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Thoughts of a Gentleman Dom

My thoughts and erotic writings. I hope you enjoy.
3 days ago. Wed 15 May 2019 02:17:22 PM IDT

My hand.

Your throat.

Ultimate control.

Ultimate trust.


We didn't get here by chance. In lesser hands, in a lesser relationship, this would be so very dangerous, yet...

here with me is where you feel the safest, the most comfortable, the most relaxed. In giving me everything that you are you have released your freedom. Under my control and dominance is where you need to be. It is who you were meant to be. The submissive that you have needed to be and dreamt of being.


My hand.

Your throat.

Ultimate domination.

Ultimate submission.

Enough said.


1 week ago. Sat 11 May 2019 01:20:04 AM IDT

This week I heard an old Alabama country song. The line in the song went, "I swam across the river just to prove that I was a man". Boy, did that bring back a flood of memories. We all did a ton of really stupid things all in the cause of proving that we were tough, macho and a real man. The ironic thing is, now that I am a man, I never question my masculinity or manhood. I just don't. I know who I am and am very comfortable in my own skin.


It is very similar to being a Dom. Too many new Doms want to rush or lie about their experience (i.e.: The 22-year-old dom with 20 years of experience). Be honest with yourself and your partner. Subs do it too. The 18-year-old sub that wants an "experienced" 20-year-old Dom. It's possible, just not likely. Grow together. Make mistakes together. I am always suspect of Doms that seem to be "proving" themselves. Having to prove yourself is akin to explaining a joke. If you have to explain a joke, it wasn't funny to start with.  If you have to "prove" that you are a Dom, you may need some more work. If a Dom is eager to punish or tear down a sub, I become suspicious. In 20 years, I have never punished.


Be patient with your partner. Be humble and be kind. Grow together. But always be honest with each other. That isn't an easy lesson to learn, but well worth the effort. Be harder on yourself than on your partner and then let them heal you.

1 week ago. Thu 09 May 2019 05:39:01 PM IDT

There are always obstacles in any relationship to overcome. There can be so many. Religion, finances, vegetarian vs. meat eater, and "morning person" vs. "night owl" are only a few that can trip up a solid relationship. Most of these serious problem areas have "go-arounds", ideas or common ground that you both can agree on. 


There is one area that I personally have seen tear up very solid relationships, political opposites. It can cause strife and tension within amazing relationships. Then it is lucky for you that I have come up with my most brilliant idea yet! All to save your relationship. When you have reached strong and impassable political differences, the morning of the election... tie her to the bed and release her when the last poll closes. BRILLIANT! 

You are probably wondering why you didn't think of this amazing plan. Oh sure, there are some MINOR issues to overcome like mail-in voting and early voting, eating, bodily functions and the fact that she is going to be super pissed when you finally untie her, but other than that... it's a brilliant plan!

1 week ago. Wed 08 May 2019 03:51:37 AM IDT

My hand firmly and fully around your throat as I press you against the wall. Even though your airflow is heavily restricted, you relax. You want to smile, but the lack of oxygen makes that task impossible. If this were anywhere else, with anyone else. you would have the right to be afraid. But it isn't anyone else. It is me. The one that loves you, cares for you and cherishes you. It is your Master. In the vanilla world, this would be choking and you would be afraid. Here, with me, it is me exerting my control over you, my domination on you. Eliciting your submission to me. Likewise in the vanilla world calling you a bitch would be a harsh and unwelcome statement. But when I lean into your ear and call you my amazing bitch, my pussy becomes wet and excited. Your desire for me explodes. You are mine and I am yours.


1 week ago. Mon 06 May 2019 07:14:47 PM IDT

My morning routine isn't much different than anyone else's. I read the paper, check emails and have my morning coffee. Pretty routine, right? The difference in my routine than yours is the table. More specifically, the centerpiece, the unique table decoration. It is amazing! Absolutely stunning. It is you. Naked and spread, you adorn my breakfast table. In between emails, I finger my wet dripping pussy. As I read the newspaper account of some idiot politician, my hand gracefully glides across your soft wanting inner thighs. I stand and sip my morning coffee as I grope your gorgeous breasts and twist your hard nipples. I finish my toast I enjoy dessert. My tongue dances deep inside my pussy. Your deep excited moans fill the small space. You are my toy to use and enjoy as I please. You are my slave. My pleasure is your pleasure. My happiness is your happiness. Breakfast, every day, make me happy. They say that it is the most important meal of the day. Now it is the most fun.  

2 weeks ago. Thu 02 May 2019 03:33:45 PM IDT

Men have been doing evil things in the name of redheads for centuries.

One should always keep a redhead close... for whenever you need to do evil things.

When a real or "fresh" redhead isn't available, you should always keep an emergency redhead on hand. Just sayin'.

2 weeks ago. Wed 01 May 2019 06:02:38 PM IDT

I was checking us into our hotel when you snuck up behind me, gave me a hug and giggled. I turned around and kissed you softly. One of those "public" kisses, enough to show affection, but not devour. That would be saved for upstairs. I took your hand and pulled you close. "I am so glad that you are here." We have been planning this rendezvous for months and it was finally here, at last. The desk clerk was growing impatient with your distraction. Who cares, you are here! "Are you wearing panties, my sweet one?" "Yes, Master, the pink ones that you said to." "Excellent, now go to the restroom over there, remove them and put them in your purse." "Yes, Master." As you were leaving you heard me tell the desk clerk, "We would like a high floor, please."


As you came out of the restroom you smiled at me and softly patted your purse, a silent, "mission accomplished". We strode hand in hand to the elevator, our suitcases trailing behind. The metallic ding informed us that our ride had arrived. We entered the carriage, I pressed the "10" and then focused on you. You were in your usual spot, against the back of the elevator, your arms behind you, legs spread and an enormous smile. I moved on you quickly, we didn't have much time. We had perfected our elevator ride. My left hand went to your breast and groped you insatiably. My right hand slipped expertly under your dress and quickly found my wet and wanting pussy. As my fingers pressed deep inside of my owned pussy, I pressed my lips against yours and kissed you deeply. As our tongues passionately intertwined, I fingered my aching clit. Your deep sensual moan escapes as your body melts into mine. "Yes, Master, yes, Master, YES, MASTER!" Your body shakes and quivers. Your cum drenches my hand as the elevator doors open.


I guide you limp body down the hall to our room. Once inside, I pull your dress off. There is a permanent smile affixed to your beautiful face. I lay you on the bed and spread your legs wide. I kneel between your legs, my hands on either side of your head. As I slide my rock hard cock deep inside of you, I softly tell you...
You are mine. You are my property. I own you and I love you... forever. You smile as the intimate intensity engulfs you and softly repeat... "forever".

2 weeks ago. Mon 29 Apr 2019 06:47:11 PM IDT

A few days ago I posted, "Are you a Terrible Person?". There were many very good and well thought out comments. One, in particular, caught my attention. ADIDAS spoke of worry and neglect if any sub, but specifically of the abused sub being like a bucket that they wear constantly. If/when they are abused, raped or neglected, the bucket grows larger. The stress and burdens of her past are often times unbearable. Can the buckets of years of stress and neglect be removed or reduced? I believe that they can be reduced but never removed. It is part of who she is. She never wants to forget lest the terrible acts are repeated. However, I believe that the buckets can be reduced to manageable or a mere shadow of what they were. 


A loving Dom can slowly and carefully reduce the worry and concern bucket with time, attention and love. I have seen it happen. The neglected and abused sub needs to know more than anything else that she is protected. That her heart is shielded and nurtured. Once she feels that you as a Dom have a vested interest in her security and well-being, she will submit and give you anything that you desire and do it freely and with love.


And what about the rest of us? There are a great many, too many, broken and hurting subs. Many, if not most, have built a thick wall around there heart. We as Doms can't take them all to help. It has been painfully pointed out to me that I can't save them all. While very true, I find myself asking "why not?". So what of the rest of us, subs included, how do we help right the most terrible of wrongs, abuse, rape, and neglect? How? We poke the damn bucket!


Someone that I was once very close to told me that I called every sub beautiful, gorgeous and amazing. That my words were no longer special or had meaning. I really thought about what she had said. She was right. I truly believe that EVERY woman has incredible beauty, yes on the outside, but more so on the inside. It is her heart and mind that glow. We just have to recognize that and give it a chance. So, I continue to call each woman beautiful and in the process, I poke the bucket. I let just a little if the stress and crap that has been building up drain away. Then I ask them about them, their interests and concerns. Not about sex or what they can do for me, but show real interest in them as a person. Something that few people in their life have done and now this new person is showing interest in them. And just like that, another poke at the bucket and more stress, as little as it may be, is gone. What if we all, doms and subs alike started taking pokes at each other's stress and abuse buckets? What if we all took the time to find something positive about another? Even sexually, but something! The vanilla world will NEVER understand how someone who has been raped wants to give their body freely and willingly to another, but we do. We understand that it is who she is as a submissive. We are a community. We help each other. Take a few pokes at the abuse and neglect bucket of another. You will be glad that you did.   



A special thank you to ADIDAS for inspiring this post.

3 weeks ago. Sat 27 Apr 2019 05:20:24 PM IDT

If you are looking for someone to blame for my writings, you should start with T slave or SCG. T encouraged me to write my first blog and SCG encouraged me to write from the heart from a Dom's perspective. I am not a perfect person and certainly not a perfect Dom. There are too many wonderful and amazing submissives here that could attest to the contrary. But am I a terrible person? Since this is my blog, let me help you with that question. The answer is no, I am not a terrible person. Yet, often I get a new sub to ask me why they are such a terrible person or worse, openly admit that they are terrible and worthless. The obvious first question is how are you convinced that you are so bad? The answer is almost always, "My Dom said that I was". As Doms, we all have different styles and comfort levels. We teach and guide differently. But of the experienced Doms that I know, each uses three simple guidelines, to teach, guide and protect their submissives. I have not seen one tear her down in the course of her training.


When I get these subs that are convinced that they are terrible people and submissives, I give them the "Terrible Person Test" and ask the following questions...

1.   THIS WEEK... have you killed anybody? (To keep the test relevant, previous murders don't count)

2.   THIS WEEK... have you robbed a bank?

3.   THIS WEEK... have you stabbed or maimed anyone?


When they fail the short version, I give them the more advanced test. Yes, I say failed because we are trying to prove what their Dom has told them is true, that they are in fact the terrible person that he says that they are.

The Advanced Terrible Person Test...

4.   Have you kicked a puppy?

5.   Have you pushed grandma over in her wheelchair?

6.   When the cute little Boy Scout was helping the elderly person cross the street, did you rush out to trip him?

7.   Did you steal the Girl Scout's cookie money?

I'm afraid that there is no time restriction on kicking puppies or pushing over grandma.


The answer is always a resounding NO! Then I inform them that they have failed the Terrible Person Test. That in fact, they are not a terrible person. I also go on to inform them of one other thing...

Their Dom is an asshole.

Many submissives have been abused sexually, physically and emotionally. Many have been raped and have suffered emotional and physical trauma. They have been convinced all their lives that they are worthless and yet, the thought of kicking a puppy is too much. Then the once charming and wonderful "dom" now tells them that they are a terrible person. There is really only one logical conclusion to that...

It's bullshit!


You are NOT a terrible person! You are in fact an incredible woman and amazing submissive. You have so much to give, so much to offer. You have so much affection, service and attention to give to a Dom who truly appreciates you for what you are, amazing!


So let's review...
YOU are NOT a terrible person.