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Broken Dragon

Writing is a way for me to track my progress and grow in my roll as a submissive and a person.
2 days ago. Sun 26 Jan 2020 06:08:22 PM IST

A glimmer of sunshine caressed her sweat drenched skin. The smell of the cherry blossoms were pungent as the garden around the courtyard was ladened with cherry trees. 

He looked at her almost nude body with a hunger that shamed him. He was a Master and to allow his personal feelings to get in the way her training would be wrong. He had to see to it she was stronger and more efficient than she could ever imagine. 

His eyes were different. She could sense that something was troubling him. He moved closer and tilted her head so he could look into her eyes. He  wanted to kiss her, to take her to the shower and bathe the sweat from her skin. Instead he sent her to her room to shower. 

As he showered he imagined her in the shower with him. Bathing each other’s body and touching her breast as the water and soap to glide down her body. To have her turn her back to his chest and run his hand down her tummy to the mound he watches as she preforms each move. To slide his fingers along the folds around her clit. To hear her release a delicate moan as he sinks his fingers into her slick wet flower, as a hummingbird would dip his beak into one of his precious cherry blossoms. He leaned against the shower wall then took his hard shaft in his hand and began to stroke. As he drifted off to ecstasy he wondered what she was thinking. 

The cool water felt good on her tired body. What the hell was she doing here. Could she really withstand this intensity. How could she continue to hide how she truly felt about him. She knew her feelings were wrong but it was part of why she was here. She craved his touch even if it was the wrath of the shinai or the gentle caress of the rose in the middle of the night.

When she was out of the shower cook was in the room. A beautiful black linen hakama lay on the bed.  It had cherry blossoms embroidered up one side and the top had cherry blossoms on the right sleeve. She had never seen one like it. Cook could see the confused look in her eyes. He had this made for you. He see’s your heart. Let go and follow him. When she was dressed cook said, I am to blindfold you and take you to the courtyard. Remember to breath and let him guide you. 

She stood silent for a moment then there was a loud popping sound. She smiled it was the opening of a redden. She felt his energy as he approached. He placed a closed tessen in her right hand.  The tessen was had many uses in Feudal Japan. She was in love with the elegance of them. 

He stepped in so close she could feel his breath on her neck. He whispered Yoi, this was ready stance. Feet shoulder width apart. Basai dai, she smiled, a kata she could do blindfolded. He whispered, the tessen is an extension of your hand just like your sai. He placed his arm around her waist. They made every step in unison. He gently guided her every move. Speed here, slow here, open the fan, close and strike, open and slash. He engulfed her and they moved as one. 


3 days ago. Sat 25 Jan 2020 02:30:56 PM IST

This morning’s play list is a mix of a few more of my favorites. 



Now a few songs that pretty much sum me and my music up. 




Have a blessed and wonderful weekend ❤️❤️


1 week ago. Mon 20 Jan 2020 08:51:19 PM IST

The delicious delicate dance of dominance and submission. The art of leading another to follow. Your dance won’t be the same as mine. That’s what makes it so delicious. It’s mine! Custom made for me. 

Are you Dominant enough to seduce me into submission. I am strong, independent and self sufficient. What do you offer me? Can your strength humble me? Are you responsible enough to care for us both? Can you make me so safe that I yield to your care? Can you dance the dance of power exchange. 

Will we start slowly and dance to the rhythm of our own drum? Do you dance the dance of a narcissist who thinks it’s all about you? Will you regard me as your most prized possession? Or will you use me then toss me aside?

Dare you dance with me? Will we dance near the fire? Will you let it scorch my wings? Or will you hold be so tight we could dance through the flames untouched?

Do you desire only me? Or does your heart also dance with another? Do you have the capacity and strength to love us both? Can you control the jealousy that would grow between. 

Dare you dance this delicate dance? Are you strong enough to take us step by step into the depths of this life? Can you shut the world out and make the dance our own? Are you a Master of the steps? Can you seduce me into the safety of this delicious song? Shall we write it one stanza at a time? You and me and the heartbeat of the drum. 


❤️Thank you Sir for being a Master of this delicate dance. You make it easy for me to be yours❤️

2 weeks ago. Wed 15 Jan 2020 05:20:52 AM IST

Go shower and wear your black hakama today. When she got out of the shower cook was in her room. Come, she stood still as cook wrapped a soothing bandage around her mid section and her legs. The wrap will help with the soreness and bruises. She then helped her to get dressed.  Your breakfast will be ready by the time you finish getting ready. 

How was he to proceed? He was torn between traditional training and a woman he had been fantasizing about for the last two years. In his dreams she was not a fierce, determined dragon but a beautiful delicate cherry blossom. His mind raced to find a way for her to bloom as both. What a prize she would be if he could get her to understand the power she holds. 

Today there would be other black belts there. It would be a good day for weapons. Her’s had finally arrived from the states. He enjoyed watching her open the box to make sure none were broken. Her bo and nunchucks had a different look to them, so he ask to inspect them. Tell me about these. They were custom made for me because of my height. They are made of Honduran Ash. A  light but hard wood. He was impressed by how light they were.

Once again she was his Uchi as he demonstrated and explained the whys of the kata. She was told to bunkai/explain Basai Dai Sai. She went through each step with knowledge and precision. When she had finished a ranking Black Belt requested she do the whole kata without interruption. The Master agreed. She became as fluid as water as she moved with grace. It was as if he was watching the Geisha from his dreams preform. The kiai on the last move snapped him back to the present.  The training resumed. 

She was glad for the day to be over. At least for a little while. Cook was there to remove the bandages. The light blue hakama had been cleaned and placed on the bed. They followed the same routine as the days before. Dinner was eaten in the kitchen then she and Master had tea in the tea room. He loved to watch her relax into the soft gentle spirit he had first met. They talked of the day’s training and he ask were there any other weapons she was interested in. She told him of her love of the tessen/Japanese war fan. Then you shall learn how to use it. 

Another sleepless night filled with her her nude body. It’s luscious curves evading his capture. By three a.m. he came to a decision to wake her but this night would be different. She would train and she would need all the focus she possessed to not succumb to his new form of distraction. 

Uchi!!! He called from the courtyard! She grabbed a pony tail holder as she hurried to the courtyard. There he stood with a long stem Rose in his hand. He called for the focus kata. This time instead of the shinai slapping her body it was the velvet pedals of the rose tracing over her skin. He smiled as his plan seemed to be working. Not only was she struggling with focus but he was enjoying his newest form of torture. 

2 weeks ago. Tue 14 Jan 2020 07:32:08 PM IST

I have decided to adopt a suggestion that I read in forums. If you noticed on the last few blogs that I have posted, I included a word in (parentheses). Denoting what the blog was about. This way the community would know beforehand what the blog might contain. 

Most people who follow my blog already know that Dragon Tunes is music. Dragon Thoughts are my just my take on things. Rambling Thoughts of a Dragon might start on one subject and end on another. Then we have my attempts at erotic writing. Most with titles and (episode number). 

Now anything that falls in between will have a content (rant) disclaimer. That way you are not mislead by the title. Lol enter the Dragon’s lair at your risk. 




Have a great day



2 weeks ago. Mon 13 Jan 2020 12:23:24 AM IST

We all want to be healthy.  Weight loss is usually on the top of that list. So I thought I would give you a few Dragon tips. Last year at this time I weighed 180 pounds and I am 5’3”. When I weighed this morning I weighed 155. I am 15 pounds from my original goal. 

I tried the Keto thing where you cut back to 20 grams of carbs. Which caused me to have the keto flu. I wasn’t able to finish my workouts and just felt awful. So I did some research into the daily carbohydrates requirements for someone my age and cut it almost in half. I keep my carbs between 50 to 100.  It works for me. 

Plus the cost of following a keto diet is ridiculous!! Five dollars for a tiny bag of pancake mix or pancake syrup. If you are a Dom who expects your sub to follow this diet. Make sure she can afford it. If not, it’s on you to send her care packages with what she needs. 

It is also the responsibility of a Dom to know all health problems before requiring a sub to start a weight loss or exercise program. Submissive’s it is “your” responsibility to let your Dom know all your health problems. Omitting facts about your health could cause you serious health complications.  He cannot protect or guide you if you are not honest with him. 

My best friend in weight loss is a veggie tray. Mine has cucumbers, cauliflower, broccoli, tomatoes, sugar snap peas. 

Water: The weight loss program Body for Believers suggests drinking half your body weight in ounces of water daily. 

Exercise: My goal is 10,000 steps per day. Sometimes I get more sometimes less but that is the mark I strive for. 
I also do some strength training to help with bone density. 

Learning how to eat for a healthy tomorrow takes work. It isn’t going to happen over night. 

Another tip: buy yourself a cloth tape measure. Only weigh and measure once a month. Keep a record so you can see how you are progressing. 

Have a great day and remember to be good to yourself!

2 weeks ago. Sat 11 Jan 2020 03:27:29 PM IST

This was how I used to spend my Saturday mornings. Watching cartoons and eating homemade cookies.

The weather is nasty here this morning so I thought I would share one of my favorites. 






Have a blessed day. 

2 weeks ago. Thu 09 Jan 2020 01:17:14 AM IST

Sir created us a “play” list for play. So I thought I would share a few of those tunes. 

Top of the list❤️❤️








Those are just a few of our favorites ❤️

3 weeks ago. Sat 04 Jan 2020 07:14:47 AM IST

I was scrolling through looking for something to listen to while getting ready to turn in and came across one of the best artists ever. His music is legendary. 

3 weeks ago. Fri 03 Jan 2020 11:13:20 PM IST

As the makiwara sound continued he remembered, that there would be a group of brown belts there for extra training today. 

What a wonderful dream the sound had ended. He walked over to the window facing the courtyard. He saw her small frame among the men. Some resented the fact that a woman had won the honor of being his Uchi for six months. He decided to watch for a while. He listened as she called the class to order. Her basic techniques were flawless. He needed breakfast then he would join them. 

In the kitchen he ask cook, had the woman eaten breakfast. He drew a deep breath. She could not train all day without food. Prepare her a small bowl of rice and eggs. 

As he approaches the class stops and bows to acknowledge his presence. Then she quickly resumed training. He called a ranking brown belt by name and told him to lead class and motioned for her. Yes Master. You did not have breakfast.  I was to excited to eat. His jaw tightened which told her not to argue. Cook has breakfast for you. Do not skip breakfast again. She hurried to the kitchen and ate. 

He directed them into the dojo at the opposite end of the courtyard.  As she started past, he grabbed her arm hard. Do you truly know what an Uchi-deshi is and what goes with it. This time the eyes looking back at him were not a soft amber but a cold hard brown. Her voice as cold as her eyes. Osu!! He released her. As he watched her hurriedly cross the courtyard he thought, we shall see!

She knew what was in store for her. No one had ever cut her any slack. She doubted that he or any of his students could hit any harder than their American counterparts. She was here to learn. Yes there would be bruises, broken skin, hopefully no broken bones but only time would tell. She would be his personal target in every way. So let the pain begin.

He showed her no mercy as he used her to demonstrate techniques to the class. Then he paired her with a guy that could have easily been a nose guard for the NFL.  She smiled to herself, this ain’t my first rodeo. She knew the guy would resist so she added a little angle to the technique. Yep, he hit the floor and she finished with a knee in his ribs. The room went silent. She helped the man to his feet. Then she explained the angle of movement. She also explained about size and adapting to your situation.

When she returned to her room there was a soft linen hakama and gi top. It was not a kimono but it had a feminine feel to it. She ate  in the kitchen with cook. Tonight was fish and rice. As she finished she looked up to see him in the doorway.  Go prepare tea. Yes Master.

As she prepared the tea he watched her transform back to the entertainer. They spoke of the history of Japan and the founders of the art which they practiced and loved. Then they said good night.

In the middle of the night she heard him call for her. Uchi, come now!! She had been warned to be prepared for this. She raced to the courtyard. It was apparent he had been drinking. She stood there in a sports bra and girl cut boxers. They started at the beginning katas and worked their way up. Every tiny mistake was corrected with the shinai. He would make her regret entering his home as an Uchi. She should be in his bed. By daybreak she will break, and I will put her on a plane and out of my life.

As the sun rose she stood tall dripping in sweat. Now sober, he could see her resilience and determination. He could also see the blood and the bruises he had inflicted. His heart was heavy but she said she knew it would be this way. Are you ready to leave, he growled. No Master, I do not wish to leave. He couldn’t believe his ears. To see her wearing his marks with such pride made him want her more.