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Starting the Journey

Just a day-to-day journal I've been tasked by Alpha to create and update daily.
20 hours ago. Mon 22 Apr 2019 10:25:57 AM IDT

Sunday - 4/21/19


By some miracle today work calmed down and was slow. For once I was actually able to leave on time too! Looking forward to my weekend now, even though it looks like I have a bunch of freelance work to catch up on now. -sigh-


Just had another stuffed tomato for dinner so no new photos tonight. On that note, I’m off to bed early (for me). Goodnight! 

1 day ago. Sun 21 Apr 2019 11:47:19 AM IDT

Saturday - 4/20/19


Ahhh I was correct. I worried that yesterday’s eerie quietness at work was a sign of things to come. I knew it. Today turned out to be a roller coaster of a day. Walked into hell fire first thing but I was able to extinguish the flames quickly. The rest of the day was just sort of up and down all day. Crazy then a brief break then crazy again. Oh well, just another day at work!


Work aside the day was uneventful. Made a vegetarian taco stuffed tomato for dinner tonight. When I think about it, since the taco ‘meat’ was a vegetarian substitute my dinner was essentially just veggie stuffed fruit haha. Tasted good though! 

I believe that’s all for tonight. Looking forward to my Friday tomorrow!! Goodnight! 

2 days ago. Sat 20 Apr 2019 11:30:17 AM IDT

Friday - 4/19/19


This’ll be a super short entry tonight. Work was unusually tame and quiet for a Friday night. With a full moon no less. Eerily quiet. Naturally I’m now very suspicious. Is this an oddly timed calm before a massive storm? Will I go to sleep tonight with a false sense of peace only to wake and walk into the hell fire tomorrow? Who knows. Guess I’ll find out tomorrow! 


No cooking today since I'm still working on the leftovers I have in the fridge at the moment. Thinking about making some vegetarian taco stuffed tomatoes tomorrow though. Yum! 


That’s all for tonight. Looking forward to getting to bed before 2am on a work night for once haha. Goodnight! 

3 days ago. Fri 19 Apr 2019 01:20:28 PM IDT

Thursday - 4/18/19


I’ll keep this entry short since per usual I’m up far too late on a work night haha. No fancy dinner photos tonight either since I just ended up having leftovers from yesterday (which I actually had brought to work to eat for lunch but my lunch break was used for other things……we’ll get to that). Instead here is a cute photo of my dog sleeping at work today because why not. 

Work was busy as usual. Around the end of my day I realized I hadn’t taken a lunch break yet and I only had a little over an hour left in my shift. To top it off, since everyone else’s schedules had already shifted I was left as the only person in the office. In an attempt to be energy efficient the building also shuts off power to areas not in use. Long story short, I was alone in a mostly dark office and freezing since they decided to turn the A/C on a tad too soon. Alpha took that as an opportunity and suggested perhaps I warm myself up a little. Next came a short sentence that ignited the fire. That was certainly one of the better lunch breaks I’ve ever had haha. 


Being a novice still, I had no idea how much a simple sentence from Alpha could render me absolutely powerless and enthralled in pure bliss. If anyone else had said the same thing to me it wouldn’t have had nearly the same effect. It was incredible! Looking forward to much more to come along this journey. 


For now I believe that’s all for tonight. This completely satisfied omega has a date with her bed now. Goodnight! 

4 days ago. Thu 18 Apr 2019 09:59:19 AM IDT

Wednesday - 4/17/19


Oh hey look, a journal entry before 2am for once haha. Just an average Wednesday here. Made a quick return trip to the store to get the sour cream I’d forgotten yesterday but otherwise spent the rest of the day working on some freelance projects. I decided to re-take the BDSM test to see if there were any changes since I started the journey. For the most part the results were similar but I did notice some categories moved up the list a little. Updated results below and also updated on my profile. 

== Results from ==
100% Submissive
100% Rope bunny
78% Voyeur
76% Vanilla
75% Pet
64% Boy/Girl
61% Masochist
60% Primal (Prey)
58% Experimentalist
57% Non-monogamist
43% Brat
37% Exhibitionist
35% Slave
17% Ageplayer
0% Degradee
0% Switch

Since I haven’t done much interesting for dinner the last few days I decided to make a shrimp alfredo tonight. It came out so good! I added a few non-traditional ingredients to help thicken the sauce since I substituted the cream for a lower-calorie alternative. 

Finished out the day enjoying a relaxing soak with “The Big Sleep” jelly bath bomb from Lush.

I’m dying to try out all their new bath bombs but trying to show some restraint. Anytime I let myself walk into that store I go in expecting to pick out one or two and leave after spending $80…….haha. Anyways, that’s all for now, goodnight! 

5 days ago. Wed 17 Apr 2019 01:57:03 PM IDT

Tuesday - 4/16/19


UGH. Went to the store today and managed to forget the sour cream. Even after I went over my list before going to the store, checked it several times at the store to check things off and reviewed it before leaving. Then once I was home I put everything out on the counter and still didn’t notice. Nope, not a clue. Not until several hours later does it randomly dawn on me that I forgot it while folding laundry. Go figure. I must’ve accidentally checked it off on my phone when I went to click the item above it. Oh well, just have to make another trip there tomorrow. 


Also managed to do something to my upper back/shoulder blade area at the gym today that has left me in increasingly worse pain. No matter what I do, stretching (this makes it worse...yay), adding heat, adding cold, etc, I can’t seem to get it to stop. I consider myself to have a decent pain tolerance. I’ve slipped a disc three times (when your swim coach tells you you can’t be a diver because your eyesight is too poor, listen up kids, I learned the hard way) and I’d have to say this current pain is starting to get on par with that. Fun fact, I’m also probably the most stubborn person on the planet when it comes to medication. I would honestly rather just die than swallow a dang pill. So naturally, turns out my apartment is completely devoid of any type of pain killers at the moment. Lovely. I’ll see how it’s doing in the morning and if it starts to become a real nuisance I'll pick up some ibuprofen while I’m at the store getting the darn sour cream haha. 


Thanks to the rapidly decreasing mobility of said shoulder I kept it another simple dinner night and just ate a nutrition bar and snacked on one of these chocolate peanut butter power balls I’d whipped up earlier in the day. Just a little peanut butter, cream cheese, stevia and protein powder rolled in crushed chocolate chips. Quickly satisfies my sweet tooth without packing on a bunch of calories. 

Finally got around to watching the beginning of season 8 for GoT. It was everything I was hoping for in the first episode and I’m stoked for more. My inner film nerd was very pleased with all the great camera work and some really great framing throughout the scenes. Lots of beautiful nuanced foreshadowing going on and I can’t wait! 

That’s all for tonight, goodnight! 

6 days ago. Tue 16 Apr 2019 12:29:10 PM IDT

Monday - 4/15/19


Today was for the most part a relaxing day spent at home recouping from my crazy work week. I was able to get some much needed cleaning done around the apartment and spent some quality time with my dog refreshing some old training and trying to teach him some new tricks.  


I also started working on some more freelance work that came in. I do all of the advertising design for a local burlesque troupe and their latest photoshoot images came in today for their next show. The turnaround requested this time is a little tight but I always find a way to get it done…..even if it means a few nights spent up until 4am haha. 


Dinner was just another salad so I didn’t bother to take a photo this time. Instead I snapped a quick photo of my breakfast, a berry smoothie bowl with granola. So yummy! 


Alpha had given me a task to complete by tomorrow that I had been mulling over for awhile now. The task itself likely wouldn’t seem at all challenging for most (and likely would be openly accepted by others depending on their kinks) but it proved to be quite the uphill battle for myself. I’m not sure if ‘sub dilemma’ is a thing but boy oh boy was I feeling it something fierce. The task involved something that I’d set as a limit that could possibly be eased into depending on how things progressed. Having been less than a week into the dynamic it definitely took me off guard to be pushing a limit so soon. This left me with an internal struggle of a million questions, the desire to please and the dread of executing the task itself. That said, I’m the ‘just grin and bear it’ type of person so after much trial and tribulation I finally got it done. I still feel anxious from it, and my mind is still racing, but as with anything else I’m sure that’ll subside eventually. 


I also still didn’t quite get around to watching the premier for the final season of Game of Thrones. Hopefully I can get to that tomorrow. I seem to be getting behind on all sorts of shows lately but with my crazy schedule I guess that’s to be expected. That’s all for tonight since my eyes are trying to shut on me as I type. (I really need to stop being up till 2am but I’ve always been a night owl. Or a vampire. Blood does taste good……..) Goodnight! 

1 week ago. Mon 15 Apr 2019 01:20:32 PM IDT

Sunday - 4/14/19 

The title says it all haha. TGIF!! Today was my Friday and thank goodness for that. This whole week has been a bit of a mental rollercoaster at work and after a particularly rough evening I’m ready for a few days off. We’re currently going through some huge restructuring as we gobble up the competition in the market and expand to other countries. As a result my already understaffed team has been stretched thin and thanks to my schedule I often get tasked with the brunt of the workload. (Also unsure how I’m the only team member that got stuck working both weekend days?!) 

Anyways, aside from work being insane I was really looking forward to the final season premier of Game of Thrones this evening. Unfortunately as soon as I got home from work I ended up unintentionally crashing hard on the couch and dozed off for a bit. I’ll save that for tomorrow to spare my tired brain so no spoilers!!! 

I kept dinner simple tonight and just went with a caesar salad with smoked salmon. 

Now that it’s 3am and my sleep schedule is totally off the rails I’m going to head to bed now. Alpha was very generous today and gifted me a much needed release before bed to help me relax. Here’s to hoping my next work week isn’t quite as bad! Goodnight! 

1 week ago. Sun 14 Apr 2019 11:59:37 AM IDT

The Task

After a whole lot of reading, research and talking with other members of the community, I'm starting down the next stage of my journey and have entered into my first D/s dynamic. Alpha has tasked me to keep a daily journal and this will be my first entry. 


Saturday - 4/13/19 

Today was relatively un-eventful. I work a weird work schedule so the whole day was mostly spent at work. Thankfully work today was tame compared to yesterday (where I ended up working until 2am.....I was scheduled to leave at 11pm). Tonight I was able to leave as scheduled which gave me a little more time to cook tonight. 

I love to cook but sadly haven't been doing as much as I'd like due to all the late work nights. That said, I have been making many lifestyle changes lately in order to better my health and lose some unwanted pounds. In an effort to do so I've been challenging myself to start cooking more.

Tonight I made thyme & garlic pan seared salmon over sautéed asparagus & mushrooms with a browned shallot, cauliflower and potato purée. So good! Food porn below for all my fellow foodies.  

I’ll keep my entry short this evening since it is already almost 2am and I have to be up to go back to work relatively early in the morning. (And I have a big mess in the kitchen to clean now haha) Goodnight!