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Just a place for me to put down into words things that crossed my mind and seem important to me. Not always BDSM in nature.
7 months ago. Thu 18 Oct 2018 06:13:58 AM IDT

The sweat from our bodies creating lubrication where there was once friction.

The heat from our bodies creating condensation on the inside of the car's windows.

The screams no one can hear from our remote location. 

My hand around your throat restricting the air that gives you life.

The rock hard cock impaling you with the force of a demon set loose.

The guttural tones of Primal beings as they Vai for each other's pleasure.

Predator and prey entwined.

No Escape for the weak.

Gripping for life.

 Gripping for pain.

 Gripping for sanity.



7 months ago. Mon 15 Oct 2018 05:54:18 AM IDT

Tonight's session was intense
your tears staining the sheets
Your ass and legs crimson
from the sting of my whip

Gag muffled screams fill the air
violent jerking against the bindings
Your body heaving against the sobs
eyes squeezed shut as you steel yourself
for another blow.

I pull your head up
looking for the quit in you
I remove your gag
so you can ask me to stop


I know you are at your limit
I ask
are you done?
You reply "No Sir"
I ask
You reply "I want to grow"

I am taken in by your beauty
Your eagerness to grow
in your submissiveness and loyalty
I lay down my whip

Watching you tonight
has given me clarity
I was the one growing.

My pride in my submissive has never been stronger.


7 months ago. Mon 15 Oct 2018 05:38:54 AM IDT

A misty silhouette, from the corner of my eye
my head turns, but you're not there
can I go through life with my eyes shut
it's the only time I see you now

When you were here, life was full
You made me confident in who I was
where I belonged
now a lone snowflake on a beach
unique, but out of place

Was I at fault
Did I push too hard
Did I use you up
Did I abandon you
Was I prideful
Did I think I didn't need you

There is no substitute for you
You are irreplaceable
I took for granted what was so freely given
I abused my position

Now, humbled
in despair
and without purpose


7 months ago. Sun 14 Oct 2018 02:54:50 AM IDT

Before we get started
lets halt
Were not going to pretend
That it's not your fault

Somewhere in life
You were hurt
Somewhere in time
You were treated like dirt

Your moral guidelines are subjective
Viewing them from only your perspective
Picking the ethics that suit you best
Waving your middle fingers to all the rest

Your ego is overinflated
I'm guessing
Because of the number of partners you've dated
And so the problem begins
The lover eating shark
Just not showing your fins

You never feel complete
A beautiful woman on your arm to whom others can't compete
But you still catch yourself seeking
Your self esteem
constantly leaking

The pain from your past resurges
You want a broken new toy
Because that's where your worth is
Fixing her feeds you with pride
But too quickly it begins to subside

This beautiful creature that stands by your side
Unaware of the others you need to survive

Your broken
But can't see it yourself
Incapable of true love
Placed too high on a shelf

You'll break another poor victims heart
Driving you two forever apart
You can't tell her you're seeing another
Needs evil twin
Greeds evil brother

Your infidelity causes much pain
King of your world
With a very short reign
Now they're gone and you sit alone
No ladies in waiting
Stripped of your throne

You're shattered but still you can't see
And the women you've hurt would tend to agree
That the good in you was rarely seen
You defiled their hearts
With intent to demean

Now your getting what you deserve
Life's little way of throwing you a curve
You're in the worst spot that you can be in
Left alone
With no one
to contemplate

Your Sin


7 months ago. Sat 13 Oct 2018 08:31:44 AM IDT

I can taste your passion, I savor your desire, as I experience your essence for the first time. Your legs trembling as I expertly manipulate my tongue between your legs.

I hear a moan escape your throat, low and guttural, and it provides me with all the inspiration I need to continue. My tongue, soft as I drag it from the bottom of your pussy to the top, and becoming stiff and firm as I reach your magic button. I flick your clit with it's hardness, just before I suck it into my mouth. My teeth barely parted so you can feel the gentle scraping as you pass the entrance. Once inside, my tongue unleashes it's passionate fury on you and you grab the sheets in your fists as you try to maintain some sibilance of control.

It's not working, you feel yourself getting closer and closer as you feel my hunger driven attempts to shake you to your very core. The pleasure turning to pain as you try to hold onto this moment for as long as you can.

"May I cum Sir?" you ask, as you near your point of ecstasy

"NO" I reply as I pull my head back, and with an open hand, I slap your pussy with the same force I had spanked your ass.

The sudden change and the sharp sensation bring you tumbling back to reality. Two more times, I bring my hand down to force you into the here and now.

And I begin again.

Caressing the outer folds gently with my tongue, slurping you in and out of my mouth, nibbling, growling, devouring.

Before this night is over, I will own you. You will willingly submit everything that you are to me.

I continue this pattern until I can hear the ache in your voice. The desire becoming so strong to reach orgasm, and the fear of being rejected again, confusing you. A mental tug of war inside your head. I can see this, and this is when I allow you to cum.

Your release is all consuming, your body contracts and releases a torrent of pleasure and emotion through you. It has been a long time since you have let go of yourself in this manor. Overpowering your senses, you have no control left, giving over to the demands of your body.

You lie, a crumpled mess on the bed, heart racing, lungs grasping for every every molecule of air they can find, sweat glistening, covering you in a protective sheen as it cools your body from the inferno blazing inside.

I move next to you and brush the hair out of your eyes. Staring, searching, impressed with your ability to let yourself go and surrender to my will. I kiss you gently on the forehead and whisper to you.....

"Time for dinner sweetie, were going to need our energy for round two"


7 months ago. Sat 13 Oct 2018 06:36:54 AM IDT

Your urge to fight is overcome by your dedication to submit. Your brain searching for answers to questions it has never had presented before.

Why am I allowing this? 

Why am I not trying to escape this? 

And your heart answers,

We're doing this for him.

As I give you reprieve for a moment, I feel your body gasp for air. Still no tears, still not turning your head, still no vocal objections. All signs that we can continue.

I stop myself from continuing this course of action. I could do this for the next 45 minutes, but you are fragile, scared, and making such an effort, I decide to take another approach.

While rubbing your blushing ass, I slide my fingertips between your legs and to my surprise, I find you wet. Maybe I have underestimated you. Maybe you are not as fragile or scared as I thought. My amazement is only outweighed by my arousal.

I proceed to rub my entire hand up and down your moist pussy. Your wetness clinging to my fingers. It's been a long while since you have felt a mans hands on you in such a way, but even now, you can tell that this is different. Your body responding to my touch as if it were your first time ever. The anticipation sending shivers through your core, making you a tattered mess of desire and avidity.

I tease you with my fingertips rubbing everything but your clit. I move around it with precision. When I come close, I feel the slightest little movement of your body as you try to manipulate the situation to your benefit. I smile at this and pull my fingers away, knowing I have left you wanting.

I continue this torment for a minute or two gauging your reaction each time. Satisfied I have accomplished my mission of turning your body into a pheromone induced frenzy, I slide two fingers into your waiting pussy.

"Oh God" slips out before you even know it happened. Taken by surprise, wanting it, but not expecting it. I feel my way into your tenderness, decidedly proud of the state to which I have brought you. As I move my fingers inside you, I feel your body relax, the pleasure of having me inside you, even in this form, is something you have fantasized about for a long time... too long.

I see a tear roll down your cheek. For a split second, I panic. We are just getting started, and something is upsetting you. Then the moment is gone. Almost as if I were reading your thoughts, I understand. This was a tear of joy. A tear you have reserved just for this occasion. A tear to remind you that you can once again be happy. A tear for me.

Realizing this swings my Dominance back into full view. Without hesitation, or consideration for your reaction to my sudden movements, I throw you across the bed. you roll onto your back and I forcefully turn you back over. My body laying on yours, covering you. I spread your arms with my hands and use my feet to spread your legs into the position I want them. Feeling my breathe on your neck, heavy, labored, hot.

You offer no resistance as I slide my cock inside you. My loins moving froward until I am rooted well within the grasp of your wetness. My hips guiding me in and out of you, driving my cock like a piston into your depths. Still being held in position by my hands You have no choice, but to lie there, taking me inside you, feeling my hardness as it pitches into you. A feeling so long ago forgotten, revived, and bringing with it, a passion you have never felt.

"on your knees" I I say as I pull my cock from you, covered in your sweet juices of desire.

"Yes Sir" you reply as you scramble from the bed and onto your knees before me.

"Take me in your mouth" I say as I take you in from my vantage point.

Without hesitation, you hungrily accept my cock into your mouth. In box pose again, you strain your neck forward to engulf as much of me as you can. Greedily, you suck the remnants of your wetness from my swollen member. Pushing your head forward so the head of my cock is dangerously close to the back of your throat.

I have asked for you to suck my cock in this pose, because I enjoy watching you use your entire body, lurching it forward to accept me. You are doing this precisely as I described it to you, and this pleases me.

I reach down and grab hold of your well placed pig tails, and push my cock deeper into your mouth. I can feel myself pushing past the entrance of your throat as I pull you closer. Your body heaves. It has been some time since you have accepted a man this way. A long forgotten talent that will be revived tonight.

I pull back out, leaving you gasping for air. My internal clock ticking, 1, 2, 3, and I drive my cock back home. Your throat becoming a passageway for my manhood. Constricting, and inducing panic. I pull back out, 1, 2, 3, and drive myself home once again. This continues, over and over, your pose never broken, your trust in me building, my faith in you proven.

You understand now that I will not push you too far, My enjoyment comes second, only to your safety. I will not harm you. At the recognition of this, you surrender even more. Giving yourself over like you knew you were capable of, but never have.

My body tenses, and you know I about to cum. You ready yourself by cupping your hands under your chin. You have been told that my seed is a gift to you. That spilling a single drop would result in punishment. You are ready, eager even to accept my load. As I begin to orgasm, I pull you onto me and unload my salty reward into your mouth.

You have never enjoyed this before, and are surprised that after you have swallowed, and used your tongue to clean every last drop from me, that you never even gave a thought to whether you would be able to do this or not. You were actually looking forward to it, and now that you have done it, you anxious to do it again.

Your excitement is evident as you can feel your own juices escaping you and trickling onto your thigh. Once again, I grab you, throw you onto the bed and manipulate you to your back.

I dive my head between your thighs and taste you for the first time......

To be Continued......


7 months ago. Sat 13 Oct 2018 05:07:12 AM IDT

As I sit in the lobby of the hotel I have chosen, I wait patiently, my mind drifting back to the first and only time we met. That day permanently emblazoned in my mind. Understanding that, when we parted, it was  you that I wanted. I had no choice in the matter. My heart controlling every decision I have made since. My brain a spectator in this pursuit of happiness. Truth be known, my brain could find no reason to object. No red flags, no warning signals, my brain was content with the decisions my heart was making.

So here I sit, only minutes before I expect you to arrive for our first play date. Recollecting every conversation we have ever had. Recalling your preferences and your limits. Remembering the amount of exposure you have had to this lifestyle and the amount of effort you have put into understanding it.

I have no problem bringing to mind every detail of our conversations and plan to use all of this knowledge tonight. I will bring you to heights of pleasure you have never experienced. I will manipulate your mind as well as your body. I will have you begging me to stop in one breathe and begging for more in the next. By all other accounts, you have said you are ready to submit to me. Physical chemistry is the only avenue we have yet to explore. After tonight you will understand everything about me that was yet to be discovered.

After tonight, you will understand why I deserve your submission.

The first meeting is never easy for a Dom. We must take everything we know about you and put it into a night you will never forget. A daunting task to say the least. I revert to my mantra Challenge Accepted  . Every email, phone call, instant message and Skype call has led to this, our first play date. This is where expectations are met, or fall short. Where there is chemistry made or lost. Again I say Challenge Accepted 

As you enter the hotel lobby, the first thing I notice is the knee length, floral patterned dress you wore for this occasion. The greens matching the color of your eyes, the pinks matching the color of your lipstick. Your gate is hurried until you see me. then, as if moving through water, you slow. Your shyness taking over as you approach.

Having discussed the protocol that would be invoked for this meeting, you reach me as I stand and instantly look down at the floor, avoiding eye contact as you offer me you greeting.

"Hello Sir" escapes your lips. Music to my ears.

"Hello Babydoll" I reply as I take your chin in my hand and raise it so I can gain access to your lips.

Your hands behind you in a box pose, I gently place my lips against yours as I am thinking Well Done . You have been practicing your poses and execute this one to perfection. As I pull away, I whisper "Good Girl". I see the slightest of smiles curving at your lips, but even more so, I see your eyes dancing with delight at my approval.

As I escort you upstairs, your head and eyes down, I see in the reflection of the elevator door, your eyes dart my way. Breaking protocol in the slightest of ways, but I don't say anything. I understand your anticipation. I can feel your nervous energy.

"May I take your shoes off for you Sir?" I hear as the door closes behind us.

"You may, pet" I reply as I lower myself into the chair.

You kneel before me and remove my shoes and socks. Your eyes never looking up. You move them to the side and wait for my command.

"What state of dress do I prefer you in my dear" I ask

"Naked Sir" you reply

"Then go into the restroom and come back out when you are ready to present yourself to me" I say

"Yes Sir" you reply as you move to the restroom.

I calm myself while you are gone and force myself to remember that you are new to this, that you entered into this because of your desire to submit, but unaware of exactly all that it entailed. I repeat my mantra Challenge Accepted 

When you return, I see that you have put your hair into two perfectly placed pigtails. I have mentioned before, on several occasions I believe, how much I enjoy seeing your hair like this, and it pleases me to see that you have paid attention.

"Come over here and lay yourself across my knees with your head to my left side" I instruct

"Yes Sir" you reply "would you like me to count for you Sir?"

"No babydoll, this is not punishment, this is for enjoyment" I remind you

"Thank you for explaining that to me Sir" you reply

As you settle yourself into my lap, I being caressing the cheeks of your ass with my hand. running my fingers dangerously close to your pussy, feeling the heat that is already being given off, your arousal apparent.

I apply just a little bit of pressure to your inner thigh and instantly you understand that I would like your legs spread open just a little further. I am big on nonverbal communication at times like these and I am happy that you get my subtle hint.

Running my fingertips down the back of your leg, and bringing them back with my nails digging into them solicits a moan from you. Your nervous energy subsiding just long enough to enjoy the sensation. Your guard is coming down.

As I raise my hand to spank you, I feel your body tense, but only for a brief moment and then I feel you release, remembering I told you that it will hurt worse if you tense up. The recognition of your thoughts puts a smile on my face. I am now in your head.

My hand comes down right on target. My right hand on your right ass cheek. You jump, but you don't squeal, you don't say ouch, and you don't look back. All signs that we can continue.

Through all of our conversations, I have been gauging you, getting a feel for you, and after a lot of thought I decided that on my scale of 1-10, I would begin with you, at a four. That is exactly what you received and you took it well. I will not amp it up tonight though. I will keep it steady, as in time, they will take their toll as well as a few good eights, and I want to extend this night any way I can.

My hand meets it's target again and you respond the same way, I feel confident in my decision to continue along this line.

I rub your now rosy ass with my hand and prepare it for more abuse. When I see you relax, I begin again. Paying close attention to your breathing, and your movements, the spankings get closer and closer together. After several in a row, I feel you writhing in my lap as you try to maintain your silence with little success.

This is where my Dominance goes into overdrive. I hook my left arm under your neck to keep you in place. I pull your head back and unleash several blows of my hand to your ass, You squirm for release but surrender just as quickly, understanding there is nowhere to go. My lock on you is holding steadfast.

You repeating your mantra in your head  I'm doing this for Him, I'm doing this for Us 

To be Continued.......



7 months ago. Thu 11 Oct 2018 05:43:26 AM IDT

This isn't going to be easy. The very thought of not having you is already choking me up, but for the last few months you have dominated my thoughts and time. I've told you repeatedly that *I love you*, usually to hear only silence in return.
What brought me to this conclusion? I think it was all of the hiding, all of the secrecy, and never being allowed to publicly claim you as mine, for fear of your significant other finding out about my true feelings.
The very thought of you not being there in the middle of the night when I need you the most makes my stomach cringe, but this is the way it has to be.
I will miss the very sight of you. I will miss gently spreading you apart and slowly licking you as I feel you become soft under my tongue. I will miss the times I feel like I could eat you whole and digest not just you, but your entire essence.
I never wanted it to come to this. you have been so influential in my life. To break it off so abruptly, seems unfair and is truly unwelcome, but I can't keep living in the shadows anymore.
Your longstanding relationship has always come before you and I, and will last long after I'm gone. I know that if I had come first, it would have been forever, but unfortunately, that's not the case. I love you and wish you all the best.
Goodbye Oreo's. I hope you and milk remain together forever.


7 months ago. Thu 11 Oct 2018 03:43:04 AM IDT

It has been part of my protocol, for as long as I can remember, that if I take on a new slave, I piss on her. It has become part of my ritual. As the years have passed, and I have put more thought into it, I have also made this a requirement for any sub that I may take on. The biggest question I get (and sometimes the reason it takes so long for a sub to commit,) is Why?

There is no simple answer to this, so I will try to explain in the best way I know how.

Take just a second to close your eyes, go ahead, this gives you the opportunity to create a blank canvas. empty your mind of everything and delve into the way I think for just a moment.

Picture times square.

Now picture it with no electronic billboards.

Now picture it with no vehicles.

Now picture it with only a couple of people.

Now take away the buildings, the lights and the paved roads.

Strip away any semblance our modern time and now just picture it as it was when it was created.

This vision should now be of man and earth in their natural state.

No clothes, no shoes, no vocabulary.

Just primal. The way we were created.

Run by our instincts, and our urges.

We know very little about ourselves. we know we must eat to stay alive.

We know we must stay warm in Winter.

We know we must fuck for pleasure and to procreate.

We know that what is ours, should remain ours, and we will fight to keep it.

This brings me to my point. If someone tries to take whats mine, I will fight tooth and nail to keep it. Not because society has told me that it is the *right thing to do*, but because on a primal level, "what's mine is mine!!"

Protecting what is mine can happen before the fact, or after the fact. Other animals in our kingdom have figured this out. why haven't we? It is very common for an animal to mark their territory. in essence, protecting what is theirs before the fact.

Since I am taking on the responsibility of a new sub, protecting her is part and parcel of the joy of being her Dom.

Now, putting my primal tendencies aside for a moment, lets look at this from another perspective.

In virtually all vanilla relationships, the last thing a woman will give up to her partner is anal sex. In the Vanilla world, even if a woman loves anal, she will hold back giving that gift until she is sure that her partner understands just how special that gift really is. It symbolizes her trust in him and her willingness to please him (even if she doesn't like it,) it is her way of saying "take my entire body and do with it what you please." I have experienced this over and over again in my vanilla relationships as I am sure you have as well.

Now, in a kink relationship, anal sex is the norm. It is almost expected as part of a healthy sexual relationship. So how far does a woman have to go to give her Dom/Master the same level of submission the vanilla woman above just gave? Well in my eyes, this is it.

Kneeling before me, eyes down, patiently waiting in the moment before my flow begins. The anxiety and excitement coursing through your body as you anticipate what's coming next.

As my stream begins, you feel the warmth of my piss wash over you. Once the initial shock is over, you feel connected. Connected to this moment and connected to me.

I am marking you as mine. fulfilling my primal urges, and connecting to you in a way that no other has. This experience will stand out to me as the day you gave yourself completely to me. The day you became mine.

So for anyone who ask me why.... I hope this helps.



7 months ago. Wed 10 Oct 2018 05:52:43 PM IDT

I've decided that today, you won't get to feel my cock penetrate you as you have asked. Today is about my control, my dominance, my ability to manipulate your senses.
Today is the day I exercise my self control, exercise my knowledge of your body, and exercise my focus.
That's why I've brought you here blindfolded. you didn't know I changed the sheets to satin. Your first sensation as I lower you to the bed is smooth and frictionless. Your bare skin feeling a stir as you are placed into position.
I reach down and gently take your hand. As you feel the roughness of the rope slide over your wrist, I see an ever so slight rise in your chest. undetectable by most, but to me,

I notice

I raise your arm slowly and secure you to the headboard the way I have done so many times before. This time, being gentle. This time, taking my time. This time, drinking in your beauty as I tie the intricate knots. One step at a time, you are splayed out before me, Your nipples becoming firm, even without my touch, my breath, my teeth. Becoming hard with anticipation,

I notice. 

Tonight, there will be no flogger, no clamps, no penetration. Tonight, there will only be the whisper of my breath and the touch of my fingers. You don't know this. Mentally you are preparing for the pain that you so easily associate with pleasure. And as you do, I see the first glistening of wetness, escape the folds of your pussy. You're becoming wet expectancy,

I notice

The cube of ice between my teeth begs to be lowered onto your now erect nipples. Instead, I exercise my patience, I lower my head next to yours, and with the softest of touches, the ice, melting from my hot breath is placed behind your ear. Still between my teeth, you feel the intoxicating mixture of the warmth of my breath mixed with the chill of the ice, as I drag it slowly across your neckline to the other side. A barely audible groan escapes from your lips,

I notice

I leave a trail of wetness behind as I drag the ice down your body, between your breast I slow, moving to one, and then the other, stopping just outside your aureola. Watching it shrink as your nipples become hard. I lift my head and position the Ice above your display of arousal without touching it. My warm breath melting the ice until a single drop forms and falls from my lips. As it lands, you let out a little gasp and your back arches ever so slightly,

I notice

I see your ankles pulling against the bindings, the rope digging into your flesh as you try to bring your thighs closer together. You want to relieve the pressure building in your pussy. I watch as you squirm. I see your torment at not being able to see, not being able to react. You don't realize that you *are* reacting, Your senses are on high alert, and your body is reacting just the way I had anticipated. You begin to settle down as you discern that you have no control. Your brain starts to process this as acceptance. I see you become at peace with this,

I notice

My mouth now hovers over your pussy and you once again feel my hot breath coming down on you in waves. It's hotter than before, heavier than before and you comprehend that your submission has brought me to this point. Your willingness to give so freely. Now it is my turn, to give back, to thank you, to take you over the top. My tongue slides from between my lips and, with it's wetness, touches your clit ever so lightly and then it is pulled back with no notice. Your hips rise, begging for another touch. Your lips pursed together, your holding your breath,

I notice

I offer you my tongue again, this time with a little flick. You moan, thrusting your hips up, eager for more contact. I can taste you now as your juices begin to flow more freely. My breath still heavy on you. my excitement evident to you, even without your sense of vision. I place my fingers on the folds of your now soaked pussy and spread them, opening myself up to a whole new world of possibilities. The bindings no longer pulling against you as you want to open yourself to me,

I notice

I remind myself that tonight, there is no penetration, my natural instinct to use you, brushed to the side, as I journey with you deeper into the recesses of self control. Lips spread, I once again make contact. Your swollen clit is large and inviting. Only a few light flicks and I feel you start to tremble. Not the usual jerking you have right before you orgasm, but a low rumbling as it ascends towards climax. I take your clit and suck it between my lips, past my teeth, and caress it with my tongue and you finally speak. Not to tell me how it feels, not to moan again, but to ask me if you can cum. Our gentle night together has brought you to this point quickly. I say yes, and I feel your body convulse. Your legs tighten, your fist clench, your whole body becoming rigid as you let out a scream so powerful I think you are in pain. I remove your blindfold and see a single tear escape from your eye, and before I have a chance to ask if you are okay, your lips part and you whisper, "Thank you". And right then I realize,

You noticed