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Finding myself

Discover who I am
3 hours ago. Sun 17 Feb 2019 10:45:27 PM IST

I dont know why i stress and have doubts but i do know that i have alot to understand about this lifestyle and i have a great amount of respect for all doms that are the true thing and i think i found mine but then i start overthinking and stressing and doubting myself and thinking that i did something wrong or im just to needy or im not right for this life. But then i i remember how i feel when i make him happy and all and mo doubt and stressing stops. I am learning to control it just slowly. I am very greatfull and happy to have him in my life.

1 day ago. Sat 16 Feb 2019 10:04:14 PM IST

I know that this one is going to start fights but please be respectful of everyone elses opinions please and thank you.


What is the meaning of being collared????? I have asked some and i have researched the meaning and i for it means diffrent things to everyone. Some say its like a marriage. Others say submitting to others. Then there are some that its a contract. Then theres the ones who say its a responsibility. And last one i have heard people say it the same as being owned.

To me collared means that you and your dom have an agreement that he wants to make you a better person and that he cares for you and that you are his responsibility to protect you. And as the sub or slave you have full trust and respect for your dom and you want someone to be responsible for you. When your collar you belong to your Dom,Sir,Master or what ever you call him and so then you have to be faithfull and trusting and have to have the want to listen to what he tells you to do.

2 days ago. Fri 15 Feb 2019 08:49:19 PM IST

So i frist need to say sorry in advance if anything dont mKe sence in the blog its because i have basically  been up since 10am thursday morning. You may ask is everything ok and yes i just couldnt sleep last night and had issues this morning and am just awake now i have fallen asleep her and there for 5 maybe 10 mintues. Ok to the main point.


So today i told the last person what i need to tell him and i hope i didnt lose him but if so im ok with that. I had a great night with Sir and then this moring my mind was fucking playing on no sleep and emotions and so i was upset and sir new and we talked for 3 hours agian it was an amazing conversation. He seems to real real truly want to help and make me feel special and know that i can tell him anything. We talked about zodiac signs and chinese year and anything else i wanted to he let me contol the conversation and where i was taken it. I really think i like the ohone conversations better then the texting cause it seems the phone ones are more deep and raw to the text ones are more controled but i will take what i can get. I also noticed i have alot more patience with him as in not stressing when he is going to message me or if i made him mad. Im very excited and anxious to see where this is all going.

3 days ago. Thu 14 Feb 2019 11:37:42 PM IST

thank you to all who take the time to read my blogs and to comment i know that i might sound like im arguing or kot wanting to listen to your advice but im listen and processing it in my own way. So with that being said.


I am finally happy for once in my life and im glad this certin person can make me feel this way. I hope he is as happy with me as i am with him. He has become my confidant and my friend and we both make time for each other and get each other so far. Yes i know i trust very easily  but he has worked to earn my trust and im willing to give it to him 100% but its his choice if he takes it or not and i only want him to do it when he is ready.


Im happy and thats what makes this wonderful i have found my one!!!!!!

3 days ago. Thu 14 Feb 2019 04:21:23 PM IST

So as some of you known i have taken a break and have been having fun and enjoying myslef. Well i have been talking to the one certain person and he will remain nameless for now. And we have been talking and talking and talking. That has been it. Well we both want more but dont want to move to fast but im ready to stop having fun and be with this one only. I have already started to pull away from others and i have no intrested in the other. But i need help because im scared we aee moving to fast and i told him that and he agreed we would take thing clamly and at the right pace cause he is concern about failure also. Please any advice is appreciated thank you in advance. But i will not tell you his name so please do push cause that will get you blocked after i tell you

4 days ago. Wed 13 Feb 2019 06:17:40 AM IST

Im so over these childish guys out here trying to be what they are not and when you show them they are not they block you. All you young ones that are childish need to grow up and act your age not like a highschooler your an adult so act like one.

5 days ago. Tue 12 Feb 2019 06:21:52 AM IST

Some time people do change and then there is time that something happens that they do realize it from the old person they where but they really have changed but you are just waiting for them to mess up and you dont want to see the all the good you only see the one opps but that is ok cause i have listened to everything that i was told from you and i hope that you change your mind but i will not lie to you and i was being 100% honest with you and cause i was it made you think i didnt change when i have changed alot more then you think but thats ok cause i need to figure it out myself and hopefully you can see the changes and know that you laid the groundwork for the changes. But its time i learn to be a strong women on my own and deal with stuff and the actions and reaction that happens. Thank you for everything and i will always be here if you think of some other wise words of wisdom. The geminiangel is changing so here we go.

6 days ago. Mon 11 Feb 2019 09:17:18 PM IST

Most of you have read my blog and gave me good feedback and advice and i have just been doing alot if thinking and wondering about my lide and my place in my life. Dont get me wrong im grateful for everything i have and yeah i wonder would i be here if i choose a different path. I may never know but i do know that im growing more and more into the women i want to be and if people dont like it then they can kiss my ass and if my husband has a problem then we will have to talk and figure out where we are going. Have a blessed day. 

6 days ago. Mon 11 Feb 2019 03:41:07 AM IST

Why do we push the ones that care about us away? Just cause we are in a bad mood or just dont want to be talked to we end up pushing away the ones that care for us the most it could be a loved one, a friend, family, dom, anyone that has our best interests or intentions at the heart. We do it cause we are scared to let you in and we dont want to fail them. If we keep them at a distance then they wont get hurt also. We are afraid of ourselves and the destruction that comes. We push you away cause we care and love them.

1 week ago. Sat 09 Feb 2019 07:27:46 PM IST

Why block someone when they uave no idea as to why that is crazy if they though everything was fine and then the next min they are being blocked it just crazy. I mean i understand if it for a good cause but hey maybe whe. You block them send them a message and explain why your going to block them cause they may not know there is a problem. Just venting