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My Mistress and i

Hopefully it will trace our online relationship, as we grow together, taking our path on a journey of learning, exploration, delight and the unexpected!
2 years ago. June 25, 2020 at 1:43 PM

Hi fellow Cage Members,


As readers of my first post will know, I have been commanded by my wonderful Mistress to start writing blog posts and this second one that I have been told to write “should be filled with fantasies of things you want done to you.”


Immediately, I thought about The Cruel Huntress website, which i came across a few years ago. It’s where Female Dominatrix's chase down Male subs who I believe are naked, in an outdoor countryside environment. It would be a day that i would enjoy doing immensely. An added bonus would be if my Mistress could attend at the same session. I’m not sure if this is a countrywide event or not but it’s relatively close to me and if I wasn’t married, I would definitely be excited to take part.


I’d also like to attend a Munch, and I am aware of a couple of local ones, as I suspect there are UK wide.


I would love to visit my Mistress and spend a day with her. Caged, and wearing what She wanted me to wear, we would go out shopping or round her females friends houses and do whatever She wanted. Although I am a Sissy, I have never been attracted to cocks so keeping to lady interaction would be very satisfying.


The thought of cuckolding turns me on, and I’d like to watch my Wife and Mistress making love and playing whilst I watched, caged of course!


Talking about the Cage, I would love for my Mistress to have the key and wear it around her neck, dangling snugly between her perfect soft tits. Mistress would be the only one to unlock me, as and when She wanted!


As I write this I’m caged, wearing panties, as my Mistress demands I do virtually every day. I am grateful to my Mistress for the time She spends with me as I know that She is very busy. I know I say it to you a lot, but not on the blog - you are an amazing, beautiful, caring understanding Mistress who pushes my boundaries and makes me excited throughout each and every day. Every time my Sissy cock gets semi hard in his Cage my thoughts turn to you. I am an incredibly lucky person to have YOU in my life Mistress 😘

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