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Ok lets see where to begin .Ok lets start this way i have stsge 4 non small cell lung cancer i also have adrenal cancer i have becam incontinent yes it does suck judge away .now the fun part there are so many people on here that seem to think they know it all with no regars to anyone well how about you pull the beam from you own damned eye before you pull the thorn from someone else's yes i took my other blog down no it was not that they won but i have enough going on with out the goddam drama from here so like me hate me i dont really care im here to stay i have freinds that are here and i will not turn my back on them nor ignore them so guess what i doughnot care.!
2 months ago. Tue 27 Aug 2019 06:27:47 PM IDT

I started the chantix 4 days ago i read talked to the doctors what noone told me is it can make some people mean well i found out im one of the people it makes mean no emotions just down right cruel so after today i am stopping the chantix i dont like being the person i burried long ago and neither does anyone else so if anyone ever want to use chantix keep in mind depression is a main concern but it can make you a mean person .im glad i didnt get depressed but i dont like being mean either

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