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Writing is a way for me to track my progress and grow in my roll as a submissive and a person.
20 hours ago. Fri 19 Jul 2019 10:11:10 PM IDT

Here is a question for my readers.

Do I do more about the Farm or would you like something new? Your choice

21 hours ago. Fri 19 Jul 2019 09:54:41 PM IDT

I know that we have discussed this before but with the influx of new people it is worth doing it again.

If you are new to The Cage and the lifestyle here are some helpful Dragon tips:

1. Before contacting anyone read their name if it is followed by another name in parentheses.  That means that person already has a Dom or submissive.  DO NOT MESSAGE THAT PERSON.  IT IS DISRESPECTFUL!!

2. Learn to read profiles. Fill out your own profile. If you don't have the time for that. I don't have time for you!

3. Nude photo's..please people do not send unsolicited nudes. It's a huge turn off. Submissives you are not required to send nudes to a prospective Dominant. 

4. Honorific titles..Terms such as Sir, Master Daddy/Mommy are reserved for those who earn that title. Do not send an opening email refering to yourself as my Master or my Sir.  Or you will hear from my Sir!  Do not send an email refering to me as your slave, your baby girl, your cunt or any other term you picked up from watching porn. That will get you blocked. 

Please take the time to be respectful to each other, it goes a long way.


This next part is a public service announcement from a shaggy/saggy firey dragon.

For those concerned about my saftey. I am fine, as someone pointed out recently, I am safely in the arms of the US Navy. Plus I'm also surrounded by my Cage family. As I was told I am a Mamma Bear. I have watched a Mamma Bear in the wild. I know how fierce they are, and they have an unmatched tenacity. I took that comparison as a huge complement. I would like to think that have garnered the love and support of those who have taken the time to know me.

I am well aware that we have some bad apples among us. How do we weed those out?  A firey old dragon could blow flames at them and try to scare them out, but that wouldn't work. Because in the process I would scare off some of the people who really need to stay. Some of them.would come back under fictitious names, and we would have to search them out again. I think it's best to keep them out in the open where the commcommunity can keep an eye on them. Some of you may not agree with me on that but I guess we will agree to disagree on that point. If you disagree we could discuss this more through email. My inbox is open to all but a few. 

Thank you to the person who was responsible for drawing me out of my shell. Things have just been upside down lately. Thank you for the comparison of my writing skills.  However flattery will get you nowhere. I am going to leave it up to my readers as to whether I continue with The Farm or start fresh. If you care to weigh, please do. 

Now this foxy, firey, Dragon has work to do!


As always thank you for stopping by my blog. 








3 days ago. Wed 17 Jul 2019 04:37:00 PM IDT

At the suggestion of a friend,  I have moved the music for littles to Wednesday and renaming it Widdle Wednesday. If you would like to add your favorite in the comment section feel free to do so. Daddy's can add their favorite littles tune as well. We all love our Daddy's.


Topping the charts today is one of my all time favorites.




I think the email I got last night describes me pretty good. However, why don't you young pups try walking in my shoes. Please do keep to up. Cause this Granny has no intentions of waiting for you. I have things to do.

Ok, I read your profile... you're an old freaky lady huh. Lol

I think this last one sums up life and this lifestyle pretty well. Life is a highway! I am going to run it for as long as I possibly can.


As always thank you for stopping by my blog. 💖💖


4 days ago. Tue 16 Jul 2019 03:49:52 PM IDT

That's part of the chorus for one of my all time favorite songs, by country music artist Arron Tippin.

You've got to stand for something or you'll fall for anything.


What has that got to do with me, The Cage and BDSM. That's an easy answer. Over the last couple of months I have questioned my reason for being here a lot. Then the other day someone posted a video refering to me as shaggy dragon. At first it concerned me then I got a good laugh out of it. I am assuming this to be the same person who called me salty dragon a few months ago. It is rather obvious this person either doesn't know me to well or he knew that I would see the humor in it and get a good laugh.  I wanted to introduce you guys to the sultry, salty dragon in question.

Now I could get hostile, or frighten by this and run away or hide but anyone who truly knows me, knows that's not my style.

We have a good community here and the only people who can destroy it, are those who create in fighting among members. We all say and do things from time to time that causes hurt for someone else. However our primary goal as we are seeking to find our "one" should be to help and to educate.  Belittling each other serves no useful purpose.

I know some of you are blasting me right now over the very public and harsh break-up between me and my ex. That's what happens when you live your life out in the open. I suggested we call it irreconcilable differences and simply go our separate ways. However that was not the case. So blast me if you must.  My point remains the same. All the bullshit from both sides served no useful purpose. 

I am still the same woman with the same principles and ethics I was 30 years ago. I am a Libra who believes in treating everyone fairly. I tend to say what I mean, and mean what I say.

I had suspended writing blogs or being active because I didn't want people to think the characters in my stories were based on them. Let's remember I will be 66 in a few months. I've been married 3 times and had several sexual encounters before I showed up here. The male characters in my stories are based on various different men who have played significant roles in my life, not just one man.

I will not lurk in the shadows, or walk on egg shells. I am going to continue to write. I am going to continue my journey of submissive under the care and protection of my current Dom. I will continue to support my sub sisters, some of which I love like they were my daughters. There are even a couple of Dom's who call me mom.

I am blessed to be in good health and rocking this world like the strong and sexy woman that I am. So bring it on and lets dance this dance.




As always thank you for stopping by my blog.






1 week ago. Thu 11 Jul 2019 12:40:28 AM IDT

Music has various effects on all of us. Sometimes genre changes as we age. Some songs are ageless.  My music and my writing are based on my mood. Some days all I want is silence.



Then there are days like today where I am empowered by achievements. I have been working hard to rehab my shoulder and loose some weight. I have lost a total of 14 lbs so far. I weighed 166 this morning and have regained 85% range of motion back in my arm. It isn't about body image. It's about being healthy. So it makes for a very happy woman. So tonight will be a bottoms up.kind of night.


This is the way I felt when I left my Sir in the airport Sunday morning. 



I have no way of knowing where this road will take us. I do know that we are off to an amazing start. I look forward to seeing you again soon.



Thank you for taking a chance on us💖


As always thank you for stopping by my blog. 💖💖



1 week ago. Tue 09 Jul 2019 05:20:32 PM IDT

I in the depths of my mental illness I wish to share with you some of my alternative music. 




I also want to proclaim today as Little Day in honor of all the Littles and the Daddiy's who love them.



I also want to tell my Daddy thank you for being such a special man. I am glad you enjoy me being a lady out in public, a slave when the doors are closed and being your little girl who loves to cuddle and snuggle. I also want to thank you again for our trip to Baskin and Robins for the Daiquiri ice, icecream. No matter where this road takes us you will always hold a special place in my heart. 


This one is a favorite!!!



If you are a Little or a Daddy and you want to add your favorite song feel free to do so. 


See Daddy all those times you jokingly introduced me as your "little woman" you were helping me embrace little me. 


1 week ago. Tue 09 Jul 2019 08:30:38 AM IDT

There is nothing quite like a southern sky late at night. The moonlight, stars dusted across the velvet sky.

Songs of the night creatures.  Crickets, frogs and every other insect. A bob white calling in the distance. The yapping of the coyote's  as they are running down their prey. 

Even though you know that you share that same sky around the world. In that moment in time it gives you peace.

Today has been crazy. A glass of Moscato, a shower, a small bowl of blackberry cobbler. A front porch and a light breeze can help bring things together. 

I have so much to be thankful for. Great friend both on and off the Cage. A descent family. They aren't perfect but they could be worse. A nice comfy place to live. Pretty good health. 

I am also blessed to have someone special in my life. Our journey is in the beginning stages and trust and commitment will take us forward. As I have said before no two dynamics are the same. I don't fit in an ordinary box, with cute little lables. The way I see it,  as long as I please my Dom, what business is it of anyone elses. We each bring out different aspects of each other. 

If I am hanging out with my local rednecks, well shucks sugar grab me a glass of that sweet tea and we'll talk college football.(Roll Tide) If I move up in class I can slip on the cocktail dress and sip wine and talk politics and money market. Oh let's not forget the hotrod and biker crowd. We can go old school with 3 duces for carbs. Or maybe soft tails and cold brew.

Being with different Dom's or submissives work the same way. No two people are the same. I've said it before  and I'll say it again.


Good night Cage family. Thank you for your love and support. 


As always thank you for stopping by my blog. 💙💙

1 week ago. Mon 08 Jul 2019 11:50:06 PM IDT


I have tried really hard to be a lady. But there comes a time to say, shut the FUCK UP.  After a disturbing message last night I went from happy to pissed as they come. I found myself stress eating which I haven't done in months! Only got one hour of sleep because the more I thought about it,  the madder I got.

Now we all know that I broke up with my ex Dom  a little over a month ago. When I caught him in a bunch of lies. I said let's just call it irreconcilable differences  and go our separate ways. Oh but no, he gets on here and confesses to the lies. But he neglected to tell you he also breeched my trust through hypnosis.  He tried to implant a trigger to turn me into the perfect slave. When my subconscious rejected the idea and I stopped him he got angry. He told me had I been a real slave, him fucking with my mind shouldn't matter. That all the times I had called him Master that I had lied.  So I said I guess I did. Even a slave can say no to breech of trust.  He tried to cover it by saying it was to improve our play time. BullShit!! He also left out the part of us trying to work things out. I didn't respond fast enough so he says all those times you said I didn't know how much you loved me, well it must not have been a whole hell of a lot.  So I blocked him here, I blocked him from my phone. Told him not to come to my home. Yet he follows me to other sites.

Why am I so pissed now? As you know I have a new Dom. He served in the Navy on a submarine for over 16 years. He has a very special tattoo of a water dragon.  Which was inspired my the story of the Koi fish who became a dragon.  The story is on his profile.  He was going to change his nickname but we had computer issues. I left the name in my collar. My thought was only changing it once. Until last night.

Last night after I wrote my blog. I got a message from someone with that particular nickname I apologize and said I wasn't aware there was another Dom by that name and I would correct my collar. This was the reply I got.

No your ex Dom asked me to take the name to protect you. He checked and so did I and found that you had made up a name to try and keep unwanted attention away.

I told him I didn't need protection and blocked him. Here is where the real anger is. First of all I don't know  if my ex Dom  thinks I am so old and ugly that no one else would have me. That I would make up some none existing Dom just to get people to leave me alone. Fuck you! 

As for protection, yes I do have a real Dom who is capable of that. Even if I didn't I have a Dom to call my own. I have enough friends here that would take care of anything I couldn't.  

Now if you want to release any pictures of me, just remember I withdrew my permission for you to use, print, share or recreate any of my photos. If it makes you feel important release my real name. Take an ad in my local newspaper. I don't give a DAMN. Just leave me the hell alone.



1 week ago. Mon 08 Jul 2019 05:41:59 AM IDT

Over the past month I have ridden the highs and lows of my submissive journey.  I have wondered around lost. Unable to completely understand what was going on in my mind.  Unable to sleep. Lack of focus. Lack of trust, even in myself.

When I started this journey last year I had no idea what I would find.  I read, I researched, I did all the things I thought I should do to be an informed member of the community.  I met someone who helped me understand even more. I came to realize that I have been a submissive all my life. Even during the years that I was an independent alpha female raising my kids on my own. Submissive me was in training. The martial arts taught me to follow directions without questions.

I know the feeling of a real life, real time Dom/sub relationship.  I know how it feels to wait inside the door nude in the teach me position waiting for him to come inside. I know how it feels to sit at his feet with my head on his knee. I know how it feels to be owned. I also know what it feels like to take off my collar and walk away.  I walked away because it was the right thing for me. We in this lifestyle sometimes do dangerous things which requires trust. Once that trust was broken I couldn't go back.

Walking away left an empty hole in my heart. My mind started to race and I felt like my life was in a tailspin. I owe a big thank you to those of you who tried to keep me grounded while I got myself back on course. I was lost without direction. The missing component was a Dominant. Although I have spent years taking care of myself and others, my life has been changed. I talked to a couple of Dom's online but I need the touch me, hold me, real time kind of life.

I have struggled with trying to figure out just how I fit in. Am I truly a submissive, am I a slave, am I a little. Guess what? I am a little bit of all three rolled into a woman who is completely capable of standing on her own.  Yet chooses to be owned. I choose to be His submissive, who has slave tendencies, who also has a little girl hiding inside. He coaches her out when he calls me his little girl.

I am no longer lost!  I got up enough courage to contacted someone I met when I first came on the Cage.  We are both looking for the same thing. A monogamous relationship with someone within reasonable driving distance. We have spent real time together and things are going in a great direction.  I am His submissive, His slave and His little girl.  I desire to be every woman he ever wished to have, for I am His. His to lead, to guide to protect.


As always thank you for stopping by my blog.

3 weeks ago. Tue 25 Jun 2019 07:26:49 AM IDT

He thrust one last time as she started to tremor from their orgasm. He smiled as he watched her arch her pussy up to meet his thrust. As she started to relax he rubbed his hands up her stomach to her breast and gave them a little squeeze. He gently eased himself out, then pulled his stool back between her legs. He began to lick their nectar from her body.  His tounge made a swirling motion around her clit she responded with a soft moan. He kissed her mound and stood up.

As he started to untie her legs he told her, you are such a treasure. You are going to do one more thing for me tonight. Still blindfolded he guided her off the table and pulled her close. He kissed her long and deep then lowered her to her knees. Open you mouth, you are going to clean our juices from my cock. He reached behind her head and removed the blindfold. Now see to it that you don't miss a drop. She did as instructed and licked him clean. When he helped her to her feet she told him, Thank you Sir for such a wonderful orgasm and for allowing me to clean you. He leaned down and kissed her and said you're welcome baby girl. As he held her her knees seem to buckle. He lifted her in his arms and put her on the bed. Please don't leave me. Let me get you some juice then we can snuggle. 

When he came back she smiled as he handed her the glass of juice. He climbed in next to her and pulled her close. As he begain to rub her back she snuggled even closer. In a matter of minutes they were both fast asleep.

As the sun peeked through the blinds there was a knock at the door. Oliver grabed his pants and went to the door. There stood Mandy with a clean suit in her hand and a stone face. I was able to change your 9 o'clock to 2 this afternoon but we need to get a move on for you to make that 10:30 meeting. He took the suit and headed to the bathroom. As he went through the bedroom he said, with me! Annie hurried into the bathroom. I am running late. My driver will be back for you in an hour. You are to be dressed and have your vib in and turned on. You are not to cum. You will text me your number as we play. Remember Annie you are NOT to cum. Yes Sir I will be ready and I promise I will not cum.

She walked him to the door anokd watched as the limo went down the drive. She had an hour. Just barley enough time for coffee and toast and a shower. Her phone buzzed. You are to wear that pink dress with the black pinstripes. Black jacket and heels. Hair pulled up. Black panties and bra. 

She had just finished getting dressed when the driver returned.  Good morning Ms. Annie, I'm Rick. I'll be driving you today. Mr Davis said would text when we were on our way. In a few minutes buzz. You look nice. Yes there is a camera in the car. He turned the action of the vib up a little.  He watched as she shifted in the seat. He stopped, can't have my girl messing up that pretty dress.You are going to pick out computers.  I want you to get a desktop, laptop and a tablet. Then no matter where you are you can work on your writing. If you can get through the day without cumming I will have your internet reconnected. You will chose one then you will send me a picture and information for my approval.  As the vibration began she sent 4.....6 he stopped. Good girl that is todays task. I hope you are ready.