My submissive life

I really don't know how often I'll post to this but I just thought I could start this so here and there I could throw out parts of my life so other people could learn from it or try some things they may have never tried before.
2 days ago. Mon 21 May 2018 05:37:25 AM IDT

I called him an asshole. He didn't like it very much. I had to draw 2 punishments out of the punishment box then I complained so I got an extra one. I had to stay naked, on the floor, with my feet taped together. He also got me to tape my mouth I'm guessing because I'm not supposed to be cussing at all ESPECIALLY not at Master. I sat there doing nothing not allowed on anything or to even cover up for 30 minutes then eventually he allowed me to watch Netflix as long as I stayed the way I was. I love when he gives me thorough and long punishments even if they're simple. I love when he also takes the time to pause his show to make fun of me not being able to talk saying stuff such as "cat got your tongue?" "What's wrong why can't you talk?" It just annoys me so much but I love being helpless.

6 days ago. Wed 16 May 2018 05:20:49 PM IDT

For what he will do next, I do not know.

What I do know is how no matter what he does, he's going to have a smile while doing it.


He loves seeing me quiver to just his breath or a slight touch.

He loves seeing how far he can push me.

He loves seeing and hearing me cry for him.

He loves me begging "Master please I can't take anymore."

But doesn't stop because he knows I can.

I just say it out of fear of what's next.

1 week ago. Wed 16 May 2018 02:24:00 AM IDT

We woke up the next day around 7 am with a very rude awakening. My little brother and mother were fighting, things got physical too. I had to walk out yelling breaking it up because my mom's more bipolar than I am and when she starts she isn't finished till someone makes her finished. After everything was calm and settled Master and I played video games for a while and just chilled. Around noon he started playing with me instead, we fucked HARD, like usual. Only this time we tried double penetration, vibrator in my ass, him in my main hole. Had an orgasm too. It's amazing all the things we've already tried together in this year but it's amazing how much we still have to try and I can't wait to continue to experience all these things with him.

1 week ago. Wed 16 May 2018 01:17:37 AM IDT

So let's start this off letting all of you know, I still live with my parents, and my Master still lives with his, so staying the night with me isn't common. We started off the day early yesterday, my mom woke me up at around 6 am to see if I wanted to go pick him up, which of course I did. Once we got there we played a little, he tied me and left me while he played video games then I kept talking so he taped my mouth. Once he finished that game, he came down to the floor with me and started teasing me with kisses and tongue, up and down my soft fragile skin. We shortly after fucked and later on ended up stretching my little ass to try and get used to it. In the past, ex's violated me and my consent and had their way with that hole no matter how many times I said the safeword. My Master isn't like that, he's taking his time with me, being gentle with me, like no one ever has. I ended up being able to take the whole head which I was so proud of because his dick is so big compared to me that I can fit both of my hands on his shaft and still not have my hands around the head. We had friends also come over that day, me and the other sub spent the whole time on the floor of course. I was really bad too, I guess I was acting out because he was talking to his friend instead of giving me attention. The girl we had a threesome with also came over that day and I kissed her infront of Master and his friend cause Master didn't think I would and boy it was fun proving him wrong. They eventually left later on and we went to sleep, opposite rooms because my parents won't allow us to sleep together despite us both being mature adults.

1 week ago. Mon 14 May 2018 10:11:20 PM IDT

So I'm going to start my first one off with talking about 3 days ago. I was already really bad the night before that so was already supposed to be punished, but, I had to go and make it worse and call him a bitch infront of one of our friends, which in return he retaliated by treating me like a bitch for the rest of that day. I didn't have any of my privileges, couldn't use my phone, wasn't allowed on the bed without permission, got fucked crazy several times till I was crying out for him to stop. He made me eat my breakfast on the floor with my face, no hands, no silverware, just my face. Then later on when I got thirsty, was also not allowed to drink out of a cup, at first he wouldn't even let me slurp out of the bowl, he made me lick like a dog or cat would. All of this was very humiliating and very pleasing, I deserved to be nothing but a pet for what I did, I'm thankful for his punishments, always will be.