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Lived the lifestyle most of my life. Hopefully my experiences will help you along your own individual journeys. Here's to the lifestyle!
20 hours ago. Tue 22 May 2018 07:27:07 PM IDT

In writing this blog, I can only go by my own personal experiences. So with that being said, this is how the transition of power worked for me.

During the "getting to know each other" phase, as the as the communication and understanding are working, trust is being built. As the submissive begins to let her guard down, she is opting to release a certain amount of control.

That control that the sub releases is for me to take over. So eventually over the course of months she will eventually give me complete control of her.

But don't get it twisted, because if I say or do anything that I haven't cleared with her beforehand, the transfer of power stops. Unless it has been discussed beforehand, you are not to immediately assume control of the submissive. As this can actually backfire. However, doing it the way I outlined makes for good, steady and consistent transfer of power.

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2 days ago. Sun 20 May 2018 07:06:48 PM IDT

For the dominant: If you're in it just to get your rocks off and honestly expect a submissive to listen to you immediately because you "claim" the title of "dom". The sad reality is that not only will you be exposed as a wannabe dom, but you will also stand to be atrociously ridiculed. 1/2 The battle of being a dom is to simply be a gentleman. Everything else is through cautious trail and error.

For the submissive: They think that alot of dominants won't want them because they are flawed in some way, shape or form. This is wrong to think, because the fact of the matter is that everyone is flawed. The mark of a true submissive is not in her looks, but rather in her heart. When she goes out of her way to make others happy, that is a true submissive! Speaking from experience as a Dom, I would see greater beauty in a submissive that is not pleasing to the eye, but goes out of her way to make others happy. Than to see a "10" sub that only cares about her own wants and needs.


Think about this before you do anything regarding the lifestyle.


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6 days ago. Wed 16 May 2018 08:28:44 PM IDT

So I have decided to do do the unthinkable for myself. And that is I am no longer actively seeking a submissive. But I have decided to focus my efforts in helping others that genuinely need guidance. I think this is the best possible decision that I can make for myself. So should anyone genuinely need someone to talk to and confide in, let me know


To those that I may have hurt in the past, I offer my most sincere and heartfelt apologies. I ask for your forgiveness, if you accept then thank you from the very bottom of my heart. If you don't accept, I understand completely and wish you nothing but the best. Thanks.



1 week ago. Wed 16 May 2018 01:15:24 PM IDT

A submissive is not a doormat, she is a helper to her dom. She isn't meant to be beneath her dom, she's supposed to walk alongside him. She is considered worthless in the eyes of most, but to the one she serves, she is priceless!