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The training of

Its been almost 2 weeks with my new Dom. We have worked and played together everyday. I am so thankful to be with a skillful, knowledgeable and patient Daddy Dom as SirZozo. He sees me....all of me...and has begun to make me feel comfortable in my skin for the first time in many years. He's shown me that I can be more than one type of sub and not only was that "ok", but he is versatile enough to cater to all my desires. Its only been a couple of weeks but it feels much longer. During our time I am learning to let go and give myself completely to my Dom. Which I know I've needed reminders along the way. ? Oh and I now have a love/hate relationship with forced orgasms! I am thoroughly enjoying my time with my Daddy, my Sir, my Dom.
3 days ago. Thu 14 Feb 2019 09:03:53 PM IST

It's been 45 days with my Daddy and it feels like it's been at least 180. We have learned so much about each other and have indulged and relished each other every single day. I am fortunate to have him so close to me that we can do so. He has taught me much about myself and what my future will be like. 

The thing that has surprised me the most is how natural our relationship feels. When we're together there is no protocol or regimented routine.  We talk, we laugh, we share and we play. We are your average couple.

Nothing is forced.

Nothing is pre-planned.

Nothing is staged.

And I couldn't be happier....

I'm always telling him that I wish others could see him as I do. That I can't wait to share him with another woman.

6 days ago. Mon 11 Feb 2019 06:20:44 AM IST

So Daddy and I were talking the other day about our long term goals and what it would be like when I have my sister. Well that got my mind wandering...not always good. I wondered what it would be like to have a house with me, Daddy & a sister but also a servant sub and maybe others! I mean,  if 2 incomes are better than 1 than how much better would it be to have 3 or 4??? Right? We would all live our lives as usual with work, family and fun! My head isn't completely in the clouds...I know there would be challenges but I trust that my Daddy could handle it. I wonder how hard it would be to open our home to those who are in need of guidance and discipline while being honest and building trust??

I told Daddy and he just shakes his head.... he says even he knows he couldn't handle more than 2 of me!

1 week ago. Tue 05 Feb 2019 07:41:48 AM IST

Well its official! My Daddy said I could post up a personal ad for a new sister!! I'm so excited!! I know I'm still in training, but I know it could take a while to find a good match plus in the off chance I find her sooner--bonus!! That just means I'll have someone to learn right along with me! 


Crossing my fingers and toes!!

2 weeks ago. Wed 30 Jan 2019 09:12:11 PM IST

I felt sad today after getting to the office. Sad that I had to leave Daddy and be grown up. Sad that I couldn't talk on the phone with him because he was busy. Then just like that, I felt all alone!! I hated that feeling. I texted Daddy to tell him how I was feeling....and without hesitation he says, "what did I do to make you feel this way?" And "what can I do to make you feel better?"

Just like that! Nevermind that he was busy or that when I left I was happy.....just like that he made time for me. He made all the bad feelings go away. **warm tingly feelings**

He always makes my little feel safe and loved. He is the one drawing her out from the depths of mind where she was locked away for so long. We should all feel so loved and cared for. He IS the best Daddy ever!!!

2 weeks ago. Tue 29 Jan 2019 03:05:33 AM IST

I am so thankful that I get to go to bed at night with someone who cares for me. He lets me give him bubble kisses and snuggle up next to him. Our warm skin making contact before slipping off to dreamland. I wasn't always so lucky. I didn't always have a Daddy to care for me and most certainly didn't have one tuck me in every night. Waking up to the sensation of my Daddy's fingers teasing my lips, or feel his strong hands wrapped around my thighs as he breathes in my scent and I melt the moment he exhales. His warm breath on my skin gently wakes me from my slumber. He makes time to make sure I start my day off happy and full of Him. I couldn't ask for a better man, Daddy or Sir.

3 weeks ago. Sat 26 Jan 2019 10:11:32 PM IST

When my Daddy and I first started talking and went through our likes and dislikes the topic of me being okay with another female in our lives came up. While parts of me felt like Daddy was telling me I would not be enough for him...they were quickly squashed when he said he would gladly dismiss the idea if it was going to put a rift between us. I have always been curious about what it would feel like to kiss and caress another woman and realized this may be my chance? I'll admit that I don't know what to expect. I don't even know when a good time to start exploring would be?? I do know one thing for certain and that is...I have never felt more comfortable being my true self with my Daddy.

3 weeks ago. Wed 23 Jan 2019 08:55:25 PM IST

He pressed the vibrating toy harder and harder against my already tender and swollen clitoris. I felt an unbearable heat all over my back and begged him to turn off the heated leather seats. He chuckled, "the cars not on". Panting and sweating, my hips squirmed in the seat. Trying to fight through the intensity I felt of yet another orgasm with no break in between. I refused to use my safe words, I wouldn't do it. I had to prove to myself that I could let him push me further...I was determined. I could no longer fight back the tears, I let go. Tears flowed from my eyes, down my face, trailing off down my neck. While the vibrations continued, he pulled me into his chest and continued on. He knew my tears did not mean stop. Sobbing, shaking, spasming...I could give no more. Finally, the buzzing sound was gone; vibrating stopped. He held me while finished riding the wave that had come over me. I had never experienced a moment like that. I wasn't sure where they had come from or why they chose to surface at that time but I was glad they had. I felt closer to my Sir.

3 weeks ago. Wed 23 Jan 2019 05:41:01 AM IST

I am a reflection of Him.

That's what I've been told from the beginning. How I am out in the world shows people who He is.

I am happy now, because of Him. 

I am disciplined and focused now, because of Him.

My future is not so fuzzy anymore, because of Him.

I love myself more and more everyday, because of Him.

I accept all of my kinks, desires and identities all because of Him.

I am vulnerable to no one, because of Him.

I am thankful for finding one of the great ones. I am finally me now because I am His.

1 month ago. Mon 14 Jan 2019 07:12:46 AM IST

"I need to hear you", he told me in that deep rumbling tone that sounded more like a tiger playing with his prey.  I knew what that meant. It was his way of telling me what I was in store for. I was going to be forced to orgasm for his pleasure. Orgasms so good that I would scream his name, beg for more and admit defeat. Orgasms that would cause my throat to dry up from the open mouth breathing. Sweat would soon coat my body and glisten in the little light that came in from the window. Screams of pleasure so loud that surely the car parked 3 spaces down from us could hear. The thought of possibly being scene through the dark tinted windows made my adrenalin course through my veins. My hands bound tightly together with rope and strapped in by the seat belt across my chest and my bare lap made it difficult to squirm away. All together my senses were heightened, the anticipation drew soft whimpers from my mouth. He pulled out this small vibrator from his pocket and held it up for me to see. How can something so small hurt me so good? He parted my thighs and reached in with his hand, gently parted my lips which were already moist and placed the cold toy on my clit. "I want you to scream loud, don't hold back, I need to hear you." And with that he flipped on the evil toy and vibrations overcame my body. Orgasm after orgasm, after orgasm, I sang for him. He had complete control of me, my body his...I was there to entertain him, for his use to do with as he saw fit...and use me he did. My body collapsed in the seat, heart racing, rapid panting, sweat all over, voice now raspy and dry, "thank you Sir".