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The many writings of Black Wolf

Poetry, novels, thoughts all of the things in my head. Please if you enjoy like, love it, comment.
5 hours ago. Apr 22, 2021, 12:11 PM

The most beautiful thing is your longing,

The little wanting to show you belonging,

Giving the praise in your day for good girls,

Taking your head to my chest and giving your hair whirls,

It is the flustered face that gives me butterflies,

The long sighs when giving those goodbyes,

The way your hands want to hold mine,

Fingers entwined touching in kind,

The breath after your lay in my arms,

Slowly falling for all of my charms,

Compliments back and forth like throwing a ball,

Sexual promiscuity and giving it our all,

It is the fact we try without trying,

We tell the truth there is no need for lying,

Your body would tell me any how,

So you know, that your heart is worth keeping,

And you make mine ever leaping,

I care for you ever so deeply.

2 days ago. Apr 20, 2021, 5:12 PM



My first time recording ever, so please be kind =)


~Black Wolf

2 days ago. Apr 20, 2021, 4:21 AM

These hands have want to touch your skin,

To bend and twist and commit various sin,

A want to see a contorted face wearing lace,

Red wine lips and emerald eyes keeping pace,

So when I push you against the bed,

When I meticulously and feverishly grip your head,

Kiss your kneck and bite so you plead for more,

Bend you over and rip away those clothes, make you my whore,

Show you attention and remain unmentioned that you thought about this before,

When I gripped hips ever so mean all the while you pleading,

To which ever word you are completing,

A good busy bee in every way, my good girl,

So continue your behavior and I'll give you another whirl,

Little pickachu....

4 days ago. Apr 18, 2021, 12:02 PM

Why do these words flow so easily?

But when I speak they seem so measely,

Like they never ever could be enough,

To show the grandeur of my love,

That saying I love you means so much more,

That c'est sans fin mon amour,

That no matter the utterance of language I speak,

It will never be enough to show my heart you ever keep,

That it beats for you in such as way,

That que no terminará, is what I say,

That it has no boil over or cap,

That my love you shall never lack,

I say into my emerald and sapphire loves,

Pour toujours mon cœur bat pour vous les petits.

5 days ago. Apr 17, 2021, 12:43 PM

The way you move, and always try and improve,

I've spoken about your eyes and how they give me sighs,

Butterflies with beautiful whimsy, make my knees shake and make me flimsy,

Your body screams for mine, and mine does in kind,

Your breath catchs mine, two hearts whom aligned,

I would shut this all away, like keeping a hurricane at bay,

Placed into such a bottle and seek wisdom as of Aristotle,

Wander this plane with thunder and lightning lining my pocket,

So to not curse you in such a way, never again give play,

So to which you call me by such a name,allowing my feelings ever plain,

I can see the words when green hued gems stare into these eyes, with every sweet goodbye,

With this I leave you with my heart, to which we knew you had from the start,

I know there will be days when it is not ok, when words are not enough to say,

When all seems dark, and I will hark,

That my love in such a way that will never leave and will always stay,

No matter to which paths lead.

1 week ago. Apr 12, 2021, 12:40 PM

Take it back take it back my friend,

I can't take those words at this end,

It is the words on to which I depend,

I can only take my heart and mend,

Follow those demons to apprehend.


I don't understand what is to understand,

Is this post traumatic stress or are you suppressing rage?

Is you trying to fight out of this cage?

I can see that war that you wage,

That rage you have running this rampage.


Take it back take it back my friend,

Those words you say,

Those actions that you prey,

I'm not the one you have to weigh,




listen carefully to these words I say,

That your life is not in disarray,

I am not leaving I am here to stay,

You can't send me away


Take it back my friend,

The words, the pills, the sadness,

Come back from that madness,

Don't let take you to darkness,

Come with me and lets vanish,


Go to a place where this is no pain,

Where  you don't have to fight your brain,

Where you don't seal it with your vein,

It is not far, it  isn't hard to attain,

Just look for a friend and happiness you gain.


1 week ago. Apr 11, 2021, 5:38 AM

Why do I feel this hole in my heart,

Like two horses are pulling it apart,

When your precense that hole to fill,

That seeing you makes time still,

Pretty eyes is what defeats me,

Mental prowess and lion goddess you be,

Being apart for to long feels like rust,

That seeing you is a need, a must,

I understand that life is hard to manage,

And time can be ever so savage,

I know you must miss me to,

Feel that missing feeling and slight blue,

That when I have you in my hands,

It makes everything taste so much less bland,

That your laugh heals me in so many ways,

And I can only go so many days,

Till I need to hear it.

1 week ago. Apr 10, 2021, 8:01 AM

Black sea night dotted with stars,

Dreams in grasp the world is ours,

To raise this flag and pull ship from port,

These feelings piratical for us to extort,

Like gold coins lost to the waves,

Buried treasure and mermaid caves,

No map or key just hearts pumping at sea to see,

So much love to be found we do agree,

So with our sails caught by lovers winds,

Seeing a horizon with these like minds,

Watching that sun paint our sky with color,

Like our love always growing never smaller,

So to which we stand together sailing,

This ship never giving into some sort of unavailing,

Just adventure and discovery for us,

WIthout people's regular mutiny and treacherous,

Just respect, love and an ever growing fondess...

1 week ago. Apr 10, 2021, 12:17 AM

I sit in the night and ponder if somehow I am cursed,

That in love I am to deeply immersed,

That some are lucky to find it even at all,

I feel like every wall down, is another put up wall,

That I'm slowly boxed and put in the dirt,

A crisis that slowly falls my way, unable to avert,

That is the station of stupid anxiety,

Rearing that ugly head with upmost notoriety,

Then for some reason someone silences my crowd,

When they were laughing so fucking loud,

Those demons red eyes with wicked teeth,

Watching me buried with clovers as my wreath,

They become slack jawed as that light fills the room,

Like several roaches swept by a large broom,

The seats empty, the sound escapes,

All I can see is my hearts shapes,

As they stand with glowing eyes,

Crushing anyone who would laugh at my cries,

There are days that my loneliness is so hard to bear,

Where my eyes can't close, and a ceiling is where I stare,

Then days where my dreams come with such lucidity,

Causing a coldness with such validity,

Where my fears are postured and come to life,

Where my mind is my hell, and my imagination my strife,

Then I wake with tears or sweat,

Feeling the leftovers as some mental debt,

I understand so very clearly that my mind is not always a friend,

That it sometimes seeks to cause tribulation so I will bend,

I just can't decide if it is for strength, or a bitter end,

These days I sit in a comfortable chair,

Where yellowed eyes from Klaus sit and stare,

Where his paws comfort like another good friend,

His purring love he sits and sends,

While I type about the darks,

And what may or may not life slowly harks,



~Bubblegum Princess, Pickachu, Klaus <3 even though you already know.


1 week ago. Apr 9, 2021, 8:40 AM

For fuck sake as of late,

I see your skin and can't think straight,

Putting those lips on mine,

Reminds me that you are so fine,

That I want to put bruises for people to see,

Ones that give you every form of glee,

The kind that reminds of who is mine,

Where every time you sit you get a remind,

Of when I twisted you with these very hands,

Where you scream so loud as you stand,

Where you think of it and can't even speak,

Where you go sub space and become so meak,

Reminded of the times when I shook that very core,

Made you feel like a good filthy whore,

Dropping to pleasure with such fucking ease,

Where I get hot when you I get to please,

When you think of nothing else but me,

When your eyes cross and you can't see,

When your legs shake and your breathe loud,

When I tell you what is and what is not allowed,

Tie you up in every way I can,

Keep you guessing with my every plan,

So I can make you feel how I am when you brat,

When in my lap you wiggled as you sat,

I know the game and very well will play,

So be a good girl and do as Sir will say,