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Lived the lifestyle most of my life. Hopefully my experiences will help you along your own individual journeys. Here's to the lifestyle!
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Submissives, you are treasured more than you realize. And are adored more than you could possibly know!

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Lying, deceiving, conniving, tricked, swindled and bullshit. These are the things that hurt people and makes them weary of other people that they come in contact with. I know this because when I was much, much younger than I am now (over 30+ years ago), I used to do that very thing. Much has changed since then, including my philosophies. There's an old saying it takes a bullshit artist to know a bullshit artist. And I know this because I used to be one.

I say that to say this, if you know you're not meant to be in this lifestyle, and and you tell certain people that. Don't go around saying those things and then expect that certain people won't find out that that you're still engaging in the knowledge of the lifestyle. Because in the end, all you're really hurting is is yourself. Because if you're lying to yourself, you can lie to anyone.

And in my opinion that's something that absolutely will not be tolerated within the lifestyle.

In the words of Ice Cube..... "Yo better check yourself before yo wreck yourself."

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I Personally don't demand respect, however I do expect to earn it. For those that expect it right off the bat, you must not have any in your life. Respect is like a form of trust, because once you lose it, it's very hard to regain if at all. My grandmother always told me "Treat people the way you would want to be treated." Even the scriptures say "Think of others more highly than yourself."

That last sentence, "Think of others more highly than yourself" really means something. It comes from a place of humility, from a place of unexpectedness. When people compliment me, on whatever I say or do. I Don't do it for others to see. I do it because in my heart, it is the right thing to do.

For those that expect immediate respect, do you honestly think that's the right thing for you to do? You expect someone to trust you blindly? And if you do, you have my pity. Because you truly don't understand what kind of power respect has.

Which is why I remain humble when certain people tell me "I respect you, your thoughts and your opinions."

Think about that next time you expect immediate respect.


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For those that "claim" to be a "real Dom", when a submissive asks questions and you start demanding things right off the bat. You just proved how ignorant you are. Not to mention that you actually know nothing, if anything about the lifestyle.

And when you send an unsolicited "member pic" just remember, it's not a pic of your member that you show the submissive, it's actually you.

I've said it before, and I will say it for the next thousand times.

Half the battle of becoming a dominant is is simply being a gentleman first!

Submissives, don't fall for this nonsense.


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