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2 months ago. Wed 27 Nov 2019 07:14:37 AM IST

Today I am thankful for grumpy people. They make me appreciate things more, because I realize I don't want to be like them. I dislike when people call up my work and yell, thinking that by yelling I will fix everything or that it will make me intimidated. I have a 13 year old son who, at age 7, ran away from home/babysitter after throwing a book at her head. You yelling at me is not intimidating. But because you yell, it makes me realize I don't want to be you. So I am much calmer when I am upset at customer service person. Then, if I yell, I apologize bc I know the person on the phone cannot do anything and is not responsible for the issue directly.

However, my complaint is same grumpy people. While they don't intimidate me, they tend to piss me off and make my day seem to go downhill. I shouldn't let this happen. It is me that lets them bug me, so it is me that needs to stop tthat.Just some times are harder than others.

Ingénue​(sub female){Manorbier} - Giggles, amused. Cathartic innit.
2 months ago
Little momma​(sub female) - I do the same thing. If I'm frustrated I'll let the person on the phone know and pre-apologize for any grumpiness that comes across.
2 months ago

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