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Dominated You

I dominated you with soft words and cooed upon your heart, my warm breath upon your skin that was left lingering within
See I'll never chase you down... I can only set you free... and when I do all that ... you'll be lost in a time of what used to be

If you want to play with the big kids... then remember your place
For I will discard you quickly and immediately forget your face
I shall not beg or plead with you to do as I command
I am the dominant in this race, I lead and I shall stand

Do not beg of me things I shall not give. You are here to serve my needs so perfectly.... the taste of wine and a bit of sin
If you cannot reconcile that I am always in command, then please use that door and leave and I'll look for another good little boy

Play with me or against me, that shall be your choice... In the end, I come out stronger because I dominate and left my voice echoing commands
in your head and making you unknowingly stronger
15 hours ago. Nov 30, 2021, 10:32 PM

You wanted me to ease you into this lifestyle 

And I did so just like you said

But you disappeared

And claimed you wanted more

You never know how good you actually had it 

Until you get rid of it

Until you get a darker side with someone else that just doesn’t fit

You wanted a better fit

You never gave it a chance to work bit by bit

You want to play a game and you played your part

Now you’re ready to go away again

There is no coming back to me to begin again… to start

You want to explore as if there is much more

I hope you know what you are searching for

There is no going back and forth

You only see a softer side of me

You don’t let it get started

You wanted immediate control as what’s in porn shows

That’s not how it works

I don’t dive head in

If you don’t like my methods

Let me move aside

You’re perfectly welcome to leave

Just don’t come back this way

I figured out from the signs who you really were anyway

We won’t be doing this over

I do have a softer side for when I need it to be

Screw how you want it

You don’t get to tell me to speed it up

Who are you talking to?

I’m not the woman for you…

Take your pathetic little dick

And your attitude and leave my presence … get out of my face

My softer side is leaving

You’ll no longer see that anymore

2 days ago. Nov 28, 2021, 9:54 PM

I thrive on your mischievousness and your lies

I let you play in your own make believe

I dance around and play with you and pick at ice inside of me

I see you scared and want to weep

But then you smell what is like sweet perfume

It gathers around your head

What a rush

My kiss upon your lips

I smear away that ice that builds up and freezes you

I laugh because there is nothing you can do 

Maybe look away

Feel my fingers chill your bones

See the bodies on the floor turn to stone

You want to give me sudden attention?

Let me consume what comes out of you

Let me steal your breath

Let me taste how you feel

I love being careless lately

Four leaf clovers can’t even bring you luck

You’re trapped in here and can’t escape

Continue to scream for help and I laugh at you “Good Luck!”

Want to see what happens when fire dances against my heart that’s cold as ice?

I know you would … feel it, it’s such a rush

Wipe that smirk off your face

I may swipe my hand it across the other way

Mmmmm love the taste


Feel the rush


You wanted to play inside my sanctuary

Enjoy all you read it’s not so ordinary


I am careless lately and I want to use you daily

Get drunk off of your sanity

I’ll let you run and think you can get away

But you can’t escape the grounds that you decided to trample on

Look on the floor beneath my feet 

They turned to stone

Fire and Ice were at war - And I won

I’ve played this thrill from simple human beings

You should have heard them all scream

“Please oh please … make it stop!”

And just like that a simple kiss

Ice cold mist

Saw the breath in the air

Like a ghost is near

Just like that the temperature drops

You don’t like my smile or the way I bite my lip

Could it be a tick I have?

You wouldn’t know what goes through my head at that times

I count all your lies

I have a book and I look for your name there

Found it!


Use you like a piece of meat for me


I’ll finish and pick my teeth with you

You’ll not believe what you see

You begged to be used

Too bad you're so skinny

I’ll make you to weak to continue

Are you ready?


I enjoy the flavors

I want to savor it all

It’s better than absinthe

Like a drug that I can taste before it reaches my mouth

You got dirty little secrets

And I want to know even more about them

About you

I live in a place where not many dare to meet

And I laugh at them if they want to come

Don’t trust what you see… you better run

Wicked is who I am

Wicked to the very end

Wicked amongst your veil of reality

Wicked enough to make you dream the best of dreams

Wicked enough to make you lose but think you’re winning

Wicked enough to make you do what I want you to do



I’m wicked

Just look in my eyes

See the emptiness there in my head

No Psychologist dares to trample in my head

No mental ward has been able to trap me in bed

I’m wicked as can be

Don’t worry about the smile that you see appear

Don’t worry about the way I bite my lip

I love seeing you with my wicked eyes

And I love even more hearing your lies

I want to take you to my war room

See my Armada

It will spill all content

Watch how fire and Ice play

My wicked cold heart will freeze you

Watch your blood thicken up

Feel your heartbeat … tick tock… I suddenly stopped it


Fall like the rest

Turned to stone

I’ll walk all over you

You think this is fun and can stop and just get up and leave when you are done

That’s not how it’s done



I’m wicked … what a rush

3 days ago. Nov 27, 2021, 5:48 PM

I gave you what you said you need

And set you free

You begged me for more

And those words you said I adored

You seem to ache for me when I have to walk out the door without you there with me

You’re home alone and know I still care

Your reward when I come home is the attention from me

If you’ve been a good boy

But then I slowly get bored of my plaything

You keep asking for more

But dismiss what I need

Excuses come and go as quickly as the playthings that come and go out the door

You teach me to not waste so much time on playthings

They never seem to last

The games you played

You said I was “The One” … but you don’t understand I know reverse psychology

I know the games you play

And the effort isn’t there in it anymore

You want to get off and this is how you do it 

By pretending to be a sub or slave at a woman’s knees

Don’t you think that I know the games you play

I’ve been here to many times and know what you really need

I can show you how I’ve kept score

You think you are the first to come up with this game

But you are just the same

You say you have to work, but it was just to run

You say you have to go away … maybe a week

But you are just afraid to say the words that you are just done

These games you play keep me so bored


You tell me how you’ve been trained and are disrespectful

Did the other teach you to be that way?

You want to come to me

You say I can give you what you need

You keep begging for more

And tell me it’s me that you adore

I know what to expect before it comes

I already know how long you’ll last

A week or two for you just want to have some fun

Then you move on and disappear

Without being a man before you leave

I expected that same man/submissive/male slave to come to me the same way to say he’s done

I lay here in bed

Looking at the ceiling

Knowing you are out there somewhere

Knowing you still search for me

And I won’t take you back

You thought for sure that I would

After what you did? What made you think I could?

You can send 10,000 apologies

But you wanted to be set free

After you said you needed only me

You ghosted me and thought I’d be torn

The only one that seems torn is you

And now I forgot your name and your cue in place

Not so great 

Not so fun

The smirk on your face went away

You weren’t expecting that

I guess the last one that trained you … didn’t teach you well enough

To know that not everyone is forgiving … especially me

I wanted to devour your mind

And evolve you for me

Be the only one you truly adored

Where you’d want only me

But you deceived me from the get-go

And now it’s my turn to just let-go

I want to scour your sins

Develop them into something I would need

Sip away at what your body while I watch your body filled with greed

I wanted to use your skin and have fun

Torment your mind with fantasies

And my fingers would move so delicately

Sway in your mind

Dance around in rhythm and rhyme

Make you dizzy

Make you crawl to me for you’d want more

The way I tempt your mind

You can only feel me everywhere

You can swear I was just around the corner

When you felt the need

I made way in to your mind

The way I teased

The way I taunted

I gave you much more than you thought you ever wanted

I never wanted your body

I just wanted the mind

You could almost feel my lips there

And where my hands wanted to be

You said you could handle the wait as long as I needed

But you couldn’t even wait for two days of wanting a quick release

You promised you could handle whatever I could dish out

But you couldn’t stand before me humbly

All I got was cockiness

And you thought you were funny

You underestimated me

Now you make the beast come out in me

Screw the lady-like that all others see

You pathetic little boy

You want to get off with the smallest prick I’ve ever seen

You think you could get me off

I’d have more fun with my little pinky … you might as well and get up and run

You proudly boast about the muscles in your body

My mind has more muscles than what's on your chest

So beat it if you must

I don’t care

I gave up my time and you wasted my time

And I’ll help you lose your dignity before me

My pinky can please me more than what you do

Should I tell others how small it is or should I leave it up to you?


Sad little boys coming before me, telling me I’m all they need

But can’t even last a week

Then you hesitate and ask questions as to why I don’t pick you…

I don’t pick whiny little bitches

I’d pick my teeth with you and flick you away from me

You don’t have what I need

I’m tired of your sad little dick pics

They leave me so bored

They don’t even humor me anymore

I feel so sad for most of you

You think you can do damage to me by what you have

Oh please, don’t make me laugh

My pinky could do more damage to me then what’s between your legs

You are a sad little boy … a dog in heat

Stop trying to hump my leg

I have no interest

You have nothing I need

I know how long you’ll last

I’ve done this for to long

And I’ve seen your type before

I ask you what makes you different and you all say the same things

And I say nothing but I already know you’ll just run

So please carry on while you tell me:

I am different because I know what I want

I am different because I know that you are in charge

I am different because I have no say in what I do each day except by you

I am different because I know how to please you at any hour or day I don’t care

I am different because I can handle the pain 

I am different because my pain is your pleasure

I am different because I can prove it… I can show you I’m real and will go online right now

I am different because I’ll let you control everything I do

I am different because I’ll run naked if you said that would make your day and be fun

I am different because I’ve been trained by several other dommes

I am different because I will keep my phone next to me at night and you can call me for pleasure

Don’t you see you leave me so bored?

I have given up so much of my time

And lost out on so many playthings

Playing games just like a little boy

Oh how you leave me annoyed


I have a few good playthings that kneel at my feet

So don’t think you’ll be the only one

You don’t give the privilege of having me

When I know you won’t be around for long

You leave me bored

I lost money and my time of day because I tested you

And you just ran away

My job is reverse psychology and I feel like I run a clinic

And you pathetic little boys seem to come and go in it

I’m so bored

The program is all the same

I watch you play your game

I love how you think you know what I need

You don’t know

For you don’t know me

You don’t know what makes me tick

You just want time and attention and hoping I’ll look in your direction and if I don’t it makes you sick

I want you to roll on the ground

Feel the pain

That you said you need

I want to trap your mind

And love to tease it

I want to torment you the way you tormented others you played your games with

Wouldn’t be so much fun then, would it?

Don’t come over and stop and stare

I’m not here for your amusement

You’re just a simple little toy

I could break you beneath my heels

I could crumble you under my toes

I could slash you with my words

I could use my fingertips to carve out your fate

So look away now

Before it’s too late

Or let’s begin

I promise you it won’t be fun

5 days ago. Nov 25, 2021, 8:52 PM

Let me in I say to you

Let me in so I can feel too

Let me in when you are feeling sad

Let me be there even when you are mad


Lay your weary head upon my lap

wipe away your worry so you don't fret

I can feel your heart as it breaks from a pain

tell me in a whisper what made you feel this way


Let me in to hold your hand

Let me in to mold you to be a stronger man

Let me kiss your cheek soft and sweet

Let me stand before you and you find yourself on your knees before me


Let me help you along your journey

we'll walk together in it... there's no hurry

enjoy the world around us as we go

for we may never see a place like this again along the road


And when the pain has passed you over

and you feel stronger as we go

your place will still be at my feet

my whole being to be adored


I may not be about whips and chains

but the mind is where I play my games

I know what makes you tick and breathe

I know what it is that you so desperately need


For I breathe you in and taste the fear

a fuel for me

such delicate sin

I want to use you and give a touch

how I crave for you and need so much

I want to tease your mind and make you ache

I want to lure you in and make you need me and hope of all hope for your sake

that I won't turn away from you

make your balls fill so much they turn a little purple with a hint of blue

they will be so full and heavy

and once that dam breaks it's like destroying a levy

you cannot return from the release

so be a good boy for me

and maybe I'll give you such pleasurable peace


6 days ago. Nov 25, 2021, 3:26 AM

I know you sit quietly there

Wishing and hoping to feel me everywhere

You wondered about what you didn’t say

Was I wanting or needing?

Was I wrestling within me pain?

Those thoughts came across you as you laid down your head

So many things left unsaid 

As you lay upon your pillow in bed

You wrestled within the thoughts in your mind

Wishing you said something profound

Wondering if I still have your attention

Do my hands touch my chest?

Do I sleep in deep slumber and rest?

Did you say what you meant to say?

Did you forget to say something to me that you were afraid to do yesterday?

Did you think you smelled my scent or two?

Were you alone and it caught you off guard and you felt I crept into your room?

What was unsaid that you didn’t say?

What were you feeling but ashamed to ask if you may?

Did my voice make you lose all thought?

Did you feel like a child before me, and forget all that you were taught?

Do you hear my humming and soft sweet singing to my favorite song?

Did you not know the words but wished you could sing along?

Did you watch me as I swayed from side to side?

Did you wish to dance with me but was to nervous and just watched nearby?

Things unsaid I already know

I heard them in your heard just the other day

But I say not a word about your thoughts

I’d rather hear it from you … don’t worry, your thoughts aren’t absurd

I knew you were there watching me as I sang all alone

The things you thought unsaid

I knew they drew you closer to me

As they wrestled in your head






I heard it all along

Feel me deeper than the rest

My heart skips a beat and that’s the best

Unsaid it was

Undone it can be too

Undid from the beginning and sewn together to the end

6 days ago. Nov 24, 2021, 11:25 PM

To where shall my mind take you?

Have you once traveled there?

All the possibilities unknowing

Shall there be some doom or will there be fear?

I place my hand upon your head as you kneel before my feet

It's always where I expect you to be when I come close to you to meet

You want something different and new you suppose

so I give you want you want even though you don't know

I smile a mischievous grin like I do

I can't save you now, there is no one to help you

I have some friends who want to play

I have then drag you up and away

into the kitchen and over the table

don't worry about falling off of it

we made sure it was stable...

I let them tie your hands and feet to the legs

you wanted to try something new

and before you release you are going to edge

let's hope for all things you'll never want to tempt my thirst

for you wanted to play with something new

and this wasn't rehearsed

You made your bed ... now lie in the pain

I'll watch you as you squirm around ... my pleasure is the gain

I want to see you used in every way I allow

and when the pain is over you'll crawl to me and bow

I gave you what you wanted

and now you get what has come

you see in this game of Chess my Dear... this Queen has always won


Next time you want to play a game

do not let me hear you speak

for the pain you will encounter

will always be the pleasure I will seek


Now crawl to me if you can

for you were used for hours as you should be

I see your body doesn't want to hold you up

and you seem to writhe in pain and agony

you swallow hard

such sweet bliss

you wanted to play

now come and thank your Miss


Ready to go be put back in your cage?

I'll let you rest up for an hour or two ... but guess what my dear plaything?

You aren't quite done being used....

1 week ago. Nov 23, 2021, 9:22 PM

I took a long shower and closed my eyes

my hands moved across my body as my fantasies played out stories that I've dreamt of most of the day

my hands found themselves in places that my soul wouldn't dare express

the ache in me makes me sick and I want to feel the burn in my chest

but your invisible hands are no where close by

I want to tell you what I need

but I really want to just explore


And now I look around and sit quietly

watching the sun rise and fall

as if time can't keep up with my mind

it's just an escape in my head

the night passes by so quickly into the dawn

and I sit here looking out the window

wondering why all you play things are just like the rest

a few so sincere

but the rest of you come here to play games

torment a soul for the enjoyment and toss your words on the floor


I sit here and watch and can tell what you want 

I've seen this scene all before

I know the game for it's been played 10,000x before

you aren't the inventor of games

but you play them all the same


Each plaything slipping through my fingers and special pets I have

A simple dance I've learned to play

in their minds I try to stay

someone want to get off fast

while others make promises that they are devoted and it will last

I just listen to the words and know nothing is assured

and when one leaves I watch them walk away 

my hands grip the arms of my chair as I see them end up not being what they seem


For those who say they'll obey

turn to be something they portray are not


I can be the worst you could ever have

or the best you could wish for

depends on you and how you address me and want to play


I take my time to get to know

and explore

I want to be your bittersweet poison that gets in your head

like absinthe I can be what you need


You kneel before me

such an escape in my head

I say not a word

I feel an emotion and utter nothing even if I could


Draw my attention to you

keep my attention fixated there

or escape my illusion and mastery and your image won't stick in my head

and I'll send you on your way

1 week ago. Nov 22, 2021, 11:50 PM

I remember the way the sun set as the burn of the heat softly kissed my skin

I remember looking out upon the waters as if the waves crashed on shore spoke your name

I remember thinking about to the times that I gave mercy do your reddened skin


Could it have happened because you were punished?

Did you commit with me a sin?


I remember as my fingers dug deep in the sand the way that your flesh melted underneath my touch

I remember how I said your name and it turned you on so much

I remember as I sighed out loud as if you could hear my breath


Could it have happened where you heard me sigh?

Were you listening for it that much?


I wish I could feel your hands oil me down as I lie here

I wish I could feel your mind melt with mine as you know you belong here


Oh creep inside and play my plaything

enjoy the moment I give you to escape to

it's so warranted


If you only could be like a fly in my trap ... come get lost in here... I'm waiting for you

1 week ago. Nov 21, 2021, 6:29 PM

I lie in bed upon my back

blissful dreaming is where I'm at

I'm stirred awake my fingers moving

up my thighs

and closer in to the warmth that consumes me

I am breathless and it feels so good

something to stir me

and move along the lips as wanting fingers would

I thought it my was my fingers moving there

but it was the hungry fingers of my pet

who stirred me and longed for my taste and some love

I felt his lips move along those lips

pulling and lapping at them, not wanting to waste a thing that he might miss

his growl upon my sensitive place

rushed through me and made me shudder like a tiny earthquake


I screamed out from the pleasure

and he moaned out from the taste

he smeared my juices proudly across his hungry face

I owned him that way even with his touch

two fingers slid in and I screamed out in such lust

deeper and deeper they pushed deep inside

hitting that spot

feeling me ride

his lips wrapping around that sensitive button

I felt him pulling at it and my body began arching

he hungrily fed for it satisfied him

the taste of my juices

pouring out deep from within


He begged for the release for he was hungry for my taste

and his hands moved up my to my breasts

pulling at my nipples in such haste

How he knows never to take advantage of my slumber this way

but my body ached for pleasure and he could smell my pheromones in such a way

he couldn't resist

it was calling to him

he did what his purpose was

it was calling to him


I was so close and pulled him even closer

sucking and licking harder

he moved in even closer

smother him and coat his lips and face

tasting all of me, making sure not to let any go to waste

I released over and over until I said enough

and after it was over he laid at the foot of my bed

and we both feel back to slumber

1 week ago. Nov 20, 2021, 7:25 PM

You gasped

you moaned

the tenderness 

the ache in you has grown

I don't even have to touch you now because you can close you eyes and imagine all the things I could be doing to you

I watch you squirm

I watch your bliss

I lean down to give you a soft kiss

You can't escape my thoughts in your mind

you feel lost in there

what else shall you find?

I see your leg shaking without even my touch

Your heart beat is racing

oh what a rush

Your lips they part

the panting quickens

your moans are louder

yet I haven't even touched you and you don't notice that it's all in your head and its me you are missing


"Please!" you call out

but I watch you explore

you're getting so wet for me

and I just admire it more

I want to watch your chest rise and fall

I know in your mind the possibilities are endless, I could be doing it all

"Please...." your voice louder and you ache even more

I watch you only and see you explore


How it turns me on that you feel this way

how the intensity in your mind has taken you to a place to escape to

I moan softly near your ear

and the jolt of electricity shoots through your body everywhere


Your body convulses as I remove your hand

I don't want you to release yet

just imagine you can

your fingers grip onto the bed where you lay

your imagination still going as if I were there to play


You gasp even louder as you call out my name

"I'm cumming... I'm cumming" I hear you say

with a smirk on my face I don't even touch

ruined your orgasm that you wanted so much


Next time you'll be needing much more

but he's where I'll leave you...

You're mind wanting more!