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My Mistress and i

Hopefully it will trace our online relationship, as we grow together, taking our path on a journey of learning, exploration, delight and the unexpected!
2 years ago. June 25, 2020 at 7:03 AM

Hi fellow Cage Members, especially the Submissives amongst us, and a special shout out to the Sissies.

I have been commanded by my wonderful Mistress to start writing blog posts and this first one of two that I have been told to write, over the next few days, is to think about the things that I wish I could do to my Mistress but can't.


Given my status as a Sissy Sub, I would be respectful of Her and Her partner. But I’d like to watch as Mistress made love to her man, whilst I was caged, wearing just Her bra and panties.


Talking of panties, (I do have an obsession with both panties and bra’s!!), I would like to take Her out for a meal, whilst Mistress wore her vibrating Egg along with matching black lingerie, stockings and suspenders. I would like to have control of that Egg and bring her to multiple orgasms throughout the evening. Once we got home, I would like Mistress to give me her wet panties so I could taste and smell her. I would sleep with them as a constant reminder of my desire for Her.


I have been fortunate to have seen my beautiful Mistress in a video She sent me, regarding a task that I was needing help with. Her stunning body was covered with just a bra and French knickers. I would want to come up behind Her and with my left hand, place my fingers inside her bra and play with Her right nipple.  I would stroke and pinch softly until it became erect and alert and then I’d do the same with the left nipple, trying to keep both hard like the spinning plates on a stick trick!


With my right hand, I would slowly place it down the side of her body, gently caressing Her skin and then place it slowly into Her panties, and circle and surround Her Shrine. Gradually making the circle smaller I would start target Her clit, strumming slowly whilst she writhed in front of me, Her breathing getting heavier and Her legs weaker.


Once Mistress had orgasmed, I would move round in front of Her and gently nuzzle my mouth around Her swollen pussy and use my tongue to lick Her lips until cumming again.


If the roles bound between us were reversed, I would insist on a daily video where Mistress would either dress for Her day or undress for bed. The thought of seeing her strip down to her lingerie would be magical, as would seeing Her stunning body in its purest form.


I hope my Mistress is happy with what I have written and that it gives you, the reader, an idea of how much Mistress means to me. I hope that it has been an enjoyable read for you all and that some of you can see parallels in your own dynamic relationships 😃

HisHunnyBun​(sub female){Taken} - Wow!
Love it
Very good

I would do anything for my Viking...☺
2 years ago
Master Daddy Sir​(dom male) - Very nice Sissy, I enjoyed reading it. Well done. I look forward to your next post.
2 years ago

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