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Oh how he moved
oh how he sighed
oh how he looked into my eyes as he dared
he barely smiled at my gaze upon him
I enjoyed the look in his eyes
as if his soul was looking out at me
I grinned with excitement
my loins warm
I was hungry for him
ravenous for fun
I wanted to use him
I wanted him as my own
I would do anything to touch his very essence
to wrap my thoughts around his fingertip and even deeper and tighter around his mind

He begged for it
He asked for more
he wanted me to use him anyway I wanted and to explore

"Please ... please" he begged me.
"Please ... please" he ached

All it took was those simple words for me to grab those chains and bring him to me
my lips to barely brush against his

"Let's begin..." I say
11 months ago. September 26, 2022 at 9:34 PM

Address me as "Miss"

Sweet to the palette and so incredulous it could hurt 


If you don't know who you are --- don't come to me asking

If you can't do as your told --- don't bother me

If you can't take direction --- don't come to me because my time is too important to waste

What do you want to know about me? Well my demeanor depends on you

Don't send me one liners and hope to get a response

Don't send me a one or two worded message and expect me to fall head over feet

Wouldn't that be nice for you? you'd think that was bittersweet!


I'm like fire and ice --- I can play rough or I can play nice

like messing with heaven and hell I'll only give you what you deserve by how you treat me

When I ask you to tell me something about you, DON'T recite for me something from your profile page, tell me something new


Don't ask me " when can we meet?" that will only make me laugh because in my eyes

that is such a big disgrace


Don't ask me for naked pics and don't send me dick pics and hope that is going to make me respond...

if it does, it might not be nice


If you come to me, make sure you are serious I can't stress it enough

a lot of you think I have precious time to waste


How much pain will you give me for my pleasure?

Like prey caught in my trap, will you escape before the predator finds her prey?

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