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Oh how he moved
oh how he sighed
oh how he looked into my eyes as he dared
he barely smiled at my gaze upon him
I enjoyed the look in his eyes
as if his soul was looking out at me
I grinned with excitement
my loins warm
I was hungry for him
ravenous for fun
I wanted to use him
I wanted him as my own
I would do anything to touch his very essence
to wrap my thoughts around his fingertip and even deeper and tighter around his mind

He begged for it
He asked for more
he wanted me to use him anyway I wanted and to explore

"Please ... please" he begged me.
"Please ... please" he ached

All it took was those simple words for me to grab those chains and bring him to me
my lips to barely brush against his

"Let's begin..." I say
2 months ago. September 26, 2022 at 9:23 PM

I see you there

Let’s turn that frown upside down

Feel my hands near your face

Now let’s remove that smile and turn it back around

I want to confuse you

Let you feel so lost and used

String you upside down

A mystic dance I’ll dance for you

Spin you around

I want to confuse you if you want to feel true peace

Are you fortunate you found me, tonight?

We’ll see…

You aren’t sure it feels right but want to stay anyway

You know full well what you are doing here

And the excitement gives you a high

I leave a mystic glance in your sight

I’ll cuff you to the ground

Let me stroke you

Feel you near

Take you to the edge

And leave you there

It brings me amusement

And you squirm for release

I can tease and toy with you how I want to


Don’t question me just bow on down

Thank you me for even touching you

Giving you a glance

Did you think you needed more from me?


Silly plaything you may never get no real peace

Your joy and pleasure may turn all around

The only one getting off is me tonight

Mystic and challenging for you

Dance to seduce your mind

Tease you and tempt you

Love the way I play

Get you so close then I’ll just walk away

Struggle for more

Beg for it

Show me you ache for more

Not good enough

And I’ll leave out the door

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