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Im a transformation

Im changing im learning im disappearing the old with the new.
14 hours ago. Mon 25 Mar 2019 03:08:23 AM IST

I found a nice person we decided to become friends. I automatically was intrigued by him. The way he talked the way he thought just his interests. He is not ready for a submissive yet and i totally understand and can wait. He is a very cool person. He is really misterious. I love that about people. 

1 day ago. Sun 24 Mar 2019 02:55:32 AM IST

Not gonna out anyone just everyone watch closely there are minors making posts. Just letting you all know. you all prob new already but i didnt so now you do... lol 

1 day ago. Sun 24 Mar 2019 02:39:28 AM IST

Can doms tell me what you think about what goes through your mind? Is it sex? Is it control? What is it? Is it getting off? No disrespect to any of you just wanting to know what goes through your heads. 

Thank you!

1 day ago. Sun 24 Mar 2019 02:14:43 AM IST

Well... I may have a rep for being well how do i say it a bitch. I can be i guess. But i guess my heart is toughining. 

I dont put up with peoples shit anymore. I am a good submissive and definitly would make my dom happy but i can be a total bitch. 


I guess that is why i need a master who has tough skin and can discipline. 

If people dont like me i dont care if people think i am really ugly ok that is there opinion. But i can be nice as well... i think lol

2 days ago. Sat 23 Mar 2019 04:35:30 AM IST

If we could figure out ways to do bondage and stuff like that intereaction online it would be so cool. Like your right there and you can feel everything. I am a sexual person. I love getting teased not humiliated but teased and i love arousal. 

I love the mental aspect of working my mind up to the body getting to that point.  A good mind fuck is great lol


I also love a good hard fuck. And getting teased for hours and not being able to do a damn thing about it. Oh my... I would prob start squirming within 10 minutes. 



2 days ago. Sat 23 Mar 2019 12:55:56 AM IST

Well since i have been here i have had a true friend someone that called me gorgeous and encourged me he was a dom not my dom of course that would just be to easy lol but as of today he blocked me for no apparent reason. And i am heartbroken. 

I know i have come across as to needy maybe for a dom. I am not needy i am just looking for someone that is serious and experienced. Someone that is interested in me as i am them. Someone that will take me and say your ass is mine. 

I have had a couple doms they either ghost me or just leave. I have left one. It just doesnt seem to fit sometimes. 

But i will find the right one. I know it.

6 days ago. Tue 19 Mar 2019 05:28:42 AM IST

I want is a man or women come up to me or message me and say your mine your body is mine now my mind is mine. 

I wish i could be pushed against the wall and fucked like no other person has. I wish i could have hours of teasing and

play. I wish i could get Fucked so hard that my mind is blown away. 

I want to be tied up so i cant move and you do what you will with me. You do what you will with me until i have no more

energy and fall asleep. 


1 week ago. Mon 18 Mar 2019 03:28:23 AM IST

Oh my god i have been very patient and understanding with this female dommie i have been working with. I dont understand it but she blocked me. WTF! I thought she was busy with work stuff so i didnt want to bother her i came back on and she wrote me some stuff and blocked me. Im done. I cant handle it. Either they block me because i am butt ugly or they block me because i am not there when they need me. Im done looking. 

im sorry im ranting. But i am really mad at this moment.

1 week ago. Thu 14 Mar 2019 09:27:15 AM IST

As i am getting ready for bed alone... I slip into a comfy silky nighty. I toss and turn and realize ok i am to worked up. So i thought well ive been a good girl today I am going to give myself a treat. So as i pull my undies down i start to go at it pleasuring every ounce of me touching my breasts and my private area. I get so aroused i scream. I so deserve this for the day i have had. I get off once and i am reaching for a 2nd time. So i start again. I can feel every part of my body start to feel really good. I love it so much. I scream into the pillow. I then go again. Ok well im done now. So i go and clean up and make myself a big banana split. Wow what a night. 

1 week ago. Thu 14 Mar 2019 06:26:05 AM IST

As i get ready to go search for my female dom out there i need supplies and a map. Supplies i need water water check

I need a compass compass check i need a map map check I need clothes because right now i am naked and need to put clothes on i put on a skin tight tanktop and a skirt. Short enough you can see my ass cheeks. And a pair of sandals. Even though i drive in bare feet. I Need a compass to find my dom and a map to her heart. I get so excited looking for her. Everywhere i go i look. I am driving all around. Music blaring. Its my life! My hair blowing in the wind. I just want that one female lady to just say ill take that and they got me. Well i am still driving and driving its so hot i pour my bottle of water on myself and my white tshirt is drenched in water. My skirt is wet to. Silly me. So i keep driving i start walking through the hot desert looking for my dom and i get hot and wet. I take off all my clothes off. I am nude. So i am walking around the sand is hot on my feet. So i just give up on the desert and go somewhere else. I will travel the world till i meet my female one and only!