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Getting back into this..

Kind if nervous, but I know it's time. I have waited a while to make sure I'm ready for this. My last gf was also my mistress, when she cheated I lost two worlds. That was a long while ago now. I'm trying to find that trust again and hopefully this website helps... just a collarless pup looking to please and enjoy my time with a new mistress. :) I'm ready.
7 months ago. Thu 21 Feb 2019 07:31:49 PM IST

So things have started looking up! This weekend I'm meeting with someone iv been chatting with for dinner. This feeling I have is one I haven't experienced in quite a long time... I love it! Being happy that I can Express who I am and how I feel about things is great. And to everyone reading this and to those who have helped me out by chatting with me about what I want, thank you! I really like the people in "the cage". 

8 months ago. Sun 17 Feb 2019 08:29:23 PM IST

I believe iv found out somthing new about myself! It feels different but I for some reason enjoy it. When I looked into it the word I found was an exhibitionist... I think i really enjoy showing some things off... haha iv always hated pictures and haven't been too photogenic, but when I dont have to have my face in the picture..  it's a different story haha learning news things about myself daily :P I like it.

8 months ago. Fri 15 Feb 2019 07:55:02 AM IST

I decided against staying in today. It was a good choice. Granted it felt a little off (couples everywhere of course) haha but I went to my favorite sushi place. I thought at first it would be awkward going out to eat alone today. Yes, it sort of was haha but it was nice as well. Felt good for myself, Valentine's day is a special day to me. So, single or not today, love one another, and love yourself. :)

"I love myself. The quietest. Simplest. Most powerful. Revolution. Ever."


8 months ago. Thu 14 Feb 2019 04:22:24 PM IST

Hope everyone has a wonderful day. Happy Valentine's day. 

8 months ago. Thu 14 Feb 2019 04:55:46 AM IST

Tomorrow is a day that means a lot to me. But for so long now it's just been the same as any other day. I hope everyone in every kind of relationship has the best Valentine's day yet. Cant wait till I can celebrate a Valentine's day again.

8 months ago. Tue 12 Feb 2019 12:29:16 AM IST

Since iv been getting back to this iv noticed somthing I'm not too fond of... "fin-doms" have been hitting me up... never heard of it. the sound of it is wierd to me. I'm not one to judge anyone for what they like, not in the slightest... but I want a connection, i want to show you that you're my all. I want you to want me for me not for some financial tribute... competing with other pets with those tributes for in person visitations... that sounds wrong to me. I want a personal connection, a family. Not a competition...

8 months ago. Mon 11 Feb 2019 12:55:32 AM IST

I thought getting back into the mindset would be difficult. I had not had the need to feel this way for years now. As i eased into it these last couple weeks I know for sure iv missed this feeling. The want and desire to give my all feels great! now I just play the waiting game!  im excited!

8 months ago. Fri 08 Feb 2019 06:18:48 AM IST

Cant wait to see how things go here. Iv been without a collar for too long and I'm ready to earn one again! :)