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Oh how he moved
oh how he sighed
oh how he looked into my eyes as he dared
he barely smiled at my gaze upon him
I enjoyed the look in his eyes
as if his soul was looking out at me
I grinned with excitement
my loins warm
I was hungry for him
ravenous for fun
I wanted to use him
I wanted him as my own
I would do anything to touch his very essence
to wrap my thoughts around his fingertip and even deeper and tighter around his mind

He begged for it
He asked for more
he wanted me to use him anyway I wanted and to explore

"Please ... please" he begged me.
"Please ... please" he ached

All it took was those simple words for me to grab those chains and bring him to me
my lips to barely brush against his

"Let's begin..." I say
4 months ago. September 26, 2022 at 9:37 PM

You feel something so unusual

When I’m in your presence

You want to know all about my kink

Let’s start with a bite

Bring you to new heights

Tie you up

And step on you

Tell me if it hurts

Bruise you in and hope you feel the sting

Never forget I don’t play games

No matter the eyes that lay upon you

Splash you with seductive lies

Dress you up the way I want you to be for me

Some think I’m terrifying

Some think I’m wicked

Guess you’ll have to find out

Feel the sting

I want to dance and burn at your eyes

Hear my laugh

As you struggle to free yourself

You thought I was here for your amusement

But you misconstrued me with someone else that you played with

I’m crazy

And I wear it so stylish

Don’t tell me what to do

I don’t care about your precious time

I’m the Domme and don’t forget it’s about me 

And if you forget that I can be most terrifying

Feel the sting


Leave you here to feel the wrath

Respect me where ever I am

I don’t switch up to make it easier for you

I’m not here to help you suffice

So sad you think that would be nice

I’m picky and you confuse me with someone else that you were with before

I’m not one to play games with

I don’t think you want me to bite back

I want to use you up

Push you forward and lay upon your back

Take your breath

Leave you terrified

And to think you wanted to tell me a lie

I see it in your eyes and the way you take a breath

Feel the sting

I am not giving in to your wants and needs

I’m here to get joy from my kinks

Hear my laugh

And then you’ll know you fucked up with me

What did you think?

I’ll slap your cheek

Show me your canine’s

Bring out the alpha in you

Tempt it to come out

Tame it on down

Slap your cheek again making your lip bleed

Then lick it up

I want to hear the guttural growl

Show it to me

Let me feel the growl from deep down

Hear my laughter

Show your canines to me “Let’s go”

It turns me on and now you’ll yet again feel my sting


Feel the sting

Know what you want before you come to me

Dom’s stop coming to me in secret pretending you want to be a sub

Do you think I’m stupid? I know you won’t ever give up control

You come to me and my heart is always cold as ice

I know how it will end

You will get frustrated because you can’t tell me what to do and how to do it

When to do it and which way you want it done

You aren’t the Dom, remember?

You wanted to give that all up… you wanted to be a sub

But we both know it won’t work out

I’ll let you play your delusional games

I know this won’t last but a few minutes

I won’t chase you down

Good luck with what you want

I won’t do what you want

You will not rush me to do what you like

You forget it’s not about you

Feel my sting

4 months ago. September 26, 2022 at 9:34 PM

Address me as "Miss"

Sweet to the palette and so incredulous it could hurt 


If you don't know who you are --- don't come to me asking

If you can't do as your told --- don't bother me

If you can't take direction --- don't come to me because my time is too important to waste

What do you want to know about me? Well my demeanor depends on you

Don't send me one liners and hope to get a response

Don't send me a one or two worded message and expect me to fall head over feet

Wouldn't that be nice for you? you'd think that was bittersweet!


I'm like fire and ice --- I can play rough or I can play nice

like messing with heaven and hell I'll only give you what you deserve by how you treat me

When I ask you to tell me something about you, DON'T recite for me something from your profile page, tell me something new


Don't ask me " when can we meet?" that will only make me laugh because in my eyes

that is such a big disgrace


Don't ask me for naked pics and don't send me dick pics and hope that is going to make me respond...

if it does, it might not be nice


If you come to me, make sure you are serious I can't stress it enough

a lot of you think I have precious time to waste


How much pain will you give me for my pleasure?

Like prey caught in my trap, will you escape before the predator finds her prey?

4 months ago. September 26, 2022 at 9:23 PM

I see you there

Let’s turn that frown upside down

Feel my hands near your face

Now let’s remove that smile and turn it back around

I want to confuse you

Let you feel so lost and used

String you upside down

A mystic dance I’ll dance for you

Spin you around

I want to confuse you if you want to feel true peace

Are you fortunate you found me, tonight?

We’ll see…

You aren’t sure it feels right but want to stay anyway

You know full well what you are doing here

And the excitement gives you a high

I leave a mystic glance in your sight

I’ll cuff you to the ground

Let me stroke you

Feel you near

Take you to the edge

And leave you there

It brings me amusement

And you squirm for release

I can tease and toy with you how I want to


Don’t question me just bow on down

Thank you me for even touching you

Giving you a glance

Did you think you needed more from me?


Silly plaything you may never get no real peace

Your joy and pleasure may turn all around

The only one getting off is me tonight

Mystic and challenging for you

Dance to seduce your mind

Tease you and tempt you

Love the way I play

Get you so close then I’ll just walk away

Struggle for more

Beg for it

Show me you ache for more

Not good enough

And I’ll leave out the door

4 months ago. September 26, 2022 at 9:15 PM


You found a piece of me

Lost in the middle of nonexistence

Can’t escape the discovery

And the skin that has touched me

Wrapped up around my little finger

Want to pull you in closer

Want to feel your yearning

Give to me what I deserve

You must learn to share and then you won’t feel so alone

You should be willing to give without me asking

Or you will be staying lost

And I’ll play inside your head

Can’t stop the noise in your head

The voices clamoring to survive this

You thought you could escape me, but my voice rings in your head

Knowing what you do

For some reason no matter what you do you can’t escape me

Tried to stay lost

But you find yourself craving this moment

Feeling lost without me

Don’t know why

When you try to explain it you seem more lost

There is something different about me and you love the feeling

The certain way I show I’m caring

There is no point in trying to escape

What you’ve been needing for so long

Touching yourself right there feels so wrong

I gave you no permission even though you hid away

You can’t bring yourself to touch yourself

And when you think you are about to, you’re lying to yourself




You can’t come to please yourself

Good try to disguise all those things you wanted to do for so long

Tempting me to give you a good time

I can stand there and stare and smirk for a while

Your temptations do nothing to me

I’ve seen better

I’ve heard better

I know what I want and I’ll let you squirm and want me for longer

There is no point in denying that I do things to you in a way unexpected

While you wanted it from others and were rejected

Down on your knees in front of me

Hands behind your back

Submissive stance

My hands upon your shoulders

Lean into you and let you feel the heat from my body press into you

I want to feel the overwhelming heat absorbs into you

So inviting

The thrill coming alive

You keep trying to fight it

We both know you’ll lose this fight in you

Something about me, you can’t quite put your finger on it

I draw you in

Maybe it’s my voice as you say it is

So soft and yet commanding

I know what I want

Are you what I want?

Are you going to run away, plaything?

Tripping over your thoughts as they scramble to come back to me

There’s no point in trying to escape from me

I’ll entrap you like the others


Memories are always in the forefront and blaring

I love playing with your mind

It is so much fun

What are you going to do for me?

What are you going to do to keep me excited?

Did you think you were done?

Oh no, there’s no point in thinking your services are done until I say

Dare not speak

No point in trying

Keep your eyes to the floor until I want you to look at me

Feel my fingertips dabble upon your skin

Kneeling there still

My hands can destroy your soul if I desire

Do you think you can stop the feeling?

It’s something you wanted

I’m the Queen here and there’s no point in trying to tell me when you’re done

I tell you when it’s all over

I sense your fear

Don’t ask me what my punishments could be

That’s for me to know and hopefully, you won’t find out

Can I touch you in ways you’ve never experienced but wanted to try all along?

Trust my hand on your mind

Trust my voice and don’t deny it

You love it and want even more

Soak into you as I do

Envision my voice in the words I write

I shall speak and you shall be quiet

FLR is what you need

Giving whatever is asked to put a smile on my face

My instructions are what you love

I bring you peace in my silence

The way I breathe in your ear

You can feel it all through you


Feels like I’ve tied you up and have you where you belong

But there is nothing there except my words

And if you aren’t a good boy I’ll send you away

Right where you belong

You’d rather be obeying than denying me

I love your willingness for survival

And what shall happen with you when I’m done?

That is for me to know

And that is for you to stay lost

Don’t ask of me special favors

I want you to need it and savor

4 months ago. September 26, 2022 at 9:07 PM

She could taste the sweetness of those wet fingers

that loved to smear across her lips like lip gloss.

Her taste.

His taste.

The way he moved her.

Caressed her.

Stole her essence.... her breath.

The way she could steal a piece of his soul, bit by bit

the way he could carve his initials in her heart each time they were together

and then she'd do the same to him.

A delicate dance ... so simple, yet so discrete

woo her

cradle her as if the world was on fire and if he held her just right the fire would miss them both

oh how reckless they were at times

yet erotic and rhythmic they were at the recklessness they had ensued in the other


Dangerous the games

alluring to the eyes

tasteful to the tongue

pleasurable to the pallet

reminiscent of the lips

they were one

4 months ago. September 15, 2022 at 9:58 AM

How sweet it is to see him come on all fours

as if he was lonesome




it was that soft touch like a mist of rain upon those tiny hairs that stood on end when she made her presence before him

it was that sudden whisper that cascaded it's warmth over his neck when she cooed in his ear and called him a "good boy"

It was the way she moved with such a tease that escaped his imagination

that he found his way back to following her to her room

he knew what he needed to do to please her and he picked up her garments from the floor as undressed all the way to the room


How sweet it was for her to leave pieces of her scent behind for him to follow

her scent drove him wild

or maybe it was the way she looked at him like the prey

and she was the predator

the way she seemed to methodically dance around him and tease his mind

oh how she knew what she was doing to make him weak before her

she'd sit there on the chair before him and watch him slowly come up to her

place his head upon her thigh

letting her run her fingertips through his hair

how he waited for her commands like the good boy he always was for her


It was the anticipation of being told what to do at any given moment that aroused him

it was the way she ran her fingers down along that pulsing vein in his neck and felt it beat against her fingertip even faster

she loved it

she craved it

she needed it


Finally after the anticipation was rising she finally looked in his eyes, "Let's play... shall we?"


That smile began slightly on each side of his lips. He was grateful that she wanted any part of him

he was never sure if she'd bring home someone else to use in front of him