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A day-to-day journal that is transitioning to a once in awhile record of events as I move through the crazy journey of life.
3 weeks ago. Wed 26 Jun 2019 10:55:44 PM IDT

Anddddddd I’m off!! Nothing better than a backpacking trip with friends. Amsterdam and Norway bound for plenty of adventures ahead. 


1 month ago. Tue 11 Jun 2019 09:13:27 AM IDT

Monday - 6/10/19


All good things must come to an end and this will be my final (daily) blog post as I’m no longer being tasked to write it. Don’t worry though, I’m not going anywhere or taking a break per se. Posts will still come just not on a daily basis. 


Why you might ask? Well I just accepted a part time gig at another local startup to build out all their branding in addition to my usual full time job and my freelance work. Suffice to say I’ll have zero time to do anything really lol. But hopefully more dollar bills in my pocket to put towards future adventures! 


On that note, it’s already getting late here so I’m off to bed now to start this new crazy week ahead. Goodnight all and I’ll be back soon! 

1 month ago. Mon 10 Jun 2019 08:07:55 AM IDT

Sunday - 6/9/19


Spent the second half of the day celebrating a co-worker’s birthday and hanging out with our group of work friends. This is why I’m so torn over looking into other companies. It’s rare to find a company where every single employee not only gets along great but so well that they all become close and great friends outside of work too. It’s an incredible company culture that we protect fiercely. Thus I’m in a constant struggle of not wanting to lose that amazing bond with everyone yet wanting to actually make my earning potential and not constantly have to think about budgeting. For now though I’ll forget the struggle and just enjoy my time with everyone while indulging in tasty alcoholic beverages. (I probably should’ve eaten something today…..) 


(I love Archer haha, anyone else??) 


That’s all, cheers! 

1 month ago. Sun 09 Jun 2019 08:39:58 AM IDT

Saturday - 6/8/19


Finally my weekend time! Not much happening today aside from the usual day at work.


Spent the evening chatting with one of my upcoming travel partners and helping them shop for a sturdy travel backpack. They originally ignored my warnings not to bring a roller suitcase on the upcoming trip until I released the rough itinerary. Their exact response was “……do we ever actually sleep on this trip?”

(This is exactly why I told her not to bring one lol)


The answer is no haha, when I travel I hit the ground running and don’t stop until we’re wheels up heading home! They weren’t thrilled about all the overnight modes of transportation involved but it definitely helps maximize the amount of waking hours spent at each destination. 


That’s all for tonight, goodnight! 

1 month ago. Sat 08 Jun 2019 06:06:40 AM IDT

Friday - 6/7/19


Except it’s not my Friday just yet lol. Still an overall solid day though. Nothing crazy, no poo incidents today and one day closer to my actual weekend. 


I’m off to the gym now and then to bed early. Busy weekend ahead after work tomorrow. Goodnight! 


1 month ago. Fri 07 Jun 2019 09:28:48 AM IDT

Thursday - 6/6/19

Today was going rather well, nothing monumental. Strolled in to work a little early, nice brisk breeze out to begin the day. Finally got caught up on my backlog from yesterday and was even able to leave work an hour early to make up for the extra time I’d put in the day before. 


Then, while patiently waiting at the bus stop on my commute home, a bird decided to oh so conveniently relieve themselves all over my head. Fan-freaking-tastic. It had drizzled a little during the day and there are trees all along the bus corridor. When I felt something drop onto me I had hoped it was just leftover droplets from the leaves. A part of me knew however that the feeling felt somewhat off…..I turned my head slightly to confirm my suspicion that it was indeed bird poop. Ugh. It was quite the mess. All over my head and in my hair, all over my shoulder and partially down the sleeve of my jacket. Lovely. To top it off I had absolutely nothing on me at the time to try to attempt to clean it up a little before I’d have to get on a packed bus home. So there I stood. Mind scrambling for a solution, hoping that people at the crowded stop weren’t all staring at me and trying to maintain complete composure as if nothing had happened. To absolutely no surprise, not a single soul sat next to me on the bus ride home haha. I also haven’t done much running since I used to race cross country and track back in the day but the second that bus got to my stop I hustled to get home as quickly as possible. I probably broke some type of land speed record with how quickly I stripped down and threw my stuff into my washing machine. This time of year I usually prefer cooler showers but I took the hottest longest shower I’ve probably ever taken. I’m half surprised my skin didn’t just melt off because I had that water searing hot and I looked like a boiled lobster when I finally emerged from behind the curtain. And I still feel gross lol. 

^^^ Basically my external reaction 

^^^ How I felt internally. 

^^^ How the bird felt. Probably. 


All that said, I’ve heard that supposedly this is a sign of good luck. Maybe I should play the lottery this week lol. 

After the poo fiasco I did some light meal prep for the remainder of my work week by making some yummy salmon, asparagus and mashed cauliflower/potato lunches. 

I’ve also added another layer to my fitness goals. In addition to the 2 miles of walking on my commute to work everyday and the hour I usually try to spend in the gym I’m also challenging myself to climb the stairs to my office everyday. All 17 flights of them lol. Trying to do it every time I leave and return as well, so, when I take my dog out for a potty break twice during work, climbing those dang stairs again. Hoping this’ll get me somewhat ready for the upcoming backpacking. 

I believe that’s all for tonight, my arms and legs are like jello today after day one of stairs and lots of weight lifting this evening. Goodnight! 

1 month ago. Thu 06 Jun 2019 06:54:04 AM IDT

Wednesday - 6/5/19


This’ll be a short entry this evening since I ended up working some extra hours today. Summer is here so that means work will be steadily picking up pace from here on out. I’m looking forward to a bit of a getaway at the end of the month. Though, I’ll probably come back from that even more exhausted than when I left thanks to the crazy travel itinerary I have planned. 


On a more positive note I get to do the fun side of travel planning now like scoping out some fun day excursions and mapping out a rough daily plan to keep myself on track once I land. Also starting to think about what I want to pack. I’m a backpacker when I travel, no clunky roller bags here. That said I do have to be a tad more mindful when I pack since whatever I do bring is going to be on my back for extended periods of time. I know I’ll be doing some steep climbing on this trip too so the lighter the better. 


I believe that’s all for tonight. Goodnight! 

1 month ago. Wed 05 Jun 2019 08:22:21 AM IDT

Tuesday - 6/4/19


I’ve been thinking a lot lately of starting up the good ol' job search again. I love my company, the current office culture and my co-workers so it’ll be a tough decision to make but the high stress position is beginning to take it’s toll on me. Plus, as a start-up the pay isn’t great and I’m constantly reminded I could be making over double working elsewhere. I’ve been putting some feelers out at work for the prospect of maybe moving around within the departments but there’s no telling if and when that’ll be a possibility. So i’ve been casually browsing local openings over the last few months to see what’s out there. I'm now contemplating dusting off my resume and starting to apply for some of the ones I’ve stumbled on. I’m definitely torn over it but I’m not sure all the perks are outweighing the daily stress anymore.


I finally got around to having some of the strawberry shortcake today. It’s one of my favorite summer treats! Sometimes I also like to add in a little vanilla ice cream when I have some around and it’s really warm out. Tonight it was just berries, a biscuit and a dollop of whipped cream. 

For once I’m actually running on schedule this evening so I’m off to bed early to tackle whatever new mess awaits me tomorrow. Goodnight! 

1 month ago. Tue 04 Jun 2019 09:17:59 AM IDT

Monday - 6/3/19 


Today started off well and for the most part was a good day. I spent a majority of it in the kitchen between baking, cooking and cleaning it all up afterwards. I didn’t quite get around to assembling my strawberry shortcake yet due to circumstances that arose later in the day but hopefully tomorrow after work I can help myself to some since the biscuits, berries and whipped cream are all done. 


As I was wrapping up some cleaning and chores I received a saddening text that changed the mood for the remainder of the day. 

“She’s gone”

The good friend and coworker I’d gone to the market with the day before has an elderly Australian cattle dog that had been showing signs of her age over the last few months, but, otherwise seemed to still be in good spirits and decent health. At the market yesterday she’d mentioned that her pup was starting to slow down but she anticipated at least another good 6 months before her time was up.

Unfortunately this was not the case. Sadly over the night her pup rapidly fell into decline and come this morning couldn’t even stand up. By mid afternoon she’d passed on. Having lost pets in the past I know how hard it can be when their time is up so I spent the rest of the day working through the feelings with my friend. She’s understandably incredibly torn up over it and I wish there was more I could do to take away some of that emotional burden.

Thankfully our company offers pet bereavement so she’ll be able to take some time to grieve before jumping back into the stressful work pool. 


Heavy news and feels aside, I’m off to bed now to face the mess that awaits me at work tomorrow. Another coworker sent me a message midday that there was a heated situation I’d have to address first thing in the morning tomorrow once I was back in office (yay...). Might as well put on my deescalation cap before I even leave home tomorrow haha. Goodnight! 

1 month ago. Mon 03 Jun 2019 08:03:19 AM IDT

Sunday - 6/2/19 


Wandered around the market this morning and picked up some goodies for the week ahead. Lots of smoked salmon, fresh asparagus and tons of fresh strawberries. Planning on making some strawberry shortcake tomorrow! 


The rest of the day was mostly spent relaxing and pondering. I’ve had a lot on my mind lately. Various things really but they’re all there consistently swirling about with no end in sight. 


Anyways, it’s that time again. Goodnight!