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I am your Sir.

The ramblings of a Sir.
2 days ago. September 26, 2022 at 5:49 AM

31 Ways To Celebrate.


1.       I grab your hair at the base and stroke my fingers through it. I slowly tighten the grip between my fingers. Slowly I form a bunch of your hair and pull it, so my hand is close. I have complete control over your head’s movement. I determine where you look, what you smell, what I put in your mouth.


2.       You wake up to my hand holding you on your neck. I push it into your pillow and let you know that Sir is in control. My left hand grabs a needled roller. And I roll it over your body… your breasts, you chest, your thighs… each roll increasing the pressure… I push harder until I see water coming from your eyes… I know you want to ask me to stop but you wouldn’t dare.


3.       I bind your hands and attach them to a hook on our bedroom ceiling. I put the air conditioner on to make sure you are cold. Your nipples are hard. I start pulling on them slowly… tugging… twisting… pulling… I put my mouth to them my tongue swirling around each nipple. Making sure I spend equal time on both. I take them in my teeth… I bite down hard… I pull them with my teeth… sucking between biting down. I love hearing you cry out when I hurt you.


4.       I put your head in the wooden lock I made to keep your head straight and still. You are held in place on your knees with your head forward. I slap you across your face and tell you that you’re going to take my cock like a whore. I make you watch as my cock fills with blood and gets harder. I know you enjoy turning me on. I walk towards you and tell you to lick it. I push the head between your lips… and I feel your tongue around my head… I thrust a little deeper each time. Once my cock is deep enough that it’s hitting the back of your throat, I can hear you gag on it… so I grab your head and make sure you don’t move as I keep thrusting. I can see tears in your eyes forming… I don’t stop. Now I am going to fill your throat with my hot cum.


5.       I tell you to get in the shower and you sit down in the bottom of it. I tell you to rub your pussy. Your lips are swollen from being turned on. I stand above you at the doorway and piss all over you… covering you. Making sure you know your place in this relationship. I tell you to rub the piss all over yourself. I don’t let you leave until I witness you cumming.


6.       I put your legs in a spreader bar and put heels that I know hurt your feet on. I push you over my desk, bent over… I put some lube on your arse and continue to push my cock into it… I know it hurts you and I can feel you try and push me back… but with each movement I put it in deeper. Once you have accepted that I am going to fuck your arse, I start thrusting harder and harder until my hot cum fills you inside. I know you won’t be sitting tomorrow.


7.       I put a suction dildo against a mirror on your wall, and make you take it from behind… I then kneel infront of you facing away, making you lick my arse… putting your tongue in deep as you use a hand to stroke my cock… You do not stop until I cum.


8.       I zip tie you to a bridge in public. Only I have a way to cut the zip ties. I pull your skirt down and your g string too. You stand there naked, unable to leave. I come behind you and start fucking you. Once I cum inside you, I leave you waiting there for 5 minutes. If somebody was to walk past then you will be humiliated.


9.       You come home from work and shower. I hit you with our whip 31 times. Your arse is left red and raw. You thank me.


10.   I take you to our room, I put a blindfold over your eyes, I turn the lights off. I strip you naked and push you onto the bed. I step back and tell you all the things I want to do to you. I play with myself and make you listen to me playing with my cock, stroking it… I put my fingers into your pussy to use as lube. You can hear me, smell me, but you cannot touch. I tell you my fantasy’s.


11.   Photo shoot time. You wake up and I have already laid out a series of underwear, heels, toys and accessories. Today you are my slave. And I am your cameraman. You must do exactly what I ask you to do, wear what I want, and let me capture you in all the ways I want to.


12.   I ask you to get something from my car boot, and as you reach in, I push you in. I lock the car. You hear me open the front car door, and the engine starts. Where are we going, where does this end, how does it? What state will you be in when I am done with you… there will be fear and pain, but it will end with a smile on both our faces.


13.   I come to your office and bring you a surprise. I message you and tell you to change your shoes to work heels. You meet me at the front desk, but I ask to use the bathroom. You follow me in. A quick fuck yes, but the turn on of filling you withy my cum at your place of work is a turn on to you… I just have to make sure you stay quiet.


14.   I tell you to put your harness and strap on, on. I then tie your ankles and wrists to our bed. You then have to lay there as I pleasure myself riding the strap-on and you watch as my cock becomes hard. But you don’t get to enjoy fucking me. I am using you, to fuck myself.


15.   Never-ending. Bound and spread, you are unable to move. I use a variety of vibrators and toys on you and force you to cum… but that is only the beginning. I will not be stopping until I have witnessed 10 different orgasms. By the time I am done with your pussy and clit, you will be sore and used up for days. Begging me to stop or let it end results in a penalty of extra witnessed orgasms.


16.   I lay you down on the floor and start putting cubes of ice across your body. Watching them melt away… turning into rivers pouring down your body, gravity taking the cold streams away. After 15 minutes I put a blindfold on you and stand above you… as I light a candle, I start the wax dripping across your nipples… your shoulders, your thighs, your clit. You never know or see where the next drip will land. It just happens. Hot and cold indeed.


17.   The long game, you will be pampered and treated like a queen. I massage you with oil, making sure to get every inch of your body… continuing up and down… gentle and then hard… with each 15 minute interval you will feel my hands caress you, or push harder into your body, but this will not turn to sexual pleasure for quite some time. Tonight, foreplay is the game.


18.   The slut. Tonight I am going to turn you into the slut you want to be. I make you get dressed in lingerie, heels and stockings. Then I am going to push you onto the bed and have my way. I put my cum where I want it, I put lube all over you, I tear your lingerie apart from your body. I place toys in your free holes as I occupy the remaining one. Don’t fight me or you will be punished. Fucking you as I push a dildo into your tight arse or down your throat, with a mix of spit and lube coming out of your holes sure does set the mood.


19.   Read my script. Good. Tonight, we are making a film. And you are my main star. I am going to film a masterpiece of me using your body for my total satisfaction. I hope you like the theme.


20.   No touching. We lay on the bed together watching porn, taking turns picking which one to watch, but there will be no touching of each other, or ourselves. Tonight is about self control.


21.   We go to the shops together to find you a new dress. But we’re not leaving until we have both cum. Be it in a stairway or change room. As long as some of my cum is dripping down your leg when we walk out!


22.   The crying room. We go to a lecture hall at the university to watch a class in action. We pick a theatre that has a crying room… right up the back of the hall. As you stand towards the back, I stand behind you and fuck you… remember, nobody will hear you moan.


23.   Strangers, I ask you to go to a bar at a local hotel. I tell you to come up with a very specific cover story. I am going to approach you at the bar and tonight we are going to be complete strangers. And whoever we want to be. The room is booked. Can I get you to come back with me?


24.   You put on a body stocking and your goal is to prevent me from having sex with you for 30 minutes by any means necessary. Let the games begin.


25.   We record ourselves giving very direct instructions on playing and what to think about. We exchange videos and make each other cum. One room over from each other and with headphones on, we can know that our lover is being satisfied by us whilst we ourselves are satisfied.


26.   The objects. Tonight we both are getting off, but no sex toys or hands/mouths may be used. Be creative. It’s time to find alternative things that I can put inside or on you, and you to use to slide my cock inside and stimulate me.


27.   Stroke me as I suck on your feet. Worshipping them. Licking them… sucking on your toes. Each one of them getting special attention and my tongue. I feel them curl in my mouth as you stroke me faster.


28.   Under the desk slave. I have important work to do. So for the next hour you are trapped under my desk with access to my cock. Do with it what you please. Just don’t get in the way of my work.


29.   We lay down together with a double ended dildo and fuck with one half in my arse and the other in your arse or pussy… we go until we have both cum.


30.   We go to the beach and find a semi-private spot. We remove all of our clothes, so that we have nothing but the towel we are on within reach if we were to be caught. You then ride me and take me from behind until climax. Summer is approaching.


31.   We spend a night with our favourite bottle of wine, a good movie and your head resting into my chest. Tonight may not be about sex, we find the satisfaction in knowing each other exists and that we found each other.


HBK. x

1 week ago. September 20, 2022 at 2:50 AM

Enough time passes and I re-enter the room. “Sir?” I hear her ask.


I let her know it’s me with a slap to her right breast. I want to make sure I leave a mark.


I open the bed side draw, where we keep some toys and she smiles… but I don’t grab a toy, I pull out a black marker. It’s time to write down some thoughts, on her body.


Slut, Liar, Cunt, Whore… the words look so natural on her. I usually only write on her chest, but I grab her face and push it into the mattress. And I slowly write the word “owned” on her left cheek.


She’s never liked being written on, but she needs to surrender and acknowledge her sins.


I ask her, “Are you a whore?” “Yes Sir”…

“Are you a slut?” … “Yes Sir”…


Every confession is met with impact on her body. The pain freeing her from herself and her darkness.


She is forgiven and she has earnt some form of pleasure and reward.


I start by rubbing her gently across her pelvis… slowly and gently rubbing against the coarse nylon into her skin. She moans. Each stroke of my hand inches closer to her lips… but it is only moments of pleasure… I increase the pressure into her so that I know it still hurts.


I can feel her, sense her, I know she is getting frustrated and turned on more and more. A mix of pain from where she has been hit, and the soft sensation of my fingers gently going across her throbbing clit… I can feel her getting wet through the nylon.


I rub more and she begs for me… she tells me she missed me, misses my cock, my tongue… but she will have to convince me before I give her such a prize.


As she wriggles with pleasure, I realise that for now, she is having too much fun… my hands slip away and her frustration is noted…


I go back to the draw… and this time I pull out a whip… if she is going to feel pleasure, she is going to work through the pain to get there…


I step back… take a photo of my beautiful woman… I love to photograph her… I have always appreciated beauty… and my bound, blonde, perfectly proportioned, blonde woman is just that, beauty, she defines what is beautiful.


And now the beauty has been captured… silence fills the room. She knows I take photos of her in the silence…


But it is only momentary, the moment passes and the silence is broken with the slap of my whip on her breasts and a loud cry of pain.


Earn your pleasure, become intoxicated, serve.

1 week ago. September 19, 2022 at 2:24 AM

She lay there in her black stockings and nothing else. As I enter the room, I felt the blood flowing into my body, making me hard instantly. I take her left hand and bind it, tying it of to the bed. I then take my fingers and push them into her mouth… deeper, her throat. I make her gag. I love the sound of her mouth being filled by anything.


She grins.


Her right hand is now taken by me, bound tight, I tie her off to the bed. She is now incapacitated. She struggles, but she knows I won’t let her get away. Knowing that she has no control over what comes next shoots the adrenaline deep into her body.


Lights out… I tie a spare set of black stockings around her head, she can see light, movement, blurry outlines, but nothing is clear. Am I holding a vibrator or a knife?


She asks for a glass of water… I say no. She needs to earn such care.


I dim the lights.


By now the vision of her beauty, the powerless woman, the Sub being contained is making me hard… I can feel the blood throbbing through me…


I slowly crawl on top of her and drag my cock across her stockings… it makes me harder… I drag it up her belly… her chest… I push it into her breasts, theyre soft and perfect.


Without warning one of my hands proceeds to push her head back into the bed… and I force my cock into her throat. I fuck her mouth, and she tries to catch a breath. But I don’t stop…. Where was the foreplay? Where was her enjoyment? I have let her know that this session is ultimately about me using her for the whore she is. In this moment, she exists for my satisfaction… She tries to fight me, but the grin gives her enjoyment away… so I pull my cock out and leave the room. Stop smiling.


After 30 minutes I re-enter the room. I give her a sip of Red Wine.


“Thank you Sir” – music to my ears.


I now take a piece of ice and put it onto her feet, the stocking absorbing the cold water as it melts… I slowly drag it up her thighs… and I put her cold wet feet in my mouth… I suck on the toes and stockings and warm the remaining water. As I suck on them, my hand puhes the ice down her leg and eventually to her upper thigh. Her legs struggle but I keep them in my mouth… her other foot constantly trying to find my hard cock to know I am enjoying myself.


I push her back and step away… now I put ice on her nipples… she lets out a gasp as I hold it there… her nipples become hard and enlarged. Perfect.


I touch myself as she lays there… and she can hear me stroking to the visual feast that she is part of.


She begs for me to continue. So I leave the room once again. Don’t forget your place… This is going to be a marathon… and I am only just beginning my evening, which means you are too.


3 weeks ago. September 1, 2022 at 5:07 AM

She made her choice,

Her repeated actions are clear,

She speaks to me with white noise,

She shows me she doesn’t want to be here.


When she can’t match your level, you need to accept that it was a lie. All of it.

4 weeks ago. August 31, 2022 at 4:21 AM

She tells me she loves me,

That I will always be the one,

But she’s chasing something else,

I fake a smile, but I’m not having fun.


I wish actions were as easy to fake as words. Maybe then I would get some sleep.

1 month ago. August 18, 2022 at 3:35 AM

Once I fell in love,

I found out it was a ghost,

It drained my warmth and heart,

And then moved into the next host.


I still hear her scream in terror, but it doesn’t have the same affect it used to.

1 month ago. August 17, 2022 at 3:09 AM

She made a bed,

Her heart would break,

So many words have been said,

Now only death is left in the wake.


If only she stopped hurting herself.

1 month ago. August 14, 2022 at 6:57 AM

She left,

She hurt herself,

She didn’t choose love,

She didn’t dare let herself be happy.


And now she is alone.

4 months ago. May 26, 2022 at 9:00 AM

I keep on breaking her, and she never glues back the same.

I keep on failing her, and now all she can feel is pain.

But not the type she likes, that would be too easy,

Now it’s one too many and she’s determined to leave me.


And now she wants to walk away from love, sign to mediocrity,

Well Kitten, make no mistake what you got with me,

Someone broken, someone different, mostly not okay,

But someone who loves you and all your scars, wants you to stay.


I’m sorry for the burns I left on your skin, the bruises on your breasts,

Remember them when you’re with him, and somehow you feel less,

Electricity is a must for life, but it also knows how to kill,

And now I can’t find a heartbeat, listen for your love, hear nil.


I tried to save us I swear, every time, just in all the wrong ways,

So now I get to sit here hitting my head, replaying the days,

When I had you and you were mine, you begged for what I wanted,

And now it’s too late, but now my memories are haunted.


Doesn’t matter where you go, who you sign to, where I am,

The universe knows, what was meant to be, that I am your man.

You are always enough, hold your head high, beautiful, fine,

Smart and funny, but no longer mine… No longer mine.


Hopefully it feels better in a day? It won’t.

Hope it gets easier in a week? It doesn’t.

Months from now will I feel complete? No.

So now I get to sit here and feel like a human. Oh Fuck.


I guess you were right all along, and your heart led you astray,

When I close my eyes, I still see you drinking coffee by the water that day,

Sorry for the journey I brought you on that you never signed up for,

So I understand, albeit with reservations, why you have to slam the door.




5 months ago. April 11, 2022 at 9:30 AM

You’re my collar,

Or you’re my nothing.


You accept all,

Or we fall.

I won’t watch us grow apart,

I won’t go back to the start.


Choose your Sir.

No choosing maybe.

Delete your profiles.

Be my baby.

Remove your distractions.

I will do the same.

So much anger,

We need to tame.


Decide on me,

Embrace the spark,

Choose family,

I carry your scar.


Leave the past in the past,

Start somewhere new,

Let’s fix our cracks,

I want you.


No more secrets,

No more lies,

I’ll do better,

Right my wrongs.

The world is ending,

Be in my arms.


If you need time,

Then do it alone,

Ignore the others,

I'll be by the phone.


If you can’t be mine,

I accept that fate,

If your love is dry,

Then now it’s good-bye.


And if you have to think,

Then the answers already clear,

I give you my last embrace,

Time for me to disappear.


I will always love you.

Our energy was real,

But I can’t force fate,

Or your heart to feel.



Fuck you,

Love you,

Hate you,

Want you.