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The wolf no longer howls at the moon, It no longer rises or falls for him.

Now all the old ones are just cobwebs, and the new ones are spiders trying to take them down.
2 months ago. November 19, 2022 at 9:14 AM


Why is it simple smells that seem to bring me back to you?

When I’ve felt like the sun has been ripped out of the sky.

Why is your face dancing in my mind like it owns that space?

When you took my heart and cut it to pieces just for fun.

Why do I constantly wonder what life will be like without?

When you don’t even seem to miss me fucking at all.

Why was my effort not enough, when I was willing to give all?

When you couldn’t decide if I was even worth the time.

Why is this pain not going away, but seems to be growing?

When people are telling me you are laughing like I’m gone.

I thought you were everything and apparently that’s not enough

I feel lost, broken, bleeding trying to sew as I run forward,

Hoping I don’t look behind and see those fucking green eyes.

But some days….I’ll never fucking admit, those things…..

Are the only thing keeping me going.

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