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The wolf no longer howls at the moon, It no longer rises or falls for him.

Now all the old ones are just cobwebs, and the new ones are spiders trying to take them down.
2 months ago. November 12, 2022 at 8:32 AM

I wish to be lost in you like hearing a melody,

Swing back and forth in forward repetition,

Pleasantly, playing with you breathlessly,

To have ambition for this fight of attrition,

To see you squirm, to wiggle in loud moaning,

To watch those legs become stiff boards,

Have the moans burn down to groaning,

Hear you cite gods name in given awards,

Till you can longer suffer the anticipation,

And end in repetitious snoring,

Till I hear you once more.

3 months ago. November 4, 2022 at 6:08 PM

The sea is what’s called me for as long as I can remember,

The depth of the ocean and mystery it holds,

I feel like as I was wandering when your song found me,

Like a siren of stories of times of old,

Everything about you pulled me in,

Fiery hair to the beautiful eyes,

You were so kind in those moments,

Even in the ones that came after,

It only took one to show your teeth,

That you were for you and not us,

Weakly or strong I sailed away,

Hearing that song as I departed,

Weeping at its sound and alluring pull,

Forcing myself to not turn around,

Almost tying myself down,

As I made way from your waters,

I looked back with earnest and pain,

Wondering if this voyage was worth it,

Missing you every step of the way,

Having tiny moments of pain,

Realizing the ending was not only painful.

But damaging.

And looking out at this vast sea of unknowing,

Having the knowing of what I can see,

It is sometimes dulling,

It is sometimes hard,

To even raise the sail.



3 months ago. October 30, 2022 at 12:06 PM

Hope you can hear me *Mic clicks on*

3 months ago. October 30, 2022 at 11:44 AM

I witnessed magic, wishing on flying stars,

Begging to receive you wherever you are,

Asking for miracles from things of floating gas,

Hoping that love would come and slowly amass,

Truth be told, it’s untold work, you won’t believe,

It is believing their word that they won’t leave,

That through hard times and there will be many,

That you work to keep that love there in plenty,

That even when the world seems bent on being ash,

I can look into those beautiful eyes and eyelash,

Knowing the vapid mass, with their munificent love,

Trying everyone on like some vacuous glove,

Now even I believe that you can love many,

Like the many rivers meeting the Allegheny,

But love still must be at its very center,

For someone to come to my house and enter,

I’ve learned that some come in to burn it down,

As some sadistic, umbrageous clown,

Knife in hand and make up on,

Because somehow their love is gone,

But still, I seek wishes from stars,

Hoping you hear it wherever you are…

3 months ago. October 29, 2022 at 1:43 PM

I may be lost, to the vastness of this world,

The emptiness swirls, as my sails unfurled,

Eyes behold the Cataclysmic color behind,

Seeing it, showed me that I was really blind,

That I let things slide by like the cold wind,

Taking your name as it was mine to defend,

Not realizing that I was lesser than even low,

Chinked cracked armor taken blow by blow,

There slowly I ended up under your feet,

Not a home, not so safe, just your seat,

To not feel that vastness, or emptiness,

Just a distraction from that growing stress,

Now I look back and feel nothing but dark,

Hurting from truth's told directly to my heart,

That I didn't matter.

That I was not the priority.

I was just fun until you found yourself.

I was just the rebound.

3 months ago. October 25, 2022 at 4:09 AM

She doesn't see me in kind eyes anymore,

Broken hearts twice mine amore, 

Oh the pain of the sun hating the moon,

Day to night, overtaking so very soon,

I can't love the other,

If one sided why bother?

Why would I sit the wolf howling?

While you the Fay scowling,

No creature would willingly wilt,

Or allow that sword buried to hilt,

But only in love...

Would you bleed willingly.

3 months ago. October 24, 2022 at 8:35 PM

What causes a meadow to slowly decay?

Is it a lack of rain some will say?

Or did it get spurned by the sun,

or is tired of the feet that run and run?

I see my soul like that meadow,

I'd like to think that it would grow, although,

I see the grey spreading like a rampant growth,

Like the earth finally learned to loath,

It used to be filled with green grass and blue sky,

Butterflies, caterpillars and trees so high,



I wish I could just be happy as am,

Suffering, blind to all the times I was fine,

Allowing inside to be paradise,


I think she took it with her,

The green grass,

The blue sky,

The trees.


I sit with hands on these knees,

Begging for happiness, please,

Tears flowing like red wine,

At a wedding white and fine,


Till I tend my meadow.

Or it decays and dies.

3 months ago. October 23, 2022 at 12:37 PM






I thought it was just blissful unknowing,

That her love budding flower growing,

But she was just slowly entertained,

I didn't know clothes carried bloodstain,

From the dances she had such before,

That love was obscure, like cloudy night,

That tower so tall she stood with such height,

Looking, begging for savior, a knight,

Sadly, just the glow of moon light,

Where she had to save herself.


3 months ago. October 23, 2022 at 12:30 AM

It isn't the ticking feeling, but the stop of the clock,

To know that the grey is stuck, but never bought,

That sad eyes are something to break the weight,

To grow the void, and chip away at the hate,

Remembering is reliving, and forgetting fallacious,

Thinking those memories will go away, ah audacious,

But atlas, I can't be Peter Pan in such a way,

That Tinker Bell will pray to finally stay,

Only that She decided that I was no longer youth,

That she wanted me, but forget-me-nots,this the truth,

So I flew away and look back at fading stars,

Wondering were you are, in distant memoirs,

About a poor boy whose heart split in two,

Greyed, voided, and forever blue,

At the mere thought or mention of your beautiful name.


Hoping to find some Captain Hook to abstain the pain,

But finding not one, not even two, let me explain,

That there is nothing to fill a salted sea,

To let it be, nor replacement for some faded blue, to spree,

To run, or fly, or question why in such way,

To ram words like fitted junction, and wish for play,

But that mere mention...

At mere thought of your beautiful name.

3 months ago. October 17, 2022 at 10:17 PM





I'm gonna be honest I don't know whats harder,

Missing you and the slow want to grieve or barter,

To tell you, my love is unending and ever unrelenting,

But that space in the head slowing, and rending slowly renting,

Reeling at the want to send you simple words,

To want to sing songs, show my loves true chords,

I've wanted to stop, end the thought, just find that what I lack,

I wanted the curtain finally fall, slowly and finally to fade to black

Still it sits and steals the want for wishes that it was different,

Still it wants that just a little, sometimes, I could just be ignorant.

To not fall prey, to not say that stupid woe of missing you,

To end such meaningless and unforgiving and brutal unending blue,

I just wish that all of this, was just so very different.

That it didn't have end with me missing you.