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My play on the word subspace. This is my space, as a sub, where I can express myself, talk about my life and experiences, and just vent.
46 minutes ago. Sat 20 Jul 2019 06:54:56 PM IDT

It's Saturday and I don’t even get to sleep in, that just means I get to nap later today! A little needs her sleep. Either way my day has started and I’m gonna be positive. I hope you all enjoy these songs as well as your Saturday!!




Can you guess what movie I’m watching??

12 hours ago. Sat 20 Jul 2019 07:32:51 AM IDT

Daddy and I have a set routine for both morning and night, one for when we are distant from each other and one when we are together. This blog will be on the distant morning and night routines. 

Night (distant):

After training, or on vanilla nights before I get ready for bed Daddy will ask me “What did you do wrong today Kitty?” I then recount everything I can remember that I messed up on. Rules I broke, Daddy’s I forgot to say (either in text or talk), etc. Daddy then tells me what he thinks I did wrong, hopefully I didn’t miss anything because if I did it’s a double punishment. I then punish myself once Daddy and I finish that discussion. For example, my hair not being up would be 20 swats. That’s something I KNOW I need to be doing, a rule, and breaking it is a BIG no no. Something like eating food that’s not on the dietary plan WITHOUT asking would be 6 swats, a girl gets hungry and Daddy understands but she must still ask. 

After the punishment is over I then ask Daddy “May I get ready for bed Daddy?”. With his approval I take my makeup off, clean my face, put my hair up, etc. I then ask to put on whatever I plan to sleep in that night. Daddy has every right to veto or change what I wear, obviously. Once changed I then ask “Are you ready for bed Daddy?” If he says yes then I take Teddy (my giant stuffed Teddy bear) and tuck him into bed. When Teddy is all nice and tucked in I get the stuffie(s) I want to sleep with that night, kneel at the bottom of the bed with them in hand and ask “May we come to bed Daddy?” If I’ve been good enough then Daddy allows me to sleep in the bed with him (Teddy). If not, I am told no and I must sleep on a small (very comfy) pillow mat at the end of the bed.

Wherever I end up sleeping, I get comfy, lift my shirt up or pull my panties down (whichever I wear, if I’m nude it’s one less step), and show Daddy my body. If we are not on Skype when it comes to this step I would take a picture and send it captioned “Goodnight Daddy”. After that is a one minute relaxation video, where I touch myself for Daddy. If we’re on Skype I go until he says “Okay Kitty, that’s good”. I pull down my shirt or up my panties and then cover up. Daddy and I say our goodnights, I love yous, sleep wells, and kisses. When the Skype call is ended I turn off my light and go to bed. 

Morning (distant):

When my alarm clock goes off in the morning the first thing I do is give it a grumbled, grumpy “shuuuut up”. Sometimes my phone likes to hide from me and I struggle to find it in the dark room with completely shut eyes. When I do find it I turn it off and check if I have any messages from Daddy throughout the night. Based on how many I may read them before I send my greeting photo (it could be urgent or life threatening so I make sure it’s not). If it’s not urgent then I sit up in bed and turn on my light. I lay back down, pull up my shirt (or pull down my panties, occasionally I sleep with them on but hardly ever) and take a photo of my nude body for Daddy. I then switch over the the video option and record a one minute morning relaxation video. A video of me slowly, and sleepy, playing with myself. Once both are done I send the picture first with the caption “Good morning Daddy” and then the video. Daddy replies with “Good morning Kitty” and I then get out of bed to make it.

Recently Daddy has been sending me silly videos of him getting ready in the morning (Daddy is two hours ahead of me so he wakes up before I do). While I make the bed I flip through and watch them. I love it because it has be laughing like a fool first thing in the morning and sets the mood for my day.

Once the bed is complete and to Daddy’s standards I send him a picture of it. I then ask “May we go to Skype Daddy?” He send back some reply along the lines of “Yes Kitty’s, let’s skippy on over to Skype.” (Skype pronounced like skip-e) or on his more serious days “Yes, let’s Kitty.” While I wait for Daddy call I get everything I need for morning training set up. 

I get the dildo, bowl, and towel for throat training. As well as the leash, ankle and wrist cuffs (and their attachments), blindfold, clips, and headphones all set out and ready. When both our pictures appear on the screen we greet each other once again with good mornings. I then ask Daddy if I may remove my shirt or panties. When they’re off I set up of throat training. We then move on to yoga once that is complete as well we then go to morning exercise. Right now it’s situps, 40 of them. I think tomorrow we start 45. Once sit ups are done and I’ve both caught my breath and allowed my stomach to stop screaming at me in pain, we move onto morning meditation. A 10 minute session where I use or not depending on Daddy’s mood the “accessories” above. After meditation we talk about how I feel and then I am allowed to go about getting ready for work. 

1 day ago. Fri 19 Jul 2019 06:17:41 PM IDT

FRIYAAYYYYYYYY!!! Another week down! I like Fridays they’re so chill and low key at work. It’s our music day so we have music playing through the whole building. If you know me, you know I loveee music so these are my days. I woke up in a great mood and it got even better thanks to Daddy and his silly morning videos. I adore him so gosh dang much! 



Kind of all over the map today. I hope you all have a great Friday, you deserve it 💛💛 

1 day ago. Fri 19 Jul 2019 07:06:30 AM IDT

Daddy and I have both mentioned in past blogs that we have a training schedule, one we follow strictly. It helps the both of us get training on what we want in our dynamic as well as keeps us organized. Today I will share with you all our schedule. Some of it I will be more detailed on and some I won’t. 

Sunday: Administrative Training

This day is for going over things like rules, plans, and anything else that is non-sexual procedure oriented. 

Before we’d signed the contact we would spend our delegated time frame to reading over the contract, and revising it. At first Daddy would read a few sections to me and then I would summarize it back as well as ask questions. One for clarification or “why the heck is that in there???”. I would get very distracted during these times (studies say you can only hold a child’s attention when teaching for their age in minutes, at least I think that’s what it said. I stopped listening after 13 minutes) and so Daddy had to come up with something else. He turned the tables, so to speak, and had me read the sections to him. I would again ask for any clarification or any other ones I had at the time.

Now that our contract is signed we use this time to plan for things like our move. Working out the financials and other important details. We also use this time to look for our home, we have a place to live right now but we want to (for the most part) build our home. So that’s what we focus on now. 

Monday: Funishment/Punishment Training

This day we go over and practice both the “little girl funishments” and the regular/impact punishments. 

Funishment- a fun punishment, one to be enjoyed and is considered a light punishment

On these days we typically start with funishments, it allows a smooth transition from “vanilla” to kink. Even though by then I’ve already been on the phone with Daddy a couple hours and we are in kink. We start by going over all the songs I would need to sing as a funishment, there are 6. I then have to sing them all as Daddy calls them off. They range from 1 minute in sing time to about 10 minutes. We then go over all the “little punishments” things that can be taken away (phone, internet, tv), timeouts, spankings, etc. 

After we finish the little portion we move onto what I call “big girl punishments” these are the ones that leave marks, are for more serious offenses, and hurt. First we go over all the impact areas, 40 areas total (right side is 1, and the opposite left would be 2). Then we go over the impact instruments, 13 as of now. After that we practice the punishment stances, 3 primary stances with a few variations each.

Recently we’ve changed the next step to something more fun. What it used to be was I would get to pick an instrument for the night and then Daddy would have me administer 10 hits to an area (thanks to a random number generator). At the end based on how good I was and how aroused Daddy and I both are he may let me finish myself off. I must still ask permission. 

Now what we do is very similar we’ve just added a second number generator that indicated the number of hits administered. It’s numbered 1-4 and then doubled. Before we begin we take one of them and roll it 1-20, for the number of rounds we will play, and of course it is doubled as well. I like to call this one “Russian roulette: punishment style” I even have a blog on it. Daddy and I both really enjoy the game. If his favorite number is not rolled for an area then I am to please Daddy, as I always do, and make an extra round just for him. 

Tuesday: Little Girl Training

A night to practice being the stubborn, bratty, pouty (etc.) little that I am. Coloring and other little activities will be done too. 

A night dedicated to my little. Bringing her out in so many different ways. Each night is something different and most times I get to choose based on how I’m feeling. Sometimes Daddy has something specific he feels we need to work on. 

These could be getting the purrfect pout face, and kitty (puppy dog) eyes. Being stubborn and bratty, talking back, bugging Daddy while he does things or talks to others. Whining when I don’t get my way or don’t want to do something. Begging and pleading to get out of punishments or to be able to do something I REALLY want to do. Cleaning is a part of this training too as a little (and sub in general) is required to keep a clean and kept space. As well as working on those I have coloring nights, tea parties, makeovers, stuffie parties, movie nights, cuddling and many other activities that a little would enjoy doing. Daddy loves my little and he enjoys seeing me happy, I am happy when we get to do these things together. NOT to say I’m NOT happy when we do the other things, because I am. I just love these night a lot too. 

These night can be interchanged with sewing. I’ve expressed great interest in both making my own clothes as well as clothes for middles. As all I can ever find on the internet is baby little dedicated sites with sprinkles of middle appropriate gear. I also want to make plus size ones as plus size clothes were always hard for me to find so I can only imagine the difficulty in finding both together.

Wednesday: “Vanilla” Day

A “relax” day. No training, I get to call and talk to Daddy just as much as I would any other night. 

These days are in a sense my off day. Again, no training. These days I get to “vanilla” talk with Daddy. I get the two hours normally dedicated to training to just talk with Daddy. About whatever I want. Daddy doesn’t choose my clothes or hairstyle these days, nor do I have all the photoplay requirements I normally have. There are some I still have to follow for the sake of routine. If I wish, I don’t need to keep in touch with Daddy all day or check in. I do, as I can barely go an hour without talking to him but I still have the option. A blog isn’t required this day either. It’s truly an off day. I keep pretty close to our normal routine even on these days, still posting blogs and talking to Daddy/doing tasks I ask for because I like it and it’s my day to choose. 

Thursday: Sexual Training

Practicing sexual activities, be it orgasming in a specific time span or trying new sexual activities. 

Ah what fun, these training nights are focused on sex. For a nympho that’s amazing, that’s my thing. These nights range from working on things like anal, ATM, fisting, cumming in a given time frame, orgasm denial, edging, sex toys, etc. Daddy always chooses what we work on on these nights, sometimes it’s multiple together others it’s just one. It could be whatever Daddy wants and needs to see to please himself or whatever he feels I personally need to improve on. 

Sometimes we pull out the over the internet toys and Daddy plays with me while I try to stay concentrated on another task. That could be sewing, or coloring or cleaning. My goal on these nights is to stay as focused and quiet as possible. Training for when I will wear them out in public with Daddy. 

On these nights I am required to cum, if I don’t cum in the time given I am punished and then I try again until I cum. I’ve gotten good at cumming in my time frame but sometimes a girl does just want to be punished.

Friday: Position Training

Training focused on positions, simple enough. 

The focus of these nights are to go over the 35(?? I think) positions that Daddy has picked that will be used in our dynamic. We started with a short 30 and have slowly added a few as I learn them. 

I am the one who initially asked for position training in the beginning. I do have a slave side and positions help to feed that side for me. Daddy really took to it though. He found all the ones he wants me to know and has put them in a spreadsheet with names for me to learn. Organized by type of position as well (kneeling, standing, etc)

When we practice, Daddy says the position name and I am to get in it. As quickly and gracefully as I can. I then hold it till he says either a new one or that I may come out of it. 

We have been looking into taking it up a notch. Non-verbal cues for the stances. This is going to be a lot harder but Daddy as I both think it’ll be rewarding and that I’ll be a quick study. 

This training is sometimes switched out for rope training. I am a rope bunny so Daddy incorporates that in our trainings too. We have found The Duchy to be rather helpful and a good starting point. When we do rope training Daddy picks a piece he would like to see on me and have me try. I then do my best to follow the step by step pictures and recreate it. More times than not there are things I could fix but I’m not too shabby. We haven’t gotten into suspension yet, we still need to get good at the basics first. Nonetheless it’s exciting and educational for us both. 

Wow this is long... I’m sorry. 

2 days ago. Thu 18 Jul 2019 06:19:24 PM IDT

Friday Jr. boy I can’t wait for the weekend! I am ready to just chill and talk to Daddy ALLLL day long. Today I work an earlier shift so I get off earlier which is nice but my body isn’t used to waking up this early and it’s crying for sleep. As well as some food. Yeah I need food. And coffee. COFFEE!! Also feeling Bieber today... 






2 days ago. Thu 18 Jul 2019 07:13:29 AM IDT

Today has been a day, between work and just life in general... I’m exhausted. Even more so now after a playtime with Daddy. He always quiets my mind and re-centers me when I’ve gotten off balance. He is my equilibrium and my saving grace. Here’s some music to explain my mood.



Goodnight my friends and family 💛

2 days ago. Thu 18 Jul 2019 01:53:13 AM IDT

I’ve now touched on my little, masochistic, slave, and rope bunny sides. This blog with probably be just as lengthy, sorry. 

I am an experimentalist. My whole life I’ve been that way, not just in my sexual adventures. I have a strong belief that you will never know how you feel about something till you try it. Not to say there aren’t things I will just NEVER try, because there are. Toes are a huge no for me, feet in general really. I just think they’re icky. Also I will never eat something like brussle sprouts or turtle, and yes people have tried to get me to eat both. Just yuck. Back to the sexual part of this, I am willing to try a lot of things at least twice. Anal was a soft limit for me when I started my journey, and now I love it. ATM was a “medium-soft” limit, if I was to try it it would be with my life partner, and now I have no issues what-so-ever with it. Daddy loves that, he says it’s “extremely erotic, kinky as hell, and shows a willingness to do whatever to please your Daddy” and he’s right I will do whatever to please him. I want to try a lot of other things Daddy and I haven’t gotten to yet, soon enough we will. We will have endless amounts of time to play and experiment. 

I’m also pretty into exhibitionism, I didn’t really know that about myself till I was asked to play at work for the first time. It was with a Dom I played with for a short time. He had the morning off and was horny so he asked me to play. I explained I was at work and didn’t know how to do that. After some conversation I found a corner that was tucked away from sight, set up my phone, lifted my shirt, dropped my pants, and snapped a quick photo. It was so thrilling, the possibility of being caught. It kept me on edge all day. The next time I played at work was for Daddy, and he’s gotten way juicier things. Fingering myself for example, Daddy likes that. Giving road head with my bum exposed to all revs me up, riding passenger fully nude does the same. I didn’t really like it too much before I dropped some weight but that was because I didn’t like what I saw. Daddy has helped a lot with both accepting myself/seeing myself as beautiful, and pushing my kinks out. He recognized the exhibitionist in me and has run with it. He’s not one to share in any way but it turns him on to see me nude and he knows I see no one but him. I’ve got tunnel vision when it comes to Daddy. 

I have more sides to me but I feel like the ones I’ve shared are the “bigger” parts of me. They’re the ones that I LOVE. The ones that need to be in most every scene or playtime with Daddy. Daddy makes sure to do so, he wants to really. If it’s turning me on it’s turrning him on. He works hard to incorporate a lot of them in and I am so grateful to him for that. He’s the best partner (in and out of bed) I’ve ever had.

3 days ago. Wed 17 Jul 2019 04:39:48 PM IDT

Happy Vanilla Hump Day!! Halfway through the week guys, we got this. Since it’s Vanilla day I felt it appropriate to put a “vanilla” song in the mix even though it wasn’t in my head when I woke up. Enjoy and let’s do some humping today! 😂

vanilla song:


head music:




3 days ago. Wed 17 Jul 2019 07:54:46 AM IDT

As my previous blog explains my little side this one will go into my other sides. I feel there are many. If I were a 3D shape I’d be a pentagonal trapezohedron or something close to that. 

When I first started my journey here I had one thing figured out. I like pain. Not bleeding or permanent damage pain but I sure did like testing my tolerance for it. A pain slut is what Daddy calls me. The goal when we play is to leave me with marks. I love bruises, they make me feel owned. My body has been claimed and I flaunt it proudly (to Daddy and the kink world). I like being spanked, flogged, canned and cropped. Recently Daddy and I have added in a shocker and while it’s still a lot for me but it turns me on and I can see it becoming a favorite of mine. I also love biting, not breaking the skin (again no blood), but leaving teeth marks and bruises GODDAMN sign me right on up. Daddy like administering pain too, not as hard now as a Master would (Daddy used to be a Master) but he loves it like a Master does. It drives him nuts to watch me squirm under his touch, in turn his touch drives me crazy. 

When I found The Cage I kept to myself. I put “not looking, just learning” in my profile as many newbies do. Didn’t keep the Doms away but I didn’t entertain them either. I read all the blogs and forums and found myself narrowing my reads to M/s dynamics. I found the dynamic alluring because of it’s strictness, structure, rules, the total submission, no decision making, and serving at a Masters feet. I started following one blog specifically. She wrote detailed entries of her newly changed dynamic. Originally they were D/s and now we’re moving into a M/s dynamic. I loved reading her experiences, I devoured them as if they were my own. I clung to every word and in my head lived them myself. She has left The Cage now, as far as I know, I still follow her blog just in case she ever comes back. With my high interest in the dynamic already  and her blog I thought I was a slave.

Fast forward a little and I’m watching porn, specifically for research purposes... I was looking at BDSM scenes, yes online/pro is somewhat different than what you and I may be doing but for the most part it’s the same. During my research I came across a bondage video, with rope. I’d seen the ones with cuffs, bars, and such but this one. Oh boy this one. She was tied up, suspended from the ceiling. One leg was bent, like a frog leg almost and had the rope wrapped all the way around keeping it there. The same leg was also tied so it was up and to the side, giving full view. She had one arm tied behind her and the other above her head. Her last leg was tied straight out. I remember she looked so peaceful and aroused. She was obviously being played with and fucked, which only added to the research. Anyways, that’s where I found my love for rope and suspension. Since then I’ve played with rope myself a handful of times (the couple Doms before Daddy never really made my requests and wants a priority) and been tied up and suspended once. The suspension and my now handful of rope play have all been with Daddy, thank you Daddy for feeding all my desires and letting me explore. 

Because I’m realizing how lengthy this is getting I’ve decided to break it up into two posts. It also helps me gain a few more blogs to catch up to Daddy. A seemingly impossible task, but one I will accomplish. 

3 days ago. Wed 17 Jul 2019 01:31:19 AM IDT

I identify as a middle/little. The age range of 12-15, I think I’m around 13 and Daddy agrees with me. I like a lot of things though, ones that maybe aren’t necessarily “appropriate” for my age range. 

I like stuffies, which is typically a more baby/little thing. Not uncommon for middles and even bigs to carry them around though. My favorite stuffie is my Bundy (Bunny + Daddy = Bundy). It’s the Build-a-Bear Daddy got me the last time I visited. It has a special scent, a regular heart, a beating heart, and a voice recording of Daddy saying how much he loves me, what a good girl I am, and ending it by telling me to take all my clothes off. Typical Daddy. 

I also like coloring, again not a typical middle activity but not uncommon. In general I like art, drawing and panting so that’s probably why I like coloring too. Daddy has gotten me multiple (not so age appropriate) coloring books. I also had my own from before. On Tuesday nights we do little girl training, one part of it is coloring and on those nights if I don’t color from the books I draw my own pictures. Sometimes they’re stick figures and flowers, sometimes they’re more intricate and cartoon-ish.

I LOVE dress-up/cos-play/makeup play. I didn’t know I liked it before Daddy started buying me outfits or me buying them for myself too. I get very into it when I do. Spend about an hour to two on my makeup, depending on how much makeup I do or what look I try. I typically do bright colors and have found I really like them on my eyes. Makes them pop even more. Plus I’ve got big eyes and it only draws more focus to them. Daddy loves my eyes, he’s never liked dark eyes before but mine make him melt like the chocolate color they are. Then I do my hair up (Daddy loves pigtails and they’ve sort of become my calling card). Then goes on the outfit and bam! I feel like I’m just a brand new person. I love takin pictures of myself in said get ups. Daddy gets all the face pics/naughty pics and Instagram typically gets the other ones. Ones where my fave is hidden and I’m being more cute, sometimes I’m suggestive in them but never show anything. I can’t share something that isn’t mine to share. 

I enjoy regular “kid” things too like Disney and Nickelodeon. I love playgrounds and always have. I like pretend play, makeovers, being told stories, reading books, and being cuddled. I love love and being loved on. I’m an attention whore (Sorry Daddy) and crave it. When Daddy’s focus isn’t on me, the center of his universe, I get growly. I pout and throw fits (pout more than fits). I say “No!” when I’m not getting my way or am told to do something I don’t really want to do. I tease Daddy and joke around with him. I tickle him, or try to, and both love and hate when he tickles me back. I talk to all my stuffies, tell them all goodnight and good morning. Apologize to them when something happens and make sure they’re okay. Daddy and I play fight and wrestle and then cuddle after. I give him a billion kisses a day and love holding his hands. I have a “little area” and little furniture in our home that are specifically for me. I love the color pink and incorporate it into all my little things (a majority of them actually some just don’t come in pink 🙁). 

That’s, overall, me as a little. You may, and probably are not like me in every way but you’re still a little (if you are). No little are the same and just because you fit into an age range doesn’t mean you can’t like things upside of it. Older or younger. You are unique, your little is unique. Your wants and desires are unique. Find what fits you and what you love. 

A lot of people have come to me recently asking the question “when did you realize you’re a little?” and I sadly give them a terrible answer. I didn’t know till I tried it. Till I did my makeup, hair, and dressed up the first time. Till I got my first stuff and couldn’t stop after that. When I say pink and knew that was my color... when Daddy came into my life, opened my eyes and showed me what living really was. I love being a little. I believe it’s a rewarding role, for you and your Daddy/Mommy/Caregiver. So my advice, if you’re asking, is try it out. If you find it’s not for you, that’s totally fine. Continue searching till you do.