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10 months ago. Nov 23, 2019, 1:03 AM

I want to thank a commenter on my other blog for this idea. Truthfully, never thought of doing a complaint post bc so often we are told to be thankful. But sometimes we need to just get our complaints off as well. So to play catch up, here are complaints for Days 1-22 (I don't remember what I wrote each day or what may have annoyed, so just going to do random ones. Also, most are already fixed 😊)

Day 1: my daughter. I love her dearly, but sometimes she is a bit much. She's a teenager and tries to push boundaries which can drive me up the wall.

Day 2: my older son. He has no hobbies or anything that interested him outside of video games. Which is very annoying at times.

Day 3: my youngest son. He gets into everything and can drive me bonkers. 

(Another, better comment from same commenter on same blog to take ownership. So I'm going to change up the next ones. I won't change first 3 bc if I had started this from the beginning I couldn't change them).

Day 4: my understanding of my daughter. She is a strong, wonderful person, but identifies as either nonbinary or gender fluid (changes at times). Because of this, I sometimes find it hard to help her. I love her and support her, but I don't always understand and that is very difficult.

Day 5: my husband. We have a strong and fragile relationship. Somethings I am very secure about, while others he drives me crazy with his questions and doubts. And no, it is not necessarily about lifestyle. 

Day 6: my beliefs. I get confused as to what I believe at times. Some things I know are true and am completely 100% on board. Then something makes me curious and I wonder about that as well.

Say 7: my family. I worry what would happen if they knew about my lifestyle. I know some would likely not speak to me anymore. And at least one aunt would give me more than an earful. But this is me and I'm not looking back.

Day 8: my little side. She can be very mischievous, but at the same time no where what she wants to be. I need to trust her more and let her go some days.

Day 9: my sub side. Same issue as little. Kind of. She has more free reign though. And have learned to let her just enjoy what she likes.

Day 10: my emotions. I'm very bad at letting emotions control me sometimes. Not always, but when they do it isn't a good thing. I tend to get mad or sad over nothing. 

Day 11: this blog. Trying to write complaints or own up to things isn't as easy as just writing what is bugging you. Have to actually figure out why. Which is a pain in the ass.

Day 12: sweets. The buggers call to  me sometimes but I am doing very good not having them. But it is hard when you are having an bad day and you want ice cream or chocolate and you aren't supposed to have that.

Day 13: coloring books. I can be a bit of a pain when it comes to my coloring books. I love pretty ones, but don't always like how long it takes to color the background stuff. 

Day 14: my mom. This one is going to be petty and that of a child, but I don't like that she left when I was so young. Why did she have to die? Why not someone older and not needed by their children? 

Day 15: God. He pissed me off when my mom died, and still does to this day. I know everything happens for a reason and logically I understand. But for this blog, fuck logic. It was wrong.

Day 16: stubbornness. I'm a very stubborn person. Sometimes it is a good thing, sometimes not so much. Right now I want nothing more than to delete this whole blog and pretend I didn't start it. But my stubbornness of needing to finish won't let me. *grumbling about taking up challenges that aren't challenges*

Day 17: masks. Everyone has them. Sometimes you are the mom. Sometimes the wife. Sometimes the slave. What is important is that you own them all. There are days I dislike all the different masks and just want to be me. 

Day 18: responsibility. I hate being responsible sometimes. There are days I wish to just sit outside in the grass, barefoot with a good book. However that can't be done yet.

Day 19: patience. I am not always a patient person. There are times I can't wait and must have it right now. Or show off right now. It is something I need to work harder on. Though at the same time, I'm sitting here saying why? Why do I have to wait to give someone something? Or wait to get something? If it makes someone happy, why can't I do it? (Gotta love a Little's logic).

Day 20: work. While most of the time I am ok with work, sometimes I don't want to. Those days it is harder to make myself do what needs to be done. Especially the smile for every call.

Day 21: black holes/evil gnomes. I have one or the other somewhere in my house. You may be laughing, but it is the truth. Multiple things of mine (important things) have gone missing. I know somehow it is my fault, though not sure since I didn't move them. But I am regetting the items.

Day 22: dinners. Not the meal, but having people over for dinner. The hassle, trying to make everything perfect and trying to control things that can't be controlled. For this reason, dinners shouldn't be a thing. Not worth the hassle.

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