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9 months ago. Nov 24, 2019, 3:28 PM

Today I am thankful for my phone. Not only is it used to call and text people, but it has my reminders, alarms, games, books, etc on it. I can jump (autocorrect tried to put hump lol) from game to game, then start reading a new book. It is a wonderfully helpful tool.

Today I am taking responsibility for waking up at 11pm (not my fault) and instead of trying to go back to sleep playing on my phone for over 3 hours (completely my fault). I have a bad tendency of randomly waking up in middle of the night (so if you see me online after 10pm CST that is why). Usually I fall back asleep fairly easily. Not last night. After talking to my sister for 90 minutes (I called her, as she is night owl), I then decided to say Rosary (have not done in while and thought "Need to start and am awake."), browse Facebook, update my profile picture, email Daddy Dragon app pictures I had done, look at said app and similar ones to see if anything to color, text my sister I'm not tired, do another picture from app... you get the idea. By 3am I put phone down but took at least 30 more minutes to fall asleep. And of course there is church service I have to get ready for in an hour. As much as I love my phone, I dislike my... energetic response to it at 1am.

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