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2 days ago. Tue 23 Apr 2019 05:42:12 PM IDT

Tori didn't know why she woke up at three in the morning. Maybe it was the anxiety. She hadn't gotten much sleep the night before, either. She stirred in bed and attempted to roll over to the other side of it before being startled by the large body next to hers. For a moment her heart raced and she had to stop herself from gasping out loud. Her confusion only lasted a moment before she exhaled slowly and let comfort soothe her. She pressed backward gently against Matthew's body and let his warmth wash over her before grumbling contentedly.


Then she grumbled again. This time it was out of annoyance. There was something to be said for the relief of finally having Matthew in bed next to her. She had been waiting months for this feeling. Months that were, in her opinion, months too long. Still, the fact that Matthew seemed to have been content enough to fall asleep so soundly after only two nights of passion annoyed her. 


She listened to the sound of his snoring. It annoyed her, as obnoxious as it was buy Tori was too in love at the moment to care. Matthew was also too large and too high-handed with his application of flat palm to her backside to bother making a fuss over it - not that she was the type to mind.


She groaned again and pushed her backside against his hip, pouting as she got not response. After a few minutes of gratuitous wiggling and high pitched pseudo-moaning, she accepted defeat and sat up in bed. 


There was a pleasant soreness between her legs. Matthew was somewhat responsible for it but it was mostly her eagerness to please and her assertion that any challenge could be accommodated with enough effort and K-Y brand lubricating jelly. She pouted and considered smacking Matthew across his smug, sexy face but settled on laying on his chest instead. 


He was warm and she liked that. His breathing also made his chest rumble a bit, especially when he snored. She decided it wasn't all bad and began to draw little circles on his skin while matching his heartbeat. She felt relaxed and noted that it was the first time she had been able to appreciate him while he was at rest. She had, in fact, noticed that despite his dominant, assertive attitude, Matthew's heart raced when he was with her. Even in the midsts of asserting his control, with his voice smooth and even, she could feel it beating against his chest powerfully. Now, as he slept, his heartbeat was slow and powerful. At least the old man wasn't going to give out any time soon. That made her happy as she trailed her finger down over his belly.


It didn't take long for Tori's stimulation to get a reaction from him, even as he slept. She played with his belly, lingering at the patch of skin below his navel before curiously moving her hand lower. Adjusted to the darkness, her eyes could just barely make out the stiffening bulge in his boxers and she was glad that the warmth of the late Summer encouraged them to sleep without covers. She half expected his hand to fly to her wrist and stop her but Matthew seemed sound asleep. Sound enough at least for her to slip her hand under the elastic waistband and wrap her fingers around his cock.


Tori bit her lip. The warmth of it or, perhaps, the uncharacteristic naughtiness of the situation excited her. She was never this assertive, though the certainly liked pretending she was. She stroked him while glancing towards his face. She couldn't tell if his quickening heartbeat meant he was awake, or perhaps just excited. She wondered if what she was doing influenced his dreams and, as she did, his hips bucked involuntarily, as though to answer her question. At least she was giving him pleasant dreams.


Her brow furrowed.


He better had been dreaming about her. She smiled and planted a kiss against his skin, feeling the warmth against her lips. The night temperature had made Matthew sweat a little in his sleep. Or, perhaps, it was Tori pressing herself against him. Whichever came first. Still, she liked it. She liked the taste of him. She liked his scent. She liked the way his breathing made his chest rise and fall, creating a rhythm for her to move her lip lower as she clumsily tried to free his cock from what she thought must have been quite restrictive and uncomfortable pair of undergarments. 


She gave up on subtlety a few moments later. If Matthew woke, she was sure he wouldn't be that mad at her for being a bit adventurous with his body. At least she hoped. 


Still, his manhood was now laid against his lower belly and she was somewhat satisfied just to look at it. She trailed her finger along the underside of his shaft and shot a glance up towards his sleeping face. She somehow suspected that he was awake and lifted her head to get a closer look. 


In the darkness, Matthew looked a lot younger than he really was. He did have some boyish features still and she didn't particularly like that. She let it slide, though. She poked at his cheek where his dimples would show up when he laughed. He laughed a lot and that she liked. He didn't respond to her prodding and she determined he was a heavy sleeper. She pulled on his beard a little for good measure and that made him grumble and turn away. For a moment Tori thought she was in trouble and she laid her head against his chest again and looked down towards his cock.


Right. She wouldn't be able to explain that.


Matthew resumed snoring a moment later and she knew she was in the clear. Her brow furrowed again. She kinda wanted him to wake up and fuck her. She was certainly too sore and would put up a bit of a fight but she was horny. Hell, she hadn't been not-horny since he showed up. 


She looked at his cock again and bit her lip as she moved her fingers down between her own legs. Her own warmth comforted her, though it was a warmth she knew quite well. She was wet, as usual, and she winced as she confirmed that was, in fact, still quite sore. She grumbled again, hoping and not-hoping that Matthew would wake up and take advantage of her horniness. She sighed and pressed her thighs together, making her core ache even more. She might admit she was disappointed and upset if she wasn't self-aware enough to know she was being ridiculous. 


She pouted. Again.


Matthew shifted and his cock wandered away from Tori for a second. She sat up before moving to her knees. She bit her lip again and glanced at his sleeping face before taking him in her hand. She hadn't put much thought into what she was doing but being on her knees - legs crossed at her ankles - as she leaned over Matthew's midriff wasn't the sort of position she wanted to be found in after having made any sort of plan. 


She took him in her mouth and attempted to coax his cock into a full erection. She wasn't used to having Matthew's, or anyone's, cock in her mouth without getting obvious feedback one way or another. She was, however, confident in her abilities and proceeded to go through the motions until her jaw was parted uncomfortably. Matthew groaned and bucked his hips more the harder he got and Tori didn't pretend she wasn't turned on by the effect she was having on him. His hand was on her calf and moved up the back of her thigh. She didn't know at what point he had woken up, but his fingers toying with her pantyline was enough to let her know she should get a bit more enthusiastic with what her mouth was doing.


Warmth and saltiness filled her mouth as Tori serviced him. She was ashamed to have been discovered in this position and secretly cursed herself for not thinking things through but, at this point, the only course of action seemed to be going forward or, in Tori's case, deeper. Until Matthew was prodding the back of her throat and making her eyes water. 


She could feel his fingers, curious and deliberate as they probed between her legs and slid over her swollen and sensitive inner lips. She whined and pulled away from Matthew's touch, resulting on a swift smack on her backside. It was enough to make her insides clench. When he returned his fingers to her slit, he would find it significantly more slick than it was before. She wished he would get off his lazy ass and fuck her already but the way his hand moved over her hip and up the side of her body let her know that he had something else in mind. By the time he took hold of the back of her neck, she had resigned herself to being frustrated.


That was fine, she supposed.





4 days ago. Sun 21 Apr 2019 02:31:18 PM IDT

I forgot again,

Not to get lost in your sleep,

You keep snoring babe.




5 days ago. Sat 20 Apr 2019 07:56:34 AM IDT

A brush with venomous words,

A sour tongue that spits what neither of us want to hear,

Bitter lips,

Turning away soft kisses,

Craving the less-than-gentle,

Yearning for the burning at the cheek,

The watery eyes,

Meekness under a stern gaze - and,

A hand at the back of your neck,

Pulling you in so scolding words can be spoken,


Barely above a growl,

Making you wet between the legs,

Causing your knees to touch before you're bent over,

Small fingers gripping - pulling at my pant leg,

Squealing with discomfort when I discipline your behind,

Nothing lost,

Muscles pulled tight as you protest,

Both ashamed of and revelling in your weakness,

Knowing that someone like you never had the strength to fight,

You never wanted it anyway,

Nature desires you to be something less;

Something more,

And true to that desire,

You submit,

Wet between the thighs,

Soft - sweet with your words,

Swearing never again to clash against my ego,

Promising that you've learned your lesson.

At least for tonight.



1 week ago. Thu 18 Apr 2019 06:35:00 AM IDT

Your body is soft and smooth,

Perpetually unsatisfied,

My most earnest words,

Along with my darkest desires,

They're never enough to quench your thirst.


I wonder,

In awe of your sexuality,

The ravenous nature of your lust,

Incessant lust radiating from your sex,

Your eyes,

So far past innocent,

Making me laugh at the thought:

"I never really get to see the blue in them."


Now they're widened,

But something is missing,

There is no 'you',

Only a machine running way too hot,

A woman lost to her own desire,

Caught somewhere,


Between what I am and what she wishes me to be.


This is the power you have over me:

You make me forget the lessons I learned long ago,

Then sink your hooks into me,

Dragging me along in your lust,

Staining me in your essence,

My woman,




1 week ago. Tue 16 Apr 2019 08:02:48 AM IDT

She's walking slowly,

Knees kept close together,

Every step deliberate - defiant,

My fingers snap and that makes her blush,

More so the way she hurries to my side.


She's on edge,

This soft little minx,

Every time I touch her,

Be it my hand on her shoulder,

My fingertips making small circles on her back,

Nails raking gently against her smooth inner thighs,

Oh, she trembles. 


How she sighs,

And how she begs,

"Five weeks is too long to wait,"

That's what she says;

"You deserve this,"

I whisper,

"Because you're a naughty little slut."


She's in agony,

Can't remember the last time her panties were dry,

Oh, how she begs,

Every night,

"Daddy, please,"

she says;


I reply,

"Because I know you love this."


My fingers down between her legs,

Oh, how she trembles,

And he whimpers,

And she moans,

And, dear God, she wants to cum,

Still, I won't let her,

I make her suffer,

Five weeks,

Until she learns her place.

1 week ago. Tue 16 Apr 2019 04:38:07 AM IDT

It's a curious thing,

Punishing a certain type of girl;

Someone who is naughty,

When she means to be nice,

Who shows her obedience,

By refusing to listen,

Sweet words and kisses,

Gentle touch and a soft caress,

All seek to waken a slumbering beast,

A little monster who craves rough treatment,

The kind of care that leaves her backside sore and aching,

Tears streaming down her flushed cheeks.


A delicate princess,

Who needs to be told she's a cock-hungry whore.

The gentle embrace of Daddy's fingers around her limbs,

Replaced by shackle and strap,

His fingers no longer lightly trailing her back,

Now marked in angry and painful welts,

While her delicate little cunt,

Sensitive and dripping with sweet nectar,

Craves the wickedest of attentions.


Yes - it is a strange thing to punish a certain type of girl,

Because how can you punish someone who enjoys punishment?

It's simple,

Really the most obvious of solutions,

You don't seek to punish a brat,

All that's needed is a reminder of who she belongs to.

The will to grab her by the cunt,

Tell her that it's yours,

That you're going to fuck her senseless,

That she's not allowed to cum,

At least not until next week - maybe the week after if she dares beg.


Let her know that the same way she shows love,

By turning from a princess to a brat,

Then to a voracious little demon;

You show love,

In the way you take her to edge of reason,

In the fear,

And the shame,

The trembling,

The fingers grabbing her cunt,

Telling her she's not allowed to cum.


1 week ago. Sun 14 Apr 2019 10:30:38 AM IDT

It's not a very nice story,

And it's not a story I've often told,

It's a story about a girl who was so alone,

She wanted...something,

She didn't know what,

Things she read about in stories,

The fucking slut;

Sorry, I wasn't supposed to say that,

I was just supposed to tell you that the girl was innocent,



And she was...entitled to make the decisions she made,





That's the word,

She was free to explore,

And to make mistakes,

And to convince herself that guilt meant 'naughty',

That depraved meant 'kinky',

That submission meant something more,

It wasn't her lack of ability to think of herself as anything but...



I shouldn't say that,


That one is mean,

She was...naive,


She was naive,

Like a fly in a spider's web,

Unable to distinguish her own panic from a venomous approach,

Not that she was at fault,

A girl like her,

A naive,

Innocent girl,

One so liberated,

Would always fall victim to a spider's guile,

But I was supposed to tell you a story,

Something I don't often tell,

I probably shouldn't bother anyway,

Most people know it well.

2 weeks ago. Sun 07 Apr 2019 01:26:32 AM IDT

Dry lips, 

Knees rubbed raw , 

Muddled thoughts and a clouded mind,

Unable to remember the kiss of sunlight,

Nor the feeling of softness against your flesh,

Starved of affection,

A will of tempered steel,

Sharp eyes that could never look inward,

Drinking now the manifestation of your ugliest desires,

While you remember the foolishness of your youth,

How you craved darkness,

And spurned your freedom,

Yet, even now,

You cannot bring yourself to regret,

Or disregard lessons learned,

A slave now, in more than body,

Held prisoner not by chains or walls,

But by nothing more than a taste of pleasure,

That you were never supposed to have.



3 weeks ago. Thu 04 Apr 2019 06:09:32 PM IDT

She told me that no one fucked her as good as I did,

That she had never been as satisfied as she was,

Her needs were met,

Expectations exceeded,

That for the first time she felt close to someone,

And didn't hate herself after letting her body be used.


She told me about her father as I held her close,

How in some ways, I reminded her of him;

He'd sit her in his lap when they ate breakfast,

Make sure she was squeaky clean after bathtime,

They'd cuddle under the blanket and watch movies together,

All while her mother was too busy to give them attention.


She told me that she and her father were close,

And in some ways, I reminded her of him;

How he found comfort in her, just like I do,

In the way my touch could be both gentle and firm,

And how I could make sweet things seem sinful,

That I made things confusing,

But she could finally say things now that she couldn't then,

Even if she knows neither of us are the type to listen.


Because she and her father were close,

I remind her of him;

In the way that I see her as beautiful,

I find pleasure in her tragedies,

How she makes the man in me a beast,

One that devours her weakness,

And feasts on her divinity,

That I am something both beautiful and terrifying,

Like him, I'm not the man I wanted to be.

3 weeks ago. Wed 03 Apr 2019 06:29:12 AM IDT

A thumb gently presses against your lower lip,

Pushing into your mouth to tease your tongue,

Knuckles at your chin,

Bringing your gaze up into the soft stare

that knows your deepest desires,

That the sting at your cheek,

And your watering eyes

Betray the cravenness of your womanhood,

Eagerness to be subject to his rough grasp,

Claw-like fingers tearing at your clothes,

Pinching at your soft flesh,

Twisting stiff peaks until your curse under your breath,

Drawing you to his chest and forcing your legs apart;

all before raking against your smooth inner thighs,

Stroking your slit,

Bathing in your wetness,

Teasing your stiffness,

Probing your hole, 

Stretching you as you clutch at his forearm,

Letting you know that your tightness is unacceptable;

that he will reshape your sex,

Repurpose your body,


Your womanhood,

Starting with one finger,

Tonight, perhaps,

Because you're more innocent than you let on,

Yes, still,

When those knuckles grazed your cheek,

And your bit your lip,

And you moan, ever so softly:


You wanted them inside you,

Three fingers,

Six knuckles,

Playing the sweetest instrument he's ever heard,


Your womanhood.