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Random thoughts fill the mind.


3 days ago. September 24, 2022 at 5:49 PM

Sullen, slithering, seeping through the pores

Slowly oozing out the thick putrid goo.

Spirits rising, darkness falls across the shores

Gastly smells from all around worse than the loo.

Death's gaze rests upon them, as they truly are

No one can escape Jupiter’s scales

Scrambling, running, she watches from afar

She awaits for us all, to hear all of our tales

The water trickles down upon the earth

Bringing peace, healing, and hope

Trees keep growing, giving us birth

As we run wildly down the rough beaten slope

Meadows laid barren, no flowers to see

Birds have migrated, animals hibernate

All that once was, made new times three

Time grows cold, erasing the slate.


5 days ago. September 22, 2022 at 6:09 PM

Scales go here, tails go there

Wings flapping round and round

Laughter feels the midnight air

Love and joy, our only ground

Way up high euphoria does soar

Emotions elevate happy and warm

Arms hold us, protect us evermore

Show us the road out of this storm

Entertainment never ending

Safety in numbers always a plenty

Strong wills and minds  unbending

Harvesting corpses oh so many

Blood shall rain among the weak

Victors chosen by the goddess

Whips and chains give our peak 

Pain becomes the hottest.