Eyes of a red head

More than a few sides of 1 girl, baby girl learning and diving into her mind. Bringing out her words and emotional feeling.
4 hours ago. Wed 20 Jun 2018 11:15:48 AM IDT

17 hours ago. Tue 19 Jun 2018 10:41:17 PM IDT

One of the most beautiful animals on earth 😍😍

Omg it's sooo fluffy I wanna smoosh it 😆😆😆

1 day ago. Tue 19 Jun 2018 11:09:03 AM IDT

So a bombardment of bonds and inboxes already have started.....

Desperate needing doms, and me being nice lil red that I am I go to make a conversation to be asked about my private self or to be asked about my previous dom, or do i want to be a slave


Juuuust what I want to hear a repetition of nothingness 


*rolls eyes* have not got the head space for needy shitty messages 

*flows hair behind ear and grins darkly* the more dommly lil red is out for abit keeping the guard up.

2 days ago. Mon 18 Jun 2018 12:55:07 PM IDT

I told him to take time out

I told him to sort himself out

I told him I will take my leave as a way to help himself

I told him he has to do this on his own

I told him I will still wait for him with the other dom he has given me

I told him I will come back better and stronger/wiser/obeying



3 days ago. Sun 17 Jun 2018 02:10:38 PM IDT

I'm bent over the bed, knees tucked in, ass up in the air and head low down arms by my neck.....ohhh im so vulnerable in this position. 

He walks up the stairs and sees me there as he asked. 

*look. At. You.* he says as he is smiling.


Is he gonna fuck me and soak me I thought......NO


He stands behind me looks at me *your already wet my dear red*. I was soaked already, this position makes me feel so unable to cover myself. He puts his left arm across my back and pushes down, *smack* fuck the sting I felt instantly and wiggling. *smack* on the other cheek this time......*ohhhhh my god fuck* he's holding me tighter as I'm trying to move and get away. *smack ughhh* and before i knew the next one was coming I winced and fisted my hands jolted *smack ahhhhhhh*  *smack* this time i cant bear it I get up and move myself, he pulls me back pushes me head down ass up again *smack* harder than the other 4. My eyes shut head in the bed and arms gripping onto the sheet for dear life *smack ahhhhhhhhhhhhh* i scream *ok I'm sorry I'll behave in future* I would do aswel, my ass is burning red and stinging like fuck. 

*smack fuuuuuaaaaaackk okkk I'm sorry* 

He is ignoring me for he knows i must have the full 10 smacks.

*smack ahhhhghh* im biting my lip hard and moving so much, so sore, so red, so painful *smack* finally the tears broke and I crumble, he picks me up into his arms, lays on the bed and pulls the covers over me, rubbing my ass males me wince.....but how I will not say no again to something he asks of me!!!

4 days ago. Sat 16 Jun 2018 12:11:22 PM IDT

All of us deserve to wear a crown, 

But the ones who wear it without the thought, or taking it and claiming it they're own are the ones to watch out for.

They are the type that look out for themselves and doesn't give a shit.

They take and take and feel it is normal part of life.

We all deserve to sit on the throne and be kings/queens for the day. 

But put your authority across as if you are the king (dom) without even saying a simple word as hello and your world will crash down quicker than an avalanche running down a mountain. 

I rarely have messages that show authority now because i have either blocked you/ignored You, or you have read my profile and know what I want and know my own mind that I will tell you to go and fuck a duck~~~~


That being said the genuine kings and queens on here do deserve a crown, a handmade crown out of pure gold and many colourful jewels enclosed. 


Im rambling, it was just what came to mind today and I tried putting it into a sort of order and reminded me of the crown

It is passed down in generation but also have to be earned....you do not play out of context and mis behave and still expect to be crowned king or queen.



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5 days ago. Thu 14 Jun 2018 09:52:30 PM IDT

I want fun too;)


I mean a female body is just wow.

*looks at demi* 

Like yh wow



6 days ago. Thu 14 Jun 2018 11:49:53 AM IDT

There is not enough air for me to breath today.

The weather is crap and humidity is low

Im tired, I want to sleep

I have little mice  (as I call my runnabouts) running around like they have had a sugar overdose

They have nursery today - I'll be running them to the door as fast as I can say bunchie crunchie munchie

And to collapse and move about as slow as a sloth for the afernoon

How I love my time outs but I soo am not ready to give them up permanently for the next i dont know how many years.

The thought depresses me!!!!



No i am not ungrateful because i cannot wait for my kids to leave the house and to chill in peace and quiet, with a damn hot cuppa and a dinner to myself.....

6 days ago. Thu 14 Jun 2018 12:20:31 AM IDT

Finally some results

Let's hope we can move on and put this behind us....(me more like)


Lil red you really are a worrier over nothing lady.