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Its The little Things

1 week ago. May 25, 2023 at 6:46 PM

I remember everything. Every conversation, every feeling, every emotion. The good, the bad. 

I remember it all because of the impact it had on me. And I carry each memory with me.

Each memory might mean more to me, and each Dom has left me with a gift, for example. 


I listen to country music more because he did and that imprinted on me, showing me the love, meaning and passion behind the music.

I draw hearts on the glass shower door when it gets too steamy because he thought it was cute and that imprinted on me.

I spend more time out in nature, exploring because that too, imprinted on me. Connecting with nature was a way to connect to myself and him. When there was no longer a him, it left just me and nature.


I will always remember them, their impact and the reasons they left. But those will stay with me forever.