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1 day ago. Jul 7, 2020, 2:20 AM

Are you a turtle?

Are you a frog?

Or are you a scorpion?

There is a story, well a couple. Both involve a scorpion and a river and the scorpion hitching a ride.

So the frog goes that it gets the stinger and dies and they both drown. 

The turtle goes that they make it across because the shell saves the turtle. 

Now honestly I have seen all three types here. 

There are times in my life that I am a frog, I get hurt.

Then there are times that I am the turtle. What you say rolls right off. 

I am however not a scorpion. I have encountered my share of scorpions in life and here. 

The scorpion in my opinion will run around woe is me. They love the attention and they will twist your words to make themselves look like the victim. Well I don't want to associate with a scorpion or those who believe the scorpion. 

Ask yourself (names are pulled out of this air, they are not even names of people I know) have I changed my opinion of Noah because Olivia said Noah was bad? Sure Noah and Olivia may not read each others blogs or comment on any of the others comments. But you used to comment on Noah's blog now you don't. Now Noah hasn't said don't be friends with Olivia, but has Olivia said anything like that? 

I just hope you don't get stung to bad, hopefully you are not in a frog state of mind. 

Now as far as me, there are less and less blogs I will be reading. I used to read others comments on blogs I liked but I won't be reading most of them anymore. 

Oh and I will add there are blogs I have not commented on even though I would like to because people like to continue to hit that reply to comment button and the original comment person keeps getting a message that someone replied to their comment when that is not true. So someone could actually respond to the original comment but that person might not get it because they have got so many notifications that they have turned off notification for said blog. 

Sadly I am looking forward to this pandemic being over and many leaving here because they were just bored. 

2 days ago. Jul 6, 2020, 2:58 AM

The distance sucks. It especially does when all I want to do is cuddle. 

If, ugh the dreaded if.

If only he let me go last winter. 

But he didn't. Wonder if he regrets that. 

If only this plague wasn't ongoing. 

But it is and nobody want us in their countries. 

If only I could drive there.

But I can't drive on water.


I just want to be there, rest my head on his leg,  listen to him breathe. Help him build,  help him recover,  help him anything and everything. 

To watch him walk,  with his limp. To hear him talk,  ssshhh him when he starts to stutter.  Stare into his eyes. To just be.  

2 days ago. Jul 5, 2020, 7:37 PM

If you get, you get. If not, don't worry your pretty little mind.

2 days ago. Jul 5, 2020, 7:35 AM

I am tired. I slept 10 hours last night. I haven't slept that well in some time. I needed it. I went and picked up my present today. A present to myself. Still looking for a backpack for it. And thinking eventually I want a micro lens too.

I have been wanting a camera for a long time. I decided to treat myself. I know I will put it to good use for many years to come. If I had charged my battery earlier I could be out taking videos of the fireworks. Oh well, next year. Besides that is not why I bought it to begin with. and to be completely honest the first picture i want to take, attempt to take is of the moon. It's a very personal thing. One of the first pictures Darth shared with me was a picture he took of the moon. I used a good film camera way back in the day in high school (80's). I have lots to learn.

"Your moon is my moon" by me (wink wink friend)

I can hear fireworks all around. It's fucking bullshit. I shouldn't. It is illegal where I live. We are in the county and the fire danger is high not to mention that it's a mobile home park, so yes the idea of a fire here is frightening. 


I am beginning to get ugly dark thoughts towards people. I generally don't wish ill things on others but. I know the dreaded but word. I am so sick of those who say covid is fake. It's not that big of a deal. ETC ETC. My daughter knows someone who a close family member died of it. Covid kept me from going to Scotland. It could keep me from going in December. Wear a fucking face mask. Don't get together with large groups of people. Keep your distance. FOR FUCKS SAKE if you care to live or those around you to live stop being stupid. If you don't care if you or those around you die then go fucking like handrails. But keep it in your family. Me and my family don't fucking want it. I think those who know they have it and spread it should be held accountable. 

I have so many story ideas going through my mind. I write the key part down on a note card. I wanted to write tonight. I took a nap earlier and my brain has not been into it. It's in a fog. I slept an hour. I don't think I will have a problem with sleeping tonight either. I have to move my car in a few minutes and then I will change for bed, get a glass of chocolate milk, take sleep medicine and watch a movie. *head tilt* So are they pajamas if they are only worn around the house because you sleep naked? that's my squirrel mind. 

Tomorrow I need to get to the grocery store. I have a full loaf of sourdough bread in there that is dry now. I am going to make breadcrumbs and a savory bread pudding. With mushrooms and onions and maybe something else. Haven't decided if I want to do a meat or leave vegetarian. I am trying to eat less meat but it sounds so good. 

I hear of subs who are scammers and wanting money cards. I would be like I want a tofu press. I want a reading chair. I want a flash for my camera. 

I can imagine there are some here who talk shit about me, well you can fuck off. I can imagine there are those who fucking lie to others about me too. Again fuck off. I haven't added anyone to my block list in well over 6 months. Your juvenile. I have no time for you and your antics. 

Predators are going to hunt and seems like we can't call them unnamed on it. Just maybe look at who likes blogs and comments on blogs. If many don't ask yourself why. Yes there are some people that just don't get a lot of likes and comments but do they blog incessantly. Do they call themselves a professional? I don't offer to drive you all over but that is my profession. Be careful. Ask others about people you may be interested in. Nobody can hold your hand around here. But many do care about others. 


And lastly I am pissed off that my friend is leaving because someone reported her blog and now she's in blog jail for a month. She's talking about leaving and that makes me mad. Makes me question why I stay here. No I am not going to go, not yet. Your lucky I currently have NO FUCKING LIFE. 

3 days ago. Jul 4, 2020, 8:02 PM

Why do I stay with this group of fucking assholes. Why do I contributed to this place if bitches. Block me,  delete me. Ban me, silence me. 

If you were in fron of me I'd slap you, show you what kind of karin I can be

3 days ago. Jul 4, 2020, 3:26 AM

Now if this doesn't explain covid I don't know what does. 

I found on Facebook,  and screenshot it and left all supporting details. 

I'm trying to be nice some bitches can fuck off and the list keeps growing. 

4 days ago. Jul 3, 2020, 9:42 AM

Video says 11 minutes remaining.  Deadline now 19 minutes away. Everything else is finished and submitted.  Fucker better hurry up. 


Although did I find a technicality in I already have my line address before it's finished?

5 days ago. Jul 2, 2020, 4:28 AM

Sinking ever lower in the sand.

The pressure on my lungs.

Can’t catch a full breath.

Farther and farther I sink in.

It is turning dark.

 I can’t catch my breath.

I am slipping below the surface.

The sand is warm.

It is calming.

Maybe I will just stay here for a bit.

6 days ago. Jul 1, 2020, 5:34 AM

Tomorrow is July.  Uhhh what?

I keep thinking it's the weekend,  nope not even close

I drove on roads today that I used to drive daily, it's been 3 months since I did last.  I felt so lost. 

Thinking was difficult.  Like really difficult. 

I didn't get anywhere with my homework. I had a plan,  that went out the window. 

I understand where the point deductions for this come from. I agree with them. If it had been in class wouldn't have likely been this low. I have to not compare myself with others and their 4.0. 

2 more days. It will be done. 

Then I get to work here cleaning,  sorting,  selling,  donating. 

1 week ago. Jun 30, 2020, 5:44 AM

There are some people here that I don't trust them to piss on me if I was on fine. But they will smile to everyone's face. Burn me once shame on you, burn me twice shame on me. There are a few I will never trust again. Even if I don't block you.