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The wolf no longer howls at the moon, It no longer rises or falls for him.

Now all the old ones are just cobwebs, and the new ones are spiders trying to take them down.
2 months ago. November 4, 2022 at 6:08 PM

The sea is what’s called me for as long as I can remember,

The depth of the ocean and mystery it holds,

I feel like as I was wandering when your song found me,

Like a siren of stories of times of old,

Everything about you pulled me in,

Fiery hair to the beautiful eyes,

You were so kind in those moments,

Even in the ones that came after,

It only took one to show your teeth,

That you were for you and not us,

Weakly or strong I sailed away,

Hearing that song as I departed,

Weeping at its sound and alluring pull,

Forcing myself to not turn around,

Almost tying myself down,

As I made way from your waters,

I looked back with earnest and pain,

Wondering if this voyage was worth it,

Missing you every step of the way,

Having tiny moments of pain,

Realizing the ending was not only painful.

But damaging.

And looking out at this vast sea of unknowing,

Having the knowing of what I can see,

It is sometimes dulling,

It is sometimes hard,

To even raise the sail.



MsDimples{Guarded} - 🫂
2 months ago

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