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Stolen passages

Things that touch me as I read and study
2 days ago. Aug 10, 2020, 2:47 PM

Some wise words of affirmation to kick off the week.

Happy Monday!

6 days ago. Aug 6, 2020, 2:51 PM

They call it fire
But it feels just like drowning
With the weight of my burning desire
Closing in all around me
I wasn't lost until you found me
And I can't unlove you
My heart can't unbreak
I can't unfeel how it felt
I felt so much myself
My whole body ached
And I can't unknow this
Lord, I wish I knew how
But I can't unlove you
                  -Unlove you lyrics


How can something that doesn't exist any more hurt so much? Like that phantom limb pain...there is nothing there, yet I still feel it. 





1 week ago. Aug 3, 2020, 2:54 PM

I have accepted SatinDragon's Sunday challenge.



Pick me!   Please pick me!   I want to hit and smack and turn that ass red! I am itching to be in my master's grip and feel the air whiz by me as he wields me high and whips me again and again against that soft and tender flesh.  

Yes, I sting. Yes, I delight in pain. Yes, I adore the marks I leave. It is music to me to hear the cries that I illicit from those sweet lips. Perhaps that makes me a sadist, but you know you love me. Perhaps if you could behave, maybe Master wouldn't use me to paddle your ass so much. Perhaps, but probably not.  😈

1 week ago. Aug 2, 2020, 6:58 PM

One simple word.   It means nothing and doesn't really get used much by people these days.  Yet when you said it, my heart fluttered a bit.  I would hold my breath waiting to hear the rest of what you had to say. That word was the start of a play session or a task. That word made me wet and needy. 

I smile when others say the word because it makes me think of you. That word will never be the same for me. You have forever changed that one simple word. 


1 week ago. Aug 1, 2020, 4:04 PM


Netflix, the couch, and my wand.....what more could a girl ask for.   😉

1 week ago. Jul 30, 2020, 12:48 AM

Even the most seasoned horse and skilled rider need to know what style of ride they are equipped for. Just as it is important to know what type of D/s dynamic you are in.  It's so easy to get into a style or relationship that you don't want if you don't know yourself or your partner well.  

Barrel racing-

     Are you racing through each level just to say that you have moved on to the next? The crazy fast loops and short stretches make you dizzy and not so sure where you really are. It all seems like it's a race for the best time. There is no time for thorough processing  or understanding of where you just were because you must race on to the next barrel. One or both participants may feel uneasy or too rushed by this, but they just have to keep going to get to where they think they need to be by this point. 

Broncho ride-

     Are you not completely compatible with your partner and the fights are wicked? Some part of the physical, mental, or emotional aspects of the relationship is lacking.  You find that you are always moving in different directions and fighting to hold on. You are all over the place emotionally as a reaction to the other person's actions. No one is really in control of this relationship and there is no real communication. Both feel beaten, battered, or violated in the end. This ride doesn't last long and no one walks away the same from this relationship. 

Trail ride-

     This one starts slow. You take the time to make sure that everything is in place and that you have all that you need before you start out for the long haul.  Rules and routines have been agreed upon. Possible upcoming situations have been discussed and a course is in place. This relationship has the bumps and pitfalls, but the horse and rider know each other well enough to know how the other will react to each problem.  There is communication between the two at all times and they compliment each other's movements.  The ride will not be smooth, but the fun and enjoyment and closeness from working as a team is shared by both.

Putting the cart before the horse-

    Are you so excited to start a relationship that you rush in with no thought to the hows or whens or whys of it? The focus becomes the fun of flirting and playing, and the mechanics of a real relationship get bypassed. You think that you'll get to the boring everyday stuff later on, only to find that you run into issues with no idea of what to do. Rules and routines have never been discussed and going back to the basics is now too difficult to do. What is expected and needed cannot be agreed upon and this leads to hurt feelings for one or both participants.

Beating a dead horse-

      Do you keep going back for more even when the relationship is really over and done?  The fear of finding someone else is too overwhelming and you miss the comfort of what you already know. There may be a lack of interesting new partners and you are lonely and bored. You know that going back won't fix the issues that killed the relationship, but there is nothing else better on the horizon. Every time that you do go back, the same words are given.  The same promises are repeatedly broken. The same incentive is dangled in front of you, only to never come to pass. It never really changes no matter how many times you go back.


Communication is key in every dynamic.  The open and honest talk of how each wants the relationship to go is so vital for getting exactly what you want out of it. Find out if you are both on the same page and have similar needs and expectations. Take the time that it takes to be comfortable and know what the other person needs, no matter how long that is. 

Don't be afraid to move forward if you didn't find what you need in the last relationship. Remember what worked and didn't work the last time and learn from it. 

This is all a process and we all have different ways of doing things.  Reach out to others and ask questions. Let others help when you feel stuck, or dizzy, or confused. 




2 weeks ago. Jul 25, 2020, 5:21 PM



If they could only see your marks that you left on my body or the plug that I wear for you.  I sit quietly and and just listen to them talk of orgasms they didn't have and the dark they fumbled around in. I won't tell them of the ecstacy and satisfaction I had last night as you made me cum repeatedly. I won't tell them that I saw the look of lust and need in your face as you fucked me in the candlelight.

They might get jealous.

3 weeks ago. Jul 21, 2020, 1:37 AM


At first glance these are silly little things to say. Easy words strung together. But if you really think about it, they are quite powerful. How often do we not say them because it makes us seem vulnerable or needy? I am learning that saying these phrases can be freeing and uplifting to not only myself, but to those I say them to.

Except Worcestershire sauce.  That shit is just too difficult no matter how hard you try.  

3 weeks ago. Jul 18, 2020, 7:03 PM


Now I'm in timeout.  

(But it was fun!)

3 weeks ago. Jul 17, 2020, 3:48 PM

Letting go and stopping to struggle

Learning to lean on you and let you calm me

Finding that you will always be there

You are the rest in the storm

The smile on my face and the skipped beat of my heart

Your quiet direction leads me to fulfilment and satisfaction

Your sweet praise lifts my spirit

You are the comfort that I slipped into without realizing........thank you.