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You know just some of the sparks that fly out of my ever moving mind
2 months ago. Mon 31 Dec 2018 10:21:52 AM IST

*Tossing and turning in bed, hot...bothered... frustrated*

Sits up looks to my left..cold sheets

Looks to my right... my remote, books, pen, glasses

"Fuck this"

Closes my eyes...



"You remember your safe word?" I whisper in his ear while tying his hand to the bed, completing my favorite position. Excitement barely contained.

"Yes, though I'm sure I won't need it." He's smiling that smug smirk.

The one I've been waiting to wipe off all night.

I look into his eyes, so he can see the instensity of my burning desire. 

His breath catches, his cockiness melting away.

My passion burning away all his inhibitions, all his worries.

Giving way to the dark deep fantasy that is ours. 

I can feel him grow harder in between my legs as I sit fully against him.

Grinding against his hardness just enough to tease us both

"I am your Queen and tonight you're. all. mine."

He nods as best he can with my hand gripping his face.

"Yes Domina."


*some time later*

Opens my eyes to my blank white ceiling.

Images of a man's pain and pleasure lingering between my now wet thighs

Damn my imagination runs ME wild...

*Shrugs* Eh.. a girl can dream...


4 months ago. Thu 08 Nov 2018 06:41:21 PM IST

He better stop playing...

He keeps on flirting and looking and lusting...

He better stop before I show him...

He better calm down before I show you what these hips do 

What dirty things this mind contains

He better be careful 

Before she comes out... and SHE isn't as quiet and quaint

She is a roaring raging lioness and SHE might hurt you good. 

She might put you on her leash and make you HERS 

You better keep those eyes forward, those lips dry and closed.

You better keep that head forward when I walk away. My ass doesn't need anymore fans.

You better keep those tantalizing words in your mouth. My dreams don't need any more fuel or angst. 

You better stay in your lane 

You better be careful what you lust for...

4 months ago. Sun 04 Nov 2018 04:58:21 AM IST

I want to submit to him...

I want to give in to his touch

Give into his desires

His requests...

Give into the pure ecstasy that has been promised so many times 

Uttered sinfully deep in the night...


See the look of pride and pleasure in his eyes as I bring to fulfillment our dirty little fantasies

I wish to show him how fun a feisty fiery woman can be...

Show him that being his "baby girl" would be the best thing that can ever happen to him... to us...

Such a forbidden experience... it has been played out in my dreams plenty of times 

Too many times! 

I wish it could be real

I wish it could happen


It never happens...

I get so close to having the one thing I can never grasp in this cold cruel world. 

Get so near to the loving light of a REAL Dom... a REAL man...

He's so good, we'd be so great!

But... well... like so many times before 

It seems anything too good is never mine to have.

Only to look at 

to long for

to pine for 

to ache for

I only get to view it from a close but never close enough

to touch, to taste, to feel, to bring into my senses... to bring into me... 

To love and cultivate and nuture and care for


I promise I don't just want to take I want to give and give and give.

You deserve so much Sir

You deserve someone that will make you happy 

That will be concerned about you for once

You give so much to everyone all the time I just-

I just think you deserve me...


But who knows...maybe it isn't meant to be

Maybe I am to live this life

Always burning for something I can never have...

Calling for someone who will never answer

Sending SOS over so many frequencies but only getting static

Or the random reponses from those who only want to please themselves with my body...with my heart


Maybe...maybe I don't deserve him...

Or anyone like him

Maybe I never deserve anyone...


Oh here's the woe is me bit again. 

I hate feeling like this.

Forget that...


I'll just have to remain patient. 

If not for him...for someone... one day...

one day... maybe...


If only wishes came true

If only the shooting stars in the sky were magical again 

Like they used to be when we were young

Now I only know them as dieing stars and burning debris

No fairytales


Shit...if only wishes came true


5 months ago. Mon 08 Oct 2018 08:58:20 AM IDT

That moment where your desire turns into a full blown hunger so insatiable, so desperate, so absolute that it pains you.

It consumes you're every thought, your every movement, your every THING you just can't take it.


Your body heats up, your hands flex, your loins clench, your eyes dilate. The pit of your stomach blooms with a wanton you can't control. 

You crave him, you want him, you NEED him so bad!

And yet... yet your bed remains too big for your quivering body.

Your sheets remain untouched and too cold for your slick heated womb.


Yet... you're alone and the very thing you hunger for, thirst for, LONG for!! 

Remains a thing in your mind, a figment of your overworked and frustrated imagination...


I NEED you to exist.

I NEED you to set this caged animal free.

I NEED to release this wild lioness.

I NEED to hear you groan and pant in the complete ecstasy that is you and I

I NEED to submit myself to the prying of your every desire 

I NEED to let you loose 

I NEED to shake and rock your world so entirely that it challenges the thought of you ever spending this life without me

I NEED to show you the meaning of pleasure, pain, and release 


I NEED you baby...