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My play on the word subspace. This is my space, as a sub, where I can express myself, talk about my life and experiences, and just vent.
1 hour ago. Wed 16 Oct 2019 04:30:00 AM IDT

Today’s blog is brought to you by National Geographic. 

when you’re getting into things you shouldn’t and Daddy finds you


When you’re alone in the shower washing your hair, turn around and Daddy’s there too


when it’s 2 am and you’re in the kitchen having some more ice cream and Daddy shows up


when you’re just minding your business and Daddy spanks your bum


Thank you National Geographic, Daddy and I have had a good laugh tonight because of this picture. If you guys have any other reactions to it please comment, let’s all laugh together πŸ’›πŸ’›

1 day ago. Tue 15 Oct 2019 05:04:48 AM IDT

Recently I’ve been listening to music less, it’s really not a bad thing but it’s kind of weird considering I used to listen to it daily not even a couple weeks ago. Anyways, today I was listening to some and now I want to have myself a little dance party. My little is screaming for one. Here’s some I would play during it 😁😁








2 days ago. Mon 14 Oct 2019 04:53:23 AM IDT

One our drive here Daddy and I had stopped at a Tracker Supply Co. store for some crops. We'd been recommended to buy our crops from such stores because they're horse crops which means they're better made and pretty cheap. I'd have to agree based on the couple we got. Anyways, during the drive I'd gotten a little horny so I decided to play with Daddy a little. First I started by rubbing on him through his pants to let him know what I wanted. When he was hard I unzipped his pants and pulled him out, playing with him a little more before I put my mouth on him. Daddy and I both enjoy road head very much. I sucked on him for about 30 mins before he told me I needed to stop because it was becoming hard to concentrate. With heavy reluctance I took him out of my mouth and tucked him back in safely. I was now only hornier than I was when I began so I told Daddy. "Play with yourself Kitten." I slide down in my chair a little and put my feet up so my legs were open and spread. Then I took on of Daddy's hands and placed it over myself. "It always feels better when you do it though Daddy." I gave him my little kitten eyes and Daddy happily obliged. He took me all the way to the edge and then stopped. HOW RUDE! "The turns Kitten, I have to focus on all the turns." Grrrrr. "Play with yourself Kitten." I asked Daddy if I was allowed to use toys, and was told I could. So I unbuckled (I know, I know...) turned around and grabbed the new crop. With wide eyes full of anticipation Daddy just smiled and said "Oh yeah?" I shook my head and grinned and then got back into position. "Ten." "Yes Daddy." I gave myself ten swats down the center, Daddy's favorite spot. Daddy then took it and gave me a few more just to "make sure it felt loved". It sure felt the love. It was swollen and red all over and glistening with love. Just how Daddy likes it. Incredibly horny now and needing to cum Daddy said the magic words, "Cum for me Kitten." Without hesitation my fingers found my sweet spot and I made myself cum for him. Then like a good girl I thanked my Daddy, the toy, and cleaned my fingers and myself up. "That's Daddy's good girl" he said as he squeezed my inner thigh, and with that I was horny for him again. 

A couple nights later Daddy and I were laying on the couch when the overwhelming urge to be spanked came over me. Since I'd been a good girl all day I knew I wasn't going to be punished that night. So, I got up walked to the closet and grabbed the new crop (which is slowly becoming my favorite toy) and brought it out to Daddy. When he saw it he simply said "Oh yeah?" "Oh YES Daddy!" was my reply. He took the crop from my hand and told me to lay over his lap. I happily did just that. I was only wearing a big t-shirt so Daddy pulled it up over my bum and began rubbing it. Daddy then started his wonderful assault on my bum. Two quick strikes at a time to each check, then some massaging and rubbing, some praise, and then two more strikes. Soon enough the strikes moved both up and down my body. Up to my shoulder and down to my toes. It was such yummy pain. "Turn over Kitten." I stood up to turn over but before I could lay down again Daddy stopped me and took the shirt off me, "You won't be needing this now will you?" I laid back down over his lap and waited for his touch. His hands slid over my body and down my center. Squeezing and gently gliding his fingers over me. Then out of no where two strikes to each tit. I gasped in shock and pleasure. Again Daddy gave me exactly what I needed. We were shortly interrupted by Luci who was growling at Daddy. We had a good laugh, reassured Luci that I was okay and put her to bed. We then went to our bed to continue. Before we continued Daddy stopped at the closet to grab a couple more toys. My two favorite floggers. "Do you know how many we're at Kitten?" "No, I do not Daddy." "Why is that?" "I forgot to count Daddy." "Oh good, we can start over again then." I was totally fine with that. Daddy started his strikes again, two quick hits with the crop then two with the floggers combined. I was in a fiery heaven of pain and bliss. This time Daddy made sure I counted, though he didn't wait for me to say the numbers before I was struck again. "Fifte- sixt- seventee- eighteen DADDY!" When Daddy was satisfied with how my back looked he moved to the front. Again a barrage of strikes from top to bottom, again barely getting the numbers out before the next one hit. When Daddy was done he made sure to massage out and kiss all of my marks. Yet another kind of sweet torture. During this entire ordeal my sex was drenched and I wanted, needed to cum so badly. But I was a bad girl for not counting and needed to be punished. No cumming for this little girl. My horniness carried over to the morning and when it came time to do morning greet, Daddy played me with and allowed me to cum. After Daddy came and he told me to swallow and then said "That's my good girl"... and I was horny all over again. 

3 days ago. Sat 12 Oct 2019 07:37:04 AM IDT

I am supposed to be writing a blog post today, and while I have a good topic I can’t seem to focus or get the words to come out right. Why? Well that would be because my eyes have recently been opened to a couple wonderful shows and I just can’t seem to stop watching them. 

The first one is Seven Deadly Sins. Which is really a twist because the good guys are a group called the Seven Deadly Sins and the bad guys are called the Ten Commandments. Sick joke but great show. It’s got adventure, some slight romance, and of course dirty jokes. 

The second one is Kakegurui. Daddy and I are watching the live action version and while it’s not English dubbed we are enjoying it the fullest. It really is a mind game of a show. It’s based on a school where nothing matters besides gambling. All the big wig gamblers are cheaters and a girl comes in to basically take them all down. Good stuff honestly. I think we’ll watch the anime version next. 

If you guys have any recommendations for us to watch please let me know and we’ll check them out. Also I will be (more than likely) posting my actual blog tomorrow. Don’t tell Daddy but this one is just so I don’t get in trouble for not posting 🀐🀐

6 days ago. Wed 09 Oct 2019 07:13:12 AM IDT

Daddy and I have been adding some new things to our routines. First the care of Luci, even though we knew we would eventually be adding puppies to our family we didn't think it would be right away. So the contract just says that all of her care is up to me but there is no schedule for her. Thankfully for me and Daddy we are in what I'm going to call a "set-up" period. We haven't signed our new contract yet, that is dated for November 1st, and we have it that way because with such a big move for the both of us we knew it would take a bit to get all situated. We are all unpacked but we still have some things we need to take care of to get everything completely ready. Anyways, there is no schedule for when Luci needs walked, fed, and everything else. So far shes following a schedule of her own, which just so happens to conflict somewhat with the one that Daddy and I already have set up for us. We will need to figure something out. 

Going on a tangent real quick, Luci is doing pretty well. We adopted her from the local humane society and were given very little information about her other than what they had done with her during her time there. Through our short time with her we have learned she's pretty much house broken. She holds it pretty well, but since she is still a puppy some times it's hard to hold it. Right now we are taking her out about every 3-4 hours. We also learned that she (more than likely) has a fear of males, especially when they are scolding her. There have been a couple of times where Daddy has had to tell her "No" sternly and she's basically lost it. She starts barking and backing herself in a corner, showing all her teeth. When Daddy goes to tell her to stop she just freaks out more, but if I step in and start telling her no and to stop she immediately turns docile. Laying down all small and meek like, no more bared teeth and barking. It's pretty obvious to Daddy and I that something before us and maybe even the shelter happened to her that caused her to fear men. To try to work this out of her Daddy has taken over a lot of her care taking, at least for a while till she can trust him. If any one has any other ideas or helpful tips for this please share. We would love any ideas. Other than this though she is a really good girl, she listens well and is so sweet and loving. 

Back on track now... another new addition is a daily walk. Daddy and I decided that we need to get at least a little daily exercise together. Outside of our morning workout, we decided we would take a walk down to the mailboxes and back. In total is a 3 mile walk, so it takes about an hour. With Luci though it takes us just over an hour as she likes to stop often for water breaks. Today was the first day we weren't swamped with errands so we got to actually walk the full thing, the past few days we've been doing about a quarter of it at night with Luci for her last walk of the day. It was a really good walk, it felt so nice to spend some actual time outside today. Plus it was a nice day, 80 degrees and clear skies, so we got some sun too. Luci handled it well too, when we got home though she was pooped and headed straight for her bed and napped for a good 3 hours. She woke up full of energy again. 

The next thing I plan to add to our routine, which is already a part of it but not really a part of it, is MAKEOVERS!!!! I love playing with makeup and face masks and such, and I'd love even more to add Daddy to it. It's probably going to be more of a task than I think it will be but who knows. In the contract it says that daily Daddy will play with me for at least an hour, I've started planting the idea of playing with makeup. Doing his and he doing mine but he is still a little timid about it all. I don't want to force it on him but I would really like for it to happen. Daddy's done a couple face masks with me, and he enjoys looking at the finished products of my makeup play so I hope that we can keep moving towards my end goal hehehe. That's just a couple new things we've added and one I want to add.

As a small update; our days have been filled with tasks, laughs, and fun. Even though at times it's been frustrating and things didn't go our way we've made the best of everyday. We now are cuddled up on the couch, watching a rather hilarious anime and laughing at Luci who has taken her blanket out of her kennel, put it here in the living room and has fallen asleep NEXT to it. ALSO she is a gas monster so our new life includes plugging out noses more often than not. Yay us!! 

1 week ago. Sat 05 Oct 2019 03:44:37 AM IDT

This week has been so busy that both Daddy and I thought today was Wednesday... how wrong we both were lol. In the realization that today is actually Friday we are both happy and grateful that we have finished unpacking and organizing everything in the house. We are also very excited for tomorrow, we will have yet another full day of adventures. This time however it will be spent up north. We will be going to a zombie crawl where we will get to meet another Cage member and a few of their pups. The event goes from 11am to 4pm, so early morning for us as it'll take us about 3 hours to get there. After the crawl we will be heading back down to VooDoo just in time for this weekends event. We will also have a special guest with us all day long, Daddy's brother (Bro-Bro for future references). 

I'm super excited for tomorrow, we get to meet some new friends as well as go to the club. It's our first time up since the leather party and tomorrow is another tasters party. I can't wait to be tied up again!! And all the other fun stuff that will be there. Who knows, maybe this time I'll get super brave and try the knives and needles. For those of you who might wonder, no they are not a part of our play time as they are a hard limit for Daddy. BUT Daddy has always allowed me to try anything I want and never held me back. I think tomorrow will be a very good day. 

As for now Daddy and I are enjoying a down moment, watching a movie and cuddling, just as it should be. I am so happy to be here and even more happy to be with Daddy. I can't think of anything that could make me happy. Also our pup is doing amazing, she's so sweet and cuddly. She's incredibly smart and has been a great addition to our family. 

1 week ago. Wed 02 Oct 2019 10:36:34 PM IDT

This morning I woke up and felt different, new, better. I woke up knowing this is how I will wake up for the rest of my life. With you, Daddy, sleeping soundly next to me. It felt good and right. It felt like happiness and new beginnings, and forever. 

I walk around our home, seeing all of our things together in the same space. Not just a weeks worth of clothes and toiletries, but all of our items. I’m watching them mesh together and become one just as we did, as we are.

I am still in somewhat of a disbelief that this is really happening, that I’m here with you and I don’t have to leave. That we will actually be living our dreams together. But it’s real, you’re here and I’m here and none of us has to leave. I am so excited, so happy, so proud to be yours Daddy. I can’t wait to serve you daily, please you, and make you proud to own me. 

1 week ago. Wed 02 Oct 2019 08:58:09 AM IDT

Daddy and I finally made it home today, what was supposed to be a 2 day trip turned into 3. I’m not complaining, it was more time for fun travels with Daddy and we even got to stop and meet up with a fellow cage member. Today, at the last leg of our journey we had a little mechanical failure, one of our tires popped clean off the car as went bouncing down the road about a mile, lucky it caught a fence and stopped there. It was literally like you see in all the movies. Thankfully no one and nothing was hurt during this. Some very kind people stopped to help Daddy and I put the tire back on and then directed us to a near by auto parts store so we could get it fixed all the way. 

When we got home we spent some time cleaning and organizing and are now in bed getting ready for our busy day tomorrow. Lots of errands, lots of chores, lots of fun. Goodnight friends, I hope you all had a great day πŸ’›

2 weeks ago. Sun 29 Sep 2019 09:17:23 PM IDT

What is normally Daddy waiting for me to get off the plane has reversed. I’m waiting for him this time so I get to write the cute little waiting blog. I’m so excited to see Daddy. It’s literally minutes away from him walking out. It’s been such a long wait and these last couple of days have gone by sooo slow. The fact that I even made it here without combusting is a miracle. Daddy’s flight just landed!!! Eeeeekkkkkk!!!!! 🀩πŸ₯°πŸ€©πŸ₯°

2 weeks ago. Sun 29 Sep 2019 08:15:14 AM IDT

Daddy will be here in just under 13 hours, that’s it. No more days, just hours. I’m bouncing with excitement and probably won’t be able to sleep tonight at all! Who cares! I get to see my Daddy, and then live with him. No more sad goodbyes at the airports, no more long distance. I get to be in the same space as him forever. I don’t know what’s better than that!! 

I can’t wait to see you (and give you those 32 bites πŸ˜‰) Daddy!! I love you so much and look forward to this adventure with you. 

(If only it were this easy lol!)