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Stolen passages

Things that touch me as I read and study
4 days ago. Sat 19 Jan 2019 06:20:52 PM IST

Hi there.......


     Just when I stop thinking about this person regularly, I get this email. My first emotion is sheer joy. I haven't spoken to them in so long and we used to share so much with each other. Right on the heels of joy is not quite anger or pain, but more a a dull ache.

     How do I respond? do I respond? It's been so long and I have missed them. 




     I can't help myself. As we message back and forth, I can think of the past and remember without those huge emotional waves crashing against me. We never really ended it, just stopped talking. There wasn't really much to say at the end. We were both so hard headed and unwilling to waiver in what we wanted.

     It was a good thing to respond and I'm glad that I did. It was a chance to bring kindness and friendship back into what had gotten sad and unhappy. I can now think of the good things about us easier now. 

1 week ago. Wed 16 Jan 2019 03:51:19 PM IST

Daddy and I were having one of our silly, mindless talks. He brought up the statistic that the average couple our age has sex 69 times a year. Of course this made me giggle.   69!!!!!  Then as I was thinking about it, I said that we have way more sex than that. He agreed that he thought so too. 

     So my new task is to mark the calendar each time we have sex to see if we, in fact, have more sex than the national average.   


      Keep your fingers crossed for luck for us please. That's a statistic that I wanna beat!

1 week ago. Tue 15 Jan 2019 04:57:30 AM IST

Daddy takes such good care of me! He knows when I need that extra bit of tenderness.

     I came home this evening to a huge bowl of popcorn and great black and white movie. He gave me a foot massage and even painted my toes.

     His reason behind it is that I have been out of sorts as of late and wanted me to know that he is always going to be there for me. How could a girl resist! I am so fortunate to have Daddy!

1 week ago. Mon 14 Jan 2019 03:40:18 AM IST

Just when you think that you know someone, they surprise you. How do you see the signs before it's too late? 

      When did it become ok for friends to lie to your face? Just asking.

1 week ago. Sat 12 Jan 2019 02:31:01 PM IST

Daddy and I are matched in a battle of wills. My current position is face down with my ass up on a pillow and hands tied above my head. Daddy obviously has the upper hand. He is between my legs slowly sliding his fingers into me and rubbing the spot that makes me cum so hard. He won't rub fast enough for me to though. The plug in my bottom is bigger than I am used to and making it harder to concentrate.

        He asks again if I am ready to surrender. My answer again is never! He reminds me that if I give him what he wants, this can all be over. Never, I cry! Daddy continues with his sweet torture. Getting me to the edge but not letting me go over it. He decides to change tactics and removes the plug. One more chance to give me what I want, he whispers. My voice is not so steady this time as I say no. 

    Daddy slides himself slowly into where the plug had once been and I moan. I cannot keep up this losing battle. I finally say the words he wants to hear.  I will give you what you want, the remote control is in the bottom drawer of the night stand.  Good Girl, he says and picks up his pace until we both are sated and spent.

       I may have lost this battle and have to endure the Godfather Epic again, but somehow I feel like I won too.   



2 weeks ago. Tue 08 Jan 2019 02:55:36 AM IST

My life long dream is about to become a reality!!!!!! I have decided to leave the medical field to pursue owning my own business. With much help from friends and neighbors, I have gutted and remodeled an old building. It is in the final stages of being done. I am so proud of the work that has gone into this crazy project and can't believe that it will soon be ready to go! 

      I have been debating back and forth about staying at my job until this studio gets going. Daddy has helped in so many ways and I can never repay him for it. He has given me the last push to quit and is such a rock for me to depend on. He has faith in me and faith in this project. I don't think that I could have gotten this far without him. No, I know that I couldn't have!

     I have decided to have a private ribbon cutting of our own before the grand opening. I'm trying to decide if I should wear a pink ribbon or a red one.  Watcha think?

1 month ago. Fri 14 Dec 2018 06:27:07 PM IST

Daddy said that I could play with a toy in the tub Wednesday night but that I couldn't come. I wasn't able to behave, is all I will say.

 During our texting yesterday, he asked if I had been a good girl. I was honest and told him no. He didn't make too much of a big deal about it, so I thought I was off the hook. Last night he wanted to go for a drive to pick up some supplies for dinner and thought that it would be nice if I went too.

 I was so busy telling him about my day that I didn't notice he took a country road that he didn't need to. He stopped the truck and got out without saying a word. He walked to my side of the truck and motioned for me to open the door. He grabbed my hand, helped me out, and then pinned me to the truck with his body and started to kiss me. I was in heaven!   He pulled away and sweetly instructed me to pull my pants down and bend over. I was shocked but did what he told me to. 12 really hard swats that I had to count out. Then he teased me till I was wet and needy. No release for me though.  

 Daddy told me that I am not allowed to come until he gives me permission and next time will be more swats. He put me back in the truck and we continued on to the store. 

 Today my backside is sore and I am so worked up that I don't know how I can concentrate on work. Gonna be a long day. 

 Maybe I should be a good girl from now on......NOT!

1 month ago. Tue 04 Dec 2018 08:52:37 PM IST

This man makes it so hard to focus on normal life. I find myself thinking of him constantly!  A coworker asked why I am always smiling now, so I guess it shows outwardly.  My current dilemma......go to a work Christmas party or go away with Daddy for a romantic weekend in the city.   Mediocre hors d'oeuvres or the Fabulous Fox Theater and amazing company?  Maybe it's really not a dilemma after all.   

1 month ago. Sun 02 Dec 2018 04:07:08 PM IST

I haven't been feeling the best these last couple of days because of a bad cold.  With all of the day to day errands and running, I've worn myself out. Daddy was supposed to come over last night and I so wanted to see him, but wasn't really in the mood to play. He knows me so well. He texted around 4:30 to tell me to go sit down on the couch and not move till he got there. I hadn't done anything to get ready to see him, but I did what I was told. I fell asleep waiting. I woke up to Daddy kissing me on the forehead and calling me a good girl for getting some rest. He had brought with him a new body wash with eucalyptus to help with my congestion. He got in the shower with me and washed my hair. When we were done and dried, he gave me the new silk nightie that he got for me. He put me into bed and we cuddled and watched a silly movie. I fell asleep in his arms. I am usually the one to do the pampering and I love to, but tonight Daddy made it all about me. How could I not love this man!

2 months ago. Sun 04 Nov 2018 01:53:00 AM IST

A close friend of mine told me that I should start blogging again.  So this is for you.   😚 .

I took some time away to review and revamp myself. I have made some very hard decisions and taken some drastic steps to remake my life. Some decisions were scary and life changing, but I have surrounded myself with wonderful and positive people.


I feel strong and ready to move forward in all aspects of my life. I am learning to relax and enjoy the simple things that we all get too busy to notice. I have taken a chance at pursuing my passion and finding the rewards more than I could ever have hoped for. 


For those that have stayed in contact with me, I appreciate your support.  I am on my way to being happier than I have been in a long time.