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Assumptions (not a good thing)

1 week ago. Mon 07 Jan 2019 10:45:14 PM IST

I have had enough of the endless requests by male slaves wanting to be mine. It seems they cannot read or comprehend that I am not wanting a male sub or slave. My profile says FEMALE sub or slave wanted.  Learn to read profiles. Shesh. Any male asking to be mine will be immediately blocked from now on. Simple as that......

8 months ago. Wed 16 May 2018 06:06:14 PM IDT

I am going to set the Record straight on a few things about a former friend. I had thought the world of her, she was some I thought I could turn to when I needed help, someone who I could talk to about anything.  But she chose to make light of my situation, she became cold and rude. She even went as far as to avoiding me...She wants to make me out to be the only guilty party...She would have you believe she is innocent lil victim who did nothing wrong. She doesnt tell you the things she said or did...The real truth is when I came to her for help she turned her back on me...After all the times i been there for her, this is how she repays my kindness to her..she doesnt want to take responsibility for her own part, she would rather cast  all the blame on me to save her own ass. I got a message for her. WOMAN UP....Stop blaming me for everything. Tell the truth...Dont just talk about my part in this....The truth is your incapable of telling the truth. You are a self centered lil twit who thinks she is all that. I am glad we arent friends anymore....You showed me your true colors. To think I called you a friend....A true friend wouldnt stab you in the back like you did me. Your just pissed off I confronted you. You need to grow up seriously. Start taking responsibility for your own actions and deeds. Because I REFUSE to be your scape goat...You may fool others with your SOB STORY. But you know and I know what you did that day. Time to come clean Girl...Or are you afraid to let others see the real you. I made a mistake calling you friend...Thats one mistake I wont make again...Good Riddance to you, your lies, and your drama

10 months ago. Tue 20 Feb 2018 08:22:38 AM IST

Seeing how I am leaving this site after posting this blog I am deleting my profile and all info in it. I truly love this place but I am over several things here. I am done being accused of things I didnt do or say. I am over people talking about me behind my back ( you know who you are). This is meant towards only those who are spreading crap about me. If these people cant say it to my face they are cowards. I am also tired of being defriened and pushed off to the side by people i offered to help. I Will not say who though in this blog. They know who they are. I have met some very special here who i will miss and i hope they know i wish them all a happy life. To those who defriended me, avoided me because of some one else thanks for showing me your true colors. I am happy to be rid of you. Of all the people here who have been treated like crap or used, betrayed, lied to, played or decieved i wish the very best for all of you. May you find much happiness and love...To those people who i never met or talked to, i wish you much happiness as well. To the cowards, fakes, drama queens, liars and those who hurt others i say this. Grow a heart or move on....Finally i want to thank the staff, the mods and to those for this site. You are incredible people...may you all have blessed lives...


Final Note

I am asking the staff to cancel my profile..I Wont be back...


I now say goodbye to my true and loving friends (hugs to you). I will truly miss you. All my love to you

And I Say good riddance to those who are cold, cruel, and uncaring

1 year ago. Thu 30 Nov 2017 10:24:34 PM IST

When I first came to this site, I had one goal in mind. To find that special girl to be mine. But after running into a few people who played head games, a few that was here only to get off, and then having to deal with a few fakes along the way, it has seriously made me wonder if I should be looking anymore.


Some times I wonder if she is even out there. I see alot of blogs and posts on various other sites about subs, slaves, pets and other people having the same trouble finding the one for them. Personally I feel for them. They want to belong, they want to be loved and cared for, they want to be owned. But it is hard when they also have to deal with people whose not serious about the lifestyle. 


So I understand their frustration when it comes to not finding the one for them. Then you have some Dommes / Doms who totally ruin things for their slaves, subs, pets, etc by being vicious, cruel and very abusive to them. And that makes them weary of trying to find some one again. Now please know I am saying ONLY some dommes / doms do this. 


But then again, we Dommes / Doms also have run into our share of fakes and wannbe's. And those only looking to play head games and to find a quick way to get off. Personally I am tired of having to weed through through these people to find the one for me. And I am sure other Dommes / Doms feel the same way as I do when they have to deal with them as well. 


The whole point of this blog is to vent out that this lifestyle would be alot more rewarding and worth living if all of us did not have to deal with those fakes, gamers, and these players. I just hope that one day we all find the one for us. I just hope that we don't have to wait forever. 


I want to thank all those who read this blog, and their views and opinions on this matter.


Please feel free to submit your feelings and thoughts on this blog if you like

1 year ago. Tue 19 Sep 2017 05:12:08 AM IDT

Recently I met some one on here. She emailed me on here asking for help and how she loved my profile and was wanting to talk to me about the lifestyle, getting help on where to go, how to do things and various other things. Well I had a chance to talk with her last night for quite a bit of time. And I honestly thought she was a delightful person to spend time talking to. So we both stated last night that we would talk to one another today. I was looking forward to that talk. I even emailed her to ask when we could meet up to talk. She didn't reply, but she did however block me with no reason as to why. She clearly has no respect for another persons feelings and she clearly didn't respect me or the time I gave to her, helping her, talking to her, and answering her questions. To be honest, what she did was very disrespectful and down right cold. 


Personally speaking she has shown me she cares nothing of others. She obviously is some one of low character and has no sense of morals. And to think I thought she was some one worth helping out. But for all my time and effort she spits on me and blocks me. What a way to pay some one back. Clearly friendship and some ones time and help means nothing to her. In all honesty, she doesnt belong in this lifestyle if she cannot respect people and or treats them this way after they shown her kindness and helped her out. Personally this lifestyle doesnt need people like that. I am referring to those who like to shit on other people after you go out of their way to help them, guide them, and so on.


I am sure people will disagree with me on what I said above. But how would you feel if you spent hours talking to some one and then the next day turn around and block you for no good reason and does not take the time to tell you why. Personally, that person has lost all my respect and she has shown me her true colors.


I do not wish her any ill will. But I will say this. She needs to grow a heart and stop shitting on people who help her.



1 year ago. Mon 11 Sep 2017 09:48:15 PM IDT

I wanted to start out by saying that I normally do not do blogs. Because in all honesty I am a very private person when it comes to certain things. Specially when it concerns something personal or intimate. I am not one who likes to talk about their problems and or seek help. I have always been one to handle my things on my own and get over / through them. But recently I ran across some on this site that has pretty much got me irked. (I am not saying who) but I will say that they have made assumptions about me without knowing me. And in a very short time it has rubbed me the wrong way. Personally I find that assuming things without fact or making them without knowing that person first is a bad thing. I try like hell to stay away from assumptions as I know it can cause un-needed problems, drama and or stress. But in this particular case, some one on this site has made assumptions about me and it has indeed rubbed me the wrong way. And even though I am writing this blog about how I feel. I truly hope it does not shed a negative light on me. To me, a person's self image is something that is important. And while there is others out there who may disagree with me on this. I do feel that a person should care about their own image. Anyways back to the point. I have myself made assumptions in the past and I have regretted them dearly. Hence why i am very careful about what I say to others. And to be bluntly honest, when some one assumes something about some one, it can be very aggrivating or annoying to say the least. So before people go assuming things, they need to take a moment, think about what they want to say, and then say it. But they do need to take in account the other persons feelings as they do for them. I personally look at this from both sides of the spectrum and admit I am no innocent person. And I hope that I do not sound like i am playing  poor me. Because that is NOT my intention. I just wanted to speak about how bad assumptions are and what problems they can cause. Of course i know every one knows this. It is just something i had to get off my chest. And i hope i have not made others think less of me because of this blog. So with that being said, I wish everyone on this site a good day / good night (wherever) they are in the world.


I want to thank all on this site who reads this blog. And I truly hope that i have not offended anyone with the words in my blog. And I welcome all comments on this blog. Thank you again for taking the time to read this.