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A is for...




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If I could serve you I’d crawl to your side
Lay my face to your thigh and open up wide
If I could serve you I’d get down on my knees
Stay naked and soft and ready to please
If I could serve you I’d clean night and day
All our toys and equipment and our places we play
If I could serve you I’d talk your ear off
‘Til you’d gag me so tight that I’d spit and I’d cough
If I could serve you I’d make you breakfast in bed
Then I’d lick you all over from your toes to your head
If I could serve you I’d cook you desserts
You’d eat off my body ‘cause that’s how I flirt
If I could serve you I’d even wash all your dishes
I’d be all naked and soapy…mmm so delicious
If I could serve you I’d let you tie me down
And do what you want as you’d wear the crown
If I could serve you I’d tease you with pleasure
‘Til you’d take it no more and fuck me with measure
If I could serve you I’d listen and learn
All your wants and your needs satisfied in each turn
If I could serve you I’d hiss and I’d bite
But you’d like it so good when I’d put up a fight
If I could serve you I’d claw at your back
When my hands were untied and your discipline slack
If I could serve you I’d push my hips against yours
When you’re balls deep inside and spearing my core
If I could serve you I’d rest your head in my lap
Stroke and caress you while you’d rest with a nap
If I could serve you I’d treat you with care
And in pleasure’s embrace we both would share
If I could serve you I’d be still in my mind
Instead of dreaming all this all of the time
I drive myself crazy all day and all night
Thinking of ways I would serve you to your heart’s delight


1 day ago. Sun 21 Apr 2019 03:33:33 PM IDT

Growing up in the ‘80s I loved the movie E.T. Heck, I loved it so much I immediately switched from M&Ms to Reece’s Pieces! (Don’t get the reference - google it!)

Oh btw, for those who are unfamiliar with this movie, E.T. stands for Extra Terrestrial. 

Anyway, also growing up Catholic, I could also see how the movie was a modern day Christ story. 

Think of it. A peaceful creature comes down from the heavens and is left behind on Earth. All he wants to do is go ‘Home’. He finds and makes friends who are enlisted with his cause and try to help him. He performs a few ‘miracles’ like bringing a flower back to life, and making things float and bicycles fly.  Then, the Government finds out about him and takes him away to interrogate him and find out what makes him special, an E.T. Because of this interrogation E.T. dies and everyone mourns him because they could finally see he wasn’t here to hurt anyone, he just wanted to go back home.

But, just as Elliot, his closest friend says ‘goodbye and I love you’ , E.T. comes back to life! Why? Because his ship with his people on it have finally made contact with him and are on their way to bring him home! 

Elliot helps E.T. get to his ship and is very very sad to see him go and E.T. climbs aboard, but not before touching his glowing red finger to Elliot’s heart and saying ‘I’ll be right here.’

So, after you’ve eaten your Easter meal, I highly recommend watching this movie! You’ll fall in love with E.T. just like I did and go to church all at the same time!!! Ha ha.


This movie was so popular and inspiring to some that Neil Diamond wrote a song about it! Enjoy and Happy Easter!




Jewels ❤️❤️


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J 💋❤️💘

4 days ago. Fri 19 Apr 2019 06:48:06 AM IDT

Submission means nothing without the power of choice. The reason why Christ’s sacrifice is so venerated is because it was his choice to die for humanity. I think this song from the musical captures this powerful message perfectly.



Jewels 💋❤️

4 days ago. Fri 19 Apr 2019 02:06:02 AM IDT

So, if it was going to be my last supper, I’d have to have seared scallops with a cauliflower purée, pan roasted duck with a red wine reduction and deep dark chocolate cake with fudge icing. 




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4 days ago. Thu 18 Apr 2019 04:29:04 PM IDT

I am not particularity religious but I do love a good musical and that’s why I am posting this and other songs from this one by Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice- written while they were in college together, I believe.

A rock opera indeed!



Jewels 💋❤️

5 days ago. Thu 18 Apr 2019 04:26:54 AM IDT

Between our ‘Good Night’ and

‘Good Morning’;

Between the darkness and the light,

I count the hours without mourning;

When next Your words come into sight.

I close my eyes and dream of You;

Your touch and taste and smell,

Then open them again, renewed;

A smile upon my face now dwells.

For I have lived and loved with You;

In the wee small hours of the night,

Our ‘Good Night’ is never blue;

As my dreams of you forever delight!

Our brief ‘Good Night’ should be an ending;

And signify our final thoughts,

And even though I’m always sending,

It never really ends the plot.

My thoughts of You live on and on;

And never lets me be alone,

Our deep connection’s never truly gone,

During the night, it’s simply postponed.












5 days ago. Thu 18 Apr 2019 03:41:45 AM IDT