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Thoughts of a Gentleman Dom

My thoughts and erotic writings. I hope you enjoy.
6 hours ago. Wed 20 Nov 2019 02:27:55 AM IST

I am so very proud and thankful today to be poly-mono or is it mono-poly? Let me explain...

I am so very much in love with my breath. If you have been following our 30-day thanks project, that will come as no surprise to you. She is an amazing woman that I adore. I am mono, committed to only her, but...

I am in love with the incredibly intelligent woman that she is. She is smart with a heart as big as all outdoors. 

She is an amazing lover.

I need the fantastic friend that she is. My best friend.

She protects me from others and myself.

She is my slave. For those of you that think that a slave is a doormat, you couldn't be more wrong. 

This amazing woman is my life.

I am deeply in love with each of the women that she is. So I am poly, right? Yet there is only one amazing woman for me which makes me definitely mono. So, it should be clear as mud, I am poly mono and so very proud to call her mine.

Today, I am so very thankful for my breath and that she belongs to and with me.




4 my breath, always mine.


1 day ago. Tue 19 Nov 2019 02:08:03 AM IST

Talk is cheap. We have heard that many times. The flattering words and nice phrases are nice to hear. It is only by getting to know the person will you know if they are a charlatan or a hero. The other half of the "Talk is cheap" saying is, "but actions speak louder than words". While that is incredibly true of doms, it is equally true for submissives. Do you honor your Dom? Do you lift him up to those that you speak with? Being proud of your submissive is a blessing to any dom, but to be honored by her is beyond amazing. To know that she thinks and speaks highly of you is beyond description. 


Yesterday you honored me by decisions that you made. You didn't have to, but you did. You did because it was honoring and respecting me. It was respecting Us. My pride in you causes me to "pop buttons". I am not proud of my submissive. I am extremely proud that YOU are MY submissive. You are the source of my pride, not your title. I am humbled and very grateful to be honored by you. To know that you are with me today, tomorrow and forever. 




4 my breath, my pride and joy.  

2 days ago. Mon 18 Nov 2019 02:06:22 AM IST

We all have our moments, insecurities and challenges to overcome. Doms are no different in that respect. We are still human. How the dom handles his moment of stress is defined by the man himself. Many go silent and refuse to talk, a very male way to handle stress. In times of stress, men go silent and women overthink. Men often have tempers in times of stress. Yesterday, I was greatly stressed. It was brought on by a family member and was completely unrelated to my breath. But I did what I have done so many times in both good times and times of challenge, I turned to my breath for my strength. I often laugh at young doms that have to handle everything themselves. The submissive was created to be his helper, lover, and friend. Within an hour of talking to you, we were laughing. The severe knot in my neck and shoulder muscles was completely gone and forgotten about. You calmed the tiger. You relaxed me just by being with you, by being you. I have heard it called centering, getting your mind right and calming, but whatever you call it, it is the unique ability to be focused on the one person that you trust the most. When I focus on you, all other burdens melt away. So today I am thankful for your trust in me, for my trust in you and for the amazing gift of you. No one else has been able to calm the tiger. No one else dared. And yet you knew instinctively not to be afraid of me and that it was where you were needed. I am so very grateful for you.




4 my amazing breath, my always.

3 days ago. Sun 17 Nov 2019 01:57:29 AM IST

It is incredible to me to watch our love grow daily. To see us grow as a couple, to become Us every day. It is amazing, absolutely amazing, to watch our love grow from one day to the next. I should not be surprised because I have witnessed it firsthand every day of our relationship, yet, I am so very pleasantly surprised when it blossoms so very beautifully in front of me the next day. So today I am thankful for one day more with you. I know from firsthand experience that today we will be closer than yesterday and tomorrow, closer still. That is what I want and need so very much, one more day. Thank you for being the amazing you.




4 my breath.

4 days ago. Sat 16 Nov 2019 02:14:45 AM IST

I was in a bad place when you found me. I was hurt and discouraged. You knew what you wanted. You saw good when I did not. You saw hope when I could not. You looked at hope, the hope in me. You pursued me. You chased me. Today, I am incredibly grateful for your vision of our future at a time when all that I could see was despair. You chased me and I am so very grateful for that. Today in our relationship, I lead, as a Dom should. But, when I needed you the most, when I was so very desperate, you saw the good in me, you saw Us long before I could and you came and got me. You crawled into the hole I was in and pulled me out. You pursued me. You chased me. You saw me for me when I couldn't. That by itself would be enough to love you for forever. But you kept adding more, more you, more wonderful. Thank you for coming to get me. Thank you for giving me you. Thank you for the today that you give to me so freely and willingly. Thank you for the promise of tomorrow. You are me. We are one.




4 my breath, my love, my all.

5 days ago. Fri 15 Nov 2019 02:02:42 AM IST

No one knows what the future holds for any of us. We do not know how long our respective "forever" will be. Breath and I have a saying in our relationship, "Give me your today and promise me your tomorrow. Then do the same the next day. Together, we have all that we need." Today, my love, I give you my today. It belongs to only you. I promise you my tomorrow. YOU are all that I need. YOU are all that I have ever needed. Today, I am thankful for the today that you gave to me so freely and with so much love. I hold it close to me to protect with all that I have. I will always cherish the tomorrow that you have promised me, but it is your today that I will treasure today. You are my everything.




4 my breath, my amazing, my always.

6 days ago. Thu 14 Nov 2019 01:20:42 AM IST

They put speed bumps in the road to slow traffic down. Only idiots and teenagers take on speed bumps at full speed. YOU WILL do damage to your car and maybe even you. They are intended to get your attention and slow you down. Life has speed bumps. My breath and I run through life at full speed. We do it together, hand in hand, fingers interlaced. Every now and again, we will hit a speed bump. Typically, they are minor, but it slowed us down. Embrace the speed bumps in your life. They aren't there to destroy you, they simply are telling you that there is an area in your life or in your relationship that needs your attention. Give your relationship the attention that it deserves. If you don't slow down and resolve whatever caused the speed bump in the first place, you may win the race, but you will do it alone. Today, I am thankful for speed bumps. The needs that have forced me to slow down and pay attention to what is important in my life. I am also so very grateful to an amazing life partner that is patient with me. The one that wants and desires to travel this path with me, hand in hand, fingers interlaced. I am grateful for my breath... and speed bumps.




4 my breath, my amazing, my everything.

1 week ago. Wed 13 Nov 2019 02:01:03 AM IST

From our beginning, we said that we would be open and honest, raw and vulnerable and we have been. So much so that the strongest of friendships developed and blossomed. The person that I desire is also the person that I can tell anything to. I give to you my joys and my fears, my desires, and my needs. I give everything to you. It is not always easy, the truth, but at least we know there are no hidden agendas or lies. It is just Us and the truth. It is that truth along with an amazing friendship that is our foundation. That foundation is so very strong. It is what keeps us centered and continually growing. I need my best friend so very much. I need to be able to tell you my everything and to be wrapped in your arms forever. I am so very thankful today for my best friend.




4 my breath, my everything, my best friend.

1 week ago. Tue 12 Nov 2019 01:59:56 AM IST

The "room" represents our relationship. It is only you and me in the room. Just the two of us. There is no door. None is needed. There are two important facts about not having a door. No one is leaving. You, my love, are stuck with me. It also means that no one will be entering through the door that isn't there already. No distractions. Just Us, only Us. There are only two people in this amazing relationship. There will only be two people in this relationship... forever. Just two, only two.


Today, I am grateful for no doors. WE don't need them. WE have all that WE need, each other... for life. No doors, none are needed. I have you, amazing, wonderful you.




4 my amazing and incredible breath.

1 week ago. Mon 11 Nov 2019 01:54:29 AM IST

When I first came to the Cage, I was like many that arrived here, I was starved for attention and conversation. I will admit that once I arrived, I was the proverbial "kid in the candy store". So many amazing women to talk to. I wanted to talk to all of them. Down deep, I had needs that were crying for attention, but in the short term, being able to talk to wonderful people that shared my thoughts and interests was incredible. Because of my thirst for real attention, it didn't take long for me to earn a reputation for being a player. I wasn't and I knew it. The more that I defended myself, the worse things got. I finally just gave up. Let people think what they wanted to. 


Then came you, wonderful amazing you. You took the time to get to know me for me. You studied my needs, wants and lusts. You soaked up me. In return, I simply could not get enough of you. Because you took the time to realize just who I was, you understood that there was a difference between my absolute need for attention and my reputation as a player. You disregarded the false label and focused on me. You held my hand, fingers interlaced and listened to me. You hold my heart with such tenderness and strength. Your passion for me is amazing. If I don't say anything particularly wise for the rest of our 30 days, let me say this. You pursued me. You have taken the time to know ME. It was never about what I could do for you, you love me for me. I will never leave or release you. You hold my heart and I am so very grateful.




4 pretty bird, my everything.