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I have spent to many years hiding behind fake names when I have done a podcast or do a youtube vid So I did both podcast and youtube telling my story so here it is. This is me this is my beginning in the realm of BDSM. or
5 days ago. Jan 16, 2022, 4:25 AM

To be collared it holds a special meaning.

There is honor and pride behind a collar.

When a pig first is collared its his training collar he is so proud to get this collar. Then through hard work through training he is given his real collar. It is a collar of pride of honor it shows that the pig has accomplished something a pig never stops training he always is learning always serving always pleasing. Till there comes a time when your Handler gives you your gold collar  that is very special it shows that the pig has worked hard to reach the level he is at.

These collars know matter what stage they are are special and mean allot they are not given lightly to the pig.

Then if pig and Handler wish to move beyond the relationship they have The Handler gives his pig a binding collar.

This collar is like a wedding ring but it holds more meaning than just a wedding ring.

When given this collar the pig gives nothing up but he is saying I am yours I belong to you.

Your my Handler I am your pig and thats how it shall be.

The pig will be a pig the Handler a Handler you may be married in your hearts but you never stop being a pig. 

The pig will serve please and pleasure his Handler like always the Handler will be a Handler that never stops.

The Handler cares for his pig and protects his pig he will not do anything that will harm the pig.

The Handler will be there in crisis he will help his pig.

He will use his pig he will.

In return the pig will serve please and pleasure he will be there for his Handler he will both will talk will tell each other if something is wrong

they will be truthful and honest with each other.

There is still punishment and discipline.  The Handler is to to think of punishment but how do you punish if that does not faze the pig.

Well You as a Handler will tell the pig why he is being punished Know matter if the pig likes  it or not it gives the pig something to think on.

In all that's done  in a relationship that has gone further there is love and that love will be stronger. The bond between Handler

and pig will be much stronger than before.

So a binding collar is like the ultimate collar one can get there is much Honor much love in that collar.

All collars are special all hold a special meaning.

Pride, Honor, Respect and trust.

I still wear my collars. I was asked if I was a Dom how can I say I been collared?

Easy a pig never takes his collar off know matter the status he rises to he keeps them on.

I wear mine because they remind me who I am what I am there is Honor behind them and much pride. They

are something I have earned I have worked hard to get them.

They are special to me.


6 days ago. Jan 15, 2022, 7:29 PM

I was trained back in 1985. My Handler the one that trained me he was different. He was trained as a Master but He did not want to train slaves or  subs so he fond me one day and trained me. He used what he learned as a Master but he trained with a firm hand but he was not as hard as he would be on a sub or slave. He trained me and called me a pig I was his first "pig" It was something I was honored to be.

I was taught Honor,  Trust, Respect that was drilled into me I was schooled on life what to expect that life was not fear there would be ups and downs in life I was schooled in manners how to act the proper way to act. But I was told I was a pig that there are times that you must be yourself. I was taught to address my Handler the proper way to show respect towards him. But also that I was free I had free will I could say Yes or No or I do not want to. Yes if I did say no and my Handler did not agree we would sit and talk but still there was punishment. My Handler was strict with me I was trained with a very firm hand given a sit of photocalls as to speak. I was trained to serve my Handler and in serving you please your Handler then I was trained to pleasure him to pleasure his body to know that which makes him feel like he is well not in this earth anymore. I was told what I was what I was meant for. I was used many time that is a pigs training I learned everything I could from my Handler. My Handler at the time since he was trained as a Master his full title was Master Pig Handler. With training and every thing I have gone through I met my old Handler one last time before he died and he told me that I have earned this title I have worked hard for it so the title Master Pig Handler was passed to me it is something I am proud of. I have trained owned and handled and now I have a title. I train and give advice based on how I was trained based on my knowledge.   

6 days ago. Jan 15, 2022, 5:16 PM

Respect, Evan in the world of bdsm this is something that is earned the same goes with trust. But lets go off of respect for now.

This is earned its a right to have but in todays world things are mostly done online so how do you show respect when its online?

Your words your mannerism how you phrase your words that is how you show your respect.

But Respect goes both ways does it not?

I respect the believes of others from there Mastery to more. I respect a Slave or subs believe.

But in return I think that those should respect my word my way of training my Mastery even if it is different from others even if

they have not heard of the word piggery. So respect goes both ways. I will respond to your questions but I will not take disrespect. 

1 week ago. Jan 14, 2022, 11:20 PM

I am a Master pig Handler I been trained as a pig and have earned worked for the title Master Pig Handler, I have owned, trained and handled


1 week ago. Jan 14, 2022, 6:16 PM

This is something that is close to me since I have been trained as a pig. I think pigs have got a raw deal even in the world of bdsm.

Most people think of a pig as a pig slave or someone that goes to the extreme like doing scat or something else.

Will know not all pigs go to the extreme of things. I was trained to serve, please and pleasure. I do not go to the extreme of things that is up to the pig 

if he/she choses to do that. A pig has a Handler not a Master or Sir  there are many kinds its up to the Handler to train you to mold you. But in all this the pig has free will he/she can say yes or no it is up to the pig if they do something. I serve my handler not because I have to but I do the things for him because I want to he ask me if I do them. Sometimes he don't have to ask I just know and do. Trust, Honor, and Respect are the basis of a pig and Handler relationship.