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Sir's pet journey

I have been apart of this lifestyle for over a year, this is my journey and feelings.
1 year ago. Jul 31, 2019, 4:45 AM

When it comes down to the subject of Doms, I have experienced a little of the bad, oh yes let's not forget the UGLY, but now I am enjoying the GOOD!  MY Sir is the prime definition of the good and that is what makes me one lucky pet.  Sir has proven many times over again, there are gentlemen around and yes, they do come in Dom forms.  The real good is when Sir takes this pet into her subspace, one that leaves things wet and throbbing! Mmmm yummy...  Thank you, Sir!

From the feel of the flog, to the crop, belt, and oh yes, the book of blueprints!! I have realized how much I love spankings!  Sir have opened my eyes to what is out there, in this lifestyle and I am like a little kid excitingly waiting.  During these past 7 months, Sir has surprised me along the way, showing how a pet, a sub, etc.... should be treated.  Sir provided me with comfort when I needed it, a friend when life calls for it, but most importantly structure.

Yes, I must say it again and a million more times, I am a lucky pet to have found a Sir like mine. 

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