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Writing is a way for me to track my progress and grow in my roll as a submissive and a person.
1 week ago. Wed 11 Sep 2019 04:31:39 PM IDT


I honor of the fallen and their families. 








1 week ago. Tue 10 Sep 2019 08:40:28 PM IDT
  • YesI received a package yesterday that not only made me smile but brought back a host of memories.

Inside the package was three tee shirts with various sayings. One of which I have said several times here on The Cage. I’ll share a picture of them at the end. For now I want to take a short walk down memory lane. 

What does your tee shirt collection say about you? Once upon a time I earned extra money doing heat press tee shirts at events like car shows and rodeo’s. If you give me five minutes with your tee shirts I can tell you all sorts of stuff. I know if you hunt or fish. What your favorite pets are. If you have a love for antique cars or who your favorite sports team is. I definitely know if you’re a biker and can probably look at the colors and determine if you are a male or female. 

My wonderful Sir spoils me all the time and I love my tee’s! He enjoys both the Satin and the Dragon and all the other parts of me. So here you have them and I think they describe me to a tee.




Thank you Sir so very much!❤️




I should also mention that my best and strongest friendship started over the debate of a well known saying to which I own the tee shirt.


1 week ago. Mon 09 Sep 2019 06:32:09 PM IDT

I’ve read and written a lot about BDSM and aging. I have a tendency to write whatever is on my heart. Therefore it is solely my opinion. I share my thoughts and feelings because I am just that kind of person.

We all have our differences and our preferences. We all know that no two dynamics’s are the same. They may have some similarities but never the same.

Some of the people I talk to are all about the kink and have no desire to build that personal connection. Also some subs can think about is being collared at any cost. Some Dom’s think only of control, without consideration of the sub or her state of mind. Some feel that there has to be a tearing down process or breaking process. In order to rebuild that person into their ideal submissive/slave. Some search out the most broken sparrow and try to mend them. 

Ask yourself this question regardless off your age. Where do I want this relationship to be in a year, five years? Is this the person I want to wake up next to every morning for the rest of my life.

A 24/7 relationship is built on more than kink. There are jobs, kids, lol grandkids a whole host of responsibilities. 

We owe it not only to ourselves but to our partners to enter our dynamic with our eyes wide open. If you are new, read, ask questions enter into a learning phase so that you can understand what is being ask of you. Before you enter into an agreement with anyone be sure you read the fine print. Don’t skip the part about being chained to the floor sleeping naked in a kennel or eating out of a dog bowl. If that is your kink, that’s cool. My point is don’t enter into a relationship/dynamic without knowing what is expected of you.

It is also our responsibility to take care of ourselves. Be you Dom or sub it is “YOUR” responsibility to maintain your health. A Dom may view it as their responsibility to help you lose weight or get healthier. It is also a subs responsibility to help their Dom to maintain their health. We are talking health here not body image. At the end of the day we are individuals accountable for our own health and well being. 


As for me I have found my comfort zone. Sir and I have a blend that suits us both. We are both retired so spending the morning on the porch watching the hummingbirds and blogging fits our needs just fine.


I hope each of you will take your time and find the one who will take you to your comfort zone.



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3 weeks ago. Wed 28 Aug 2019 07:16:17 AM IDT

Thank you Sir for taking a chance on us.❤️










3 weeks ago. Tue 27 Aug 2019 05:54:21 AM IDT

Oliver reached out and took the leash and collar from her hand. Not now Annie, let’s have dinner first. Please get regular plates and silverware, I hate this plastic stuff. Annie didn’t want to wait until after dinner, she had so many questions. Why her, why all these rules, who were those people, and most of all why did all this seem so appealing to her? 

Annie got plates and silverware then turned to ask what he would like to drink. His blue eyes had a depth she hadn’t noticed before. He merely pointed to the bottle of moscato on the counter.  Dinner was very quiet with neither saying a word.  When they were finished he helped her wash the dishes again not saying a word.  There was something very different about him. She didn’t like the silence but felt it best to be silent. When they were finished he took her hand and headed to the bedroom.

He grabbed the collar and leash as he walked past it.  As they approached the bedroom threshold he released her hand. She stood at the door until he was in his chair. She watched as he settled into the big chair. He placed her cushion between his legs and motioned for her to come. She removed  her robe and folded it and placed it beside the door. Just before she got to the cushion he held up his hand for her to stop. He used his index finger and made a circular motion. They had never done this before. She assumed he meant for her to turn around so she did.

Very good, now spread your legs and bend over then grab your ankles. This can be an inspection or punishment position. While you are in this position you expose yourself  and all your beauty to me. Your round and sexy hips. The soft pink folds of your pussy.  I can see the moisture begin to seep  from its lips. Stand up and turn to face me.

His eyes followed  her slow turn to face him.  She was exquisite!  On your knees.  Come closer, now put your legs  together, hands palm down on your thighs, back straight, head turned to your left. Whenever I ask for leash position this is the position you will use when you are on your knees. If we are standing, you will do basically the same thing but your hands will be to your side. He took the soft leather collar in his hand and said leash. Now you will lean forward to meet the collar. Bend your head over so I can secure the clasp.  With the collar snug around her neck he took the matching leash and snapped it in place. He pulled her closer and said in a low sexy growl. You belong to me. Every inch of you is mine. No other man will ever touch you as long as you are mine.

He relaxed the tension on the leash. I am still upset with you for making me worry this afternoon. What I want from you is a good hard fuck. He stood and tugged her up with the leash. He took her chin and kissed her hard. Undress me. He watched as she removed his clothes and laid them across the chair. He wanted her from behind. He wanted her to learn the difference between him using her body to pleasure them both and him just satisfying himself.

He led her over to the foot of the bed. He pulled a set of leather cuffs and a couple of clips from the drawer. As he attached the cuffs he said, “do not say a word, do not even moan, this is not for your pleasure.” Bend over, her upper body now on the bed and her wrist snapped into the rings that were attached to the bed. Spread your legs wider. She felt the ankle cuffs lock into place. She could feel his hard cock against her skin as he turned her collar around. He rubbed the head of his cock up and down the folds of her wet pussy.  Then in one quick hard trust he was inside that wet pussy. He pulled on the leash as he pushed his cock in as deep and hard as he could. He felt her start to tremble and he pulled out. “ Not tonight princess, don’t you dare cum.” This time when she started to tremble he pulled out just as he was starting to cum. So he unloaded on that beautiful ass and on those punishment marks from earlier.  

4 weeks ago. Thu 22 Aug 2019 05:36:55 AM IDT

I want to apologize for not posting this earlier in the day.. Things have been a little crazy today.

This is a reach way back to one of my favorite movies called The Navigator 


This one is another oldie but goodie


This one is from Shrek.

I dedicate this one to my Sir. Thank you for being my friend long before either one of us knew we would be each other’s one.



The last one is dedicated to my friend who inspired Widdle Dragon Tunes. Max I know you cruise by and read without logging in. I thought of you and all our martial arts discussions when I heard this song today. 


Much Love to my Cage family❤️

4 weeks ago. Wed 21 Aug 2019 04:07:35 PM IDT

What a beautiful morning! I’m on the porch with a cup of coffee, watching the hummingbirds. The only thing missing is my Sir, my Daddy, my friend. This was one of our favorite things to do while he was here. It seems strange to sit here alone. 

Time apart is just part of being in a real life, long distance relationship. I am blessed that he is only five hours away. A short hop on an airplane. Both of us being retired makes it easier as we aren’t tied to a time clock. We both have other responsibilities so the time apart is just part of it. I don’t view it as his visit has ended but the next trip is to be planned for. Trust me we do realize how blessed we are to have so much time together.

I am a very blessed woman in all kinds of ways. I am in decent health for my age, and my world is coming together nicely. 

I have some great friends on and off the Cage. Some watch over me like the  protectors that they are. I seem to draw undesirable attention over some things I write. That’s the price you sometimes pay for telling the truth.

It seems as though the more I write about being happy the more others try to make me out to be some crazed lunatic. Well you guys can buy into all that crap if you want to, because I’ve got better things to do.

I am going on vacation in a couple of weeks and I am going to have a blast. Soaking in the hot tub, sipping on some wine. Doing some grilling and no telling what else.

Then Sir is coming home with me for almost 3 weeks! We are both October babies so we are going to have a birthday party. Just the two of us all sexy and kinky. I might even get tied up. Oh or maybe, well you get the idea.

If you guys run across someone who needs information I possess, refer them to me. My inbox is open to most. I have no reason to lie.

Yes I am a fire breathing Dragon but my Daddy says I need to turn down the 🔥. I can slow roast,  but I can’t fry until crispy,  even if they are good with ketchup 🔥🔥🐉 

1 month ago. Sun 18 Aug 2019 09:27:26 PM IDT

As I sit here between Sir’s knees I couldn’t be more content. A quite Sunday morning with coffee on the porch watching the hummingbirds. I think how truly blessed I am. 

Age can be a timeless number. The most important thing is your health. Being physically and mentally healthy. To be able to engage in this lifestyle, with your body, mind, heart and soul. I have said countless times you may own my body but you will never own my soul. However once you have found someone you can trust with your whole being that includes your soul. You have to trust they will do you no harm. 

Which leads us back to the basics. A solid dynamic is built on trust, honesty and open communications. Maturity not age is the key to those ingredients. I have met some folks over 30 on here with the maturity level of a 15 year old. Just because you stick Dominant or submissive at the end of your name doesn’t mean that’s who you are. 

Some people have absolutely no clue what manners or protocol mean. Even though no two dynamics are the same, one thing is certain. We are all human beings. Age doesn’t Change the principals this lifestyle was built on. Those who came before us worked really hard to have this lifestyle and those that participated in it, recognized as respectable people. 

So when you are searching for your one take into consideration that being a decent person goes a long way.  On your first message to someone, if you wouldn’t want it said to your sister don’t say it here. Ladies if you wouldn’t say it to your brother, don’t open with I’ll be your  f.,;! Toy. Age doesn’t equate common sense. 

I am blessed to have found someone who takes me as I am. My age, my silliness, my stubborn sassy side the whole works in a drawer. We came about as friends first, kink later. Working together to build a better tomorrow for us both. I wish you much success in the path to find your one.   



As as always thank you for stopping by my blog 💕

1 month ago. Wed 14 Aug 2019 04:32:54 PM IDT


To my friend who inspired Widdle Wednesday Dragon Tunes, get well soon💕






I love Mulan!  

Feel free to add a tune