The Scroll

Creative writing of fetishes and fantasies that haunt my soul.
14 hours ago. Wed 23 May 2018 01:25:37 AM IDT

She stood over me as I lay on my back, my wrists and ankles bound to the bedposts. She slowly unzipped the crotch of her latex catsuit while peering down at me and watching my caged cock bob with ancticpation.

She dropped to her and positioned her ass in front of my face. I knew what she expected of me. While she kneeded, squeezed, and caressed my balls my tongue focused on the taboo star of her sex. My balls aches for release as my tongue worked in and out of her spongy flesh, teasing, licking, and caressing the one part of her most men would shy away from. As if she could read my mind, she always knew when to pull away just enough to keep me from starving for air, before she would lower herself once again for another round of sweet pleasure.

I was hungry for her praise and adoration. I delighted in her touch. I knew I should be grateful to share this special bond with her, and I was. I’ll never fuck her like a real man. She told me that in the very beginning. She may never let me orgasm again. She told me that when she locked the cage around my cock. But every day she lets me use my tongue to pleasure her ass and sometimes, if I’m really good, she’ll let me worship her sex.

20 hours ago. Tue 22 May 2018 07:17:54 PM IDT

She stood behind me and wrapped her fingers around my neck. Her bright red nails shimmered in the candlelight. Her teeth nibbled at my earlobe before she breathed her warm breath in my ear and sent my trembling knees to the floor.

She ran her fingers through my hair and pulled the back of my head against her sex. She slipped her middle finger in my mouth from above and slowly fucked my lips.

I’m such a little slut for all things erotic. And as she turned my face to her dripping sex and pulled me close, my tongue bathed her lips and relished in the desire of her lust.

1 day ago. Tue 22 May 2018 03:56:12 AM IDT

From my knees, I looked up at her as she drew her fingers across my chin and caressed my cheek. I could see the longing in her eyes. We were both nude, except for my cage and her feeldoe strapon and as she ran her fingers through my hair, I convinced myself that I would do anything she asked.

To the outside world, we looked like an average couple. I was older by at least 10 years. Fourteen, to be exact. And one might even think our roles were reversed the way my hand casually rested around her neck or the protective way in which I kept her close at all times. Few, if any, would believe that that it was me who lived to serve and please her, and me who now knelt before her, kissing the tip of a 10” rubber cock as she held my head steady and brushed it slowly across my lips.

“You’re such a little slut, aren’t you?” She teased.

I didn’t answer as I was focused on making love to her cock with my mouth. The sting on my cheek from her slap refocused my attention as she asked again. “You’re my little slut, aren’t you?”

I looked up at her and grinned before I answered, “Yes, Mistress. I’m anything you desire me to be, but I am always yours,”

“Good boy,” she said as she thrust her cock completely down my throat and my lips met the warm flesh of her sex. Indeed, I was her slut. For her, there was nothing I wouldn’t do.

6 days ago. Thu 17 May 2018 09:05:29 AM IDT

His cum dripped from his cock as he pulled it from her sex. For the last 15 minutes they had been going at it hard and fast. He fucked her in a way I never could. It was raw… animalistic. He didn’t love her like I did.

I watched as he presented his cock to her lips and she greedily took it in her mouth, licking and sucking him clean. My cock throbbed in its cage as these events continued to unfold before me. I couldn’t remember the last time she had let me cum, much less let me fuck her.

My thoughts were interupted by her tugging on my leash. I felt the pull at my neck and crawled to them on the sofa. She had one leg over the side with her foot on the floor and he held the other up in the air, kissing her ankle and calf while she worshiped him.

“Lick her clean, cuck!” He said in a machismo voice. He knew he could get away with that because she would never correct him. I could smell them and like Pavlov’s dog, my mouth began to water.

My lips brushed her clit and she jumped, pushing me away. Then she pulled me close again and I kissed her thigh. I slowly worked my way to her lips and soon my tongue was buried deep in her sex and I fought the urge to gag as I tasted them both and my mind made the connection of what I was doing.

Time felt as if it slowed to crawl as I worked my tongue in and out of her pussy and back and forth along her lips. He pressed my head against her sex when she started to cry out, preventing me from pulling back.

I struggled to breathe as she rocked her hips, bucking against my face. My tongue hurt and my lips were numb when she cried out one final time and filled my mouth with a new-found taste of their lust-filled union. I would forever be her cleanup man.

1 week ago. Fri 11 May 2018 03:05:48 AM IDT

She held her breast to my lips and I suckled like a newborn babe. She breathed life into my soul and knew I was forever hers; safe at last.

2 weeks ago. Tue 08 May 2018 11:54:03 PM IDT

She pinned my wrists to the bed as she straddled my waist and kissed me deeply. I could easily have overpowered her and flipped her on her back, but that was not our dynamic. It had been a particularly stressful week and she knew I was dealing with some rather intense work stress. She was intent on taking my mind off the real world for a little while. For that, I was truly grateful.

 Her lips were soft and tasted of strawberry. She is a lip-gloss fiend and I end up wearing more of it than her when she decides to kiss me. I think she just enjoys embarrassing me when she wipes it from my lips with her thumb, but I don’t mind. Just minutes ago, she had stripped me naked and explored my naked body with her hands. Her jeans now ground against my hungry cock and I could see down her shirt as she kissed me longingly.


“Do you want to fuck me?” she asked when she momentarily broke our kiss and I all too quickly nodded yes. She knew that I did but wasn’t going to give in so easily.

“Have you been a good boy?” She teased as she sat up and took off her shirt and brassiere.

 “Yes.” I managed as she freed her breasts and leaned back down, pressing them against my chest as she kissed me again. She kicked off her shoes and fumbled with her socks before she sat back up and unbuttoned her jeans. She then stood over me and pulled them off, standing over me in just her panties. I could see they were damp and her perky nipples begged to be suckled, but they were just out of reach. I must have licked my lips, but she was having none of that.

“Now, now… You haven’t earned that privilege yet,” she teased. She placed her foot on my chest and pulled her panties to the side and slowly drew here finger back and forth between her lips.

For the next few minutes I enjoyed the view as she pleasured herself. I wanted more than anything for her to drop to her knees and place her sex on my face. What I wouldn’t have done to taste her nectar and give her pleasure.

“I’m going to give you a choice,” she said. “I can straddle your face or I can ride your cock, but you can only choose one.”

“Fuck.” I slipped. I hated that she was making me choose. But I hadn’t had an orgasm in over a week and I had just gone down on her a few hours before. 

“I figured that would be your choice,” she teased, knowing that my curse wasn’t an admission, but I wasn’t about to protest. She slid off her panties and lowered herself onto my throbbing cock. She held my wrists down against the bed and offered me her nipple as she began to ride my cock.

I lasted less than five minutes before I warned her of my impending orgasm. My warning only fueled her desire as she rode me harder and soon I cried out as my seed filled her womb. She slowed her pace until my breathing recovered and kissed me again. I could feel my seed dripping from her sex and trickling between my legs. Then she broke our kiss and looked me deep in the eye and I could almost read her mind.

“I know I cheated and didn’t give you a fair chance to choose, but since you got your orgasm, I’m going to straddle your face while you use your tongue and make me cum again.”

She knew I loved the taste of my seed and her arousal. Part of me wanted to question my luck and ask what I had done to earn her favor on this day. But I was not a fool and I was not about to jinx my newfound favor.

3 weeks ago. Thu 26 Apr 2018 11:37:13 PM IDT

Fingers interlaced in my hair. Her perfectly manicured nails press against my scalp. I look up at her from my kneeling position on the floor. She is dressed in the most sensual lingerie set I have ever seen. Black stiletto heels, black lace stockings with a seam up the back of her leg, satin and lace panties with matching garters, and matching brassiere. I close my eyes to hide from the intensity of her gaze, but it’s no use. I can feel her eyes drilling through my flesh and staring deep into my soul.

She pulls my face against her thigh. My lips brush the hem of her stocking and I kiss the silky fabric. I hear her softly moan with pleasure and I resist the urge to look up at her face.

I feel her press my head to the floor and I kiss and lick the smooth Italian leather of her heels. There is no part of me that would not give her everything I own, including my ultimate devotion.

She pulls my head up and I’m kneeling again. Her fingers tousle my locks. She holds my head at the crest of her thighs and I inhale the sweet scent of her perfumed sex. I want nothing more than to reach up and pull her panties aside and bury my tongue deep within her sex, but so bold a move would leave me in a terrible position and I would not care to face those consequences.

She slaps my face as if she can read my mind and chastises my dirty thoughts. “Dirty boy.” I hear her hiss and I can’t help but smile as I look up and see her smiling too.

“You know you have to earn such privileges and as of now, you have not.”

I look up at her with a quizzical face, but nod my head with understanding. With one hand she releases my head and slips her fingers underneath the hem of her panties. I lick my lips as I see the signs of pleasure wash across her face. Then she looks down at me and brings her arousal-coated fingers within inches of my hungry lips.

“Lick,” she commands and I do not heasitste to taste the sweet nectar of her sex. I close my mind and imagine my head between her thighs, her hands in my hair, my tongue against her flesh and soon I find myself on my back looking up at the one thing I want most…

3 weeks ago. Thu 26 Apr 2018 06:17:33 PM IDT

Even in my forties, there are days I wish I had a Mommy-Domme to take me in her arms, hold me tight, and tell me everything is going to be okay.

3 weeks ago. Wed 25 Apr 2018 09:01:25 PM IDT

She had stripped my clothes and applied the blindfold, stealing my sight. She placed cuffs on my wrists and ankles along with a spreader bar. My hands were hoisted above my head as I balanced precariously in the balls of my feet. I heard her heels clicking on the hardwood floor as she circled me.

I gasped and bit my lip when I felt the leather tab of the crop slide across my ass, over my anal plug, and then up my back. Gooseflesh formed when she circled me and used it to draw a line up the center of my torso from my groin to my chest.

I sensed we were not alone and my suspicions were confirmed when I heard a second pair of heels making their way towards us. I heard what I thought to be a passionate kiss between them and my mind raced at the possibilities of the lesbian scene playing out before me, but obstructed from my view.

More clicks of heels and I felt like a rabbit caught in a trap about to be devoured by a circling and hungry pair of wolves. I felt fingernails raking gently over my ass and hips. And more over my chest. My mind struggled with the comprehension of the moment when I felt lips suckle each earlobe and teeth gently bite down before the warmth of their breath filled my ear canals.

“Such a good little slut,” hissed the voice on the right.

“Mmmmmmm. Yes, indeed,” cooed the other.

My caged cock twitched as I felt fingers reaching through my legs from behind and pulling gently on my balls. In moments, the other freed my cock from its cage and now was gripping and stroking my shaft.

The one behind me released my balls and aggressively pinched my nipples. I cried out, but gasped when I felt the stinging slap from the one in the front. Then I felt her body against mine and the fabric of her lace brassiere pressed firmly against the other’s hands and my chest.

I felt the warmth of her sex as she closed her legs with my cock wedged between her thighs. She began rocking her hips back and forth, coating the top of my shaft with her arousal. I softly moaned as my body acquiesced to both the pleasure and the pain. Then her lips were on mine as she kissed me hard, silencing my encouragement.

The one behind me released my nipples and pulled away, then returned momentarily, standing behind me once again. I felt the plug being pulled from my ass and then fresh lubricant being generously applied. Every nerve in my body sprang alive as I felt the head of her strapon press into me. Inch by inch she worked her way in until she had filled my bowels completely.

With her hands on my hips she began to thrust and soon they had found the perfect opposing rhythm. It wasn’t long until I felt that familiar tingle between my legs and my balls began to constrict. Her warm breath seducing my ear was almost too much as I heard her hiss, “Don’t you dare cum, you little slut… on second thought… do it. And feel the combined wrath of us both.”

4 weeks ago. Tue 24 Apr 2018 10:26:07 PM IDT

She wiped her cum-coated fingers on my cheek after reaching between her legs and licking them seductively. She had just ridden me to the first orgasm I had had in three weeks and it was intense. I have never been one to orgasm on command, but she was a master, or should I say ‘Mistress’, at the art of control.

“You want to taste, don’t you, my slut?” she teased.

I nodded my head when my voice caught in my throat. Her seductive smile told me she was enjoying my high as much as me. I was truly grateful for the release she had so generously granted. Orgasm control is something every submissive fantasizes about and it is quite the double-edged sword. But basking in the afterglow of orgasmic bliss, I hung on two her last two words and closed my eyes before she leaned down and kissed me, granting me one more wish.