Thoughts of a caveman
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Is it my imagination, or is one bigger than the other? Tits! What a wonderful day in the neighborhood.

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I have always enjoyed mowing my own lawn and maintaining my own lawn and garden equipment. Rising early in the morning, tuning, oiling, energizing my equipment. My blade steel sharp enough to whittle a human hair. The roar of the engine, the weight and power of the machine is satisfying. Riding my iron steed at nearly full speed, weaving around trees ornamental bushes. It’s hot here, sweat runs down my brow, stinging my eyes. Yet the blue sky, green grass, and sunshine, work in unison to make it a gorgeous day. As the last blade of grass is neatly trimmed, my mower now cooling in the shade. Still the smell of gasoline and freshly cut grass fill the air. A smile forms on my lips, as I inspect my handy work from under my favorite oak tree, drinking sweet ice tea and savoring the day the Lord has made.  

Whether the task at hand is menial or cerebral, approach it with a good attitude and take pride in doing a good job. There is great joy and satisfaction in a job well done. 


You can’t choose your neighbors can you! Lol