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It has been a very hard day me today
16 hours ago. Thu 19 Sep 2019 03:10:36 AM IDT

I am so very glad that I found this site a few years ago because I have made so many good friends on here and even met my Daddy on here as well. And I can also blog on here about thing that I can never tell people outside of my Daddy which is a good thing to do but sometimes I also need to talk to other Submissives like me. So my Daddy got me a laptop so I can do just that and so that I can also blog as well. He thinks of it as my online journal which he honestly thinks is a good thing for me so I can get all of my thoughts and feelings out in the open which is a very good thing to do. Because if you think about it keeping them all bottled up inside of you is not a good thing to do at all. But my parents thought that I should have gotten off of this site because they thought that this site was poisoning my mind and that all of you were not good for me at all. But my therapist thought that I should stay on here because it was a safe place for me to be open and honest with other people like me. And I am so very glad that I listened to her and not my parents because if I hadn't I wouldn't have met my Daddy at all and then they also wouldn't have kicked me out of the house as well. Which I am so very glad that they finally did because I am so much happier living with my Daddy even though we are still getting to know each other better. I honestly want to thank them for finally doing the right thing for me and also all of you for listening to me through all of this. And I also really want to thank my Daddy so very much for not only taking me in when I really needed he the most but for also putting up with me as well. I know that I can be somewhat hard to live with according to my parents that is.      

17 hours ago. Thu 19 Sep 2019 02:42:48 AM IDT

I am finally figuring out my true self with my Daddy's help he is letting me take baby steps in this relationship because I have truly never lived with another person beside my parents so we are taking things slow. And getting to know each other better and also figuring out each others routeens as well as what we both like and dislike which really isn't a lot really other then are roommates cat because we are both allergic to it. We are both use to having quiet pets and also ones that lived outside as well but this cat meows a lot and is driving us both crazy. But other then that we are both getting a long very well and slowly getting use to each other as well and I think that I am falling even more in love with my Daddy because he is really the only one that truly understands me as well as make me laugh when I am having a tough day and I can make him smile and laugh when he is too.  

2 days ago. Tue 17 Sep 2019 06:02:54 AM IDT

I have finally found my true self in my little space and I am very happy with who that person is I just really hope that my Daddy likes who she is too. Because she can be a little bratty at times and very loving at other times. But there is one thing that I really wanted to say on here so very much is that I am so very happy to finally be away from my parents so that I could finally figure this all out because with them I could never truly go into my little space and just be able to relax and truly be myself. And now I can finally do that my Daddy truly loves when I am myself but I am afraid that I might be a little to clingy right now because I am in a lot of pain because of my period and when I am in pain I get clingy to people my parents really hated that a lot but I am really hoping that my Daddy understand.   

3 days ago. Mon 16 Sep 2019 12:46:01 AM IDT

I truly love spending time with my Daddy no matter what we are doing together. Even if I am running some errands with him I truly don't mind at all because I am with him. And we only get a little bit of time that we are truly alone together. And when we do have some alone time together we definitely try to play together as often as we can. But he still hasn't answered a question that I asked him a while ago and I would really love to know the answer to it because it is about one of my kinks that turns me on a lot so I would really love to know why it does maybe he might answer it tonight you never know right plus my cycle also started today as well but for some reason I still really want to play and I don't know why.

1 week ago. Thu 12 Sep 2019 03:26:00 AM IDT

I must say that I truly do love waking up to my Daddy so very much. We both love so very much to wake up to each other so very much my Daddy proved that to me so very well to morning. By playing with me so very well to mornings and we both loved that so very much. Because we have been taking things slow for a while now for us to finally be able to play with each other without anyone else being around to interrupt us at all. Which was so very amazing to finally be able to do. I know that I loved every minute of it so very much and I really hope that my Daddy did too because I really want my Daddy to have as much pleasure as I do when he plays with me because that is my job as a submissive and also as his soulmate his other half.  

1 week ago. Wed 11 Sep 2019 08:37:55 AM IDT

I love grocery shopping with my Daddy so very much. We have a lot of fun teasing each other and people watching while we grocery shopping. And we even joke around with each other while we do as well. And I truly love cooking with him a lot we work very well in the kitchen together. We don't get in each others way at all. We work well around each other very well and we don't get in each others way at all. And he loves to grab my ass while I am cooking not that I mind at all because that usually leads to other things for each other but I am still getting used to his size though but that will just take sometime but we are very willing to take are time with that there really is no rash at all on that at all. That is why my Daddy is truly my soulmate and I will never leave his side no matter what he truly has me for life and death because he is truly my soulmate no matter what anyboby else thinks he truly means the world for me and I am never going to leave his side no matter what.  

2 weeks ago. Wed 04 Sep 2019 08:28:52 PM IDT

I love waking up in my own home with my Master and making him something for breakfast every morning. I truly love it so very much because after we have breakfast we just sit back and relax with our new roommate I really like her a lot. But we do have to be careful around her because she doesn't know that we are into BDMS at all well she does know that my Master is somewhat into it but she doesn't know that I am into it either. So we do have to be careful with what we say around her but other then that I really do like having her around it is someone else that I can talk to as well but I really do love spending time with my Master but there are something that I really do want to do with my Master so very much like take a shower with him let him feed me my bottle at night and to even just play with him we have really only played three times since I have moved in with him and I really do want to play with him so very much ever time he touches me I get so turned on and horny I want him to take me right then and there.

2 weeks ago. Tue 03 Sep 2019 06:36:34 AM IDT

Well Master and I finally finished moving in our new roommate I am so very tired right now but their are still things that we have to do to get the house truly ready for four people to really live in it. And I mean really live in it plus now me and Master have to actually sleep in our bedroom for the last few days we have been sleeping on the couch together . Plus our bedroom is just so very hot that is why we haven't been sleeping in it at all because if we do we usually sleep naked in there if we sleep in there at all but now with someone else in the house we are going to start to have to which is fine with me but most of the time when the clothes come off other things start to like a really good play season if you know what I mean. Plus now we will have to be quite during our play seasons as well which might be a little hard for both of us to do.

2 weeks ago. Mon 02 Sep 2019 04:40:20 PM IDT

I love living with my Master so very much I honestly love taking care of him so very much. He truly is my life I never want to leave his side at all. I always want to be in his arms and with him at all times. Even grocery shopping with him is so much fun we both love to people watch it is a lot of fun and we both love teasing each other a lot we have a lot of fun together. And even more fun playing together as well yesterday was my Master's birthday so I gave him I really good birthday present we played together in the morning then when we got home last night I gave him a full body message that he really love a lot. He really and truly is my other half we both hate things left around and dishes not clean so we take care of things like that together we really do have very good team work together I love him so very much for that.

2 weeks ago. Mon 02 Sep 2019 04:57:26 AM IDT

We spent most of our day helping pack up and move our friend Red into our home it has been a very long day for both me and my Master. We packed most of her stuff and moved it over here in her truck which took a while but we got most of her stuff here which is a good thing because she really has to leave her apartment by Wenseday. Because they are kicking her out of there that day and it is going to be me and my Master moving her now which really sucks for us. She thought that some of her other friends were coming over and helping her move but they just said that they couldn't do it at all so it will just be me and my Master moving her now.