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The Scroll

Creative writing of fetishes and fantasies that haunt my soul.
3 months ago. Sat 29 Sep 2018 06:52:30 AM IDT

She walked up to me in the club and grabbed me by the collar before pulling me close to her. Our faces were almost touching as she looked me dead in the eyes. I could smell a mixture of her sweat and vanilla perfume. Her breathe smelled of tobacco and cinnamon.

“I’m going to fuck you tonight,” she said rather matter-of-factly. “But first, you’re going to dance with me.”

Our lips were almost touching and I turned my head sideways just a bit anticipating her next move. The leather cuffs of her jacket felt exquisite on my neck. The smell of leather has always been my kryptonite and as the scent wafted into my nostrils, they flaired and began to slip away.

I was snapped out my trance when her lips brushed against mine. Her tongue was soft and warm against my lips. I opened my mouth as she took the lead and soon her tongue was exploring my mouth. My cock grew stiff in my jeans and was at the most uncomfortable angle ever. I tried in vain to reach down and nonchalantly adjust myself, but when I felt her hand on mine, she bit my lip and then grinned once she let go.

The next thing I knew I was being dragged to the dance floor. Her short, black, spikey hair and black lipstick and eyeliner made her look like a comic book character come to life. We spent the next two hours bouncing around the dance floor never once taking a break. The heavy beat of the baseline spoke to her and her moves were as seductive as any I had ever seen. So many times she’d give me that “Come hither, boy” look and wrap her arms around my neck before blowing me a kiss and pulling away.

My head was spinning as the night wore on, and I was in serious need of refreshment. It was as if she could read my mind as she took my hand and led me off the dance floor and out into the parking lot. She led me to her car, a beat up old Pontiac, older than either her or I. I had offered to drive or follow her somewhere, but she pushed me up against her car and shut me up with a hungry, passionate kiss. Our tongues dueled as she pressed her crotch against mine. She let out a sexy moan that made my knees go weak when she felt my erection press back against her.

“Go around and get in,” she said. “Your car will be safe here.”

I did as she said and minutes later we pulled out of the parking lot and onto a dark and lonely street. The drive didn’t take long and I stared at her profile as she lit a cigarette and took a deep drag. She rolled down her window and let it out, blowing smoke into the cool night air. I laughed and told her, “I haven’t seen window cranks on a car door in over twenty years.”

She turned to me and grinned but didn’t say a word. She continued driving and a couple of minutes later she pulled into the driveway of a 1950s-style bungalow cottage and parked behind a newer Jeep.

“It looks like my girlfriend, Sue is home. Are you up for a rodeo tonight, Cowboy?” She teased.

I was too dumbfounded to speak as she took my hand and led me to the front door before crushing out her cigarette on the rail and kissing me once again. She broke the kiss and opened the door leading me inside. I immediately cast my gaze to the floor at the site of a beautiful, skinny red head sitting on the sofa wearing only a tee-shirt and thong while eating a bowl of Cheerios.

“Well, well. What do we have here?” Sue said as she set her Cheerios on the coffee table and stood up to greet us. She made our way to us and kissed her girlfriend full on the lips and wrapped her leg around the other’s as if I wasn’t there. And then she pulled away and drew the back of her wrist along my jawline and teasingly said, “I’m Sue, it’s nice to meet you. I see you met my girlfriend, The Club Slut.” And then she placed both hands on each side of my face and kissed me just like she did her lover.

My mind was racing when she pulled away and each girl took one of my hands and lead me down the hall. I will never forget, nor will I ever be able to top the experience of making love to Jenn and Sue all night long. The next morning Sue made pankcakes and bacon before Jenn took me back to get my car. She kissed me goodbye as I climbed out of her car and I watched as she drove away. I went back to my hotel and showered, changed, and packed. I had just enough time to drop off the car at the airport before my flight home.

Many years have passed since that fateful night. It still makes me smile when I think of Jenn’s soft and tender lips and Sue’s succulent inverted nipples. Sometimes, late at night when I can’t sleep, my mind drifts back to a warm summer night and I wonder if it was only just a dream.

6 months ago. Sun 15 Jul 2018 03:58:44 AM IDT

The first time she wrapped her hand around my throat as she rode me from above, I knew that missionary sex would never satisfy me again.

The first time she put her glistening fingers in my mouth in the middle of a crowded restaurant, I knew I’d do anything she said.

The first time she tied me to the bed and made me wear a blindfold while she teased me until morning, I knew that sex was more than just fucking.

The first time she slapped my face and called me a little bitch, I knew what disappointment really felt like.

The first time she made me sleep on the floor beside her bed and listen to another man fuck her senseless, I knew the power of the mindfuck.

The first time she stood over me and held my face to her pussy as she emptied her bladder into my mouth I knew what humiliation really meant.

The first time she locked my cage in a cock I learned that could live without daily orgasms.

The first time she made me eat my cum, I knew my misconceptions from my childhood were just that.

The first time she put a plug in my ass I knew what feeling full really meant.

The first time she fucked me with a strapon, I knew that I wasn’t gay, and anal sex could still feel good.

The first time she ran her fingers through my hair and called me “Her good boy,” I knew what it meant to be loved.

6 months ago. Tue 10 Jul 2018 07:52:14 PM IDT

She stripped me naked and applied the clamps to each nipple. She then cupped my caged cock and took my balls in her hand, before she squeezed them firmly. She led me to the corner and kissed me while she continued fondling and scratching me with her nails.

When the doorbell rang she broke our kiss and told me to kneel. She then disappeared and I heard the front door open and close. I could hear his voice, deep and throaty; but he was no one I recognized though.

Time passed slowly as my mind imagined every possible scenario about what was happening in the other room. What were they doing? Was he kissing her? Was she sucking his cock? Where they preparing to fuck?

My torment was interrupted when I heard them enter the room. She led him by the hand and she introduced him to me. She said his name, but in the moment, the room was spinning and for the life of me, I can’t recall what she said.

I watched as he leaned down and kissed her. He hands were on her hips and pulled at the fabric of her dress. She raised her arms as he pulled it over her head and tossed it on the chair beside the bed. She now stood before him wearing my favorite lingerie set. She then reached behind her and unhooked her bra, freeing her supple breasts.

I watched as she dropped to her knees and took him in her mouth. His cock reacted as expected to her expert touch. Twice the size of mine, he was fully erect and his cock glistened with her saliva and streaks of her bright red lipstick. He had one hand on the back of her head and used it to guide her back and forth. The sounds of her sucking filled the room and my tiny caged cock began to throb as I watch him enjoy the talents of her mouth.

When he had had enough, he pulled her to her feet and carried her to the bed. He set her down and flipped her over so that she was on all fours facing away from me. After he adjusted her to his desired height, I almost cried out when he reached between her legs, and with one hard pull, ripped her panties from her body. I was crushed.

He turned his head to look at me as he held his heavy cock to her pussy. I saw the wave of estacy wash over his face as he eased inside her slowly. He then turned away and focused on her as he took her from behind. They fucked for what felt like hours as he took her from behind, then pushed her down flat against the bed. Minutes passed and then he flipped her on her back and I watched as he spread her legs wide and made her cum.

He didn’t stop when she began to cry out and continued fucking her with all his strength. The sound of their bodies slapping together made my cock drool.

I watched as he pulled out and laid beside her on the bed. She briefly took him in her mouth again and I heard her moan with pleasure as she tasted herself on him. Her pleasure was short lived as he pulled her off his cock and over him. She straddled him, facing me, as he held his cock steady and she lowered herself. He placed his hands on her hips and smacked her ass as she rode him while facing me.

I could tell the moment he pressed his thumb in her ass by the look of pleasure on her face. It was then she beckoned me and I crawled towards the bed. As I got close, she grabbed my hair and pulled my face to her pussy. His heavy balls slapped my chin as she pulled my lips against her clit.

“Lick me,” she hissed and I did as I was told. The next thing I knew, she was pushing me towards the floor and my tongue grazed his balls. He cried out and she held me steady. “That’s it. Lick his balls like a good cuck,” she continued.

I closed my eyes and did as she said. I could taste her cum on his flesh and without realizing it, I took his sack in my mouth as I savored the taste of her cum.

She pressed me harder against him now and her clit rubbed against the bridge of my nose and forehead. He continued fucking her and his ball slipped slipped my mouth as he cried out and I watched his thick cock throb inside her and knew he was filling her with his cum.

She cried out as she came too and as she continued to ride him, his cum started dripping down his shaft.

“Oooooo. Lick up his cum,” she said as she pulled my head back to her pussy. I stuck out my tongue as the first salty glob slid into my mouth.

She climbed off of him and with her hand in my hair she held his cock with her other. She pulled my lips to the head of his cock and as it slid into my mouth my mind began to race. The taste of them both and the taboo act I was performing made the room begin to spin. It wasin that moment, I knew my life had changed and would never be the same again.

6 months ago. Tue 26 Jun 2018 06:04:24 AM IDT

The bar was crowded and quite noisy. I couldn’t hear what she asked. The first stinging slap landed on my cheek and I felt embarrassed, to say the least. I apologized and explained I could not hear. But my explanation was met with another slap, and then another, followed by terse words of inadequacy which triggered the first of my tears.

The satin lace of this thong is cutting into my thighs. The new cage on my cock hurts from the little pointed screws she dialed all the way down. My nipples are bruised and purple from the nipple clamps that bit ferociously into my tender flesh before we left the house.

I want to die as I look across the room and see a group of college girls giggle and then look away when they see me looking at them, my eyes welling with tears. I want to hide. I want to crawl as quickly from this place as I possibly can, but I can’t.

The plug in my ass begins to vibrate. I shift my weight as the stimulation to my prostate causes my cock to swell and the screws in my cage to dig deeper into my shaft. She pulls a baby bottle from her purse and I can’t tell if it’s filled with apple juice or her urine, but either way, she’s made it quite clear, we aren’t leaving until I’ve drank it all.

6 months ago. Wed 20 Jun 2018 08:37:13 AM IDT

I’m in such a dark place right now and I feel like I can’t even breathe. I don’t even know how to describe the heaviness and sorrow that I feel. By all rights, one would think me to be perfectly happy, and I should be. Except that I’m not and I don’t know how to dig myself out of this pit of despair.

What I wouldn’t give to be held right now. To feel the touch of a compassionate woman who holds my head against her breast and tells me it’s okay to cry and let it all out. And then, to listen to the sound of her beating heart and remember that life is beautiful, even when it’s ugly and it sucks.

6 months ago. Mon 18 Jun 2018 08:51:10 AM IDT

I spent the day upon my knees. I was naked and bound, a spreader bar between my ankles, my wrists behind my back. My thighs are bruised, rivulets of blood now lay crusted to my flesh. Welts from her cane crisscross my ass and burn like fire.

My face is a mess, stained with tears and crimson lipstick she applied before fucking my mouth with her rubber cock. “You look like a nasty whore, a hungry little slut.” she taunted as she smeared the red stain across my cheek with her thumb. 

My face stings from the lingering memory of her hand. Her quest to turn me into “her little pain slut” is well underway. My throat is raw and I beg for a drink of water as she lifts my face from the floor and empties her bladder into the champagne flute that is just inches from my face. I have to ask myself, just how thirsty am I?

She sets the glass on the table and pulls my face to her pussy. “Lick me clean,” she says. I extend my tongue and do as I’m told as she holds my face in her cunt. “Lick me good, my little slut,” she says. And I do, because I know my place.

7 months ago. Fri 08 Jun 2018 08:44:30 AM IDT

My tongue was sore. I lost count of how many women had stood before me and presented their ass for worship. I had been practicing my tongue exercises all week but nothing could have prepared me for today. I had lost track of time, but I knew by the shifting of the shadows in the room that I had been on my knees for hours.

My wrists ached from being cuffed behind my back for so long. My knees and thighs burned from the lactic acid buildup. I wanted more than anything to stand and stretch my legs, just for a moment.

And then I felt the sting across my cheek again. Focus… my scalp burned as she grabbed a fistful of hair and shoved my face into her ass. My cock leaked uncontrollably but having an orgasm was the last thing on my mind.

She pulled away, turned around and slapped my face again. Her chocolate brown flesh was such a dark contrast to my Caucasian skin. Another slap as I looked into her fiery brown eyes as she pulled my face to her sex and told me to drink…

Covered in piss from not being able to keep up, she shoved me to the floor. “Pathetic slut,” she musttered as she walked away. Embarrassed and humiliated at the thought of all these strangers bearing witness to my plight, my mind began to fog. And then another fist in my matted hair lifted me back onto my knees. Another ass presented for worship and I prayed that this night would soon end.

7 months ago. Wed 06 Jun 2018 08:12:43 PM IDT

I stood before her completely naked, except for the steel cage on my cock. She slowly circled me, inspecting my flesh. Her fingertips lingered about my shoulder as her eyes drew lines in my flesh from my ass to my neck.

Standing in front of me, she reached down and clutched my caged cock and ballls in her fist. She leaned close and her crimson stained lips brushed the lobe of my ear.

“To whom do these belong?” She asked.

“They are yours, my Goddess.” I replied.

“And if I would have them removed?” She continued.

“Your desire to be fulfilled, my Goddess.” I answered as my mind raced at the thought of pain and humiliation of losing my manhood.

“Then on your knees.”

As I assumed the submissive position I feared what was coming next. She took her time preparing the instruments with her back turned towards me, blocking my view of her activity.

“Kneel on your hands and knees,” she said, while still facing away from me. “And keep your eyes to the floor.”

I adjusted my position as instructed and waited for the inevitable moment. Her footsteps grew louder as she approached and took her position behind me.

“Your last chance,” she cautioned. “If you choose, you may leave a free man. But if you stay, you become my slave, my property, until your dying breath.”

“I am yours, my Goddess. Do with me as you will.” I replied.

It was then I heard the click of the portable torch. The roaring sound of the flame lasted for nearly a minute. Visions of being burned alive flashed through my mind until the room grew silent.

A searing pain coursed through my body as she held the iron to my flesh. I cried out as the sound and smell of burning flesh filled the room. I now forever wear the mark of my Goddess on my ass, a sign to all that I am hers, forevermore.

7 months ago. Sun 27 May 2018 07:03:34 PM IDT

She grabbed my collar and pushed me back against the wall. Her lips were just inches from mine and I wanted more than anything to take her face in my hands and kiss her, but she was quick and caught me with my guard down and now my hands were in my back pockets, pressed against the wall.

We had met in the club earlier that night and spent the better part of an hour grinding away on the dance floor in the heat of the night. Bodies were pressed against each other and hands roamed freely as I memorized the curve of her hips and torso. It was hot and we both were sweaty. My cock throbbed in my jeans as a result of her pressing her tight leather pants against me all evening. Now, here we were, outside in the back alley. She pressed her body against mine and pinned her thigh against my cock as she looked me squarely in the eye.

I leaned forward and tried to kiss her but she pulled her head back.

“No, no.” She said. “I’m in control.” And then she pressed her breasts against my chest and kissed me hard on the mouth. Her lips were soft and warm and her tongue tasted of cinnamon from the fireball she had been drinking.

She pulled away and looked around nervously, checking to see if we were alone. Then she reached down and unbuttoned the front of her jeans and lowered the zipper before ordering me to my knees with her eyes. As I squatted on my haunches, she stepped forward and pressed her satin and leather covered sex into my face. I inhaled her heavenly scent as she ran her fingers through my hair and pulled my face against her body.

I reached up and slid her pants down just below the curve of her ass and her leather jacket protected her modesty. I then pulled the front of her satin panties aside and brushed my lips against her clit. Time stood still as she ground her sweet pussy against my face and tongue. I didn’t care if we were discovered as I worshipped this Goddess with my lips and tongue. She reached down and slid two fingers inside her pussy as I continued to worship her clit. She was panting for breath as she pressed her glistening fingers inside my mouth, encouraging me to lick them clean.

I held my breath as I continued to worship her and soon, felt her hands in my hair clench into fists. Her thighs began to tremble and she buried her face in the shoulder of her jacket as she ground her sex against my face. Her orgasm was intense. I hungrily licked and swallowed, trying to keep up before I felt her body relax and she pulled me away and to my feet. Wedged against the wall again it was her turn to savor the pleasure of her orgasm as she licked and kissed my glistening lips and cheeks.

We heard what sounded like the giggles of a group of over-intoxicated girls getting louder as they left the club and were walking our way. She pressed her body against mine, hiding in the dark, and we both watched as the three blondes hiked their skirts and squatted to relieve themselves. As she buttoned up her jeans she took my hand and led me back inside. As we passed the girls, I saw her wink at one, and say, “I feel you. It was too long of a line.”

7 months ago. Fri 25 May 2018 01:56:43 AM IDT

heard them making out on the bed above me. She had blindfolded me and shoved her panties in my mouth before cuffing my wrists behind my back and guiding me to Her yoga mat on the floor beside Her bed. I knew the taste of Her makeshift gag and I could tell that these belonged to another.

When She had returned to the room, I knew She was not alone, for I heard a second set of footsteps. I felt a foot caress my naked thigh and caged cock while another trailed up my chest and brushed across my lips. I heard giggles of laughter from a voice I did not recognize, followed by the sounds of kissing and heavy petting. It wasn’t long before I heard clothes fall to the floor and what I assumed to be a brassiere fall across my loins. I twisted my head from side to side to try to see what happening above me, but my efforts were in vain.

I heard the bed squeak as they climbed on top. Soon I heard gasps and moans as I imagined flesh on flesh, fingers caressing supple breasts, and lips suckling tender nipples. My cock was dripping now as I heard the familiar sound of heavy breathing and lips smacking in passionate kisses.

I could think of no sweeter version of hell as succulent moans escaped the stranger’s lips. I wondered if Her fingers were between her legs or if Her lips and tongue were pleasuring her sex. Life is so unfair. What I wouldn’t agree to subject myself if only I could lick Her fingers clean, or kiss Her and taste her arousal on Her lips. Or better yet, have Her hold my head between her thighs and not let me come up for air until my lips and tongue had helped her find the release I could tell was soon to conflagrate in a raging inferno of lust and orgasmic bliss.

Such sweet, delicious torture. The sounds of her orgasm and panting breath. I imagined her arched back as Her fingers danced across her clit and between her lips. My mind was assaulted by the sounds of Her lips kissing her proffered breasts and her cries of pleasure and pain as I imagined Her teeth biting down against her tender nipple.

And then the room grew quiet. I imagined her nestled in Her arms. I could almost see her head resting against Her breast as mine had done so many times before. The occasional sigh of contentment left my mind reeling with possibilities of what could be happening just a few feet away. As much as I wanted to get up and crawl in that bed and pleasure them both, a greater force held me down against the floor. It was the memory of Her voice telling me that tonight was Her night and I was priveliged enough to listen from the floor.