you slide two fingers now
flowing wet
slips in deep
legs high now

fuck me
fuck me
hot brutal fuck
pounding you
cumming god againnnnnn
fuck my pussy

the creamy white goo

foaming at the tip

as you insert your index finger now three
bless you daddddddddd
oh fuck
gaping as your three fingers caress your insides
soaked bed
oh my god
oh fuck
wet gush inside you
stop...mercy daddy
slows down

wake up... as you sigh

Ahhh gggoooood daddy....god

seeing No one beside you on the bed

and yet feeling the goo underneath you

the wet stain - the creamy stick goo

The sheets soaked

as you chuckle...God daddy ...i needed this so much smile you drift to sleep...

as you see the clock 5am ...and a ping on your cell.

you see his name on your phone in big bold white letters D A D D Y...........and now???


1 week ago. Tue 04 Dec 2018 10:49:47 PM IST

Why is it so hard

to find the words I’m i just compose and think

to recall

to express of feelings that I have.

Because sometimes there are no words


That can express that moment

of extreme desire, bliss, kink

all wrapped up in one.

For you to feel the power of MY Dominance

the humility of your submission,

merging into one.

Feeling the sting of MY slaps

The primal pull of your hair

Feeling the pain that leads

to that unique pleasure

that drips down your thighs

so i can fully inspect the gooey nectar

As your feel my tongue catch

every drip of you

tasting you

as you feel like the

endless fountain of desire for Your Daddy- Master - Lover.

You feel MY tongue delving, as another set of hands taking you as his very own

My Property.

As you now feel your body and mind are then taken to new heights

taken by two.. each with their own purpose

For a moment you lay still

then your given in to the sea of sensations

the waves of pleasure that never seem to stop

not knowing whose fingers, lips, tongues are creating

these feelings of pure lust, mental desire and ( gasp) yes and love.

Your body shudders as you reach and ask to surrender that release with such intensity, your moans fill the room and echoes in my head as i remember- was it real - Or a Fantasy of mine

Then silence..beautiful silence

As your being brought down slowly

and talked to quietly by me - to reasure you, that what you did was the right thing to do.

The preperation

The positions

Even to what shoes to wear

I look into both your eyes

and see nothing but pure love and desire

it was a moment that has set the course

for me.

A moment that words truly can’t define

except for:

Beautiful perfection…

As i imagine you whispering as you kiss me


I love You Master ((yes you))

2 weeks ago. Fri 30 Nov 2018 08:29:10 PM IST

To give me the freedom to fully
uncover that true beauty
I know that inner submissive - she in there...
awaiting the tender kiss of your Daddy?

little vulnerable weak from hunger
petal by petal opening
to reveal the real you


Wondering what’s next

Bringing you to the edge
Then pull back

All your senses


Pleasure then Pain
to be ENAMORED by i say.

As I
Make you await
And desire
Not to please me
But to allow yourself in the pleasure
For me
To release you

Not from the stress of the day
But from the inner workinhgs of your MIND

So many could not understand the inner power
day by day - so in control
making all the decisions
yes NOW
you have one that YOU can SURRENDER to

Not as a Woman
Not as Mom
be it respected
BUT as a SUB


To dedicate the GOO be free in orgasmic bliss
that the savor of his manhood covered in your juices as you

You like when I allow you to touch yourself there for me, please do it again" princess you reply I wish that you would touch me there daddy.

I'll make you cum just for me
You are MY bitch, MY whore
but a good whore is hard to find as well as a sub.

I know your out of my mind
I'm see you on your knees
you know you like to have me torture you

But allowing you...


Rest upon me

Not just your body


Mind as well.

3 weeks ago. Tue 20 Nov 2018 08:47:33 PM IST

Yes princess – I do possess the key to your passion to unlock
My lust, My desires , MY passions , and my rules, when we greet as you verbalize to me your

Inner inhibitions

Mental surrender as you feel the pulsing ebb and flow feeling and yes even tasting the reality of this wet dream

As you obey in Dress

Knelt – hands and palms extended

As I tell you to lie
Imagining my tenderly licking through your fine hairs, MY tongue savoring your sweeten cream
Teasing your clit  
My mouth coveting your slit
Palming my head, As I regain ownership of   MY pussy gyrating as my tongue inside you shifts
The hunger dominating MY eager tongue taste

As you moan – eyes closed – lost in a world of your Daddy’s Domain
Cupping your ass, my nostrils buried in your pussy juices,

Now no more waiting

No more panting 
Placing your legs back over my shoulders my tongue refusing to wait

as anxiety rides you hard and deep as you feel your Daddy’s hungry cock without let up.

Pain and confusion etch themselves across the beats and channels deep within your mind.

Seeking, needing to find control you scream and beg for pain as you want me to thrust…yet I must confess I am Looking for some release.

I tell you to be on all fours – see our reflection

As you feel me grab you

Looking at me as if to ask are you sure you want go down this path?

Daddy ??

I say it's needed. Gripping your body and pulling your hair I push you to your knees.

 As commanded you begin my praise and confession to me

As your lips makes sure to leave nothing out,

As I see you …as you begin to move your hips making sure you know this is only the beginning.

As you get LOST in EUPHORIA

As you are Lovingly - Lost in Emotion 

In love perhaps?

As you have learned to ask- as I say look at me – see me saying YES

As you moan a sweet release of Mind – Body - Emotions

You release to me coating my manhood away making sure I get every drop of your goo I deserve and own.

Still Needed to verbalize and confession without hesitation Hard and deep – you admit that you need me…as you out in pain and pleasure

I then release cleansing you with my nectar leaving you pure and hot wanting needing.

Felling the ooze coming out – I say to be held - tight up in my arms - I see you weep.

Feeling only release for the anxiety, confusion and pain no longer exists…only this strange affection.

Love perhaps?

because true desires are so lost in this realm.

I am NOT like most – as I do confess as a Man – I love it here with you
within this hue of inner desire and fulfillment by my babyGirl.


1 month ago. Wed 14 Nov 2018 08:12:53 PM IST

Decicated to the one...



Gently whispered feelings
quiver in the night.
Long waited moment.
Yearnings take flight.
Your hunger burns so brightly,
in this eternal need this inner hunger sweetie.
A breathless want unfolding
with encompassing lust and desire
And that desire hangs suspended
breathless in the air.
Quiet contractions drip onto the sheets,
as you grind your mound onto the bed ...a stain that lingers there.
A touch of your clit beats softly,
a flutter in the breast.
A heart pounds out a rhythm,
from this there is no rest.
as you now close your eyes, you grind harder as you envision me...hearing my you open your mouth to gasp as you hold your breath,
and as my presence is all you feel.
The desire so close to release absorbs your every thought.
The growing need is you remember to ask when you are good and ready as was taught
Time stands suspended.
The air begins to heat.
Your breath starts to say....Can i Bless you you hear me say YES Baby Girl....YES
As the fevered lips between your legs release its nectar - so slick ad so you now roll onto your back
Touching oh so softly
in complete and total bliss.
As you pant-- time elapses as you relax inside the moment
of this most tender orgasm.And smile as you pay very special attention to how your body feels, breathing, tightness of your nipples, wetness, and yet you have never been so aware of how your full body does respond to your daddy....As it does so NOW!

1 month ago. Tue 06 Nov 2018 06:39:38 PM IST

Princess , this letter comes to you ...though I;ve been gone for many day
the mental perfume of my essence still lingers,
upon the sheets and upon your fingers,
and memories does your lust arise,
of how in my absence yet I managed to sweeten your night,
with the softness and welcome of my flesh,
the sheer abandoned way in which you thresh,
in those orgasmic moments of delight,
as you whisper ....can i touch myself daddy
as i say YES

You feel and the tight, wet clasping of your muscles,
just the thought of your daddy, once more seduces,
thoughts of sweetness of those honeyed juices,
as your grasping fingers your hair tussles,
as you recall our bliss when I held you tenderly by the hips,
for your taste, still lingers upon my lips as your daddy.

lowly closing eyes and starting to fantasize,
getting lost in the mental erotica,
feeling the body getting more and more aroused,
wet - aching - wanting
which warmth spreading from the loins, does emphasize,
and sense of extreme moistening between your thighs,
slipping thin straps of the thong - so moist with GOO
surrendering to the caress of loving palms,
and knowing fingertips, which engender such sighs,
upon these soft heaving breasts and hard aching crests,
imagining your fingers, rather than my own,
tortuously teasing that nipple, till you sigh
then imagine the warmth of my mouth, as my kiss tenderly quests,
downward from your face, upon hot responsive skin,
imagining you, seeing me slowly exploring your body,
and sensation of it, does your mind embody,
as you recall arching your back, as tongue flickers over your lotus,
not too fast nor slow but at pace that is so key - soft n slow,
hips gyrating, to rhythm my actions dictate,
wilder and wilder, as sensations concentrate,
so lost in fantasy baby, yet as you know THIS was all so real.

finally bodies start moving to and fro,
nearly pulling out, then sliding my tongue slowly back in,
movements extremely deliberate and slow,
seeping juices upon my lips and hard shaft awaiting to deflower.

  As you remember your fingers caress at junction of  your thighs,
as your thumb gently rubs that puckered rose,
bedroom starts to echo with your deep sighs,
fingertips on hard, yearning pussy so slick expertly caressed
and fingered as i taught you princess

staying buried inside, while you still quiver,

asking Daddy can i.....Daddy Can IIIIII

as you hear me say



juices freely flowing out, like a river,

fingers wet sheets soiled,
softly whispering, that you don’t want me to go,
remaining locked as we are, passion reheats, holding  you close, being soothing,

brushing away, stray sweaty hairs between your legs,
while whispering, a sweet nothing,
as you see me ..that joy in my eye, that someone cares.

As Daddy does care

I do care deeply my Princess.





3 months ago. Thu 23 Aug 2018 12:09:39 AM IDT

As you await me the door is unlocked when I try the handle. Good, better this way. I hear the music and the vanilla scented votives and head up the stairs. I walk into the bedroom and place my bag down next to the bed. I gently sit on the satee and prop myself up on your pillows. I hear you come out of the bathroom when the curtain being pushed aside. A few moments later the door opens and you walk into the room with what I had asked you to be ready in

A lace bra and full cut panties – thigh highs with the thick lace and 5in ankle strapped heels – with my cologne on. Your lips curve up as you take in the sight of me on the sofa like chair – wearing a well fitted black jacket – crisp olive shirt with deep indigo jeans and black suede loafers. Your eyes
wander up my outfit as My eyes take in the curves of your hips through the sheerness of the fogal stockings I purchased . They drift upward to your breasts sheathed in a shear underwire lace bra. I can hear your breath getting quicker. I know you didn't expect me this soon. I move my hand forward and cup your sex, gently probing you with my fingers. "Ready for me already I see princess," I say as I feel your waiting wetness. You smell sweet and clean and the scent rushes to my head. You sigh as you move your legs out a bit to give me better access. "A bit too ready I think daddy." And I abruptly take my hand away. Your nipples have turned into hard little buds and your breasts are heaving from your excitement. I want to take them into my mouth and suck them but I need to show restraint. "Kneel down – Now Princess," I order and you kneel on the floor in front of me.  Yes daddy – you comply - "Do you want to touch me? Do you want to taste me?" You moan and respond with a throaty yes. Yes Daddy – let me feel your beautiful full manhood for me," you say quickly correcting yourself. "Then unbuckle me – take your time then . Suck my cock.

"You're such a good girl." The fire begins to rise in my cock and I ache to have you touch me. but I will not give you that control.

But from the flames rising in your cheeks I can tell that you are anything but scared or sorry. I can see the wetness on the inside of your thighs. "If you want to get that pussy fucked that badly, then you need to touch me, not just kneel there."

Do you want me to fuck you?" I ask. "Yes please Daddy." I move my hands about a half inch above your body, over your mound, your breasts. I watch you strain to lift yourself to come in contact with my hands. You want it too much. You need to learn patience and restraint. "Don't try and move to my hands." I warn. "I'll touch you when I'm ready."  As I feel the crotch so warm and gooey wet …as I begin to caress

That familiar feeling begins to rise in my cock again. I pull free and move further up your body until my dark manhood is above your face. I lower it onto your waiting lips. "Fuck me with your tongue. Lick me." You lap at my dark manhood, moving your head up so you can reach every part of me. Delicious. I grind myself into into you. Oh god. Licking. Biting. Nipping. I grab the armrests to steady myself. My juices cover your face. Yet I say I must have you... now.

I lean forward and part your lips with my fingers. I can smell your heat, your wetness. My tongue flicks out and catches your hard little bud. *gasp* You suddenly suck at me harder. I keep my tongue gentle, barely licking you. I give your pussy a gentle slap, just enough to sting. As I hold you up and over – as you look into the full length Victorian mirror – as you look not at US but into my eyes as they feed right into you… as I take you and insert all of me in – I don’t even care how the stains will be on my jeans – I WANT THIS…as you buck your hips up to increase the pleasure. I smile to myself. You have such an exquisite pussy, tastes and feels so good. I set to taking you harder now. Tracing your clit with my manhood, delving it into your core. The taste is divine. I push a finger inside you and have to hold on to keep you from bucking me off. I can feel your moan

I dive back to your pussy….as I insert ALL OF ME … You deserve relief now. Slap on your ass from behind….. I hold your waist. fucking you harder. Another hand slap, harder. You're moving to my motions. I bite at your back – tug your hair, suck at the nape of your neck. I can't get enough. The rhythm is driving me wild. You're so fucking sweet. Feeling my cock at your clit again, I can feel your muscles clenching. You moan louder and I raise your hips up to meet my you feel me more You look as you see us – not believing its finally true

As I make you look as I say – Princess – look at me – hear me when I say that

I love fucking you. I pump my cock faster.  faster. Harder. Your sex clenches my cock tighter. ( I feel you) as You pulse. Muscles stiffen.  As I say

ASK ME – yes daddy

Can I CUM please …let me gift this to you daddy

Please You scream. Bucking. Moaning.

Yes …as I feel the panting – the toes curling in your shoes - You cum all over. Juices hot. Oh, so good.

As I pull out slowly – holding you – kissing you as I say ‘ Clean me :

Yes daddy – yes!!

Your voice hovers inside my head, all around my body, inside me, deep inside me and I groan. My body opens to you and I feel the growing heat of my nectar spread to your inner core. I can't wait.
Your body pushes me hard and I succumb to it. My body feels your monologue over every inch of me deep inside. My flesh responds. My own mouth cries out from the ravages of yours and to let you feel what my promises have done. Words, hot and wet, beckon you to join me yet again as we kiss

As i whisper to your right ear – baby --- daddy wants his princess again.

3 months ago. Tue 21 Aug 2018 08:56:21 PM IDT

As you can feel me as I say so deeply and assertively

Come close to me princess
As you can feel as your inner person says My body needs you Sir, can you hear it calling?
Let us become one for little while that you and I belong to each other
just lay your head on my pillow, make your way to become vulnerable to me as our bodies will commence a motion so sublime.
Feel me as you hold this strong body close to you, as I whisper things you need to hear, capture you in my arms and hold you, hold you near.
After all the emails- texts - calls - Now this is consummated
Tomorrow the separation will inevitably come,
but here and now, let our bodies cease to be two
as they become one. The need overtakes me as i can feel you
in powerful desire, shamelessly it fuels my internal fire,
as I gather you deeper inside my body,
the world fades away in this lustful reality.

As that Dom I too feel that my body needs you, can you hear what it is saying…as i whisper “everyone needs something or someone to love”, my pet
so for this let us be what we each requires.
Mmm… yes Sir - take me and make love to me in all the ways you fantasized, knowing that when the candles are spent,
the scent still lingers as i surrender myself to you sir.
Commend me - Command me - Consume all of me Sir!
As i follow your commands… hold me close in your powerful embrace while our heartbeats keep pace,
to your utter obedience
looking deeply into my eyes, as you stand before me all in your precious beauty.
at this moment in time, you are more than a woman to me BUT my Submissive as you are MINE
and I am your prize.
Yes - arch your body while my hands
keep us in intimate contact, encircling you passionately,
holding firmly the small of your back,
tears of ecstasy roll down your face;
it has been tooooo long since you felt this erotic - so taboo - yet so right!
Can your fingers move like mine? Searching and roaming making your whine,, touching your lips
as i instruct you to kneel
fully clothed as you caress and feel my thighs, where my hips will buck when there deep inside,, you have no idea how much I wanted you here, tasting your flesh kissing your ear, as your hands and lips caress my maleness can take your hands place but not before I grant you get a good taste, sliding your tongue along my shaft, taking me in hearing you gasp, So let me take your hands Sir and
feel my hands command control then feel as i take ownership as we fuck.
Feel me baby, Feel me close,
as if you never want to let go,
let this be a time to remember,
the one that will comfort us - as the time and day linger on.

Your body needs me, can you hear what it is deprived of… You crave to taste my tongue
miss the playful way
you feel me sucking on your bottom lip
and how you hear my deep moans
to the rhythm of your tongue dancing all over my manhood - as You now control!

It's erotic enough to make me you wet
and I know you can't help
but as you read - you ask - and think - Yes I want more
More of that inner feeling
that jolt in your stomach
tingling all the way to your toes
as you squeeze tightly
Again - this is surreal ... you ask - and think - Yes I want more
of him

need more

4 months ago. Wed 15 Aug 2018 12:21:40 AM IDT

I've been dreaming again,

This submissive
of dressing for you for my pleasure,
or being exposed,
of reaching up your hands,
and never coming down,
of spreading yourself,
vulnerable for me

I've been longing again,
for opening your mouth,
without saying a thing,
for looking at me,
eyes calling for release of my nectar,
for loving my touch,
fighting the sensual pain,
the object of my pleasure

you've heard my call,
my wish to command,
your talent and beauty,
the value and trust,
you can place in me.

Beautiful and stirring.
Desire is an intoxicating thing and often a double edged sword.
You do feel my commands, sweetheart.
As i know you maybe apprehensive to unleash your inner desires to me.
There is fear in knowing that were you to venture into MY world....
you may fear you may never return to yours.

Yet seek rest in me

In that most secret of places

So I'm offering up my emotions as well
your inner thoughts and feelings (so it be also),
As that Submissive ( my own) will you  allow me to have it?

4 months ago. Fri 10 Aug 2018 09:34:38 PM IDT

She touches me in the dark
She can never refuse me
I have a part of her, the part that is only mine
She opens her body to satisfy only me
She feels my eyes roving over her as his desire grows

Each curve - the suppleness of her breasts

The way her legs - so shapely in sheer hose

The way her heels are holding her so straight

He kisses her and finds his mark Excitement and fire burning from each limb
His love making is amazing and he moves to please the woman that is
Worthy and valued to him in every aspect, every way his to glorify
The woman he cherishes with every movement, every love word he shows.


Every look she gave to me
Every sting from my hand on her ass
Every part of her body as i can feel with my fingers wanted more,
Yes...FUCK she Needed more

As i told her to lay on her back in the darkness

loved as she looked in her thigh highs and heels

legs open at the ready - bottom hot and Welty - lotus pink swollen and open
I can see she is consumed with how she surrenders her passions to me
Yet in every part of me - i do want her so

as i said just you fucking
stay right there (like she needed
telling), with my hands
doing the talking in holding,
as my voice became deeper- more commanding yet so deeply sensual 

As i entered her my kitten as i felt her blossomed into sighs and
colorful expletives directed at me, as she knows i love when she is so free
And I of course, took delight in seeing her eyes roll up on sensual ecstasy
the accepting of my full manliness & all she would give onto me in return.

She lay in the sheets of white
Soft beneath her touch
Turning her head - seeking hazel green blue eyes
She smiled at the beautiful sight.

My hands played with her hair
Pulling it, loving the feeling of her submission
She groaned with anticipation and desire
Knowing she was all MINE, a lifetime for me to care.

As i claimed her neck and bit it softly
Tasting her fingers, touching her breasts - suckling
She gave me everything that he wanted
Feeling my thighs, loving his body.

I owned her that night
Laid her on her back, as she sighed sweet orgasmic music - again and again
Filled her with MY seed, taking ownership what gifted
As she lay in the sheets of white.

I asked by her heart and mind
To not feel too much,
So for now....Yes daddy ...she answered I shall lovingly OBEY!