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A new year, a new me.

I'm learning what it means for me to be intrigued by this aspect of life, I will be adding updates regularly with fantasies as well.
4 months ago. Sun 27 Jan 2019 01:55:17 AM IST

You call me to tell me to be ready by 8 pm, you're going to be coming over for a visit, during the call you specifically tell me to wear a pair of stockings, a short tight skirt, a sheer blouse and my hair in a ponytail. Once the call ends I look at the clock on the mantle and it says 6:30 pm without much time I rush upstairs to shower and shave quickly, knowing you want me smooth always.

Once out of the shower, I paint my nails a dark red you had mentioned in a previous conversation and as they dry I scrounge in my walk in closest to see what I have per request.

Shaking my head and not seeing the stockings you mentioned as I've not had a chance to buy a new pair recently, I slide on a pair of hose instead. Knowing that the stockings would end mid thigh with a garter would have been the better choice, I sigh and pull the sheer black hose over my legs and bottom. Grabbing a short black pencil cut skirt I slip that over my hose, running my nervous hands down the skirt to flatten any stray wrinkles. Slipping into a sheer blood red blouse I button it over my breasts and smile when I see how my new lace bra accentuates them. Slipping into a pair of heels, I look over to see that it is 7:45 already, grabbing my brush, I quickly pull my ponytail up and high.

Going downstairs I await for you, hearing a knock on the door, I say, “It's open, Sir.” Quickly standing up waiting for your entrance into the living room. As you look over my outfit I see the disappointment in your eyes, looking to the floor I know that choosing hose was not the best one.

As you walk over to me, you gently grab me by the neck lifting my face to yours, “Ginny you look breathtaking, however, those are not stockings” With a small whisper, “Yes Sir, I had hose and did not think it would be that much of a difference.” As you apply just a little bit of pressure on my throat, your voice gets darker, “I did not ask for hose, I told you to be ready in stockings. You will need to be punished Ginny.”

As you pull me close you crush your mouth to mine in an almost bruising kiss, nipping my bottom lip you leave a mark. “Ginny I want you to go get me a proper beer and a pair of scissors, Now!” With a perplexed look on my face I stumble slightly in the heels and turn around to go to the kitchen. You take a seat in an overstuffed chair I have in the corner of my living room as I'm pouring your beer into a glass.

Walking back with scissors in one hand and your beer in my other, I can't help but wonder what is going to happen next. Handing you your beer and the scissors I stand and await what will happen next. “Turn around Ginny, bend over and pull your skirt up a little.” doing as I'm told I hear you sigh as my ass is presented to you. “Do not move Baby, I do not want to cut you, but I will be using the scissors to fix these hose.”

With a gulp I take a deep breath and feel you pull the stocking away from my ass, cutting a hole large enough to show off my smooth pussy and round ass. Once you cut enough of my hose, I hear your intake of breath when you slide a finger through my pussy lips. “You are so sexy, Ginny, but punishment is coming.” Grabbing my hips you bring me closer and I feel your nose inhale my scent. Blushing a bright red from my breasts to my face I try not to wiggle as I feel your hot breath on me.

With a quick swipe of your tongue you find me wet and ready for you, nipping my pussy lips I moan low. As you push me away, “Turn around slowly Ginny.” as I turn around I see you taking your tie off leaving the knot intact. Sliding it over my neck you tighten it just right, as you stand I'm pulled up by the tie. “Now Ginny, are you ready for your punishment from Sir?” Nodding a yes and a small whispered, “Yes Sir.” You lead me to my bedroom where you have a few things ready for play times.

Being led to the bedroom by Sir and his tightened tie around my neck. Feeling the wetness between my legs, I shiver exquisitely in anticipation of the punishment I know I deserve for not wearing stockings as requested by Sir.

“Sir, I do apologize. I will make sure to follow instructions to the letter next time.” Feeling a small tug on the tie, I am pulled back against your chest, feeling you slide your hand from my waist slowly up my side to my hair and wrapping your right hand into my locks. Tugging lightly I feel my head pulled back and my back arches.

You begin to walk backwards towards the bed, not able to see what is lying on the bed, I shiver when you stop against the bed. Your voice is deep and demanding, “Close your eyes and climb up onto the bed on all fours. Now.”

Closing my eyes tight, I feel my skirt get tight on my ass as I climb up onto the bed. Kneeling on all fours I feel a tug on the tie and a warmth as you slide a blindfold over my eyes. “Head to the mattress Ginny.” doing as instructed I lay my head against the bed and wonder what will come next.

“I think your punishment should be sense deprivation, make you wonder what will be coming next. Spread your legs wider, and don't move your head from the bed.” pulling on my skirt I spread my legs as told, feeling a hand slide up my right ankle I try not to shiver, something soft is tied to my leg against the post on the edge of the bed. This is done to both legs and I whimper before I can stop myself.

You stand over my body watching as my legs quiver and shake. I lie there with my eyes covered and head against the bed. Listening to all of the sounds around me, all I can hear in the bedroom is my breathing, I cannot tell where you are at this point. With a quick flick of your wrist I feel the flogger hit my ass, with a cry my body jumps.

A series of quick flicks and I can feel all 18 strands of leather fly across my skin, knowing it would be best not to make a sound, I bite my lower lip hard. I can hear the rustle of your pants as you walk closer and swing the flogger down harder than before, testing to see if I will keep my silence, my hands dig into the blankets and I can almost taste blood from biting my lip.

With a deep rasp to your voice, “Ginny, will you disappoint me again?” Flick of the flogger across my thighs a small gasp escapes, “What will you wear the next time I tell you to be ready?” Harder flick of your wrist and I can feel the blood rushing to my skin. Unable to gold the cries in any longer, “ I am sorry Sir! I-i-i-i will not disappoint you again. When you tell me stockings I will wear stockings. Please forgive me.” A small whimpers escapes as I dig my hands deeper into the blankets on the bed.

Listening attentively I can hear the flogger whistle through the air and impact against my sore, wet dripping pussy, I scream out, “YES, SIR! Thank you Sir!” As a small whimper escapes my mouth I can hear you lie the flogger down, running your hand over my very red ass I can hear a groan come from you. “Ginny, my princess, your ass is a delicious red. Now let me see shall I fuck you like this first or cool those cheeks off with a towel? Hmm?”

Without realizing what I'm doing my ass wiggles a little, showing how wet I am and how ready. “Please Sir, fuck me.” “That's a very good Girl, Ginny. I think I will enjoy fucking you with your legs tied up and blindfolded”

To be continued.


4 months ago. Sun 27 Jan 2019 01:06:37 AM IST

My Sir looks over at me as he sits behind the steering wheel of the Jeep, one hand on the steering wheel and right hand drawing lazy circles on my left thigh. You gently squeeze my thigh and as you push the hem of my sundress a little higher, you touch the top of my garter belt, I lie my head back against the seat and sigh.

Unsure of where we are driving to, all I can think is yay for tinted windows. Feeling your hand slide higher up my thigh I lick my bottom lip and turn my head slightly to watch you drive. I hold my hands off the side in my seat knowing I am not to move, my thighs are spread slightly and the skirt edges up a bit further.

Knowing I am wearing the sheer black lace panties you bought me this morning I groan a little when I feel them begin to get moist from your lazy swirls and grip on my thigh. Sucking in my lower lip when you squeeze my thigh harder to see if I will move.

“mmm thank you Sir. May I ask where you are taking us on this beautiful Sunday afternoon?” I ask quietly.

“Ginny I have a surprise for you because you've been such a Good Girl lately.” I look over to you with a slight blush creeping up my cheeks, “Thank you Sir. I'm trying not to be cheeky and sassy.” “You're doing great Princess.”

Turning to watch the scenery pass by I notice we're driving up an incline on a mountain I've never been on before. Wondering what is going to happen today, I know better than to ask again. Just sitting there in the jeep I close my eyes and allow the sensations of your hand on my thigh attack my senses.

As we come around a turn I hear the jeeps tires hit gravel and open my eyes to look out over the breathtaking view in front of me. All you can see as far as the eyes can see is trees and way off into the horizon you can see part of a lake.

Turning off the engine you exit the door and walk around to open mine, holding your right hand out to me, I climb out of the Jeep slowly. As my pink flats hit the gravel, my yellow sundress settles around my thighs, covering the lacy garter belts. Holding onto my hand you close the door behind me, pulling me into an embrace. Tugging on my head you dig your hands into my long wavy hair, pulling my mouth up to yours for a passionate kiss, murmuring against my mouth, “You look deliciously adorable today, Princess.”

Wrapping my hands around you, I nip gently on your lower lip just the way you enjoy it. “You look amazing in your jeans Sir, I know you wear suits frequently so this is a change for you, I bet.” Smiling against my mouth you suck my bottom lip into your mouth and tug on it with your teeth sending delicious tingles all the way to my toes.

“Come Ginny, I have a surprise for you.” walking to the back of the Jeep you grab a picnic basket and large blanket. Carrying everything and holding my hand we begin a short walk to a clearing away from the gravel and possible passerbys. Letting my hand fall to my side you begin spreading the large blanket out and place the picnic basket on the corner of it.

“Sit down, Princess.” you tell me. “Yes, Sir.” comes out a little raspy. I've never been on a proper picnic and this is perfection. All of the trees surrounding us, the sun shining down and seclusion with my Sir.

You sit down behind me pulling me into your chest, sitting my hands on your thighs I smile.

“This is beautiful Sir. Thank you.” I whisper. “You're quite welcome and deserving of this outing Princess.” you say into my hair. We talk a little while about nonsensical things just enjoying each other's company. As the sun begins to lower in the sky you reach over and pull the basket towards us, opening the lid I smile when I see all of the finger foods you thought to bring.

“Lie back Ginny. These are to be eaten off of my Princess and fed to you by my hand.” As I lean back on my elbows I dip my head low to my chest watching you from half closed eyes. You grab a small piece of fruit and bring it to my mouth, I flick my tongue out and lick your fingertip as I guide the fruit into my mouth. Sucking the juice from the fruit off of your fingers, I watch your face attentively.

“Mmm Sir, that's decadent.” I tell you in a low voice. You continue to feed me this way for several bites before you grab something and place it directly against my skin above the garter belt. A small gasp leaves my parted lips when you lick the spot where you've placed a small bite of food. “ooooooh, Sir.”

I dig my hands into the blanket underneath me as you continue to eat bite sized morsels from my thighs, sliding my dress up slowly, working your way closer to the apex of my thighs. As you crouch between my slightly spread legs you can see that I'm wet through the sheer panties I have on, you lean closer and blow hot breath against my wet panties. “Mmmmmmmm” is all I moan low feeling your hot breath against my excited flesh.

Grabbing another bite to eat you place it directly over my panties and I can feel your teeth pulling on the panties as you eat from me. Gulping, my thighs begin to quiver gently as you kiss my sensitive pussy. “Ginny, don't you dare move no matter what, am I understood?” You tell me as you slide my dress up to just under my breasts and slide my panties down to my thighs effectively making it so I cannot open them wider.

Nodding to you, I moan, “Yes Sir!” closing my eyes and digging my hands into the blanket I moan low as you grab something cold and place it onto my pussy right above my swollen clit. “ahhhh, Sir!”

With your strong hands holding my thighs open you lick from the bottom up to my clit where you placed a small amount of pudding. Licking and sucking it off of my lick, I squeal low, not daring to move.

As you place a small dollop of the cold pudding on me again, I can't help but squirm slightly. You suck the pudding off my clit and nip it with your teeth, causing more of my juices to mingle with the pudding. “Sir!!” This continues for several moments before you look up at me with a wicked gleam in your eyes.

“Mmm you taste devine, Princess. Shall I make you cum now?” with a definitely nod I beg, “Please Sir may I cum for you?” “Oh baby you beg so beautifully, don't you Princess?”

Blushing from my chest to my face, my thighs are quivering and shaking, my clit is pulling and twitching begging for more of your attention.

“please Sir!”

With a knowing look in your eye, you grab a little creme and place it on my pussy, leaning closer you lick and suck my juices dripping down and shove your tongue into my throbbing pussy, licking, biting and sucking, when I feel like I can't take anymore, you look up and command, “Cum, now, Cum for me Princess” with that you lick one more time and bite down on my pulsing clit gently. I scream out your name as I explode around your mouth, feeling you clean me up as my juices flow.

“ oohmmmmmm, Sir!”

5 months ago. Sat 12 Jan 2019 11:17:05 PM IST

Daddy sits on the chair with his Kitten in his lap, softly brushing her hair with a hand covered in calluses from years of hard work. Ginny sighs and nuzzles into him getting comfortable. “I love the ears and tail, Daddy. Thank you.” she whispers against his neck. Breathing in deep she can smell the one and only the smell that drives her crazy and calms her all in one, her Daddy.

Wiggling her butt in her Daddy's lap, Ginny giggles at the playfulness of the black and white fluffy tail, with a small moan when the butt plug settles in a little deeper, arching into her Daddy's side Ginny let's out a lower deeper moan.

“oh Daddy this feels so good. Mmmmmm.” Daddy looks down at her with a wicked grin on his face, “you think it feels good Kitten? Get on your hands and knees for me.” Ginny quickly gets on her hands and knees on the large chaise style chair and groans as the butt plug feels even more snug than before. Running his hand down her back, Daddy pushes down along the lower portion of her back, Ginny arches and bites her lip quickly before a squeal can emerge from her swollen kissed lips.

Daddy pets his kitten like this for a few moments longer, pushing down on her lower back each time making Ginny arch her back with her ass up in the air, With Ginny's eyes closed and soft whimpers now coming out of her pouty lips a resounding smack fills the air.

Feeling the wetness between her legs and seeping through her black panties Ginny cries out when Daddy slaps the under thigh portion of her right ass cheek. Daddy rubs it softly and them begins alternating between cheeks and thighs with smart, firm smacks. With each slap, Ginny finds herself kneeling closer to the chair on her arms. Head tilted to the left she watches Daddy from the corner of her eyes as he slaps and smacks each cheek making it feel as if the butt plug goes deeper each time.

Ginny is no longer holding in the gasping and panting, as each blow strikes a louder cry escapes and her skin feels deliciously warm. “Daddy, mm yes!” Ginny begins to feel her body entering that delicious stage where Daddy spanks her and she's not sure if it's the pleasure or the endorphins from the smacks making her pussy weep with her juices.

Daddy starts to slow down the slaps and begins to rub her beautiful red ass slowly. Leaning over her runs his tongue along the side of one asscheek, grinning wide he can see how wet Ginny is and how ready she is for him now. Pulling the panties away from her red skin, he pulls the tail out of them, but leaves the plug inserted into Ginny. Seeing her wiggle and move on the chair with the movement of the butt plug, Daddy slides his fingers through her dripping wet sex. Pulling her closer to the edge of the chaise chair, he gets down on his knees and swipes his tongue through Ginny’s juices, lapping them up.

Ginny begins to whimper and moan louder when she feels Daddy lapping her juices up with his hot talented tongue. Hearing a slight rustling noise she knows not to move. When she feels Daddy grasp her hip with one hand and move the tail so the fluffy part is against her back she groans, mmmmm. Both hands on her hips now she can feel Daddy's cock at her pussy, with a sigh she feels him slam home, crying out at the pressure of the butt plug and Daddy's hard cock slamming into her. “Yes, Daddy!”

Digging her hands into the cushions on the chair, Ginny moves along with Daddy feeling him begin to pound harder into her, “Who's my naughty kitten?” “Me Daddy, oooh I am, ahhhh!” Ginny cries out for him.

With the way the butt plug fills her ass completely and Daddy's cock pushing in so hard and deep, Ginny feels her legs begin to shake and her pants are coming so fast now. “oooh Daddy, yes. That feels so good, I've been such a naughty kitten.”

Daddy reaches down and pulls Ginny by her hair, arching her back a bit more making it so his cock fills her completely, looking down at his gorgeous kitten twitching and moaning he knows she's close to cumming, but won't until he tells her she can. Pushing and slamming back in he takes his left hand and finds her clit, pushing hard on it, pinching it, he can see Ginny begin to shake even harder.

“What do you need Kitten, what does my Princess want Daddy to do?” He says deep near her ear as he slides in and out of her soaking wet pussy.

“Please Daddy let me cum, please. I need you to cum inside me, fill me up, make me your little kitten slut.”

With a growling low voice, Daddy tells her, “Cum Kitten, cum for your Daddy, NOW!” with a roar he slams into her one last time as he feels Ginny explode around him.

“ Yesssssss, Daddy, Yessss!” Ginny screams as her swollen pussy drains his cock.

Daddy reaches over and gently pulls the tail out of his kittens beautifully plump and red ass, with a sigh she collapsed onto her stomach in the chair. “Thank you Daddy,” Ginny murmurs from being faced down in the chair. Daddy reaches over and grabs a damp towel and begins to clean off his Kitten.

“You deserved it, Kitten, now just lie there so Daddy can clean you up.”



5 months ago. Sat 12 Jan 2019 10:12:50 AM IST

When you start talking to someone via email, chat or text, you automatically begin to perceive this ideal voice in your head of them. You imagine what it would sound like if their words were being spoke aloud.


What happens next when you break all rules and engage in actual conversation over the phone? What is your first reaction to the way they speak, enunciate, pronounce words, the inflection in their voice? 


Does the voice on the other end of the connection live up to the hype you've created in your mind? Do they exceed expectations?


Now that you're having a more personable conversation with this person, I truly believe that you can tell a lot about a person in the way they speak to you, does the voice change your opinion of the person?


Do you have lulls in the conversation or can you talk to the other person for hours at a time? Is their laughter and seriousness? Are you learning more about the person(s) You're talking to? 


I love a man's voice when he's talking low and slow, especially if he's almost asleep. That to me is the true voice. I enjoy talking on the phone, I want to hear the laughter, I want to hear the inflection in your voice. 


When you become so intune to that voice does a simple whispered sentence make everything change? Will a look with a cue word make you go crazy with whatever emotion is tied to that cue? 





5 months ago. Thu 10 Jan 2019 09:01:14 AM IST

Ginny has been a good girl lately, she does her tasks on time for Daddy and hasn't been naughty all week. Daddy told her if she could behave all week she'd have a reward for play time. Oh, she cannot wait until playtime!

Hurrying through the last bit of her tasks left over, Ginny grabs the broom, turns the dial up on the music and dances the kitchen as she's sweeping the floor. Dancing around the broomstick Ginny shakes her ass like a kitty and bends down to sweep up the dustpan. Giggling to herself she sings the songs as she dumps the dirt into trash. As she puts the broom and dustpan away, she dances and skips back to the kitchen to finish that mornings dishes.

Ginny has been making Daddy his meals and it's a good thing she loves to cook, because Daddy has an appetite! Washing the dishes and drying them, she puts them away in the cupboard. “Remember Princess, if we wash, dry and put away all at once we save time!, Ginny giggles under her breath sounding like Daddy. Swishing her ass back and forth she's trying to put the last first away and she just can't reach.

Feeling something warm against her black boy shorts with a pink heart on the ass and a breath against her neck she freezes.

“What were you saying just now, Princess?,” He whispers against her skin as he brushes his large hand over her semi bare ass cheeks. Ginny’s face crinkles in a sudden giggle fit before she can stop herself.

A resounding slap echoes through the kitchen as Daddy's hand makes contact with her ass. “Sorry, Daddy! I was only saying what You reminded me of on best practice for clean kitchen.” Ginny doesn't move a muscle and her arm is starting to shake holding the dish above her head, all of the practice Daddy has been teaching her is the only reason she didn't jump or drop the dish.

Daddy stands close to her and rubs her ass where he left a gorgeous pink hand print. “Princess, do you need help with that dish?” Nodding slowly as Ginny bites her lower lip, “Yes, Daddy, I can't seem to reach this part of the cupboard and it's the last of my tasks to be completed.” Gently reaching an arm around her body, cupping her hip with one hand, Daddy takes the dish and slides it into the cupboard. Bringing both hands to Ginny’s hips Daddy steps away for a moment.

“Princess, come here.”, says Daddy. Turning around Ginny's face begins to flush, on her tank top is a kitty cut out showcasing her breasts and cleavage. Looking down Daddy notices that her boy shorts match the top and he smiles softly. “Princess, are you in your kitty mood today, is this why you laughed when Daddy asked a question?” Smiling back at Daddy grins, “Yes, Daddy. I've been happy all day. I've finished all my tasks and I haven't been naughty all week! That means i get my reward at playtime.”

Daddy knows just exactly what she is talking about and nods, “That's right, I have your present in the bedroom on the bed. Why don't we go look?”

Daddy and Ginny go back to the other side of the house where a spacious master bedroom is located with a massive four poster king sized bed dominates one portion of the room. On the bed is a white box with a purple ribbon bow, his Princess’ favorite color.

With an excited squeal Ginny dances over to the bed and opens up the white box careful not to damage the purple ribbon bow. Folding back the tissue paper, Ginny let's out a small gasp of delight and looks over her shoulder at Daddy, “Ooooh it's gorgeous!” Turning back to the box, Ginny carefully pulls out a black and white faux fur kitty/fox tail with a shiny metal butt plug attached. Setting it on the bed she reaches in and grabs the matching ears and little black ribbon color with a silver bell in the middle. Turning around to Daddy she jumps up and kisses him soundly on the mouth. “Thank you, Daddy!!! Now I can be a kitty for you!”

Daddy looks at her with calculated look in his eyes, “Let's see if we can have you put the tail in for Daddy, Kitty.” Walking over to the bed, Daddy takes the shiny metal butt plug and puts a small amount of lube onto it for his Kitty. “Come over here and bend over Kitty.” once Ginny has bent over the edge of the bed with her torso straight and flat on the bed, Daddy grabs her cute heart printed panties and slides them down slowly. Taking some of the lube from the container, he puts some on his hand and begins to rub it around her ass, watching Ginny squirm slightly he takes the new tail and tells her, “Deep Breath, Kitty we're gonna slide it in on 3. 1. 2. 3” With that he slides the butt plug into his gorgeous Ginny's ass watching it encase the butt plug beautifully. Running his hands around her asscheeks he asks, “How does it feel Kitty?”

Ginny is loving the small amount of pain that came with the metal plug being inserted and as she feels her muscles adjusting she grins, “Oooh Daddy! When I stand up can we put the ears and choker on so I can be your Kitty for awhile? It feels so good.”

With a nod, Daddy grabs the ears and choker, “Stand up Kitty.” he slides her boy shorts up over her ass and pulls the tail out through the small hole in the back of the panties. Knowing that standing up will cause Ginny a whole new set of sensations he grins.

Ginny stands up and moans low with a sudden purr at the end, “ hmmmm Daddy that's yummy.” Daddy leans over and puts on her ears fluffing her hair around the headband, he reaches around and puts the choker on bell in front. “Beautiful as always my Princess” kissing the top other nose.

“Let's go cuddle on the big comfy chair in front of the fireplace Kitten.” he tells her as he walks out of the room. Ginny follows slowly getting adjusted to walking with her tail, small moans echo down the hallway as she follows Daddy.

Oooh what a good girl she's been to deserve a new toy and ears!


To be continued...

5 months ago. Wed 09 Jan 2019 11:56:27 PM IST

Musings of a silly minded sub.

So today i have been in a super playful mood. Partly because I quit my current job and start a new one on Monday, partly because I wanna be silly.

I miss nuzzling the inside of a mans neck. I miss the smell and warmth ( I'm always cold ). I wanna nip and play. I want cuddles and pets.

I want and miss being with someone so bad, I'm tired of being messaged by the instadoms not knowing what this truly means to me. Eventually I will find my Daddy and he'll love that I wanna snuggle/nuzzle/sit in his lap and nip and play.

Someday. I'll be a happy sub. Someday.


5 months ago. Sun 06 Jan 2019 12:35:04 AM IST

When I sit down to type this out my brain is going a mile a minute and I hope the articulation is where I need it to be.

I know I am submissive, I know that I want the closeness that this lifestyle could bring to my life. Having your stomach plummet to the ground when your anxiety hits full force is an eye opener. I am chubby, I have a tummy, a big ass, and I am working on my self image and losing weight to be healthier.

What I need and what I crave my Daddy/Dom to be…. A great Dr said that this should be like visualizing my Christmas list, imagine all the things in different boxes. Ok well I paraphrased that. Still a great way to visualize something.

Daddy -


I am looking for a Daddy who will help guide me, give encouragement when I'm having a low day, praise when I've done the right thing and accomplished a hard goal or task.

I want to be able to reach out to my Daddy during the day to chat, see how His day went. I just want the connection and to be able to talk. This means on the phone as well, I feel you can tell a lot about a person in the way they speak and handle themselves.

I want to have rules set up, tasks if you will. Make me realize what it is that you want out of my being your Baby Girl.

I need to know if I am doing something to upset you, so I can fix it and not do that again. Thus, communication is a necessity. I want to learn about you, your life, your dreams and accomplishments. I do enjoy the roleplay and being playful aspect of online D/s, but it has to be more than that too.



To me this means a stricter aspect, when I misbehave or am naughty, then the Dom side comes out to remind me of who and what I am, your submissive. This means yes, I will follow through with punishments that are set up for me. I will follow rules that we've agreed upon.

The play time as a Dom/sub is existentially different than Daddy/baby girl time. I understand that and it makes me excited to learn more.

I need to be encouraged to be the sub that you need in your life as well. Show me, teach me, let me learn about your needs, desires, wishes so that while I am learning, I am being also being consistent and more careful. This isn't a game to me. I want to submit.

I've always been intrigued and need to understand more on what it means to be claimed as yours and what it means to be collared. It's hard to say what I mean when I imagine being collared, I think it best if I come back to these at a later date, once I've found the person who will make me theirs.

I've come to realize there are more tangents and facets to this than ever thought before. This is why I'm learning. I want to learn more about myself and what it is I want and need and what else is out there.

Interests -

I think this could be a good place to add some of the things I know I like and what I want to try.

Spankings - Yes as punishment and play,  again I have a large bum and I enjoy having it spanked.

Biting - I enjoy being bitten, not drawing blood, but marks, welts, small bruises turn me on. The sting and awareness being brought to that one spot is exhilarating.

I also enjoy biting, it's the sensation of the flesh squishing that I enjoy.

Being tied up is one of the most amazing, sensual, and heart-racing feeling for me. The knowledge I trust you enough to the me up and do whatever Daddy/Dom wishes to me makes me shake writing this.

Rough play, this is one I'm still learning and exploring my brain on. I know that I enjoy being choked while being fucked senseless. Again trust comes into this.

Blindfolded - well that's just yummy. Sense deprivation I guess would be a big part of this. Knowing Daddy/Dom is nearby, but unable to see him is something that amazes me when the other senses are heightened.

Wax/Ice (temp play) - this is something I am into as well. It's delicious what your skin feels when temps are messed with.

I am sure there are numerous others I haven't mentioned, but again I'm learning. I'm willing to try most things within reason and consideration to both parties knowledge of want the play would entail.


Thanks for reading. I know I will eventually find the one who will make me feel whole and complete as a submissive.


5 months ago. Wed 02 Jan 2019 03:09:44 AM IST

I have this fantasy and it is work related.

I get a text message to meet Daddy at my jeep on lunch. I go down to my jeep and He's there waiting for me, walks over to me, pushing my back against the door, hand around my throat slightly squeezing, I try not to look into Daddy's face as he asks me, " have you been a good girl or naughty girl " gulping deep and letting my head nod. I whisper, “naughty”. Knowing I've been thinking of Daddy all day, my panties are wet and I gasp when he curls his right hand into my ponytail, pulling my head back to look into his face. He leans down and bites my lower lip as it starts to tremble. “Mmm Daddy is gonna have to teach you to be good when you get home”, biting my neck hard enough to leave teeth marks, Daddy kisses me rough.

Daddy has my ponytail still in his right hand, while he's kissing me and biting my neck, he runs his left hand down my chest, pinching my right nipple, sliding further where he slides his hand between us and roughly squeezes my throbbing pussy through my leggings. With the knowledge Daddy won't hurt me or disgrace me at work,this makes me moan out loud and gasp, breath coming a bit faster as my heart begins to race.

My thighs are shaking, Daddy hears me moan and pulls harder on my ponytail, sliding his hand up a little he slides his hand down my leggings and grins when he can feel how wet I am. Bringing his middle finger up to my mouth, his deep voice commands me to, “taste it.” Sucking his finger into my mouth, I swirl my tongue around him and nip the tip of his finger as he pulls it back out. That makes a gleam appear in Daddy's eyes. “Cocky or brave because you're at work, Princess?”

Looking at Daddy, i know i will be paying for that sassy trick later, “I'm sorry Daddy. I'm trying to be good, but I need you.” I whisper with half hooded eyes. Daddy smiles with that gleam in his eye, bringing my mouth to his he crushes me in a kiss. Lessening the grip on my pony tail, the alarm on his phone starts going off, “Looks like it is time for you to return to work Princess. Do you have the panties on I told you to wear today?”

Nodding slowly I reply, “Yes Daddy.” His grin grows as he quickly winks at me. “Off you go then”, as he steps back I can only begin to imagine what is going on. “Yes Daddy.” As I turn to walk away, Daddy slaps my ass and says, “I'm off work the rest of the afternoon, I'll be here when you get off work. I will follow you home tonight, do try to behave yourself.”

As I'm walking back into the building I feel an incredible sensation that almost buckles my knees. Gasping out loud as a bright red flush creeps up over my chest and into my cheeks.

Turning to look at Daddy he shows me in his hand a small remote. “Oooh”, groaning now I know why Daddy is staying in my jeep. That remote will reach through the window in front of my jeep. Where my desk is located. This is going to be a long 3 hours

5 months ago. Tue 01 Jan 2019 09:47:49 PM IST

Where do you even start when writing these?

I enjoy quiet evenings: reading, writing, coloring, playing video games. I also enjoy going out and having fun.

I love to cook, bake, be crafty.

I enjoy talking and getting to know someone. I'm a people watcher and an empath, so my emotions can be quite profound sometimes.

I have learned more about myself in the last 6 months than I knew in the last decade. Amazing what freedom from abuse will do to open your eyes.

I'm wanting to learn what it means to submit a part of myself to someone with the knowledge I won't be hurt in the process. There's a thinly veiled line between pleasure and pain, and painful pleasure.

I know I like some things, willing to try others and some are a definite hard pass.

I'll be posting more as I grow and become the submissive I know I can and willingly want to be.

Patience and a kind words don't hurt a girls ego, lol.